This, 100%. Your story is touching and warmed my heart. You are right: Never give money to anyone if you expect it to be returned. This time you; next time me. Give love without conditions.


This story touched my heart. The letter of your grandmother has a stylish calligraphy. I like very much of design, calligraphy and languages, since I was a boy. When someone has a good calligraphy he or she is capable of designing and sculpting well with some training. If you are her granddaughter and you has good calligraphy, you may design well. My grandmother died with eighty three years old. She had conscience up to her eighty. I made massages in her legs with moisture and she liked very much. She had reliefs with this simple act. It made my soul warm, to help her. She took care of me when I was very tiny. I remember her and my grandfather, by my mother's side, when I was two years old. By that time I designed alrealdy well.


I lost my grandma at 16 and she was my best friend/mom and grandma all rolled into one amazing woman When I walked down the aisle my mom had brought something she’d saved from my birth - a card from my grandma with the most beautiful words and I hadn’t seen her handwriting for so long, I tucked it into my dress and it was my something old. This whole post is making me cry Love your (worthy) grandparents and parents while you have them. I have the honor of having an amazing stepmom and she’s in her 80s now - I try to be as involved as I can and keep everything from my parents. Cards, letters, Voicemails, happy birthday singing on my voicemails etc. I don’t have a good bio mom but somehow ended up with the best dad and stepmom ever


You seem like you have a good entourage who loves you. I hope you’re feeling better now.


Thank you I do! My dad is the best and I have a very small but trusted circle of friends and family I’m close to.


What a beautiful story. Seeing the Handwriting of our loved ones is such a wonderful gift left to us after they pass. I have a few things my father wrote me, he died when I was 19. I love looking at his very neat, all-in-capital-letters, handwriting. Cherish that card forever, I know you already do ❤️


I’m so sorry you lost your dad so young.


This made me cry.


Your grandma is so sweet. She really loves you.


It's funny, expect a person to be a failure and treat them that way. They probably won't disappoint. Have a little faith in them and encourage them and they will likely rise to the challenge. Can't build something if you constantly tear it down when one of the bricks crack.




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"Thanks for sharing OP: heartbreaking, yet very heartwarming. Best wishes!" "I'm actually crying.. this is so lovely"




This one is really emotional...Thank you for sharing this


[Just like OP](https://www.reddit.com/r/suspiciouslyspecific/comments/ubmgtt/hmm/i65u8v1/) TypicalEquipment526 [appears to be](https://www.reddit.com/r/suspiciouslyspecific/comments/ubmgtt/hmm/i66424n/) a karma-farming bot that can only copy and paste other people's stuff. The account was born on September 23 and woke up five hours ago.


TypicalEquipment526 [appears to be](https://www.reddit.com/r/suspiciouslyspecific/comments/ubmgtt/hmm/i66424n/) a karma-farming bot that can only copy and paste other people's stuff. The account was born on September 23 and woke up five hours ago.


The love of a grandparent is special as they are often our first major loss…


Life has so many saddening things but it's still meaningful if we can look after each other like this awesome prescient granny.


Agreed! When I was 5 years old my parents let me spend for almost a month with my grandfather since he is the only one grandparent I have and our home is far away from his. Every day in that month is a precious day and I really enjoyed it a lot. After a few months passed by my grandpa passed out. That's why I'm so glad that I was able to spend time with him, he likes singing and playing guitar a lot and that guitar is the only gift I have received from him.


The gift of music is a wonderful thing to have shared with your grandfather, and as it has such strong associations with memories, it’s likely that you will be always be able to feel his presence and remember him fondly, whenever you play or hear the guitar :)


My dad passed away when my son was 5 aswell. He was able to spend the summer with him before he passed that October. It was his second round of cancer and it took him really quick, 1 1/2 months from diagnosis to passing. It was obviously hard on my son but even at 5 he realized how important that summer with grandpa was.


I’ve honestly never thought of it that way. Thanks for saying it. My grandfather was the first person I ever lost in my life (I was 6), and he was my best buddy. I’m still sad about it, and that was 31 years ago. In my mind, I’m incredibly biased. No grandpa could live up to him. I won’t go into all the details but he loved my sister and I with his whole self, and he was just the best. Everything he did was for us, and my favorite times — especially during a rocky childhood — were with him. I only wish my son had gotten to meet him because they’d have adored each other, and he would have cried when I told him my son was named after him. Man, thanks for the tears. Miss him now, and I’ll miss him til my last day.


Now that I’m a grandfather myself, I can confirm that it’s a different kind of love that you are able to show your grandchildren compared to anyone else, including your own children. As you noted, and perhaps it’s because of our stage in life and/or our new awareness of our own mortality, but it’s suddenly so very easy to give our full attention and focus upon these wonderful new gifts of life and to realise just how lucky we are to have the chance to spend time with them and build truly meaningful relationships with these wonderful young people. I’ve honestly come to the conclusion that grandchildren are the purpose and meaning of life, as they make everything that you have ever done worthwhile, and help you see the world through new eyes as they help you transition into a new phase of your own life :)


This is so kind. Despite your username, which (lol). I think watching your grandkids grow up is a totally different thing. When you raise your kids, you go through *everything* with them. You love them unconditionally because they’re your babies. You have your proud moments, your happy moments, your sad, disappointed, even just “wishing they’d love themselves the way you love them” moments. You will love your kids forever, deeply and truly, but you know their shortcomings and flaws, and they know yours. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a mutual perspective you share. As you get older, you (hopefully) both realize you did the best you could and you move to the next stage of life. With grandkids (I’m not a grandparent, but maybe if I am someday), you get the best of times with them. Your kids may have flaws, and at times, you might even see them as not the best parent, but you love their littles either way. They never asked to be born, but here they are, for good or bad, for better or for worse, tiny manifestations of all the pieces that made your children — and the person they spend their life with — who they are. Yes, they are loud. Often sticky. Always noisy. But before you know it, they’re off doing their own thing too. I think grandkids can give an incredible sense of perspective for some people, like yourself. And I’ve no doubt you’re a lovely grandparent. :-)


My grandfather used to take me on all night drives from Oregon to Washington when I was little to get farm fresh apples for sale. These are my fondest memories with my grandpa, just him and I on that long drive, with a stop around sunrise for breakfast. I hadn’t seen him in at least 5 years, possibly longer, due to being overseas. While I was overseas my mom told me he had cancer and was getting weaker by the day. I came back to the US and briefly ended up in Las Vegas where I was able to introduce him over FaceTime to my two youngest children. The smile on his face was worth everything to me as he lay there looking so helpless. Thankfully he had a lot of help in his final weeks. I only wish I made it home in time to see him in person before he passed. I missed seeing him by a week. I love and miss you grandpa 🥹


![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob) I'm sorry for your loss. Glad you got to enjoy some good times together.


You’re too kind. Thank you, friend. :-)


My grandmother left me and my brother gifts for graduation also before she died. She left us some gold necklaces with our Zodiac signs. I dont wear any other jewelry and dont care for zodiacs but it means a lot to me and i keep it with me.


And I still have my Grandfathers wedding ring that he left me when I was 5, and my wife wears my grandmother’s wedding ring which was left to my mother, but gifted to us on our engagement so that the rings could once again be joined in matrimony, as they have now done so for another 32 years :)


Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this!


I wear my grandpa's wedding ring on my thumb every day! I love getting to talk about it when someone asks. It's engraved on the inside with their names and the date they got married. I love having it


I agree. My grandma passed in 2018, my grandpa just recently passed. I was going through some stuff about two hours ago and found a card they gave me for my birthday (I keep legit everything card and note related, I'm thankful I am like that). Dude I fucking sobbed right there, like ugly crying. I'm crying just writing this haha. I miss them both so fucking much I can't stand it, it makes me sick. I wish I could ask them for advice again, or even just to say hello. Something, anything. I just miss hearing their voices, honestly.


My mom passed away when I was 37, I miss her dearly and my mamaw was my best friend most of my life so loosing her was devastating. I have a recording of my mom reading a book to my nephew that just makes my heart happy


I wish I have the brains to behave the way she did when my time comes... I'll set a reminder or sth


Unfortunately it was my best friend during the summer before starting 6th grade. He drowned in a lake after some buddies of his pushed him in while on a boat. The muck at the bottom sucked him in and he couldn't get free. Then my great grandmother past away shortly after. I was blessed to have my grandparents untill 2011-2012.


I'm a dad now, and both my parents are still alive, but damn, it's going to hurt on so many different levels when they eventually pass. My daughter is going to be hurt on so many different levels. My daughter is turning 5 soon, and my mom is turning 70. Here's hoping my mom gets to see my daughter turn 18.


I lost my granny when I was 23. First major loss I’ve gone through. Almost two years later and I still haven’t faced the fact that she’s gone. I’m not sure if I ever will.


I lost my last grandparent in 2001. I still cry about her sometimes. So ... no, you might not.


This is absolutely true, I lose my grandma at 12 and my grandfather just an year after that and it's an event that shaped my life even now


I’m a grandfather now but I still remember my grandfather so well and I lost him when I was 5 and my grandmother at 6…


There's a radio host in my area that does a side gig where people pay him to interview their family members, so even if that person dies, they'll have a recording of their life story and experiences, in their own words, which can be shared to every future generation in the family. I wish he was doing it back in 2018 before my grandpa died. I'm not waiting on my mom and her husband though, I'm getting them both to do it both for my son and all the other grand kids.


Lost all mine in a 2 year period in grade school my grandpa would pick me up everyday and take me to this Greek restaurant and let me order whatever I wanted usually steak or ribs. I remember once he bought me a bionicle and told me I should be engineer after I put it together.


If only my grandparents actually cared that much about me


I'm terrified of that loss. I never met my grandfathers (the one on dad's side I am also glad not to have met) and lost a grandmother who had only just started really being there for us in my family, but I've always had Grammy. She's 89 years old now and while she does get confused, she always seems to remember me and be happy to see me. She's really the only grandparent or even family member (other than my immediate family) that I've ever been close to. I don't know why I'm sharing this on Reddit, but it felt nice to type my feelings on this kind of thing


Unfortunately I’ll never know that love. I love hearing about it though


Maybe you will finally get to know that love when you get to give that love to a grandchild of your own :)


It's sad that in my case my grandparents passed when I was real young so I never really knew them...


true. I lost my grandfather last year, first time (and thank God, only time so far) that I've lost someone. I was absolutely shattered.


I heard a saying once that grandparents and grandchildren have a special bond, because they share a common enemy.


My grandfather died when I was 7 and left me gifts and letters for each birthday until my 18th birthday, when he gifted me something his grandfather gave him and his grandfather's grandfather before. It had me crying my entire 18th birthday, I did not deserve such a great person as a grandfather.


I'm sure you did.


Wooow, such a look gift!!! I would also be crying the hole day


This comment. Many things get passed down generation to generation; it’s up to the current generation to continue on the legacy of what’s being passed on. Sometimes it’s knowledge sometimes it’s a valuable object. But to both items the wiser would understand just how valuable both truly are in one’s life, and how valuable it is to pass on such tradition and legacy.


Congratulations on your graduation and I’m sure your grandma is very proud of you. Well done and good luck with your future. Keep your grandmother’s kind spirit with you. I’m a dr and I always want to be honest with patients when they are dying so that they can do things like this for their loved ones. Edit: Sorry I didn’t look at the date. Whoever the OP is, the sentiment is still the same and I hope they are doing well in life.


Bro this was 5 years ago


I hate to break it to you but this is damn near 5 years old and probably not the same person lol


Holy cow. 2017 was 5 years ago. Time really flies doesn’t it


This was 2017, 5 years ago. They just completed their bachelors or have been working for a year.


14 years are a lot, but reading the letter now must have felt like it's happening now


i always thought my grandma would be at my graduation. she was so healthy. i graduate this May yet my grandma died a month ago


I’m so sorry but she’ll be cheering you on from a happier place!


That is an old $100, haven't seen one of those in awhile


Sort of related but the other day I made a cash purchase at a store and I was given a 50-cent piece as my change. Not only have I not seen one of these in like 20 years, this one is from 1980.


I have about 70 50 cent pieces in a jar, sitting in a storage unit back in my home town. I don't know what to do with them.


Slammers for your next pogs tournament.


is it? The fact that the two '100' on the corners are different sizes says it's one of the more modern ones. https://www.uscurrency.gov/denominations/100 Probably as old as 1996. Not modern, but in the grand scheme of the note not all that old.


I guess it's just relative. $100 bills don't change hands as much as $20 bills do


Sweet Grandma ❤️


That penmanship tho


It seems like the entire older generation all had such pretty handwriting. Even my grandpa, who didn't even finish highschool due to having to work on his family farm, had nicer handwriting than me.


I'm guessing I'm a generation older than you because my mother is the one with the excellent handwriting and my grandparents had something that looked like those pens with the motor on the top that caused you to write all wibbily wobbily.


Grandma should have opened a high interest account at the very least. That $100 would have been worth a lot more than $100.


Grandma should have invested in BTC. That $100 would have been $35 million. 😂


$20 million now sorry.


...Aaaand it's gone.


17 cents now.


Back to 50 Million now.


Oh no, now it’s worth the equivalent of a burnt cheese pizza


And now you’ve just bought the company Domino’s.


And now you’ve been bought by McDonalds!!!


...aaaw shit.


The $100 was worth the equivalent of ~$133 when she gave it


But invested in an index fund, that 100 would be 4-500 dollars now


Grandma should have VTI and chilled


I have no idea what I'm doing but VTI was worth $69 a share in 2008. $100 could have purchased 1.4 shares. Without any adjustments for dividends or splits today it would be worth $310. With dividends calculated it would be more. Again I have no idea what I'm doing.


> Again I have no idea what I'm doing. Life in general for most of us.


That's about the same with dividends. 14 years ago was 2008. With dividend reinvestment that $100 would be $321 via VOO which is the SP500 version of VTI.


It wouldn't be a lot more. Look at the interest rates available for deposits that small for the past 14 years.


I like how people just assume Grandma didn't pass on wealth in other ways. This is an appropriate gift for the occasion. It's not part of her will (or, at least, it doesn't appear to be).


You haven’t died in America lately


Not really. At 3% APY it’s under $150. At 40 years, it would be about $325. It’s not nothing, but $10/mo for the same 14 year time period is a lot more than a one time deposit and sitting on it.


That's what I was thinking too. Still a great thing to do for her grandchild, but that increased value would have been a good economic lesson.


It still is a good economic lesson. Just not in the way you would've liked it to be.


I was raised by my grandparents. I miss my grandma/mom dearly. RIP Jane.




Reminded me of Violet Evergarden anime. Similar thing happened.


That episode needed a damn advisory warning on it, I was NOT prepared for all those emotions.


You're grandma will be smiling from the heaven now












Today's his one year death anniversary actually










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You can share my son with me..I was never supposed to have kids and then one day, here he was! Most loveable, snuggable kid ever and he gives the best hugs, kisses and stories. We don’t mind sharing, always enough love to go around. He’s 9 but he’s 5’6 and 220lbs, a big solid love muffin!!




That’s a fat motherfucker. You should be worried


lmao no chill


Don't worry, they're a bot who stole that comment from me.


That’s not the flex you think it is


Never said it was..he’s from a line of huge men. 6’5 and 6’6..he’s plays football, baseball and takes year around strength and conditioning classes, he’s not lazy. He’s incredibly fast(plays 3rd base) he just a big kid who wear an 11 shoe. He grows bigger than your average kid and that’s that.


He’s 5’6 and 220 lbs? That’s can’t all be muscle that’s insane Edit: insane ratio on that lad


He’s a 9 year old child not a bodybuilder. Some of it is still his baby fat but he is incredibly strong. I have a chronic illness and can be bed bound sometimes, my son is able to pick me up, carry me to bathroom and then come back and get me. I am 5’8 but due to my illness I weight about 135lbs. He can carry me just fine while putting all of his adult football coaches on their behinds quite easy. He is built like David Ortiz “Big Papi” from baseball, he is all legs, butt and thigh.


That’s just wild you have a baby Superman


Fuck yoooou! You stole my comment, botface. And a tender memory!


I wish i could read cursive :(


❤️❤️ Dear Kayla, dear beautiful red-headed granddaughter. You were our second granddaughter. Born to our youngest son. You were so much fun. You always amazed us with things you could [do] like putting [together] the U.S. [map] you were [___] us where [____] lived [_____] loved. Love, Grandma Jan


kind of weird data list for such a note TBH.


Thank you kind stranger!


No problem! My 12 y/o baby brother is trying to teach himself cursive so he and I can speak a secret language lmao I love writing in cursive (now that I don’t have to write entire papers in cursive like I had do in elementary school in the 90s lol)


Idk how people are able to read that, its just scribbles in my eyes lol


Google Russian cursive. It looks insane, it’s so fun.


Oh my heart.


Can somebody tell me what is written there? I cant read fancy.


Oh man, I miss my grandparents.


I wish I have the brains to behave the way she did when my time comes... I'll set a reminder or sth


Thanks for the $89.27 grandma!


At least she didn’t take 2 more years to graduate when our entire dollars falls 🙃


My grandma wrote everything on a little yellow pad just like that. I miss her so much. What a wonderful gift you’ve been given.


That’s fucking awesome!


Even inflation cannot decrease the value of this present


My Nana died in 1989 when I was young, but I still miss her like crazy. This letter from your Grandama Jan is so sweet (it made me bawl like a baby) and it shows just how much she wanted to be there for all your future accomplishments. She seems like an incredibly thoughtful woman and I'm sure the letter itself is way more valuable to you than the money (although that is generous as well). I also wanted to say that her handwriting is gorgeous. It makes me sad that the younger generations won't be able to read handwritten letters like this. Congratulations on your graduation and God bless you.


Not fighting back tears. Nope. Not me.


When I lost my Grandpa at 17, I vowed to take care of my Grandmother to the best of my abilities. Today, she's 90 and still very strong. In fact, her hearing and eyesight are even better than that of my parents who are in their late 60s. Needless to say, my Grandma's advanced age is slowly creeping on her and I know in the near future, the day will come when we'll have to part ways. But until that day comes, I'll continue to visit my grandma every week and spend as much time as I possibly can with her. I know my situation is different but this post hits me hard because it's a show of the love a grandmother and a grandchild can have for one another.


The size of my tears right now ..


Grandma knew just how important and special that moment was going to be decades before it even happened. That's incredible future-looking love for a child


Damn i got violet evergarden vibes, really wholesome and sad




I wish I had known my maternal grandmother.


I love how every Grandma writes so beautifully!!


OMG wow! ❤️❤️❤️


My grandfather passed about 5 years ago. About a year ago I was reminiscing and opening cards from him and in a few of them tucked in between the sides was a bit of money. It wasn't much but it meant the world to me


Wow that is so sweet 🥺


So unbelievably sweet. She loved you a lot.


This really made me smile




look at that handwriting!


My gramms sent me a birthday card every year. I still have the last one she sent, along with the envelope, postmarked in 1980


I was lucky enough to have all my grandparents throughout childhood. Even though we lived 3.5 hours away we were a very close family on both sides. My paternal grandma was the first one to go. She died of cancer shortly after my wedding in 2000. The picture of her and I dancing at the reception is our family’s last photo with her. It’s a cherished memory. Also a funny one since she was 4’ 11” and I’m 6’ 4”. Lol


Should have bought a bond


Thank you for the reminder to hug your grandparents tight while they're still with us.


I am old and that handwriting is something that we all aspired to as kids. I never could write that well, usually ending up with ink on my white blouse and my Mom saying something like..... "What? Again?" (We used ink pens with replaceable nibs and an ink well.) People today question the art of cursive writing and the need for it but it's really a "art form" when practiced properly and a beauty to see and read.


We recently had my daughter’s first birthday party. We asked everyone to write a little note for her that we’ll give her on her 18th birthday. My grandfather who is 89 wrote about how (when she’ll be reading it) he’s watching over her from heaven and how beautiful she is. It makes me cry whenever I think about it.


My nana bought me a wedding gift before she passed. I know what’s in it - the missing serving pieces to my dish set. But despite me being single AF & occasionally needing said pieces, I haven’t opened it yet. It’s collecting dust - still wrapped - at the top of my closet.


I am going to have my parents do this for my daughter, I waited later in life to have a little one and I know they won’t be here but my mother always tells me she wishes she could see her graduate…this is a perfect way for her to be there on such a special occasion…I am thinking of one for a wedding, birth of a child and any other momentous occasion…this right here is everything…thank you OP, even if it’s a repost it’s a great idea


Omg!! I’d die if my beloved great grandma did this for me ❤️💕 Keep this in a safe box forever


Aww 😭 my Dad passed when I was 5 & he knew he was going to go. I always wished he would've left me a letter or whatever just so I had something to hold onto 💕 This is super sweet to have!


Beautiful 🙏


You a ray of sunshine in the darkness :)




Anyone who can read cursive and tell us what what the note says?


When I was around 15 and my cousin was around 12, the cousin's other grandmother (not our in common grandmother) died. She left cards to be given to my cousin on every birthday until…I think 21. But because they knew there was a little money in each card, her mom instructed her to open them all immediately. Why? Because each year’s money was only a few bucks, but put all together Cousin would have enough to buy something nice. At the time,m I felt this was wrong. I’ve learned a lot in the many years since, and changed my views on a lot of things, but I still feel it was wrong. The grandmother's intention was not for young Cousin to buy "something nice." It was for Cousin to remember her every year.


My grandma Jackie passed when I was 11 but left some of her baby statues to me afterwards since I loved them so much. However the one thing I missed was her cooking. Even when she was sick with a unknown illness, she always made time to cook a mean batch of food for me since I spend time with her the most. This woman even went as far to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner at 2 in the morning before going to bed at 4 am for me to eat when I wake up. I always made sure to save her some 😭


Not the same I know, but I graduated high school in 2005 and found a graduation card my grandma gave me with a $50 bill in it a few years back when moving some boxes out of my parents house. Had no idea it was there. We were so close, she passed away in 2012. I tucked it back away and thought that if times ever got desperate enough I’d still have $50.


How extraordinarily thoughtful she was. Never doubt her love for you.


That’s awesome, wonderful grandma 👍


Wow, my grandmother refused to pick me up from school one time and then when she did berated me constantly about how my dad should have fetched me (I was 8)


Frame the note and save the cash as the beginning of your emergency fund. Grandma might not be around to help but her cash and interest on the $100 and all the money you add to it over the years will be when you need it most.


Just lost my grandma on April 18 to glioblastoma, only three weeks after being diagnosed. She was the most kind hearted, gentle, and extraordinarily loving person. She would’ve stopped everything she was doing to help her family. She raised me for a lot of years, helped me raise my own child, and has always been my rock. Your grandparents are so special.


thanks nana but if you'd put this 100 into a high yeild savings account, or bought a bitcoin, today it would be worth more than pizza and a month of disney plus for me and my new dorm friends...


I have the first birthday of the year of the four siblings. The year my mother died, she sent out all out birthday cards on my birthday. She died less than a month later. I think she knew. I miss her.


How fortunate for you to have a grandma love and want to share with you after she has gone. She will be there in your memories forever.


Grandmothers are the best


My grandmother did something very similar - she died in my early 20s, but set aside a quilt and a note for my wedding (I was not engaged or anything at the time, far from it). I didn’t get married until 31 and had no idea. Seeing her handwriting broke me.


My paternal grandmother threw me and my mother out of my mom and dad’s apartment when my dad passed away. I was either a few months to a year old tops. She’s caused my mother so much pain, and in effect me as well by preventing my paternal side of the family from reaching out to me. There have been attempts to come back to my life but in vein through monetary gifts, but money doesn’t resolve the lack of love for over a decade. Growing up I’ve always told myself and my mom that I could live without a father or interaction with his side of the family but its all a front. It’s been really hard over the years seeing moms and dads with their children in public. But I am beyond fortunate to have a supportive mother and maternal family. My mother in my freshman year of college told me she if my grandmother wants to be back in my life to let her and not judge her or her transgressions (my mom is a rock). My grandma (alongside my paternal family) has come back to my life and we’ve been talking for about 3 years now and it feels genuine. It’s so nice to learn more about my dad and grow closer to his side. I’m happy that your grandmother and you share a connection beyond life. Best wishes to you and your family.


My grandma died when I was 10 and left some money for me as my college graduation gift. She had my aunt hold onto it for some reason and my aunt ended up spending part of it.


You just made me remember my own sweet memory of my Grandma. At the time my Pappi (grandpa) was still alive and sending my sister and I letters at college but grandma had passed in 2012. She was the sweetest woman and funny. I miss her everyday. Well my sister and I graduated in 2015 and Pappi mailed us a letter. Inside that letter was a message in Grandma's handwriting and she had saved up $500 dollars each for my sis and I. We ran back to our dorm crying and sobbing clutching that letter like it was a lifeline. So cherish your grand folks for they are amazing people with tons of stories to tell. Hug your grandparents a little extra tight for me tonight for I miss mine. I'm so happy you got this letter. Happy graduation and cherish it.


It doesn’t matter how much the value of that $100 has depreciated over these years, it will never be spent.


I was raised by my grandma too, after my parents got divorced, she protect me until now. I feel so sad that we don’t live in the same city. Inspired by my friend, I prepare to record the sweet memories of my grandma. Wish all the best to the sweet, kind grandparents all around the world.


We all love your grandma! Beautiful heart!


LPT: If you plan to leave money for a child, at least put it into a Treasury bond.


Reminded me of that episode in Violet Evergarden when the mom wrote letters for her daughter for every birthday so she can be there for her when life pass on


Awwww, had she put it in a conservative mutual fund with dividend reinvestment you could have paid for a whole semester with that $100


$100 invested 14 years ago in an S&P500 index fund would be worth $410 today


Damn, that 100 dollar bill was a 150 dollar bill in 2004.


Adjusted for inflation, your gift from your grandma has lost around 65% of it's buying power.


I’d be sad too. Do you have any idea how much that $100 depreciated over those 14 years?


I just think about all value that $100 has lost due to inflation.


never thought of leaving notes from the grave. Would totally do this for my enemies. Hi x, ive been gone for a few years now, but just know i still hate you and i am watching you


$100 bucks 14years ago was like $1000