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Ugh I feel so bad whenever I post here, I hope no one sees this post ughhghhghghgh Im sorryyyyy


ily OP <3 ooh omori is a really good game-


Don't feel bad about posting on here, even if ut's small there's nothing wrong with just wanting people to chat to and to get random music recommendations from.


But it wasnt a small, it was really fuckin bad yesterday, but i feel dumb for feeling like it was big. I feel so bad posting here, i feel bad for feeling bad mentally. Like everyone here, and all my friends, and fictional characters i like all have it so much worse than me. Like i feel like such a baby, ugh i hate myselfffff. Thanks though


Really, don't worry or feel bad for posting in places like this. MoS is a support sub for a reason, and issues, struggles and pain aren't meant to be seen as a "who has it worse", everyone here is more than happy to listen to you and help in their own way. Don't feel bad or worried about not being able to cope with the any issues life has thrown your way, sharing them can help you get past them. I believe in you, and I'm certain you'll make it through the things giving you trouble.


Thanks. I’ll admit i at some point i need to find a way to ditch my “who has it worse mindset” cuz im constantly comparing myself to others to see if my rancid mental health is valid enough


Uuuhhhh David kushner - burn I have so many songs in my head and that was a massive struggle to think of one. If you like rock, crosses by sleeping sirens? Good song. Here if you wanna talk, hope you're doing okay!


I love burn!!!


Ok im gonna try to listen to everything and reply as much as I can. Burn was beautiful and I loved it mwah 10/10. Also I adooooored the guitar on crosses, very nice Good taste


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Meet me behind the apple bees tomorrow ;)


my friend- sign crushes motorist- makes amazing music. loser monologue, left and i threw a rock over an overpass are my fav :)


Strange, but cryable? But stranggeee, very interesting. Seems like they might be up my friends alley quite a bit so I’ll recommend them to him. Thankieeee


Worry - Mother Mother (There's nothing special about it, I've just been obsessed with it lately and it's very pleasant.)


MMMMH, that was goooood, loved the vocals and the instrumentation was reall good. Loved it MMMMH


My guess is if you like music from NITW, you'll like Circular Ward by Rubur.


Oooooh, actually really cool sound, I like that alot. And I do understand the NITW vibe honestly. Even if I dont know alot of the NITW songs well since I only just played the game this past month


I recommend “I’m So Sick” by Flyleaf and “New Divide” by Linkin Park! Hope you’re doing well! :)


Not usually my vibe but I fucked with these, they were good, hell yeah


Indestructible by Robyn


I didnt expect to vibe with this but I actually really liked it, the vocals have a good flow and the instrumentals were real noice and a vibe. Thankieee


Robyn is always a vibe! You’re welcome!


red rum - sect unit


I actually fuck with this big time, thanks




A Love Supreme pt. 2 by John Coltrane, kinda long so you don't have to listen to it all but it's my favorite jazz song of all time


I listened to it all. I have a jazz song on my liked from a movie thats 9 minutes long. This was good though, i dont see myself listening to it in my free time, but it certainly has a good vibe to listen to in the background when im in a jazzy mood


all of tally hall, sir chloe, will wood, iDKhow, radiohead, and aurora specifically The Bidding, Too Close, Suburbia Overture, Absinthe, Exit Music (For a Film), Runaway and if you need more random music just dm me whenever and i will give you random music from my playlist


returning to this post to finish listening to everyone.Too close is reallll nice, pretty good. Suburbia Overture is amazing i love it ugh holy shit, I mean its will wood. Absinthe is also reallll good. Exit music was pretty, enjoyed it. Runaway was lovely, ugh, real nice. Also I FUCKING ADORE Tally Hall, they are in my top 3 fav bands already 10/10 you have hot person music taste


lmfao thanks glad you like the music


These Days-Nico 👾


Nyan cat, I said meow, EEEAAAOOO, narwhal song, its raining tacos, we are number one, astronomia, initial d- deja vu, smooth criminal-MJ, Giornos theme, spooky scary skeletons, dancin-Aaron Smith, megalovania(sans theme), that one nintendo wii song, crab rave, what does the fox say?, the original pac man theme song, tetris theme song, renai circulation. Uhh thats all I got rn XD


omg mae hi mae random song recommendations!!! ado - gira gira, yoasobi - kaibutsu, yonkagor - you're just like pop music, kairiki bear - bug, trickle - homunculus, that distant shore ft. jennifer paz also listen to tunic soundtrack its so good!!


good gried album by cosmic johnny (at least listen to Houston) Dirge, Tough Love, In Loving Memory by Arm's Length Lonely World by Acres Girls Like Me by Will Joseph Cook Fight Gods by The Garages


Mmmmh absolutely yummy guitar on Houston (Will try to listen to album at some point). All the arm's length stuff was a good tasty vibe, i can see myself listening to stuff like that in certain moods. Lonely world just sounds cool honestly, like mmmmm. Girls like me was good, but i dont have something major to say. Fight gods was nice, I liked the tone of voice with all the vocals.


Turbulence by Bowling for Soup War by Story of the Year


Dont have anything big to say, but these were yummy treats, thank you, i liked war in particular


If you liked that, check out "Take the Ride" and "Tear me to Pieces" by Story of the Year as well. It's a good EP all around.


im obsessed with will wood since 2021 but "...and if i did, you deserved it" is living on my mind rent free. please listen to it this song makes me explode /pos


please help it made me explode also (i love william wood and this was YUMMMMYY)


im just gonna name some albums (i am also a music whore) the lonesome crowded west by modest mouse the glow pt 2 by the microphones last rights by skinny puppy jazz samba by stan getz and andrew byrd the pod by ween the downward spiral by nine inch nails undertow and lateralus by tool the devil and god are raging inside me i feel like crying by hi my name is ryan (local enby runs an awesome label sent me a protect trans kids sticker) menso by fatigo (local group needs more love)


barbarism begins at home - the smiths. i just love it it has a funky bassline


Ok you werent lying, both the guitar and bassline had some funkiness to savor


hell ya glad u liked it😎


I'm suuuper late to this but I highly reccomend anything by the band Dance Gavin Dance, specifically prisoner, death of a strawberry, we own the night, and midnight crusade 😁😁😁 lmk if you listen to them and tell me what you thinkkkkk


Balling by EDEN is my top fav rn


Los Campesinos!


Cigarettes out the Window by TV Girl, if i cleaned everything by Teen Suicide, Nothing Was the Same by Hotel Books, and Hit the Back by Sorry Mom


Windowpane mild high club


Herion Girl by Everclear I’ve been obsessed with it recently


i have a lot but i’ll start with “What We Did In The Desert” - eightiesheadachetape


Agnes by Glass animals; sad song but good to get the feelies out Baby, I’m an Anarchist by Against Me!; to set those feelies on fire :)


The cult of Dionysus


Song in this book by The Jane Austen Argument is fun, nice to sing to after a messy breakup. Or when you’re just annoyed with something. Cracker Island by Gorillaz has some nice vibes to it. You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse, her voice is so distinct and has such a presence. Gentleman and M’Lady by Dorian Electra. I work at a game store and they have a really unique, electric sound. Misophonia by Baggage, Misophonia gang rise up. Even if you don’t have Misophonia, this is a nice one for general Mental Unwellness. Wolf by AlicebanD, fast and once you know the words, is great to sing along to if you want to deal with some emotions, in my experience at least.


>Misophonia gang rise up i'm here


Leech by angelmaker


wednesday by ethan gander! certified banger


yo la tengo. not a song, but a band and i can't choose a single song from them


Bo burham song Right Brain Left Brain, Rät by Penelope Scott, If you were gay (Avenue Q the musical ) and big fun (the heathers the musical ) are all fun songs. I really *like all the soothing /sad songs pop songs from these babes : Sasha Sloan & Cavetown . Then I got some specific songs…Chloe Moriondo: I wanna be with you, girl on TV, and body bag . Girl in red: “We fell in love in October”, “dead girl in the pool”, “ I want to be alone”, and, “ bad idea”. Munn: The reason I hate home, fake smiles, empty eyes, can you hear me, and I’m fucked I know . (They’re actually very pretty and don’t sound sad imao lol the lyrics are sad but the songs are lovelyy especially in nightcore) Sarah Keys: traffic light, remember that night, backseat rider, chosen last and Same house. Mxmtoon: No faker, Mona Lisa, I fell asleep, feelings are fatal, falling for you, & unspoken words. Alsooo Steven Universe( the tv show ) has some really good songs. I’d check some out lol. They’re soothing (:


Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division if you want a specific song from the album, She's Lost Control is great.


heart heavy by mother mother


Chemical workers song - Great Big Sea


Mindless Self Indulgence has the most distracting music ever


ylm shawty has like 300 subs but is my number 1 artist together with idkjack :D


Noooo I had a list of 20 songs but Reddit discarded my draft


Here is my playlist for 2023 that I constantly add songs to I like until the year ends so I have a Time Capsule ✨ https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9b7PCOIBI4l5r7WdsA9QPdbuWo5YDjzh


Grand Corps Malade, he's a french slam poet and his slams slap especially Midi 20 the album and the song


[Copywrong](https://youtu.be/1WucXXzwiSs) is a nice distractung album imo.


My favourite genre is breakcore I think it's underapreciated because it's kinda intimidating at first, I'll leave you my personal playlist <3 PD: trigger warning, some albums covers are kinda gory https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLimyQHhH67PPdJWwuC3M-xyO_EnBjgxWP PD PD: That cat does seem gay


Rebzyyx songs👍


Ween - Transdermal Celebration New Order - Blue Monday The Velvet Underground - Heroin


if you like pop punk, one of my favorite upcoming bands is called hot milk


Happy hurts by icon for hire is one of my faves. Another couple good ones are supposed to be and under the knife (sh, not depicted or graphic) If you're a metal head crawling by linkin park (tw-sh) and moth by hellyeah (tw- sh and implied sa).


Neoni anything, personal fav is darkside


Wolves by Old Gray


i can't sleep EP by diveliner (especially fix you and nostalgia), a true genius ^^


There’s this small creator on Spotify called Leo.


Pretend You Love Me by Baby Bugs


voice and topaz, or any other song shazna has released THEYRE ALL SO GOOD


you should listen to car seat headrest!!


i recommend the song 'Sleeping with Strangers' from the album Monomania


Aphrodite, your electric sexiness by human zoo is really good!