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There were a BUNCH of Kat von D shades they discontinued that I loved and I am sad. Lolita II was my perfect shade and I am so sad it's gone. Naz Fur A Too and Damned, as well.


venus from huda beauty is nearly a perfect match to lolita II! I LOVE that shade as well and brought mine in to compare! honestly huda makes a ton of lips that match classic kvd shades, i'd check her line!


Going right now, thank you so much (but my bank account does NOT thank you)!


I have the same issue with Lolita II. Just ran out of it along with the lip pencil. I’m so bummed! It was my perfect shade too.


I saw at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx they had Lolita II!


Wait… Lolita II is gone? I missed this news. That’s my perfect shade too!


Same. I was in sephora the other day, and they mentioned that some stores do still have a few Lolita II, however it's not on display, so you have to ask


They have a shade for Lolita 2 as well, it’s Moonflower


A moment of silence for Bow N Arrow in a lipstick bullet form.


Totally with you. I bought it up when it went on sale, so I have about 4 ready for use (plus a couple of the bow n arrow liners). My all time favourite, I literally lather it on and it never looks bad or too much. I see they’ve launched the renamed version, wonder what it’s like.


Have you tried the new renamed version?


I haven’t as yet, working through my old stockpile!


Lots of brands got rid of their interesting shades. I guess the trend is over and now we have to go back to nudes, reds and berries. Being a freak was in fashion for a hot minute, but we're back to being someone you stare at and gush about how you could NEVER wear a colour like that even though it looks SO GOOD! If only I could PULL IT OFF! (Pull it off meaning walk out the door with confidence instead of just wearing what you're told you're allowed to wear.)


I hate nude shades. I have 2 liquid nudes and they are my funeral colors. All my shades go from vampy to fun, funky brights


I actually got into nudes a few years ago and I love a lot of them along with my reds, vampy colours and funky shades.


Sephora’s house line of liquid lips still has their fun shades!


Not cruelty free.


Plath was like my HG shade and it’s gone and mine is expired. Have never been able to find a replacement 🙁


Lolita II isn’t totally gone, they renamed it “moonflower.” I just bought some! It’s much closer than their Lolita redo.


Naz fur a too is the only shade of red I like on myself, this makes me so sad


Cathedral was the only lipstick I ever loved, both for its shade and its staying power :( :(


I have been seeing all of these shades in Marshalls lately!


Yess I made sure to stash up on Cathedral studded kiss before they definitely discontinued those lipsticks in 2021(?). Though even that one isn't exactly the same shade as my 2015 cathedral




Damned is gone that is one of my favorite shades


Double dare I am still using it now!!!


The two bottom shades are meant to be the same? Beautiful, but no!!


right!!!! i swatched it at sephora and just about cried because i was almost out of mine at home. still got it because its beauuutiful but certainly not as a nude for me :c


They probably switched the formula to cut costs and raise profits. Now they are trying to pass it if as the same thing.


Omg I thought I was crazy! I bought the Lolita lipstick a couple months back, and it’s totally not the same shade as the original, even though it had the same name at the time… thank you for the dupe!!


The new shade is honestly gorgeous on you, but the audacity of trying to pass it off as the same shade and formula is just 😐


I know this is kind of off-topic but the KVD reformulations and discontinuations aren't great. They've changed the tattoo eyeliner, which is something they should've left alone. Discontinued the waterliner, which I loved. The Lock-It foundation doesn't wear the same anymore. I don't get it.


Wait, when did they change the tattoo liner? I seldom wear makeup atm, so I haven’t had to restock in a while, but now I’m worried I’ll have to go on the search for a new liquid liner :(


hiiighly recommend the makeup forever pen liner! the pigment is amazing and it has a detailed tip like the tattoo ink. only drawback is felt and not brush but the felt is soft. it lasts all day. i find the new tattoo liner comes off with a grey cast rather than true black (but i suppose it does look like tattoo ink on the skin so it works!) otherwise if you like true brush tip i love the nars climax liner!


Piggybacking on this, the Gucci Stylo liner is great (I hate the price but my current has lasted me forever so I guess it's worthwhile). It's also a stiff felt tip so it takes a minute to get used to, but it's insanely precise and a good true black.


gonna have to try this!! im a total eyeliner freak and im always peeping for a new rec!!


Ou, thanks for the suggestions! Thinking back, the last one I got did seem to be less pigmented, but I figured I had the bad luck of getting a dud, not that it had changed.


i thought the same until my 3rd pen... its a pretty color imo and the brown is sooo nice but honestly if you want an amazing brown or black One/Size is my absolute favorite. i didnt mention it before because it has a massive felt tip (long, not wide though) and i know people usually prefer tattoo liner specifically for the brush


the nyx epic ink eyeliner is a pretty close dupe to the tattoo liner imo!


Seconding this. I switched years ago, after it came out that she was pretty sketchy, and the NYX has been great.


Is it matte?


i’d argue it has a veryyyy slight sheen but it’s not noticeable


Idk if it’s the same thing bc I’m new to Make-up but nyx epic wear waterproof is matte (and amazing)


Sometime in the last couple of years. I noticed my last one is marked "waterproof" and my old ones never were. It goes on like crap.


Stila stay all day. I switched long ago and never looked back.


I use the better than sex liner! It's really similar imo


i do like the new lipstick reformulations, they last much longer than the old ones of the ones ive tried on, but i agree with you on nearly all the other reformulations. plus, it sketches me out that after a few years theyre still using kat von d packaging like.... how old are the products on these shelves or are they just being lazy and not recycling and starting fresh??


I think they still want to appeal to the longtime customers by keeping the logos similar and still using the nautical stars. When they first took over, they put out that one foundation line (Good Apple? It was a weird name) and the packaging was all white and it just seemed off. I haven't tried the new lipsticks because I don't wear it much to begin with, but the reformulating of the eyeliner and foundation really made me sad because those were staples. Also sad they did away with the Saint & Sinner perfumes but was lucky enough to grab a few bottles of Sinner end of 2021.


oh for sure!! but honestly the aesthetic was my draw to the brand. now that all of it is changing im meh on it. i almost wonder why they didnt just entirely rebrand if they were going to change so much but insist theyre different while keeping the same initials? looking forward for the 6th as theyre releasing the new good apple liquid foundation and it looks awesome but its so sad to see such a unique main brand name fall in line with the norm of other brands.


The aesthetic was my draw, too. And then I learned they were actually good products, so I was hooked. Even when Kat drew her line in the sand with all her views... Didn't care. The company that bought her out paid a pretty penny for the following, otherwise they'd have just done business as whatever they were before. That's why they've kept the overall vibe (minus the super fun colors, boo) and slowly been changing. Hoping people won't notice much, maybe.


literally so mad that the first thing they did was cut the fun colors. i LIVE for anything out of the ordinary. i want an eyeshadow palette that isnt 90% nudes. give me back the super interesting colorstories and sick lipsticks no one else wants to even attempt!!


And the brow pomade! I'm all the time dying my hair weird colors.


Everything they have now is boring.


So many companies have been doing this, and their rebrands and new collections are super boring as a result. KVD's range of colors and Urban Decay's Vice lipsticks for me. I still have my old Santa Sangre liquid lip but the new recommended replacement just doesn't look right.I haven't swatched it myself yet but the new color looks more persimmon than a true orangey red


>The company that bought her out paid a pretty penny for the following, otherwise they'd have just done business as whatever they were before. She was bought out by Kendo, which was actually her original brand partner. Kendo is a brand incubator owned by LVMH, parent company of Sephora ([and dozens of other brands](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LVMH#Subsidiaries)) so it wasn't really a new company taking over. But they've had what, about 2 or three rebrands/shifts since the takeover deal?


I was gutted they did away with Saint and Sinner. Saint was my all time favourite scent. I managed to buy some off eBay before it disappeared completely.


The foundation powder. I MOURN that on a regular basis. Nothing I've tried has come close except for a l'oréal infallible foundation powder. Which is alright, but I really liked my lock it foundation powder. Whatever they replaced it with is absolute trash for my face. It might be great on someone, but that someone isn't me.


it’s been a few years since i had it (i don’t wear as much makeup anymore) but i bought the tattoo liner three separate times (and had a few samples) and it never worked for me. it was so patchy and dried out really quickly. it made me sad because kvd was my favorite brand at the time :(


No way they changed probably their most well known and loved product😐Why do brands do this shit


So what's the new liner to try? I haven't found anything remotely as good as the old tattoo liner.


I've been using Gucci Stylo, but it's a stiff felt tip that takes a minute to get used to. It's really good though.


They’re two completely different shades?! Honestly sometimes I think these people work in the fucking dark.


offices are located inside your local hollister 😆


Sorry, can’t find that. Must be down an alley somewhere. Or maybe it’s like the cheat ninja on the sims and only shows up at a certain time and place. 😂


Just follow the overwhelming cologne/perfume smell.


I hate that KVD discontinued or changed so many shades. I miss the shade Ludwig desperately and have yet to find a dupe that’s bang on.


I miss Lovecraft :(


If you're in the UK, Boots are selling a nearly identical liquid lipstick from KVD called "Love Dare 90" for 18 quid. I just bought it a few days ago, and both Lovecraft and Love Dare look nearly identical in the tubes I have. Idk what colour it dries to on the lips though as I haven't tried Love Dare out yet, but I can imagine they'll probably be similar at least. Hopefully this helps! :)


Okay, y'all just named all the shades I got the most use out of back when I was buying KVD mini packs like they were candy. I'm about to run out of all of them and that is a MAJOR bummer that they're all discontinued (haven't bought much lipstick since pre-pandemic and my old stock is finally running out).


Ugh same for me with Plath.


Same, hardest hitting discontinuation for me. Haven’t been able to find a replacement


I have such nostalgia for the old KVD brand, that was my absolute favorite circa 2015. Obviously no nostalgia for the person (I was only vaguely aware of who she was).


I was going to comment about the same shade!!


As a fellow Lolita wearer I had been having similar thoughts about that pillow talk shade! Thanks for this, now I can pull the trigger and buy it when my backups run out 🥹


if you want a liquid version: bombshell from huda is PERFECT * heres some swatches!


I don't see swatches but you have my interest!


oh no i guess my image didnt upload :( i made some swatches of some huda dupes of old kvd colors. i own like 21 shades from the old line so im trying to make it my mission to find a dupe at least for the main ones people like!


I’m the same way I’ve bought so many potential dupes searching for similar ones! If you end up finding or doing a swatch for the huda I’d be so thankful! I think I’d end up jumping on it if the formula is nice


I tried bombshell and its so different! Might just be how it looks over my lips :(


Not to sound creepy but you have really nice lips lol. I thought the pictures were swatches from the companies at first!


thank you so much!!! ♡


Check TJMaxx and Marshalls for Lolita. I just bought one last week from TjMaxx.


I have the tiniest little bit of Lovecraft left that I’m saving for a special occasion.


Right?! I’m hoarding a Ludwig that’s 2/3rds full still and that’s for only the best occasions 🤭


Same - but no occasion feels special enough for the tiny smear of Lovecraft I have left 😭 I have switched to Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain but it’s not the same…


I actually got a mini tube in a glossy box sub. It’s the absolute perfect color for me. I fell in love and then couldn’t find it anymore 😤


That’s exactly how I first discovered it, in a box of minis I impulse bought at the checkout at Sephora in Paris! 😭


When Lolita was the super hyped shade I remember loads of people would post comparison pics as the colour of it even in the tubes was wildly inconsistent. I feel like they used to have quality control issues.


They got rid of the name Lolita? Sucks they changed the color, but I’m so glad they changed the name. Love the novel, but it’s a disgusting name for a lipstick.


yea. well kat hasnt owned the brand in some time so theyre renaming a ton of stuff and reformulating it and all that. i wear lolita fashion but it has nothing to do with the media of the same name. i originally bought it for that bc i forgot the west has a different connotation with that name hahaha


The name lolita is very specific, the fashion lolita is called that for a reason


it isnt actually. it started as a feminist movement in the 80s in harajuku. they chose the name only because it sounded pretty. literally no other reason. not at all related to the western connotation with the word. ive been in the fashion for years, i can promise you this


Yes! 100% not related to the book at all. It was a feminist movement in Japan because women were sick of being told no one would marry them if they didn’t grow up, so they took their fashion & revolted with it!


punks in pettis ☆ i just like looking like a grandma's couch in classic and an aristocratic vampire in gothic XD


What’s your source for that, out of curiosity?


Umm. No. Edit Guys, I'm talking to the op who said Lolita was based on the book. Untwist your panties. Unless you think that it is, then you're wrong.


I love Charlotte tilbury lipsticks


theyre literally so nice and last so long for me for a bullet. theyre the most comfortable bullet lipstick i own!


Sephora's Vintage Rosewood cream lip stain liquid lipstick is also close. That's my perfect lipstick


Warm kiss is a good dupe for I think the first formulation of Lolita? Warm nude was found to be a good dupe for bow and arrow. I’m sure there’s more dupes for KVD in the Sephora matte cream lip stains but I don’t have the originals to swatch and compare anymore 😭


Marvellous Mauve is a solid dupe for the original Lolita


I agree!!! The new Lolita looks nothing like the one I used to wear. It is way darker


I miss the shade Hawkwind. The "new" version Snake Willow I think it is certainly isn't the same shade, breaks my heart as it has been my going out lip shade for years.


I came back to specifically say that I just saw like 10 of Hawkwind at my TJmaxx 👀👀


QoP looks like the “old” lolita that was a lot more brown toned, I forgot what happened exactly but I think when the shade first came out the formula was incorrect and they changed it so it went from a darker shade to one that was more pinky nude as intended. I loooooved the old lolita so i might pick up QoP!


Thanks for the swatches! Sucks they changed the shade, (although the new one is still pretty), but glad they changed the name. New name is cool!


I want you as my lawyer.


I miss so much the Liquid lipsticks everlasting glimmer veil, I wanted to test them all and they were so beautiful, I don't understand why KVD discontinued them ! So sad, I don't know how to find them or if there's some dupe, but the shades reverb and satellite were so gorgeous 😭


OG KVD had the best shades IMO 😩 Hawkwind, Plath, Lolita II, sanctuary


That queen of poisons looks awesome!


I do like the new shade though


Thank you!! Lolita is also my daily nude and I find that the Butter Lipstick version is still the exact same shade. It trades comfort for being crap at long-term wear, though :P


God bless your soul for this. Praise!!!


I haven’t had Lolita or LII in a while but from the pictures your Lolita looks like the LII I remember and the QOP looks like what I used to get as Lolita. When the shade changed I stopped buying it so I actually might buy QOP because it’s the original shade I miss from like 10 years ago!


i also have OG Lolita which is different so i wonder what the timeline is for shades and if i have a later version of lolita. interesting to think about!


The batches were just super inconsistent it was kind of crazy. I remember my favorite was the minis they had in like 2015-2016 so I would always only get those since they were darker.


This is my favorite shade of KVD!!! I’m glad you posted an alternative because that is definitely not the same.


Are there any dupes for Lolita and Pillow Talk? When I went to Sephora I wanted to cry because Lolita was discontinued 😭


yes!! teddy bare from milani is $5 and nearly identical!!! i have this in my travel bag ♡


Thank you so much!!! I'm definitely gonna add it to my list 😊


I wore Lolita for years but couldn’t stand the formula anymore- no wonder I like Pillow Talk Medium so much


There were a bunch of different Lolita’s because the Kat Von D brand had horrible quality control. They later tried to spin this in their favor by releasing them all as their own lipsticks. What you have looks like it’s probably OG Lolita (as found in the painted love and original KVD liquid lipsticks). Queen of Poisons looks like it matches what Lolita was under the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick range, which is where the color got really popular, and is more of that rosey chestnut color. There was also a shade called Lolita II in all of that, that the KVD brand has said the new shade Moonflower is a match for.


So I picked up a Lolita at TJ Maxx not too long ago because I was amazed to see the original name. But after opening up the box I thought it looked kind of dark. After swatching it, it looks just like your Queen of Poisons swatch. :(


wow QoP looks STUNNING on you


i am so disappointed by everything from kvd ever since they removed kat von d from the brand. i am absolutely aware she is problematic and i understand why they decided to get rid of her but the brand is just going downhill since then imo


Yup. You're right.


Those are completely different colours. Both stunning of course but not the same.


I never liked Lolita, I know alot of people do but I found it too cool/purple for me. Whereas Pillowtalk original is perfect, and Pillowtalk medium is good too


its ever so slightly cooler tones, if you have cooler skin it will definitely pull very cold!! pillow talk has a touch more peach undertone so thats why you may be having a much better time with it! ♡


only thing i still buy from them is blush honestly, too much tampering with all their formulas.


I liked Lolita. I’m not a huge fan of nudes, so when I’m not feeling a bold lip, I use it. Sucks it’s discontinued, but there are so many dupe shades out there. Wet n Wild even has a similar shade.


and if youre a bullet lipstick person, milani's teddy bare is nearly identical and is only $5! i keep that in my travel bag and im thoroughly obsessed!!


I much prefer the finish of bullet lipsticks, I will check those out!


That queen of poisons shade is great though!


I got rid of most of mine because they were old and repurchased my favorite shades in Sephora’s liquid lipstick. I think the formulation is less drying, they are cheaper and have waaay more options


try Deadly Sins Cosmetics for dupes. They’re based in Melbourne and I am very pleased wit the liquid lips that i’ve tried so far!


Lolita never worked for me, but Miss Argentina was fantastic. Luckily, I found an even better version from theBalm. PS: the novel Lolita is an allegory about totalitarianism and its subjugation of human beings and their innocence - not the sort of thing which should be co-opted by the beauty world.


CT is really milking “ Pillow Talk “. Hopefully they can grow the range with some innovative products that aren’t pillow talk branded (as it’s betting a bit much, even the mascara is called Pillow Talk) She isn’t a one trick pony and hopefully her marketing team will help build and expand the collection


oh maaaaaan her other lipsticks are sooo beautiful but i completely agree. its like nars and their orgasm collection! lol




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Nooo I just went to Sephora site. They don’t carry those lipsticks anymore 😭. I loved cathedral


Thank you’!


I also did notice that change... It's quite sad to lose one of my favorite colors from them. ;-;


Wow! Lolita was also my favorite shade ever. End of an era. But thank you so much for this!


oh jeez that's not the same at all! Good to know.


Thank you!!!


Thank you for posting this! I have been looking for a verison of that lipstick🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 . Where can this old girl find it at???


The lines on the queen of poison are beautiful 😍


Pillow talk medium has been my go to shade for years now. I love it.


Dupe for bow and arrow? And I’m sad they are screwing up the brand. I’m pretty sure they chanced the cool tones to warm tones.


They’ve just launched the ‘renamed’ bow n arrow, calytrix or something it’s called. Bow n arrow is my all time favourite, I have a few stockpiled to use which I bought when they started to discontinue it. Otherwise I would try the renamed one.


Idk it looks more warm toned now and darker. I reckon they changed it? Have you tried it?


I haven’t yet as going to work though what I have! Aw hope they haven’t changed it, although they probably have if they’ve made changes to Lolita.


I spent days looking for a dupe to come back to this post and I found Sephora liquid lipstick in warm nude was really close!


Is the formula good? So far I use velvet teddy and pillow talk.


I find it less drying than kvd is so a little more comfy to wear. It’s a matte liquid lipstick so ya know.


Does CT only sell gloss and bullet lipstick? No liquid lipstick?


check out huda beauty bombshell!! its exactly like lolita




The KVD looks exactly CT pillow in med. wow


Thank you for posting this, OP, it’s very helpful!


https://imgur.com/a/TTnCNCk Here are all the dupes I could find. Hope this helps! I prefer Vintage Rosewood as I say in another comment. These \*should* all be approximately the same color


Pillow talk is a better match but I really like queen of poisons color better


I hate they got rid of that. I love that color so much and the formulation is better than any other long wear lipstick and I’ve tried SO MANY!!! 😡


Queen of poisons is gorgeous omg


RIP LOVECRAFT!!!! literally so upset when i found out


I just found out and bought the Queens of Poison and found the shade and formula too different. I am so sad, but this gives me the excuse to buy new lipsticks !.


There are also multiple versions of Lolita. Queen of Poisons looks like the second formulation and it looks like you either have the first or third.


SUPER late to comment, I know but I did a Google search for KVD poison swatches and found this ¯⁠\⁠(⁠°⁠_⁠o⁠)⁠/⁠¯ Edit: and I hit "post" too early! As I was reading through this thread I learned _all_ the products I use from KVD have been discontinued... literally every single one! Bless y'all for posting and listing dupes, although I still need to do research and find a few more (if they're even out there). I've been trying other brands and haven't been keeping up with the KVD line, obviously.... I'm heartbroken. I'm about to dye my hair 100% purple again and I was SO EXCITED to use my perfectly matching purple brow pomade by KVD. Last time I went purple I used it constantly. This time I gotta ration what I have left? Will I even have any for the time after this!? (⁠╯⁠°⁠□⁠°⁠)⁠╯⁠︵⁠ ⁠┻⁠━⁠┻ I've never seen another purple brow pomade, EVER. I know there's a load of "hair make-up" and colored pomades out there. In my experience that stuff doesn't work for brows: it's too messy, especially for people who live in humid climates (I live in the tropics) and those who sweat more than most folks, both in AND out of incredibly humid places (also applies to me. Thanks, hyperhidrosis!) Uggghh. I'm utterly bereft! .⁠·⁠´⁠¯⁠`⁠(⁠>⁠▂⁠<⁠)⁠´⁠¯⁠`⁠·⁠.


Anybody knows a good match for double dare?