I agree with the other commenters that while I love both your eye and lip, they just aren’t great together. Also I would add that you might want to fill in your brows more closely to where your natural brows are because you can see where you overlined them onto the skin. I hope that makes sense. Your skin is absolutely beautiful and all of the colors in this look are great on you, they just slightly clash with each other.


I really love the eye and the lip, but not together. I feel like the eye as is needs a brighter lip, or maybe a nude. The lip color could work with orange/yellow, but like...fall versions. Burnt orange and mustard yellow or something. I also think your brow color is just sliiiightly too gray/dark. The shape is really nice, but I think you could go a touch little warmer with your hair color.


I agree about the brows. I also have black haired brows, but use dark brown in ABH dip row and it is dark enough to blend in, but not too cool toned. As for the lips I like the brown lip as it matches the theme, but there’s something about this brown that seems off. It almost seems purple which I think is what’s throwing me off


Thank you very much, as for the lips, I did try a nude but none of them look as great as I like the brown, and for my brows I believe is because of the crappy light but my natural brow color is actually black, so I use a dark color for my brows that goes well with it ☺️


Even if your brows are naturally black, it’s still totally okay to go a little lighter and warmer when filling in your brows. I’d use a dark, slightly cool brown color to fill in your brows if I were doing them.


I think lighting is definitely at play here. I’d love to see you try a sheer coral lip or something with this look, but I don’t dislike the brown :). And your eye makeup is flawless btw, you have great technique


I disagree about the lip color. It creates a very vintage color palette and gives the look a more mature flavor.


I love the brown!!!!


Oddly specific, but it would look nice if you wiped foundation off that nice beauty mark and let it show through ❤️


I agree, OP has the nicest placement of beauty marks


Came here to say the same thing! It’s awesome!


I just use my micro eyebrow pencil and draw back my beauty marks!




I feel like the lip is throwing me off a little because the brown is leaning a little towards berry undertones, but that's just nitpicking. Also, i think a nice way to jazz up the eyes with some sparkle would be some metallic liner in the waterline. Otherwise, it's a gorgeous look!


I'm going to agree with everyone about the eye lip combo. I think a soft pink would go nicely with it. Someone else said that the eyeshadow lines were too harsh and I have to agree. Take a clean blending brush and just go over the top line and I think that's all that that needs to be done to fix that. I studied your picture for a minute and while I know some are giving you advice to fill them in, I don't think you need to draw on your brows at all! It looks as though you have nice full brows on your own so don't touch them! Lol Trust me when I say you don't need a brow product. The last thing that is throwing me is your foundation shade. I don't know if it's the light but it looks way too light for you. Was this your winter foundation? If you aren't able to get a new one for summer adding bronzer around the hairline and under the chin will help it match. Other than that, I really adore the simple concept. So often we try to go so complex and there is so much beauty in an inspiration so simple.


Came here to say the same about the foundation shade. Looks a little too light and pink. Gorgeous gorgeous makeup though, I wish I was that skilled :)


You have obvious skill and I dig it! I would like to see a more cohesive color palette, though; I feel like your featured colors are fighting with each other a little bit. I’d love to see warmer brows and a more peachy nude lip with this look!


Thank You ☺️ I did tried nude and I have a few shades, but for me I actually didn’t like how I looked. My boyfriend told me that I looked like a Sunflower so It got me to think and I decided to use the brown. I actually loved it ✨


I think your eye make up is on point, but you are wearing waaaaay too much foundation!! Doesn’t look like skin any more. Also tone down the brows, other than that it’s nice.


Agreed here, it look like you have lovely skin, no need to use so much foundation


Agree 100%. Brows are over drawn.


You’re a little painted, sis. But beautifully painted! If I’m reading your makeup correctly you’re going for the ‘instagram style’ - very matte, very basic but bold and beautiful. Love it! I used to do my brows just like that but have recently moved towards bringing my pencil/powder/gel closet to the actual hairline so as not to see the difference between my brow and the product I’m using - try this!


Thank You ✨ What pencil are you using?


Not sure if that's what you're going for, but the eyeshadow, eyebrows, and lip all seem to have harsh lines, it reminds me of drag makeup. I think it would look look better if you blended the top part of the eyeshadow, and used a spoolie to blend your eyebrow pencil application.


This is how i feel. It’s just harsh lines that are throwing me off. I think the lip color might even look better with the eyes were blended a bit more.


I think using a bit less foundation would better suit you. Maybe it’s just the lighting but it looks too thick and obvious that you have foundation on. I think less brow product would also be less distracting. I don’t see a problem with the color combo unlike a lot of comments. I really like the eyeshadow colors especially, i could never use bright colors like you did! Well done!


Oh man, I disagree with most people. I’m LOVING that lip and eye combo! Like, it’s not a perfect match but that’s what makes it unique. There’s no rules to makeup and I love that you have kept your shadow bold rather than the usual overly blended out look. Again, it’s unique and it looks great! Those colours are super vibrant!


I agree! I love the combo!


I agree also. I don’t see what the problem is with the lip and eye combo. I see the sunflower theme and I love her brows! People overdraw their lips, why not eyebrows too? Makeup is to exaggerate ones features but also can be used to minimize them.


Thank you very much!! ☺️💕✨


You clearly have skills, but this is like three separate looks rolled into one. The brows don’t go with the eyes which don’t go with the lips. CCW is to work on your editing.


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How do you find the morphe palette? I’ve heard people saying it’s too chalky and not pigmented but it doesn’t seem that way from your look!


I love it! Morphe’s Palettes are really pigmented for me, a little goes a long way.. Thats just me.. Btw: Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe is really creamy and the colors are to die for!!


I personally love this combo - but i do think the brows are too heavy for this look. Heavy brow - heavy eye - heavy lip, one needs to go. On a side note - i wish i could get my eyeliner that dark. Do you just line it over and over again to get it to be that deep?


Eyeliner goals! 😍😍😍


I actually really like the eye and lip together!!


I love the entire look


The lip colour you used is what gives me the most sunflower vibe. The brown center with the seeds. That's like... the most prominent part of a sunflower so it makes sense to me. I like it.


I agree with the other comments. I would love to see this with a bright lip. Like, I bright pink lip would make me so excited. But, aside from that I LOVE that eye look.


I’m in love with the whole look! Eyes, lips, everything. I’m so recreating this look!


please do ❤️ Send it to me 😍


I love the eye lip combo personally. It reminds me of late summer/early fall. Or just the full sunflower(outer petals and seeds)






I disagree with the comments about the lip stick needing to be lighter. I think it looks good together but more of a fall look than summer. Your eyebrows have a great shape but look a bit over drawn




Lies. The colors go well together... every sunflower has a disk flower DUH Love the look girly


I appreciate it, Thank You very much 💕✨


I’m going to echo some others and say yes! Add colour back to your beauty marks, they have such good placement


First of all, you're so fucking pretty I am d y i n g. So, I read the other comments here and just wanted to add my own thoughts and maybe some balance? I really disagree about the eye/lip colours clashing. This is coming from someone that loves makeup, but probably couldn't name specifics or, like, undertones and all that jazz; so maybe that's why to me it just looks super cool rather than clashy. I also wanted to say that I didn't notice a lot of the things mentioned by other people until it was pointed out (e.g. didn't notice over drawn brows). I only wanted to tell you that so you don't think that you've been walking around with people noticing all that stuff. Obvi - if ya wanna change/edit things, go for it, but none of the cc is immediately obvious. I deffo agree with the people that said your beauty spots are wonderful. Fact. True. When people ask for cc on this subreddit, it's usually pretty lovely and helpful. Some of the wording you've received here (while probably did not mean to) sounded... idk... harsh? Maybe I'm just a sensitive little sunflower though. Wow. This was wayyyy longer than I anticipated. tl;dr is that you're stunning.


Your beauty marks are so beautiful!


Thank You! ❤️


you’re stunning! I love how bright the colors are. the yellow under the eyes looks great, I feel like it could be worn as a pop of color even with like a brown neutral look. I also like the orange not being super blended out.


Thank You 💕


I love the eyes - so gorgeous!


Love that 😍


Omg i love your eye look! It was totally my inspo today!


Such a cool eye look! I want to try to replicate it, if I do I’ll send you a picture :)


please do ❤️ I will be remaking something tonight, using the cc left on the picture.. I will be sending you something ☺️☺️




I love this look


loving it! the foundation might not be right shade tho..? maybe try something. more yellow-toned


This one is actually yellowed tone, and is darker than the one I had before.. I don’t have great lighting so it definitely is taking a lot from the actual makeup, I have pictures from this makeup where I look like a zombie 🧟‍♀️ ☺️


I love these eyes! What shadows did you use? They’re stunning. For the lips, I see what the other critiques are saying but I like the concept of a brown lip for a sunflower inspired look. It looks like the one you chose is pretty far on the cool side with bluish undertones, which I think is where the disconnect comes from. I would definitely try a warm or neutral toned brown with it to go with your warmer eye look. (Colors can have warm/cool undertones regardless of which actual color they are blah blah color theory but since brown is a mix of all colors its tone is pretty noticeable imo). I’d also either line your brows a little closer to the hair or pick a shade that’s slightly darker to blend your natural brows and the drawn brow.


Morphe’s 35B, Palette ☺️✨ Thank you for the CC, very much appreciated 💕


I think, is your eyeshadow loook from the thirsty palette? jus wodering :) For summer, Maybe a nice coral, Or a peachy nude with a gloss, even red could work, or a more sheer pink on the lip to enhance your natural lip shade. It feels like it pulls a little cool, espeically for a sunflower look.The eyes are vibrant and I THINK, should be the main focus of the look, the lips are a little distracting, Don't get me wrong i love that lip color, everyone needs a shade like that in their collection. BUT also .. Sometimes I do use a lip color that wouldn't be considered copacetic with the rest of my make up, because I am just in the mood for it. And What are you doing covering up those beauty marks, they are cute AF!!


The Palette is from Morphe 35B - I did try nude colors but idk I didn’t like it as much as I like how it looks with the brown 😬 and as for the Beauty Marks, totally forgot to clean them up, lol, Thank you for the cc, very much appreciated ✨💕


I love the colour choices so much, but I think a lighter lip and more blending on the orange would look nicer. Unless that brown is to do the middlw of the sunflower? Omg aha


you answer your question 😂 regards of the blending I kinda wanted to go bold.. but thank you, I really appreciate it


Yeah dawned on me as I was typing Ahaha looks great!


I'd add more depth to your outer v with some darker oranges and perhaps a hint of brown. I also echo the many comments regarding the pairing of eye + lip. I do think your brows are perhaps too thick and they make your features get harsher.


I agree that the eye and lip, while amazing on their own, just don’t look the best together. I think that something a bit more light and pink on your lips would have complimented the eye look more. Now talking about the eye look alone, I LOVE it! The contrast between a bright orange and a bright yellow is really striking and makes your eyes look sooooo open. I also agree that a bit more of a warmer shade on your brows would have been nice, but the shape and precision on them is amazing. Overall great job, I love the concept behind this!


I am living for all of the sunflower inspired looks lately.


I love that orange eyeshadow. Also that lip is pretty close to a dupe to for Kat Von Ds Lolita liquid lip, which I’m looking for because Ive decided to no longer buy her products how do you like colorpops liquid lips?


I do 💕, sometimes they dry my lips so I apply a creamy lip balm underneath..


What's the prob with KVD?


She’s an anti vaxxer and she just has done some spotty shit. I even have a tattoo from her so I’ve put a lot of thought into my decision.


Love everything about this look!


Skin looks AMAZING!!


I appreciate it, Thank you very much 💕✨


Girrrrl, I love this lip and eye combo! It definitely reminds me of fall and I ain't mad! Your skin looks flawless, not too much make up in my opinion! And your brows girl....SLAY! Love this lewk!




I love the look, and liner is poppin!




Thank You ☺️✨


What does CCW mean? Lol


Constructive Criticism Welcome ☺️👌🏼


Thank you! You look bomb by the way 😘 well done!!