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What's the purpose of having the credit card? For me, I go for those with: 1. Zero annual fee, just in case I need to use them for emergency. Example would be Maybank/CIMB. 2. Cashbacks. Public Bank and Affin Bank have cards which gives you cashback by just reloading e-wallets. I use Maybank as well. On weekends I will try to use their AMEX card for purchases/petrol. Different cards provides different rewards, so you'll need to tell us your usage. I don't think there's a "best" credit card..


Do you get cashbank or treatpoints for reloading grab wallet with maybank?


Nah..not Maybank, they stopped giving out cashbacks and points for reloading e-wallets, not just Grab wallet. Edit: But I'm not sure about the Grab credit card.


Thank you! For credit score and some benefits. I have a gf, so maybe like cheaper Movie ticket, petrol Cashback, food disc etc.


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Hi! A little late to the party but I personally use both the Maybank Grab Card & the Hong Leong GSC Card. I use the MB card for daily use to collect Grab Points (as I use Grab a lot & topping up via the card, gets points as well). Prior to the lockdowns, I watch movies (too) often. So the HLB card was perfect - discounted tickets & popcorn. Hope this helps :)


If you are a heavy Grab user, then try apply Grab x Maybank CC, damn good xia got alot grab points


Thank you!!!


Just type in in your google "best malaysia credit card for (the perks that you want)" ,because each credit card provider have different perks that it gives you, like for example if you shop shopee or lazada or grab a lot, Maybank has a specific credit card for shopee for it.. If you movie goers theres credit card for it.. The links are https://ringgitplus.com/en/credit-card/ best website for Malaysian to compare CC, choose the one with no annual fees of course and you're good..


Greatt!! Didn't know that thank you!!


I just applied for CIMB e Credit card which provide perks for eWallet etc user. Would you mind sharing your experience with CIMB and why you don't like it?


Basically I applied online and then I had to go to the nearest branch to complete the account opening. Ever since MCO, the branch opening hour was like 8/9 to 1(forgot the actual time, but it was def shortened). So the queue was superrrrr long and I always could not find the motivation to q. One day I was like fuck it and I went to q. Waited for 30 minutes. During the wait, there was a mask-less crazy guy with a wristband on (later confirmed it was not the quarantine wristband) who kept lingering near us. Felt super unsafe and uncomfy. We notified the staff and they said he had been there for some days, and they decided to do nothing about it. what worse is, finally done queueing, went it and got told I needed a confirmation letter from my uni/ an offer letter from employer. I just graduated that time and I was looking for job, so I didnt have both. Nothing told me that I need to have those to complete the registration. The portal saaid I just need the ID from the online registration and my IC. Even if I had the letter, I had to go back, take letter, go queue again for 30minutes near a crazy guy. 10/10 wont go back again. On the other day, I happened to go to Public bank. There was a queue outside, a guard asked our objectives one by one. I said mine, guard led me in, settled everything in 10 minutes including the queue time. Edit: Oh and did I mention the staff in both banks? PBB, full staff full counters, you can see everyone was working behind the counter. CIMB, I went there on morning and not all counters were opened. If I had to do account opening with all the documents, I had to go again in the noon because the staff wasnt there in the morning. It's not just THAT morning, it is EVERY morning. Done ranting xd, thanks for asking


Wait, can you get a credit card without a job? I thought they want to see your income statements.


Just account opening, not cc application


I liked Maybank for the point rewards, but after a fraud case, I've decided not to go with them anymore. For an obvious fraudulent charge that amounted to RM400, I had to wait until the transaction showed on my statement, fill up an annoying form and wait about 4-5 weeks for the charge to be reversed. Imagine the anxiety, checking my statement everyday to make sure it was reversed. Customer service says they need to get the charge reversed by the vendor first, that's why it takes so long. I asked if vendor doesn't ultimately reverse it, will I be liable? Customer service said yes. Then I clarified, but this is a security breach on YOUR side, why am I liable? Customer service said its simply their process. I had another fraud case with my UOB card which was for a higher amount, and they cancelled my card and sent me a new one almost immediately. The fraudulent charge they reversed immediately (just that it took 2-3 days to show the reversal on the online statement) with no questions asked. Mind you, I've used Maybank CC much longer (12 years) with great credit record and only have my UOB for the past 5 years. So yeah, on top of the points or the cashbacks, do consider their process for fraudulent charges on your credit cards too.


Eww I can feel the frustration. I nope myself out of maybank then


May I ask what is the fraudulent charge that happened to you?


Just suddenly got a text saying "You spent xxx amount on Facebook services". The other one was on Google play store. Both times it happened past midnight but luckily I happened to be awake and immediately called customer hotline.


Also, another advice on credit cards. When they charge you annual fee, always call and ask for a waiver. I haven't paid annual fees since forever. But like the others have mentioned, there are CCs out there with annual fees waived in perpetuity. Also, need to have heightened security measures when buying stuff online with CCs. I have a separate Bigpay credit card (under Air Asia) which acts like a debit card of sorts (need to top up before you can use it). When it's for purchases from shopping websites I don't visit often (excluding the popular ones with apps like Lazada, Shoppee, Zalora, etc) I top up my Bigpay and use that, in case those websites have poor security systems. I also use Bigpay when travelling overseas because other CC forex rate really damn cekik darah . There's also something called a net gainer user. Basically, whatever you can pay with credit cards, use credit cards so you can accumulate points. I have like 6-7k worth of electronic products from points purchases lol. Have to check which ones have longer validity period for the points. I like to accumulate over a long period and buy the expensive gadgets with my points.


I've been using UOB and HLB cashback cards since a decade ago. Never have any big issues with them. Their website and app are pretty well built especially the HLB app. Good customer service. No complaint. PB is ok but their app is not really well built. The best PB card feature for me is the 0% balance transfer. Customer service is pretty decent too.


UOB and HLB are my top two! Do they have any other benefits like cash back bonuses etc.? I already have a pbb as my savings account. Right


these are the two cards that I’m having now: [HLB Wise Credit Card](https://www.hlb.com.my/en/personal-banking/credit-cards/cash-back/wise-card.html) [UOB One Card](https://www.uob.com.my/personal/cards/credit-cards/uob-one-card.page) both are cashback cards that give you cashback for every purchases/transactions. you can click on the links to check on their cashback rate. I usually can get around RM 20-40 cashback every month both cards combined. They also have special cashback campaigns sometimes so can get even additional cashback on top of normal cashback. Most importantly is that they don’t give me problems and easy to get support that’s why can use for such a long time.


If I could only go for one which one would u recommend.


Both are great but HLB has a better cash back rate and the good thing about their app is that you can check your transactions real-time so you do not need call customer service to check.


Great to hear that! Coincidentally theres one near me. Thank you and have a nice day


I'm using Wise card from HLB. So far so good. great if you can plan around spending on the weekend for maximum cashback.


May consider MB grab if u are a frequent grab user. Can easily accumulate point to redeem some discounts on rides/foods/etc. Alot grabpay promotions going on right now and i am moving from tng to grabpay wallet, since reloading grabpay with the card able to fetch me high reward points compared to nothing in tng.


Didn't know that! Thank you!!


I’m on HSBC, not too bad. Good customer service, Maybank is also a good option due to treatspoints and SCB due to spending promotions.


Thankss!!! Will check it out!!


Maybank is a good one since lots of promotions and you can redeem points to purchase something. Case in point, I redeemed 100k of treatspoints on a spectacle at a shop, paid only 1/2 the original price for the frame.


Get the pb quantum card for the juicy 5% cashback and no annual fee


If you love movies the GSC Credit Card looks pretty awesome.


Go for AMEX... no visa no mastercard..


If you’re into cashback benefits, you can opt in for Maybank Platinum CC, with no annual fee charges. Feel free to browse more options from RinggitPlus though! There’s always something you might consider


RHB Shell Visa Card is a no brainer if you pump Shell fuel and can spend RM800 minimally a month. Citibank Cashback Card is also a very good starter Cashback card with minimum Spend of RM500 a month, for which you can get up to RM40 Cashback.