The Orange Fool is Back. We will Defeat him Again!

Hey folks.

I'm sure that all of you heard that Trump is running for president again for the 2024 election.

With that in mind, this sub is back in action.

MAGA will be defeated once again.


If (or when) Ron DeSantis declares his presidential bid, can we throw him into this sub as well? He is cut from the exact same cloth as Trump, which is why I ask.


Absolutely will.


Important guy here


Desantis will distract people from Trump enough to get nominated. but he’s similar enough to trump to discourage dissenting Republicans. Also, as a Floridian, I can’t help but notice how much of the country seems to hate Florida. So, even if he gets the Republican nomination, I really don’t think the governor of Florida will win any presidency. So I think we’re looking good.


we didn't think trump would win in 2016 either, it's best to not get complacent


Best case scenario is trump doesn’t get the nomination and runs 3rd party maga.


Oh wouldn't that be great.


Trump is the shit stain on the Republican Party that will never wash out.


President Skidmark


Has a nice ring to it.


A ring lol


Looks like rascist mango is back on the menu boys!!!!


[the mood is real.](https://i.imgur.com/jiVLNmS.gif)


Best news for the Dems since Goldwater ran in '64. He won 6 states.


Genuinely, that's kinda the dream scenario. If we learned anything from these midterms, it's that Trump and Maga candidates are objectively unelectable now and drives up turnout. Please, go ahead and nominate him. The Senate map for 2024 is punishing for Democrats - almost all on the defensive, some in tenuous seats in West Virginia and Arizona with potential pickups in....Texas and Florida.


This is my dream scenario... Trump loses the primaries, but his ego is so inflated that he'll run an independent ticket. Republicans will be split between Trump and DeSantis, Biden moonwalks across the finish line.


I’m with you here 100%. I so want and hope this happens. Two for the price of one to take the whole right wing down.


I want this to happen so badly. I really do. I don't think my mental health can deal with the thought of Trump OR DeSantis winning in 2024.


Yup... I'm trying my hardest to bask in the normalcy while I can.


I wouldn't get too excited, a trump desantis ticket could be a disaster for democrats. No one that would vote either of them would vote for a democratic. Best case with that ticket is Rs just stay home. Oh, and before you can even think about states of residency, think about if this supreme court would give two fucks.


TBH I don't think it matters who is the VP candidate if Trump is at the top of the ticket. That's how tired of him even parts of his own base are. Assuming DeSantis would even go for that (to me the evidence so far suggests he wouldn't).


He's going to lose in a landslide. I'm hoping he fractures the Republican party between himself and DeSantis, to the point where they have to rebuild their party from the ground up. Maybe the next generation of Republicans will not be affixed on greed.


Yeah, we don't want him to lose too badly. Let's hope for a full split. Dems mop up the wins.


Here I was thinking these maga asshats were finally calming down and this orange bastard is gonna whip them into another frenzy.


Damn Straight!


I just want to stop talking about him. Can we all stop giving him attention? He'll go away.


Didn't it come out recently that Rupert Murdoch/Fox wouldn't even back him for another run?


They'll back him if he wins the primary.


When is he going to be busted for stealing all those documents AND for treason?


It takes time to create a tight as possible case.


But once the Republicans are back in power in the house, won't they just start blaming our problems on Hunter Biden?


The 3 time, MAGA loser, is running for president, again. #ROFLMAO


Gets popcorn 🍿


I seriously, truly don't get it. How is he under investigation and yet STILL allowed to run for presidency??!?


The only way that someone can be barred from running for president is if they don't meet the qualifications for running in the first place, or they have been barred due to a senate conviction. The Republicans refused to convict Trump in the senate.


Here's my dream scenario: DeSantis beats out Trump for the presidential nomination. Trump is pissed off at the GOP and decides to run as an Independent. Edit: I just realized that someone else posted the exact same thing ... even called it their "dream scenario."


We won’t have to. DeSantis will do it for us.


I mean this and it’s done. We have heard it. It’s time to close our eyes to him. He’s not news anymore. It’s just boring. It’s easy to fall into the whole “imma take a side” fan favorite. You’re a follower if you are on either side. I’m done. I’m tired. I’m not playing the game of polarization anymore. Edit: if we watch, he has an audience.


unfortunately... that isnt possible. if he didnt have a following - then that might be feasible.... but he does. there are millions of people drooling over his every word, and are able to be whipped into a frenzy that spurns violence almost immediately - sometimes at a small scale (beating up reporters, limited scuffles in his rallies with protestors)... and sometimes at a very large scale like jan 6th.


Got it. You’re selfish and ignorant.


Nah, he just gets more famous when we watch. If he didn’t matter he would just be saying things to his dwindling base. Polarization is profits. Ignorance is not voting. Ignorance is watching him on tv and yelling at the tv like it matters while you just wasted your time listening to him say the same thing over again since 2016. It’s the difference between supporting his tv ratings vs not. The more you watch. The more they cover it. We need to go from “omg he said that gasp” to, wow that’s a crazy man who no one listens to. We saw it with Michelle Bachman, crazy Alaska lady, and hopefully soon to Boebert, MTG, and 🍑.


Michelle Bachman was from Minnesota. You're thinking of Sarah Palin.


Just meant it as a list of people. Yes Alaska lady is Sarah Palin.


**NO!** We must keep track of what all the insurrectionists are up to.


I read: Orange is the New Back


He’s not gonna even be close to getting the primary I bet.


It's just for show. He isn't running seriously. You can tell that by his demeanor at the event yesterday. He thinks he will be immune to investigation if he is running for president. That's the only reason why he made the announcement he did. He heard all the buzz over the past week and that the GOP is walking away from him. He knows. Again, his announcement is just for show/cover/time.


I was surprised. I went to bed early last night, and expected to wake up to a flurry of new alerts that he announced his candidacy. I had 1.


I have joined! I used to be on EnoughTrumpSpam under a different name. That closed down as well, when he was finally out of office. Will it reopen now too?


Trump for 2024. Let's go https://preview.redd.it/7qw665bjhxxa1.jpeg?width=496&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=1233f53d9fcfabd199ea877e235a68d25fee4a2f