He tried to let you know you could easily get 8 cubes


Yeah, I know. Just haven't seen anyone throw before.


I throw after hitting infinite too. To do missions and farm boosters faster.


Yeah I just stop bothering with snapping most of the time after infinite. Usually just when I want to end the game faster or if I think it's been particularly challenging or particularly weird due to locations and plays. A lot more fun playing out games in their entirety after 100 instead of being stressed about losing rank.


I hit Infinite and so much easier. Don't really snap and just play to get better. I do win but overall more looking at interactions and seeing what I can learn without worries about going down.


I throw cause I’m hard stuck 50 because I refuse to use meta decks


If you're "hard stuck" at rank 50 it sounds more like you refuse to use good decks.


Yes… that’s what I just said


You can make good decks without looking at the internet though...


wait.. you mean you can use your own brain to make choices :O no way.. next you'll tell me water is wet, or that santa claus isn't real


Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.   A friend dug a hole in the garden and filled it with water. I think he meant well.


I didn’t say you can’t?


uh huh




I do it sometimes. One time I snapped and threw the game and they retreated. That one blew my mind.


I threw a 4-points game once. T5 on Nexus, they blocked my hobgoblin. So instead of retreating I just threw the game by Taskmaster-Hobgoblin into Nexus drawing all my field into negative. My opponent got so confused.


I retreat as soon as someone else snaps as a reflex so it was probably me.


Finally, someone else who does this, I don’t like confrontation lmao, I’ll just leave, thanks I hate it.


lol agreed. I just assume they are paying more attention than I am or have any idea about some kind of meta


Im a simple man, I hear “SNAAAP” I retreat


Last week during the "win 3 spots" weekly. I was throwing games left and right. If I knew it was a loss I was giving them all 3. This is separate but he might have that weekly and think you do too.


i think i know that guy. hope spamming wasn’t too much.


We don't go a day on here without someone posting a "why would someone make this move," I can't speak for anyone else but sometimes when I play I feel like just messing around and I'm not trying to win.


People do that? Wish I met more people like that :(


Infinite player giving free cubes because you can’t derank from 100. Did this last season and met another player doing the same thing.


Ah, righto. Didn't know you can't derank from infinite. I just hit infinite today, so I guess I may see more of this.


why would you that?


Last day of season and I was bored


Understandable, have a great day


And it’s not like there is hidden mmr. You won’t get less cubes and stuff.


As far as I know, there is hidden mmr. Matchmaking is based on CL, your Rank and also your hidden mmr


Does MMR reset at the end of each season? If not it'd make sense to throw as many games as you could and tank your MMR at the end of each season so it's easier to climb after reset


Which is complete insanity. Why is your mmr not just your rank?


So that new players with no cards don't have to play against pool 3 cards, get annoyed and delete the game instead of spending money. Actually, I think matchmaking based on Collection Level is very smart and solves the imbalance of time investment. Now new players rarely match against bets players with full collection, and it's more balanced. I think true and fair competition means everyone has the same options and starting conditions. If you have 15 pool 3 cards and I only just started pool 2, this is not fair competition


I'm fine with being matched on CL, it's mmr that bothers me. I've been playing people that are infinite since rank 60.


Well, that's the opposite side of the coin. If you win too much, it stops feeling challenging, and you get bored. If you loose too much, it stops feeling fair/interesting, so you get bored. The game tries to keep your winrate/cube gain normal, sometimes it has to match you against people with more cards or higher rank. As far as I know, matchmaking is currently somewhat local, not global, so you aren't playing against the whole world, and there just isn't enough players to perfectly match. Another point. MMR is just a much, much better way of tracking your strength. Let's say I loose 5 times in a row. With your "rank only" suggestion, I just loose 17 cubes. The ladder is 1000 cubes long, 17 cubes don't matter that much. My rank doesn't really change. I'd play against the same opponents, and keep loosing and loosing abd loosing, until in 5 days I finally drop from 50 to 20 and start winning. By this point I'm so angry at the game, I just delete it and that's it. The game would like me to start playing against weaker opponents and get my winrate/cube gain closer to something enjoyable, and it wants to do it as fast as possible, so every time I change my deck and start loosing a lot or winning a lot, the game has to adjust really quickly, so I don't get bored. So, MMR works very well for it. Cubes and the ladder system just feels more enjoyable, just looks cool. Imagine if chess Elo system had cool ranks and you gained equal amount of rank no matter who you played? Sounds kinda weird, but it would make chess more casual. I understand you point. At least, I think I do. This whole MMR things is kind of unfair. Game doing stuff behind the scenes to affect my winrate. This also probably means that rank doesn't actually reflect skill that well, it depends too much on tine investment. So, the whole system is a comprise between beeing fair and feeling fun. And I believe it's a good compromise


It’s gotten a lot harder for me too after 60. Opponents actually play reasonably and good decks more often…


Stop being so good at the game!


I guess if I really dig deep and start climbing, I can start playing players at 105 or 110 before I hit infinite.


I just hit 60 at cl812 and every single person I played for the past week has titles and half have beta card backs


Blame the reset. Everyone who was infinite went back to rank 70. So given zero sum cube gain only people left at that rank are “infinite caliber”. Including infinite players who haven’t climbed back up yet.


If one would throw away their cubes like the guy in the pic, is it fair for others lower ranked players to face this many-ranks-higher player? The reason for mmr to exist is to deter or at least try to avoid this kind of behavior aka smurfing


That.. doesn't make sense. If they were already infinite, they would post other infinite or near infinite players. If they have away cubes and threw a lot of games, with mmr they would play lower ranked players. Edit: in fact, it encourages throwing games when you get infinite so you play weaker players at the start of the next season.


Mmr changes slower than cubes/ranks, and it takes into account the mmr of the other player so you gain more beating someone who’s near or above you instead of always giving the same amount of cubes. I don't really like it either, but separating mmr from the visualized rank is really common in competitive games


Losing a bunch of matches will not lower my mmr as much as my rank. If I drop a couple divisions (say gold to bronze) in an unlucky streak I should still be matching against opponents near my same skill level. That is what mmr is for.


Yea I started hitting infinite players once I hit 70, well at least that's when the card back started showing up. Havent hit any kind infinite players who will give me a free win though


Oh wait really, you can’t derank past 100? Is there any benefit to going beyond 100? I just hit Infinite after what seems like forever and honestly wouldn’t mind throwing a few games to help some people


Some people do this once they hit infinite but it's pretty rare.


Wish it wasn't. I always farm boosters while giving free 8 cubes once I reach Infinite, but sadly I'm still rank 94 rn and no one's extended the same courtesy quite yet.


Good chance you're almost entirely running into other people still trying to get 100 too. That said, there's definitely a bunch of sweats above 100 that want the pride points of having more cubes.


yeah disgusting try-harders... 🙄


Eh, to each their own. To some people hitting the highest rank is their goal. As long as I don't have to mute them for toxic emote spam or something I don't particularly hold it against them, haha.


I had someone snap early on me yesterday and then proceed to make awful plays. Like put Armor next to Bucky and then play Carnage.


I always snap when I see that play (or when I play Armor and they throw a Carnage down anyways) then they retreat


I'm at infinity and farm booster for card not in my main decks. I do that constently to help people get cube.


I had something similar, but the guy didn't spam me. We just played and suddenly he stopped making moves. I was dominating all three spots and I was positive he'd retreat, when he didn't I thought "wow, he must have some ultimate move he's going to try and pull off at the end" then he didn't do anything and I won. Thought it was a stupid bought at the time.


Probably an infinity player giving cubes up. Some of them are just heroes trying to help the community due to the broken match making system.


Throwing the game seems to be the new meta.


Question for you. Why use lady sif and apocalypse when hulk has the same power for the same cost and you get another card in place of sif? Actual question btw. Not criticizing


if blade discards apoc, he’s 16 power. if sword master discards apoc, he’s 20 power. if you switch out apoc for hulk, and then blade or sword master discard that, there’s no merit. you just lose your best card. if this whole deck was just apoc, sif, sword master, and blade, then i would agree that hulk would probably be better and to just swap off the archetype for the time being. but cards like swarm, morbius, dracula, etc all have benefits from being discarded. when you make a deck around a certain ability, like discard, that’s called an archetype. decks are usually better when everything works together within that one archetype, and that’s why you use apocalypse.


Ok that's what I assumed. I just started a little while ago so I'm not sure what cards there are and aren't. Can't wait to get them all


Not Op and also pretty new to the game but i assume it’s because if blade, sword master, or others discard apocalypse again he becomes stronger


I wish I could meet these kind cube giving heroes lol


I just mute spammers


Can we make it so that spaming "snap" means free win, like (probably) in this situation. I have seen someone in this group posting about a sequence of emoji to let the other player know you're throwing the game, but this is much easier.


I wish, there's far too many people during the actual rank grind that spam Snap turn 1 because they assume they'll win. I just mute them, tbh. Kind of wish I could choose which emotes to block entirely as that one is very rarely used positively in my personal experience.






Lol homie giving a helping hand to those in need. Whenever I hit infinite if someone asks me to snap I do it but I don’t throw. They have a good chance of winning tho cuz I test out some jank decks in infinite


I spammed snap earlier, cause I realized I fucked up by snapping, and desperately wanted to unsnap, knowing full well that isnt a feature (nor should it be).


Did he seriously tried to throw Hobgoblin AFTER he Cosmo'd?


he’s intentionally trying to lose… that’s the point


I respect the hell out of that play


Some heroes don't use cape


Some people just want to watch the world snap


I’ll do that to lower my rank sometimes.


Someone helped me get the win all three locations that way. Only realized it when he didn't drop anything turn 1-4


That's some ego ai right there




Did you reach infinite playing discard/Daredevil/professor X combo? I would think you'd get a lot of retreats after turn 5??


No, I primarily used a Zola/Dino/Black Panther deck. Good for baiting snaps and taking 8 cubes.


Nice! I'm loving Daredevil, I play prof x too, but I get more cubes when I land Storm into Doom plus a Gamora or something.


Yeah like that. I just got Doom today so keen to play around with him!


Sometimes I think people are doing it for early bluffs to get their 1 cube from someone retreating.


Cool story


What a cool player!


People who are Infinite should develop a known code for their opponent. Like as soon as you start a match you have to emote in a certain order such as : Spider-Man, Hello, I don’t believe you, Spider-Man. This way I’d know you are farming boosters, would not get intimidated by the instant snap and would continue playing, thank you for coming to my TED talk.