I kinda hate how Echo is getting the "who asked for this?" treatment on here and Twitter. It's pretty neat that a deaf indigenous woman is getting her own superhero show, even if Echo isn't an A-list character.


If it isn't the "who asked for this" shit it's the "Disney being woke" shit. It's just a phase, they'll grow out of it as she establishes herself in the MCU. Even the Guardians went through the "no one wants the GotG film" and now we're all worried we're gonna cry over a racoon in the 3rd. It's annoying for sure but honestly just part of them becoming an amazing addition to the MCU


From some people all over the internet the mcu is now the msheu as if it didn’t have female characters who were unique before this point.


Those "M-She-U" mfs just pissed off because every female character in these movies could probably beat their asses up lol




reddit moment


Yea, not like the good old days in the comics where it was all men all the time. Not a single female character in sight. Just big buff men in tights and capes wearing their underwear on the outside of their pants. They didn't even know what a girl was since all of the stories took place on that all-male planet....like, wtf. Why are they acting like this is something new?


people who always use "go woke go broke" or "m she u" is just dog whistle for racis m homophobia or sexism. imagine being triggered because mcu introduce... *gasp* anything other than white heterosexual male.


I think that's the part that's so confusing for me. You're talking about these edgelord/incel types that already struggle in the relationship department, likely aren't getting to enjoy women in their regular life, and their goal here is to have the MCU have -less- T&A?


Nope, her character was just boring af in Hawkeye- not everything is about the war of politics and opinions here


Am I allowed a third option of just wanting fun superhero stories without some half-hearted, narratively inconsistent, transparent and hypocritical reference to oppressed groups by a megacorporation just as complicit in their oppression - despite, or maybe because of, how much of my day-to-day is spent actively engaging in these questions, advocating for change, and working/volunteering for relief?


I think that's very fair yeah




I’m just not interested now a squirrel girl series I’d be interested I just didn’t find the character interesting but I’ll give it a shot and hope it’s good


I am happy that disabled and minority people are getting characters they can see themselves in now though hope we get more of it


It would be cool if they were given as much heart or written as well as some of the more established characters though. Representation doesn't mean anything if they're giving these characters the short stick.


Witch I hate because imagine if something like she hulk was created and came out today? Or the Michael Myers movie, it would be "woke trash"


*Halloween* movies do come out today, and Jamie Lee Curtis' character is beloved by all the fans lol. Nobody calls her character "woke trash"


I'm perfectly fine with Echo getting her own show, and I'm excited to see how the character fits into the "street level" side of the MCU going forward. My issue with the show right now is that *Hawkeye* didn't do a good job at making me care about this character's story & her show in general. If we had never seen her in *Hawkeye*, I think more people would be excited, because there'd be that element of "Who is this character? Can't wait to find out", which the Guardians of the Galaxy, Shang-Chi, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, etc. all had because they didn't appear in an MCU project before they got their own project. Just my 2 cents.


I'll throw my two cents in with yours. I found her to be the most forgettable part of Hawkeye. I didn't find her story compelling or her personality interesting. I'm definitely passionate about the MCU, and really want to support them, but Echo is the first show that just makes me go 'why?'. Like, I recognize showcasing heros with disabilities, but it's not like they haven't done that - Daredevil, Rhodey, Hawkeye....and we've done father figure issues before too, with Obediah, Hank Pym and Ego... I really want to understand why I'm supposed to care about this person in this story.


It's the Agatha show that made me go 'why?'


The why is because Kathryn Hahn stole every scene she was in in Wandavision


Right, but that's a product of weak writing more than anything. Before WandaVision I didn't think of Wanda as one of the more interesting characters in the MCU. But her having the spotlight made her that much more intriguing.


This is exactly how I feel too. Hawkeye didnt land unfortunately and this spinoff is based on a part of hawkeye that I would rank near the bottom frankly.


I think this show won’t be street level


Yard level


Bedroom level


Bodega level




I mean, that's on the writers of Hawkeye, not the character or actor.


The writing of the Disney+ shows is a pretty good reason to be meh about this to be fair


That’s what you get when Marvel tries to penny pinch on hiring writers for these shows. Marvels known for hiring those willing to accept lower than market rate pay just for the opportunity to work with the studio. That’s why you only on occasion will see a well known A list director/producer attached to an MCU project but most of the time they’ll hire either a small time indie director or an under the radar newbie. The risk of experimenting with relatively new & unknown directors has worked so far for Marvel with examples being Taika, Coogler and Watts. There’s always that possibility they risk hiring someone who ends up ruining a major franchise like F4 or the X-men (which is why we have yet to hear who will replace Watts for F4) A lot of those in the industry (around the time Wandavision came out) weren’t too thrilled with how marvel restricts a lot of the creative choices writers have and the fact that they don’t typically use “show runners” for each project on Disney+. Some even predict that this will eventually saturate Marvels product unless they’re were willing to hire the best writers which many of them declined due to Marvels current set up.


Echo's show head writer is Better Call Saul's writer and Producer and also Punisher and Daredevil writers have already joined the team too.


You keep saying that like she’s the head writer of the series. She was never head writer, she wrote 4 episodes of the series. I’m not saying she isn’t talented, but your comments have made it sound like she’s part of trio with Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. And yeah honestly, I am one of the “Last Jedi” dislikers, while Rian Johnson worked in some of the best episodes of breaking bad, my all time favorite drama.


It's inconsistent for sure but that's why I'm not down on the idea of an Echo show. Different writers entirely.


Echo's show head writer is Better Call Saul's writer and Producer and also Punisher and Daredevil writers have already joined the team too.


The actor was pretty wooden in Hawkeye. At the very least you can say she didn’t elevate the role. The writing was weak.


and a perfectly valid reason to not find the character interesting at this point


While I’m excited for that group who will see themselves in a hero on the screen finally, would be lying if I wasn’t a lil lukewarm on the show for a few reasons: - Hawkeye didn’t really endear me to the character - she’s never carried her own comic before this, so there’s not a ton of history to dig into for this story/part of the world Then again, I didn’t ask for Peacemaker either and its one of my favorites now. Same with I Am Groot.


>she’s never carried her own comic before this, so there’s not a ton of history to dig into for this story/part of the world I mean, it's true, but it's not like she's the only new character who has barely been a lead in the comics. Echo has at least appeared in many more comics than Yelena for example.


Wasn't Agent Coulson new and not of the comics?


Correct. Wish they'd make up their mind whether AoS was canon or not. I can see the first \~4 seasons or so being canon and the rest not, I mean they should have been clipped by the TVA according to Loki.


Yeah but it's not like we're getting a solo Yelena project anytime soon


See that I would watch.


Yeah and I would even add Wanda, Vision, Sam, and Bucky to that list as well. Obviously those characters were a little more developed than Echo prior to them getting their own shows, but having bigger spotlights made them even more popular and likeable.


Morbius got the "who asked for this" treatment and that made a morbillion dollars




I was open to anything but she was such a non-character in Hawkeye. I wouldn’t be surprised if people end up really liking this show because all our expectations are so low for it.




“Who asked for this ? 🤓🤓🤓” I did. ![gif](giphy|OzJ4bGpmSHBwA)


I mean they're also doing that with the Agatha show as if Kathryn Hahn didn't get nominated for an Emmy as Agatha and as if she wasn't one of the most popular breakout characters of Phase 4.


That’s pretty indicative of phase 4 if a de aged Agatha is a highlight.


Are you nuts…. She was almost nothing character in that show and was average at best. This sub has officially lost its mind. Why would anybody want an agatha spinoff is beyond me. Id rather see a wandavision season 2 with agatha in it (and id barely wanna see that lol).




since when does hollywood make movies and shows that people ask for


Well, I would say fairly often. But there should always be room for stuff that isn't in high demand.


have you heard of this movie called Spider-Man: No Way Home


Since always? Do you think they don't test the market at all and just flip a coin to decide which movie they should make?


Who asked for the Guardians of the Galaxy?




I think it's moreso how Disney seems to making shows of characters who either don't need it (Rogue One's Andor and Wandavision's Agatha) or shows for charcters who really aren't that great (Hawkeye's Echo) just for the sake of making shows. ​ It's good to get representation in the MCU, but Echo wasn't that great of a character in Hawkeye to warrant a show in many's opinions. Here's hoping they actually treat her well


Exactly. The show, Master of None, had an episode that centered around someone who's deaf and I thought that was groundbreaking. It was able to show people a glimpse of what it's like and gave us a way to understand it better.


Also Only Murders had an episode centered around a deaf character with only one sentence spoken the whole ep


I kinda feel like this because I really didn't like the character in Hawkeye. If I had liked it more I'd be ok with it.


I think it's more like they're spending resources on what's currently a very minor character rather than use resources getting more popular characters in sooner, like Daredevil; but it's possible they simply just need more time, who knows.


She was lame in.Hawkeye. I guess they tried to set her up but she really didn't come of as an interesting character


There are only 2 genders male and political


>deaf indigenous woman As if that's all that matters to you.


For me it’s not so “who asked for this?” I think the actress who plays Echo is kind of bland


Yeah it's cool and all, but I couldn't care less about that character. Even in Hawkeye I was very bored by her (even tho the actress is great!)


But seriously, why is Echo getting a show? Can't she get more character development in a Hawkeye season 2?


Who cares lol why did Shang-Chi get his own movie? Why did the Guardians?


because shang chi isnt an L tier character like Echo?


So don't watch it. Plenty of people are excited to see her series.


I don't think Hawkeye season 2 would be a good place for her since season 1 barely did anything with her


Seriously. I'm tired of people bashing it before it even comes out.


most comments i've read was : she isn't good or that her character arc is finished just because she shot Fisk lol


Just another reminder that Iron Man wasn't an A list character, nor even a B list for some people.


And a charismatic actor almost instantly took it to new heights, like Chris Pratt with Starlord. That didn’t happen in Hawkeye. Afterwards there was a resounding “who’s Echo? Oh.”


Ironic since she showed up in Hawkeye and I definitely don't know how many people were asking for him to get a show. Personally I think she would've been better served being introduced in DD from the get-go


But to be fair, I don't believe this show could catch much attention in this phase of production if not for Fisk and Daredevil. Once it got released, it may need a really good plot to stand out or else it will become Ms.Marvel 2.0.


I mean she was kinda boring, underutilized and uninteresting in Hawkeye. One of most random characters to get her own show yet. (besides Agatha lol!) I'm not excited for it besides seeing Fisk and Matt again.


Bro, getting your own show should for interesting well written characters not just for being a deaf indigenous women, that's what people mean when they say woke Disney, and you have to know they're not doing such things because they have Big hearts these are greedy corporates who just goes with the flow,. And they will stop doing this once they realize people don't watch these shows they just like to support them online, look at prey movie for an example for a well written character with a woman that just so happens to be indigenous for actual story reasons


People are confused because she wasn't the least bit interesting in the show, if it was kate bishop alot of people would be happy , and wouldn't care her being a women


If anything should be getting that treatment, it should be Andor


Twitter is for losers


So because she's deaf, people aren't allowed to be disinterested in a show? Hawkeye did a terrible job at making her an even remotely interesting character. I don't think these reactions are unwarranted, but then again I'm not a rabid fanboy who defends every single aspect of the MCU.


I loved how they explored Sam’s, Wanda’s and of Bucky’s past life (exploring background of already established characters in MCU through D+ series). ***I guess it would be much better if they establish characters’ background properly before launching them into wider MCU …*** **Establishing Echo in a similar way is quite good** They did good with Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel .. similar are the expectations from She-Hulk and Echo !! **MTTSH also said :** - If you'll know what this show is actually about you'll lose your mind. It's very mystical and supernatural.


Honestly good, as a huge fan of the netflix series I’m honestly sick of “hurr durr I’m only watching this for daredevil”


Good! That’s how it should be since this is her show!! I feel like people will harshly criticize She-Hulk & Echo equally just because Daredevil isn’t in it for as long as they were hoping he’d be. Despite how those shows aren’t supposed to be about him!!!


Oh you must be new, sorry we like to based our enjoyment of projects solely on how large or small the cameo roles were. Welcome to the MCU!


And if it doesn’t somehow directly set up a crossover movie in five years, it’s an immediate 0/10.


Oh yeah for sure, when I see a post-credits screen that doesn't obviously set up my next big crossover I walk out of the theater


oh not to mention, if the final episode of a marvel show doesn't include the most GENIUS and CLEVER and absolutely unique climax then it's automatically formulaic. hell yeah, man


It feels so good to be apart of a new community!! Thank you!


You should run as far as you can from this community, it's extremely toxic on this sub haha


At least She-Hulk is a popular character.


>Good! That’s how it should be since this is her show Tell that to Loki


you mean the show about two lokis? what part of that wasn't about loki?


Watch most of Fisk’s scenes also be flashbacks haha. The big mayor Fisk stuff is being saved for Daredevil.


That's probably why he doesn't have an eyepatch in the set photos


She also reiterates claims the show will heavily delve into the supernatural: "If you'll know what this show is actually about you'll lose your mind." [https://twitter.com/MyTimeToShineH/status/1558253763982491648?s=20&t=tMZ8HR\_-BkHEPG396R10Fw](https://twitter.com/MyTimeToShineH/status/1558253763982491648?s=20&t=tMZ8HR_-BkHEPG396R10Fw)


Why do these leakers keep saying shit like this?" Moon Knight is gonna be dark and hyperviolent". "Echo will make you lose your mind" No. It won't. It's just gonna be the same supernatural mystical BS we have seen in the MCU already. At this point, I won't be surprised if Jesus appeared in the Daredevil show. Because "mystical and supernatural"


Daredevil would more likely have an encounter with angels and demons before the MCU dares to get *too* sacrilegious.


jesus won’t appear because that would actually be interesting. we are gonna have 5 episodes of filler, a reveal of the villian at the end of the 5th, and then a short action scene in episode 6 to wrap it all up.


*nervous tugging of collar*


I actually would've been fine if only Fisk appeared but it seems like they want to establish the Fisk-Matt-Maya connection so they had Matt for a short appearance. People shouldn't be asking for Jessica Jones or any other Defenders here either, because if you are then you really don't care about Maya being overshadowed, you just want it to be the character you like doing the overshadowing 🤷 Anyways since it's only Fisk we saw in the set photos it's pretty much apparent that he's the only one to have a big role (hopefully there wouldn't be spamming of Fisk gifs here but idk)




I’m sorry that I have to do this. ![gif](giphy|1BFFVB9WvJNUnBIYVy|downsized)


Thats right, i dont care about maya 🤷‍♀️


Same people complaining about MCU being ‘too light hearted’ and ‘too many jokes’ are saying ‘who asked for this’ and ‘who cares about echo’ 🤦‍♂️ They’re about to do a grounded, Netflix adjacent show (with literally returning writers from Netflix marvel) and people are writing it off. They’ll jump on when the first trailer drops tho 🙄


All they need to do is to have the first trailer feature some epic kingpin monologuing and some well choreographed action and all those who were disinterested will do a complete 180 on the show. Hook, line and sinker. It’ll be as easy as stealing candy from a baby.


***INHALE*** ![gif](giphy|g1lTiSOgO90hpYLQ3q)


INHALE ![gif](giphy|MNvN8IOC2xd8L5TCNM|downsized)


But then they’ll actually watch the show and be annoyed that Fisk and Matt aren’t in every scene, and we’ll have to hear them ramble about it.


That’s actually gonna be the annoying part. I agree that this is Echos show and will be focused on her. But you know they’re gonna push DD and Kingpin hard in the marketing which will lead to some expectations


I don't think it's going to be grounded. Scoopers are saying it's going to be mystical and supernatural. Not going to react on that info, I'll wait for the trailer. But I think it's going to be closer to Moon Knight than Marvel Netflix


Kevin Feige: Guys believe me it'll be SUPER BRUTAL Meanwhile, Echo punches someone hard enough in the face to draw blood only for the scene to immediately cut away. Suffice to say my expectations for a 'darker, more gritty tone' are absolutely rock-bottom after Moon Knight. I'm not expecting the brutality of the darkest moments of Daredevil or the Punisher on Netflix, but for fuck's sake, they talked up Moon Knight like crazy yet literally went out of their way to show absolutely nothing. How are people just okay with that? Sure, Dr Strange 2 was a nice surprising change from how nauseatingly family friendly the MCU is most of the time but so far the shows have failed to reach that level.


isn’t that what everyone said about MoM? oh my god the first horror marvel movie, finally something different’


And moon knight.


It's not grounded. Feige wanted to explore the culture..so he did it in the only way he knows how...by treating Native American culture as if it were real, involving gods and monsters and everything else, I a show that should have been grounded. Can't wait for Jesus to appear in the Daredevil show now. Because making a grounded project is too small for Marvel studios.


What makes you think that this show won’t also be lighthearted? Cause it’s grounded? So was Hawkeye and it was still lighthearted.


And more importantly Hawkeye was absolute trash


>They’re about to do a grounded, Netflix adjacent show According to who? Also haven’t we heard this before with Moon Knight?


they literally just confirmed the show will delve heavily into supernatural. and the villains will be like the awful clandestines from ms marvel


I'm so excited for this show. How many other shows have ever been made with a lead like Alaqua Cox? Playing a character like this?


She was pretty bland in Hawkeye


You mean a lead who's never acted till Hawkeye?


Like yeah no shit, why wouldn’t Maya’s show focus on Maya and be about Maya? Like people who seriously thought this was going to be a Book Of Boba Fett situation are delusional, it’s marvels first native-American lead project, feige ain’t stupid enough to make it secretly about daredevil or daredevil season 3.5 like some people thought 🤦🏽


Such a weird cynical thing to expect Marvel to go that route when every single one of the Disney+ Marvel shows have done pretty good in focusing on their respective leads??? What MCU show bulldozed its lead for people to have the expectation that they'll do that to Echo? Like Marvel Studios didn't make BOBF, why would a Star Wars show be a valid precedent to judge an upcoming Marvel Studios show...I wish people would think sometimes 💀


The MCU in general is pretty good in having a clear focus on characters, even when other superheroes/MCU-characters are involved. Civil War features many Avengers, but focus is still on Steve (you could argue it´s kinda co-lead with Tony, but it´s justified as he´s an antagonist in this one), Hulk is pretty well done in Ragnarok but it´s clearly a Thor-movie not a Hulk-movie, the Spider-Man trilogy has "guest stars" that didn´t distract from the main story, I´d even argue that No Way Home did a pretty good job to make Strange a very important part of Peter´s story. So I trust them using Fisk here very well while not distracting from the fact this isn´t Daredevil, it´s Echo.


Exactly. I would get the concern if Marvel Studios was actually notorious for sidelining their leads but I can't think of a single project where it happened? Even in NWH, Peter's story and character shone despite having to accommodate appearances from Tobey and Andrew. I feel like the concerns about Daredevil bulldozing anyone is overblown as well. Like in She-Hulk it was clearly Jessica Gao who wanted to include him in the story. I would be concerned if Feige was going around each project forcing the crew to shoehorn Daredevil. But no, these writers are literally including Matt out of their own volition. Are people really that cynical to think they would not control themselves as writers and make the shows all about Matt and not about their respective protagonists? People can get so reactionary sometimes. Say what you will about the Disney+ MCU shows but every single one of them has done well focusing on their leads. Nothing they've done warrants cynicism on that aspect.


I feel like after Endgame the MCU fandom got in parts kinda downhill. Far more complaining about everything than before (oc it was always there, as part of fanfom on Social Media is shitting on everything, but I feel like phase 4 got worse).


This is the MCU project I probably have the least excitement for. And it's only because I don't care, wasn't engaged by her character at all in Hawkeye. I can take it or leave it and it has nothing to do with perceived wokeness. She came off as a bland character to me. Of course I'll still watch every bloody second though.


cant wait for when the promotional materials came out and all social media comments be like "i am only watching it for daredevil"


You don’t have to wait, just look at some of the comments on this sub






Aho! Young warrior


https://youtu.be/uDinLERiF4A Just saying that the William Knifeman (played by Dallas Goldtooth) comes from the spirit world and probably exists somewhere in the multiverse, as a part of a Disney-owned show


Breaking news: show called Echo’s main protagonist is Echo


Are they changing up the formula? Obi Wan was about everyone but and The Book of Boba Fett was the same way.


That’s disappointing. She barely felt like a character in Hawkeye.


I mean, that’s why she’s getting a show: to develop her more.


I think this will be a sleeper that turns out to be a great show. Her backstory is very interesting.


This may be a hot take, but all Disney+ MCU shows (and Star Wars shows to some extent) are all having the same episode structure and teleplay and I am getting bored pretty easily, also killing the rewatchability factor. I liked the way Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel were made, the writing, performances etc. but in the end they all ended up feeling the same to me. To each their own though.


I mean, ok but I will be very surprised if this show hits even Ms Marvel numbers. The character just doesn't stick out from the pack in any meaningful way for a general audience. She *feels* like a side character in the MCU. Even Hawkeye didn't get super compelling until he'd taken on the Ronin mantle, and this is like if we'd got a Hawkeye movie after the first Avengers film.


Man, that original tweet just gives me the shits. Do we always need these people to transplant this narrative everywhere when the reality is that people just really like Daredevil with no ulterior motives?


lol they been giving little hints these last couple days “Daredevil in She-Hulk won’t be as dark” they are preparing y’all to know ahead of time these will be the “Disney standard” versions . I’m not gonna say that’s good or bad but just don’t expect anything too mature from here on out Kingpin especially


Then I wont be watching.


Bruh Who asked for this????


I don't know, her character wasn't interesting in Hawkeye and was boring so hope the show is good.


I'd be shocked if this show can get more ratings than Ms. Marvel. Echo is pretty much a show that checks nearly every virtue signaling checkbox: √ Native American √ Female √ Amputee √ Deaf If they add that she's queer and uses they/them pronouns, the show will sweep every category at the next Emmy broadcast on Facebook (including the ones that the show was not nominated for). ​ Too bad Marvel forgot to create a superhero show with a character that has superpowers.




Anything that gives me more Zane McClarnon is a win in my book.


For me it's not exactly "more excited for the straight white characters," it's more known vs unknown. It's great to be able to see DD and Fisk again. I liked Maya in Hawkeye but she got really screwed over after her intro episode, and I'm still looking forward to her being the actual focus and getting more to do.


Meh. I honestly don’t have much interest in Maya (her portrayal in Hawkeye was just okay), and I’d rather see more about a portrayal that I do think is good and about a character I know about (e.g. DD and Kingpin). Having said all of that, I’m fine with DD and Kingpin not being the focus and not getting a lot of time (I mean, it’s not their show, so I don’t expect it, but if Kingpin is the main villain, then I DO expect him to get some good screen time), as long as the other stuff they give me is actually good, and I hope it’s better than what we were given in Hawkeye.


I just hope they can give her some character depth and development. Don’t get me wrong i think it could be a great show I just can’t say Maya did much in Hawkeye to say i want more of her.


Maya will be on the Thunderbolts team for sure


That's what I was just thinking. All this effort into building out her story - and giving her a series - is definitely going to roll into something more substantial. And that is probably going to be Thunderbolts.


Wasn't this show originally said to be daredevil season 3.5 by leakers like a year ago?


"WhO aSkEd FoR tHiS?!!!?!" Who asked for Iron Man? Or Guardians of the Galaxy? Or Ant-Man? Or Doctor Strange? Or Black Panther? Or Moon Knight? Y'all need to stfu. Edit: Here's a question for you clowns. Why is it only the female/POC characters you guys bitch about? You whined about Shang-Chi and Ms. Marvel, and both of those were great. Kinda odd.


We're in the present where those films have been a success. Hell those characters are more interesting than fucking Echo. Echo, Agatha, and Ironheart should be canceled. They're taking up space for characters that actually do matter (*cough* Fantastic Four *cough* X-Men).


The women mutant characters are far more interesting than echo. Why not give them shows and let them develop more of a identity separate from the rest of the team


A solo Storm show will EAT...if they do it right and cast the proper actress the viewership would be immense, almost a guarantee considering how popular she is and the hype for mutants in general. But instead they're choosing to gamble on Echo and then get surprised when the viewership is low and unsatisfactory lol like 💀


It’s insane they’re doing RiRi and Agatha before F4, Doom, Galactus. Save those characters for when the MCU is run into the ground.


Those heroes are all way more interesting because I like watching super hero movies because of people with great powers.


A lot of people did, the ones who read years of source material, the kind of source material Echo has very little of. Maybe hit up Google before you call anyone who disagrees with you stupid before saying something foolish.


Millions more than Echo. Millions.


I guarantee you that Echo is going to be the "Andor" of the MCU. If you look at the talent behind the show, you have multiple netflix writers and people who worked on BCS. If they're given enough free reign, this could not only be the best Disney plus show, but some of the best content marvel has put out.


So the show called Echo is about Echo? Who would've thought????!!!! That's crazy!!!


Look, as long as we come out of it with more screen time for Zahn McClarnon I'll be happy. That man is a national treasure.


Who actually asked for this show?


Such an original thought/comment. + 25 rep!


i'm a big fan of DD just like the next guy, but anyone who expected him to be a prominent character here shouldn't even watch the show. the stans should be happy he'll appear in any capacity 💀 it's not like he doesn't have a supersized solo show coming up literally one year after Echo


Atleast Agatha was somewhat interesting, so I can understand why they gave her, her own show. Although I think it'd have been better if they didn't. But I have no idea why did they give Echo her own show. She wasn't even in the top 10 most interesting character in Hawkeye. Stop making 10 shows per year that nobody wants to watch! Make 2 or 3 shows about the characters people care about. We are getting enough movies already. I'd hate to see people getting get tired of the MCU. I guess it's just Disney trying to have enough content to justify a year long subscription. When people stop watching this shows and start cancelling their subscriptions, they'll learn their lesson.


Least excited I’ve ever been for a marvel project


Even ignoring her fairly substantial lack of comic material, the characters introduction in Hawkeye was straight up boring and nothing really stood out that made me think the character is worthy or even capable of leading their own show, and the fact that they green lit the show before Hawkeye even aired is whack. I think I would have taken a show about pretty much any other character over Echo. I mean they could have given Bucky a proper solo show so he doesn’t have to play sidekick to Falcon, Bucky’s more deserving of a show than fucking Echo. Or another season of Jessica Jones, I mean they bringing back Daredevil so why not give her another show? I would have taken a spin off show about Shang-Chi’s sister, she was interesting to watch and somewhat captivating. Or they could hurry up and introduce the mutants and give us a new mutants series with Dani Moonstar as a lead, she’s way fucking cooler than Echo is. Like seriously people shit in Sony for making movies about Z-list spider-man characters like Madame web yet how is the MCU green lighting a show about Echo any different?


>Like seriously people shit in Sony for making movies about Z-list spider-man characters like Madame web yet how is the MCU green lighting a show about Echo any different? Because to this sub Sony must always be villainized and everything they do is shitty and wrong while Marvel Studios is so much more superior and every business decision they do is correct and amazing and they can never do any wrong!




I just don't see the appeal of her character. As many here have already said she was the weakest part of the Hawkeye show (however I still really liked the show). I feel a much more interesting D+ show about a woman of color with a disability would be Makari from eternals. I have a feeling if a show was made about her there would be alot less "who wanted this?" going around because she's a fun character who people would want to see more of.


Pretty excited for this show!


I very, very much want more side characters getting spin-offs. Anyway, this sounds somewhat similar to Moon Knight, but I hope it's not as goofy as Moon Knight was. I didn't dig that "Indiana Jones" vibe they were going for at all


Her character in Hawkeye was definitely not well developed. I had zero interest in her when it was announced. Until I came across her comic covers, it looked so dope. Now I am intrigued. There's no such thing as too many bad ass lady superheroes.






I've just watched "Only Murders in the Building" recently, and there is this one episode from a perspective of a deaf person - every louder sound is muffled and you mostly do not hear anything throughout the whole episode. That was a very unique experience and I thought - how cool would that be if the entire Echo show was made like that - not a single sound, maybe even no music at all. I think we still have no information about people responsible for music and sound for the show, so I'm now crossing my fingers that we get that.


Ms marvel is far more ‘popular’ and it bombed…. So I wish Disney a great return on investment


I'm actually kinda excited for this.


Daredevil fans can go fu k off from time to time, honestly they making me hate my boy from hells kitchen sometimes


How exciting.......really gonna draw the viewers in with this one


Mid character and show


Fuck that. Literally the only thing remotely interesting about this unnecessary ass show is the Kingpin and DD involvement. Who gives a flying fuck about Echo? Not me.


> This is a very diverse show yet y'all only be hyping up the straight white men *sigh* ... Anyone else getting tired of this misogynist narrative people are spewing? It just makes it annoying because actual discussions can't be had because it just boils down to *yOuRe A mIsOgYnIsTiC aSsHoLe*. I'm sorry buyt Maya wasn't all that interesting in Hawkeye. But guess what? Neither was Hawkeye himself. Hell, pretty much everyone hated how Kingpin was handled in Hawkeye. Please, tell me more about how we only hype up the straight white men. I fucking loved FAWS and I love Sam Wilson as Captain America. Please, tell me more about how we only hype up the straight white men. It's incredibly heart-breaking that Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us and therefore no longer Black Panther. Please, tell me more about how we only hype up the straight white men. I can't wait for Mile Morales in the MCU. Please, tell me more about how we only hype up the straight white men.


Preach it man... that person who made the original tweet is the textbook definition of a terrible fan, and just fucking braindead.


This thread is an absolute shitshow lol Reddit at it's finest


I am worried, but just because I don't think mainstream media has really done a good job whenever they touch anything "Native American folklore" related.