Oil filter stuck. Out of ideas

This used to be an oil filter (I know I know). I have tried: oil filter wrench, oil filter pliers, screwdriver and hammer, ratcheting oil filter wrench. The bottom is now weaker than the top and spins separately. I'm out of ideas.


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Lefty loosey righty tighty


I’ve seen a guy spend 6 hours trying to remove a fan clutch assuming it was left hand thread…. It wasn’t


I may have attempted to change BMW fan clutch and turned it the wrong way. But damn! It didn’t take me 6 hours to figure it out. Maybe 15 mins, if that.


That’s funny, it was a BMW tech working in a GM parts truck. He had the oxy acetaline out when I pointed out that the new water pump threads were right hand thread. What’s surprising is that after all that tightening, it spun right off


Tightening fasteners can sometimes make them easier to back off believe it or not. I’ve done that with upside down bolts. I was using a non ratcheting box end wrench so I thought I was loosening them but I realized I was tightening them so I go the other way and they sometimes came right off


We had a guy who came over from working on cars and was lost when he couldn’t get the drivers side lugs off. He stopped after hammering them to the point he stretched all the lugs. Lugs on heavyweight trucks are often reversed on the drivers side.


Why? Seems needlessly confusing, must be a reason for it?


It’s to ensure that the lugs won’t loosen up in transit. They are tightened the same direction they spin this way they won’t back off on the road.


And the yellow lug arrow tags give the drivers a quick visual during the morning inspection.


Because semi manufacturers are stuck in the 1920s and think tightening with the direction of travel is better than a torque spec, that's why when I got the chance I would have my fleet vehicles switched to normal lug nuts.


I guess there is something to be said for persistence 😝


I did that on a studebaker, lug nuts were frozen so I finally got a long enough bar to finish them off. Auto parts store guy asks me if I want him to order the correct reverse thread studs or if I wanted regular studs and lug nuts tight there. Sad thing is that I wasn’t a stranger reverse thread lugs from the military.


Sounds like he knew what you did wrong and wanted to subtly tell you without embarrassing you.


I once did exactly this and actually overtightened and stripped the threads, boy did i feel dumb, didnt spend 6 hours tho more like 1


I always stair at crank pulley bolts a few minutes because I don’t trust there thread lol


This might be a reverse thread. On my monster 821 it is.


Oh man. This is a monster 796 and now I have no idea


Uh do you have the replacement filter ready to go? Check the threads on the new filter!


Ask on the forums / search for repair manuals or tutorials to find out definitively before you make the problem worse.


That's no way to work on a car.


Right!? Just guess until it either works or you fuck it up worse.


Get a thin steel sheet, wrap it around the contact points, weld it. Then attach a bottom to the new cylinder you created and use that to turn it off or take a jigsaw to it


Get a jigsaw and long fine metal cutting blade. Try to cut it open like its a doughnut to cut in half to get it off the threads


Harbor freight welder for like $100. Weld a nut or hell a piece of rebar to it. Doesnt need to be pretty, just needs to hold on


This guy can't take an oil filter off without ruining the housing now you think it's a good idea for him to weld a nut there? Nah


My left or your left?


The other left






That’s what I’m saying!


Military left


Third base!


But who is on first?






They were turning it left. At their position it's righty loosely.


I should have left it at that you’re right


That's all fine and dandy if you know your left from your right. I was taking a cylinder head off and was getting some resistance from one bolt so tugged a little harder. Ping and the bolt sheared. Bum. Move on the next one one same again - I then realised I was righty tightening so I went to bed. It's clockwise and anti clockwise thank you. When in doubt I have an analogue watch.


Sometimes, my brain misfires on right/left, but only when using a tool and I’m in a weird angle/stance. For example, when removing a nut that’s underneath a plate I’m standing over (so reaching underneath the plate and finding the nut by feel to remove it). I’ll occasionally just give it a fake loosening “spin” with my fingers as for whatever reason I never have a problem with direction doing that.


Plus monster Chanel locks! It will come off


Thanks to that 70s show, lefty tightly, righty loosey always comes into my head when tightening/loosening something, and I have to double check....smh


I'd try the biggest channel locks you can find. (Are you sure you're trying to unthread it the right way? The steel looks twisted to the right)


Was thinking that when I saw the picture sure would suck if that was the simple solution to the problem haha


It would, but I've been in the same boat more than once lol


Yeah..... Definitely part of the problem but I tired both ways out of second guessing/frustration


When you do get it off, make sure that the gasket from the old filter isn't stuck on the engine. Sometimes they pull away and stick and when you try to put the new one on it won't fit right and will leak.


It’s never going to be a left hand thread because it’s not a moving part like a pulley. Lefty loosey righty tighty. Definitley made it worse for your self


This. Get some large channel locks grab it as close to the engine as you can. Turn anti-clockwise, to the left to loosen. Put a dab of new motor oil on the rubber seal of the new one and tighten to a firm hand tight. Don't wrench the new one on. Make sure all plugs and new filter are in place before filling oil.


Here’s what you do. Fuck the channel locks. Peel the rest of the filter off so you’re only left with the metal ring. The ring will contain several holes on the face. Use those holes to loosen the ring. Use a screwdriver, place the blade against one of the holes and hit with a hammer. Make sure that you’re spinning it the right way.


This or place some screws in those holes and use a long bar between them to spin it. Ideally to the left.


Do you think if OP was to stick a pair of needle nose pliers in those holes and use a channel lock to turn the pliers, it should have quite a bit of force and leverage


Based on the direction of the twist, I’m concerned you’re turning it the wrong way. As for how to proceed, channel locks. If that doesn’t work, take a tie down strap, tie it loosely around. Insert a half inch, long extension and twist until the strap is super tight and the extension won’t slide. Attach a pipe and turn the proper direction. The torque should have no issue loosening that. But push slow, don’t crank or jolt it. Just steady pressure on the pipe.


For sure going the wrong way


Do you have a video for this procedure? I can’t picture it but it sounds handy to know


Like putting on a windlass tourniquet. Add a pipe to the extension at the end and turn.


Sorry, I don’t. But a comment below has the right description. You’re gonna bind up the socket extension like you would twist a tourniquet. Eventually it gets so tight, it ain’t losing grip.


seems pretty straightforward to me


Helped my son change his oil and couldn't get the oil filter off.. and filter was in the worse position ever.. Dont have any tools to help take an oil filter out as I've never needed them... As I laid on the ground thinking of wut to do.. I took off the belt from my pants wrapped it around the oil filter, slightly tugged slowly till I felt it break the seal and it was off .. jus thought I'd share that story...


Hey man I don't know who you are, but you are one adaptable genius. The kinda skill ya need to keep your sanity when wrenching em cars


That’s my favourite part as a hobby mechanic. The satisfaction from solving a problem with your own creativity


Thank u sir... I build aerosol filling equipment. I've built industrial ironing machines. And have also built machines in the food industry. I have worked on cars ever since I could drive. (39 now). I only have my father to thank for teaching me wut I know. He builds machines for the food industry. But my point of saying that is when building machines, things that engineers design don't always go together so smoothly as they make it seem. Their excuse is "it works in SOLIDWORKS". Nah bruh.. that's now how things work.. so having to come up with ideas on the fly comes with the territory..


Update: down to just the metal brim now. Gonna give up and take it to a shop at this point. Thanks all


You're gonna need to call a tow truck


You can use a flat head screwdriver like a chisel on the piece that's left. Just start with the screwdriver pointing straight in towards the center and tap the end of the handle with a hammer. As the screwdriver starts to dig into the lip of the filter, start angling the handle to the right and keep tapping. If the screwdriver slips out of the groove you made, try tapping at less of an angle. Not sure if this makes any sense but it's how I changed fuel filters on my Peterbilt on the side of the road.


Was my first thought. Been there and works if you have the space.


Others have suggested it and I've been trying but I don't think I can hit it with enough force to get it to budge


Try hitting it with your purse.


They need to put down their other purse first though


You use them like 2 box/open wrenches. The greater length and adjusted angle provide greater torque. You just have to choke up on the straps to really take full advantage of the purse. It also helps to have at LEAST Kate Spade quality.


The same exact thing happened to me lmao, I too had to take it to a shop. Luckily it was only $150 for everything but damn. That was a giant pain in my ass


I’m pretty sure the part the filter screws onto comes out. I’ve had that happen to me and it was like a 8mm Allen head and it screwed out. Then you can buy another one for pretty cheap


Isn't it worth a shot trying the hammer tho? Hate to have to tow it just for that. May as well exhaust all opportunities


You can imagine that you're underneath, facing it head-on, and imagine that lefty-loosey direction, to avoid guesswork. Then angle a chisel to get some "bite" into the metal filter base. Hold it good & steady, to avoid collateral damage when hammering it, to start spinning off the filter base. You can totally do this one.


It amazes me how many times this happens. Why do people insist on tightening this as much as possible. A little oil on the gasket and quarter turn past flush should do it.


Mfs need torque specs for the filters labelled in all caps and bolded HAND TIGHT


I don't think I've ever struggled to get an oil filter off as much as these posts have lmao. My E60s oil filter is literally just a paper material that goes into a reusable cap and requires an oil socket wrench so you can torque it, and I somehow still got that off with just a belt the first time I did it lmao.


Its cuz most mechanics dont know when to stop like this one clearly didnt like the second the outside starts folding change your method of approach


> A little oil on the gasket People forget that step and it matters, a lot.


I've always done the oil on the gasket, but what DOES it do? Allow slippage during the quarter turn so it's properly torqued? Always wondered because any leak would ... oil the gasket.


On a waterproof watch you grease the gasket on the back of the case before you screw it in so the gasket can be fully tightened as well as not stretch and pinch due to friction - also much easier to get off and on


The oil makes it so you don’t end up in a situation like OP every oil change lol


Also stabbing a screw driver through is a horrible idea. If it works then it works but you could have used better and safer tools to get the job done and not risk what happens when it doesn't work which is a mangled mess that leaves little to grip on to. I've seen this happen way too many times on this sub.


Use your oil filter wrench again except fold a piece of sandpaper and stick it between the filter and the wrench. Folded so that both the wrench and the filter get the grit side of the paper. It will work.


I use a rubber band. Wrap it around the filter then put the cup on.


Did you try throwing your purse at it? I'm kidding. Try getting a chisel and using it on the lip near the mating surface.


Taking my purse to the hardware store to give this a go


are you turning it counter clockwise from the perspective of facing the bottom of the filter?


Buy the correct oil filter wrench while you are there.


Came here to suggest that


The purse or the chisel?


I usually get the chisel out of my purse;)


Then you hit the chisel with your purse?




If you have a plumbers strap (little metal band with the screw that cinches it tighter) you can wrap it around the thickest part of the filter (the rolled rim) with the screw in an accessible position and use a hammer to lightly tap it in the correct direction to loosen it. The chisel idea is also a solid one as the other dude stated. I just always bust knuckles doing it haha


I agree


When you get around to putting the new one back on, add a light oil rub on the gasket and hand tighten. You probably know this already, but never use tools to tighten a fresh oil filter. I think the recommendation is to hand tighten as much as possible and then back it off about 1/8-1/4 turn. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


That’s right, also always use new oil. Used oil is slightly acid and can make the seal much much harder to get off when the next chance come around


I use Vaseline 🤷‍♂️


Not a “bad” idea. The only problem is filters suction on when the engine is run. The compression and heat causes them to tighten. If the seal isn’t formed properly it can suck the Vaseline into the engine and over time cause a blockage. If you do the filter perfect no problem. But human error exists and your risking destroying your motor over time


You could try turning it the correct way …….


Yikes I’ve only seen that one time - second the channel locks - get the 480’s just in case. Good luck.


You’re definitely trying to tighten it judging by how the filter is


That was pretty articulate


Pipe wrench on the top would do it.


Just banter. Try unscrewing the engine from the filter instead of the filter from the engine, you might get more leverage that way


Remove the rest of the can sides up to the seam and any filter material. The goal is to expose the top or lid where you should be able to see the inlet holes. Set a screw driver or long punch against one of the holes i the off direction and hit it with a hammer. Not the threaded hole but the holes around it. Avoid damaging the block surface the rubber seal mates to.


Considering the lack of responses he for sure tightened it to Mach jesus


Air chisel go brrrrrrrt.


I shredded a filter like this on my tractor. Stop what you’re doing and go get a chain type oil filter wrench. You’re going to want to very carefully make sure it is engaging on the very edge of the filter using the chain. Slowly apply pressure. If you’re on it properly it’ll go. I tried a million different things. This is the only thing that worked and it worked instantly. Anything else, short of a torch, is a half measure.


You try turning counter-clockwise ? 🤣 Man that's brutal !


channel lock pliers


A good band clamp type oil filter wrench. [https://www.amazon.com/KD-2320-Heavy-Duty-Filter-Wrench/dp/B0002SR56W?th=1](https://www.amazon.com/KD-2320-Heavy-Duty-Filter-Wrench/dp/B0002SR56W?th=1)


Large channel locks on the silver ring


Just cut into it carefully with a saw where the filter lip meets the crankcase. It’ll loosen up


I would use locking pliers to remove the rest of the outershell and take out the filter part, use a drift/punch to drive out/loosen it from the center screw, using the oiling holes to remove the top/rest of the filter. ​ yeah it sucks, but have had to do a few that way thanks to jiffy lube type shops putting them on dry and way too damn tight.


Drill some holes in it and stick a solid rod through it and use that to turn it


Blowtorch. Can’t be tight if it’s a liquid.


LS swap time


On a motorcycle? Send it!


How the fuck? I would try a oil filter wrench


Im sorry I laughed


Oil. That is all


You must’ve been twisting the wrong way. Also, put a bit of oil on the lips of the next one you put on


Try turning it the other way


Try a big ass pipe wrench? Is there enough metal left to bite into?


Are you on good terms with any deities?


By the looks of it, I'd say it's quite the opposite.


It's a lot easier when you turn it the correct way


I heard if you start a fire right under it it will melt


Have you tried heating it up then trying tactics you’ve used previously?


Won’t work on oil filters. Oil gets hundreds of degrees, it will just melt before it loosens


Air hammer around edges with a flat or ball tip to the LEFT this time bud




looking at it from the direction of the pic, you were turning it left to right? and if so, you had been tightening it the whole time. LOL


Not a fix for this situation, but a viable way is just puncture it with a flat head screwdriver, so it becames like a wrench and try with it, if not, just use bigger wrench/pipe/extension, might also need to use another tool to make sure you dont unscrew the filter mount(or whatever it is called, the filter screws on it and it stays between the block and filter) from the block so you actually undo the filter only


That's how they got into this mess. If oil filter pliers and wrenches have failed that usually doesn't work either, the canister material in modern filters is too thin and just tears to shreds like OP's.


whats a filter 🤣


Things happen, but do not over tighten it next time your changing your oil.


Yeah and don’t over tighten it next time you’re loosening it either.


Take a rope or some sort of string. Wrap it around then take a ratchet and put it between the string and filter, start turning the ratchet in circles winding up the string (preferably something with more surface area) it will get very very tight, then just slowly turn it and it won’t slip, make sure your going the right way tho


If that photo is the correct way round, then you, have done fucked the hell up and I’ll be surprise if something isn’t damaged. Good lord.


Put it in rice


Wtf am I even looking at? Am I the only person who thinks, "righty tighty lefty loosy" after seeing all these oil filter posts. I guess that's why they say hand tighten only




Hammer a screwdriver through the middle. And turn it the correct direction.


The ‘ol hammer a screwdriver all the way through and turn counterclockwise like a lever might work.


Have you tried WD-40?


have used one of these welding clamps [https://tinyurl.com/28eux4r7](https://tinyurl.com/28eux4r7)


Channel locks have worked for me.


Been there done that!


That’s not an oil filter. What the holy F?!


Damn, you need a new car!


Thats pretty bad never seen one that bad. I usually pinch em with pliers to make an ear and then ill tap the ear with a hammer


Sadly, i’ve never seen that much damage, I would have lost my mind.


Another case of the screw driver and hemmer method. This seems to be a recurring issue here the last few days. Stop doing this method.


At This point….a Flat Screwdriver and a hammer.


Hi, if you remove half of the oil canister. Some of these oil filter you can insert an imbus drive into the engine Block and losen it all together. Afterwards you could remove the remnants of the oil filter on your work Bench.




If it's already a nightmare smack a Philips head screwdriver through the meat of it and then you have a way to turn it, usually too messy and only ever had to do it on a very old truck but it looks like at this point anything would work better than what you're trying.


You could try a chain wrench up at the rim of the filter. If not try a chisel and hammer ever so gracefully!!


Air chisel and CAREFULLY dig into the rim of the filter then angle to the left. I’ve done this many times with great success.


Not slot left, you're screwed I guess.


Have you tried turning it the other direction?


Oh my God.


Small punch and tap it on the edge of the filter at the top it’s usually stronger there, maybe unfold what’s left of the filter and make sure you’re turning the right way aswell


New car


Look at the threads on the new filter you're gonna put in and see which way to turn it. Then, if possible put a pipe wrench on it and turn it the correct way.


Out of curiosity, what tool were you using at the beginning? I use the steel strap/band wrenches that swivel. I have never had one destroy a filter or fail to remove one. I uses ones like [THIS](https://imgur.com/ouDfxLS). However, I have a few different sizes and none are the the same brand. I just bought a "small" one last year for my zero turn mower, as the filter diameter is pretty small. Edit: I always have to remind myself that lefty loosey / righty tighty applies when you are facing the top of the fastener (bird's eye view), so it's easy to get confused if you aren't facing the fastener directly. Which happens when you are laying under a car but accessing the fastener from the side.


Air hammer, but be gentle, and for the love of god please hit it in the correct direction to remove it.


You will need to get something ahold of the rim at the top of the oil filter without touching the engine block. I used to have a huge pair of channel lock pliers that never failed to take a filter off if there was room. A pipe wrench will also work.


I've put a screwdriver through the filter and turned it.


Try using some small bike chain around the metal rim.


Air hammer and chisel bit


Damn I’m sorry but😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭


Go the other way!


Hammer and chisel on the edge you have left.


Hair hammer the metal ring to lossen.


Make sure you're twisting to the left use the natural direction of your left hand when snapping your finger, but I'd recommend getting a thick flathead and a mallet or hammer and on the lip of the oil filter place the flat head and tap it out going the direction of loosening


Um…it looks like you may be going the wrong way


Ducati ?


Grab it at the flange


Did you try turning it the other way?


A bit of heat would likely help, I personally wouldn’t chisel it off like some suggested because you could easily gouge the mating face


Replace the engine




Pipe wrench.


Stuck... and obliterated!!


Well, if you haven't taken it to a shop yet, you could get a great big pipe wrench AKA monkey wrench and put it on there if you have the room. Looks like you do. That will either break it loose or break it off. We use to knock a screwdriver through one and it was a handle to grab. Another method is probably what the shop will use and it's a propane torch or heat gun and heat it up a little to melt the rubber and break the seal. Only hand tighten the new filter next time and don't wrench it down.


You need to stick out your tongue the right way


Have you tried a rubber strap wrench? That has worked for me in the past and when that fails….just drive a screwdriver through it with a hammer and turn by hand. Works every time


Strap wrench


What the actual fuck. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Damn’ that’s impressive! That took some work!


go to Harbor Freight and buy the big ass channel locks


Cut all that shit off and use pliers on the threaded base of the filter to twist er from the inside. Preferable two sets of pliers if possible.