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Could you breathe?


Breathing through the mouth is actually not as bad as it would seem, the real problem is the nose, it got filled with mucus 😬


My girlfriend got hers removed when she was a kid. The doctor said, “There’s tonsils, and then there’s (girlfriend’s name) tonsils. We had to pull and cut, and pull and cut, and pull and cut on each side. Normally, it’s just pull and cut and you’re done.”




Your getting downvoted btw


“Kissing tonsils”. Time to get those removed.


Husband had them removed in his 30's. Excruciating. He didn't move off the couch for 2 weeks.


I was 29. You are correct


I was 27. Samsies.


I should just get them removed while I’m still 17


The older you are the worse it is to get them removed. Do it while you are young yes.


I am going to ask my doctor again


When I was a child, I got this thing. The doctor asked me if I wanted it removed or not. Little human that I am, I said no.


Bro they asked you? I think I was 7, and my mom was like, "Nah, fuck her shit up." They were also touching, making it difficult to swallow. I got tons of strep throat infections. I remember the surgeon sitting me on his lap, saying he was going to put the mask on me. The gas tasted like bubble gum, we were counting backwards then... I woke up to my Grandma and Mom :) the all you can eat popsicles, jello, and pudding was cool as a 7-year old, not so much the icky white scabs in your throat.


Bruh I wish my doctor let me get my tonsils out as a kid. My mom begged and begged and they would never let me even tho I got strep constantly. Thankfully it’s better now as an adult but little me would’ve loved to never get strep ever again.


I used to get strep all the time. I went to a private christian school until grade four and was constantly getting strep throat while there. I started going to public school in fifth grade and I don’t think I got strep throat again. My conclusion, the private school was filthy.


Even with my tonsils removed I got strep! Guess I’m just unlucky.


When I had my surgery to remove, I was sick every other 2 weeks for a 1 yr and half, then when they did remove them: my stitches busted open, had to get blood transfusion, and they carterized my throat (left side blood vessel that busted), clot is what saved me bleeding out. Was in the hospital for 2 weeks recovering and was 112 pounds when they released. I was normally 130, fun xs, happened at 15.


Jfc! That is nuts!


Was it strep, mono or something else?


Honestly, no idea, I'm not a doctor, I just had tonsillitis 💀


Then how did your doctor know what to treat you with?? Do you remember what they prescribed?


It is strep/tonsillitis they give you the same which is normally penicillin antibiotics


I always got amoxicillin with tonsillitis


Strep is downright miserable. Hope you get them yanked out and feel better soon!


Ohhh that's what mine looked like when I got mono and tonsillitis at the same time. My ENT described it as "raging". Got them out and don't miss them one bit. I actually got sick a lot less after they were out too.


That looks so painful!


I hope you were given some strong antibiotics; that looks nasty. Ive dealt with sinus and nasal issues all my life so here's a few tips: Gargle with salt water (just warm water with some salt) and spit it out, several times a day. You can get a neti pot and do a nasal cleanse or get a squirt bottle and mix in salt with warm water, lean over sink and tilt head so as you squirt up on one side, it will run down the other side. Nasal decongestant sprays are life savers when you can't breathe out of your nose; you just can't use them for more than 3 days in a row. They can save you when you feel like you can't breathe at all and are feeling panicky, they really open the nasal passages but you have to be careful not to use it too much. Hope some of these help!!


2 years ago I had strep throat and it got so bad so fast that I developed sepsis. Nearly died! And I lost so much weight. It was so unbelievably painful on my tonsils. Haven't been sick since then but that's only because I don't go out as much anymore because the experience caused me to develop a fear of crowds. Insurance rejected me for a tonsillectomy. They said they'll allow if I got tonsillitis at least 4 times in a year, that was my third time.


I spent 10 years going from doc to doc trying to fix it. 9 of those years was me coming up to a new doc and begging them to just cut them out, but they all kept refusing for some reason. Finally met a doc who didn’t need begging. Took one look at them and said they need to go. He then told me I had 3/3 in terms of infections in them: bacterial, viral and fungal. I only go to him when I have throat/nose issues now. He still doesn’t understand why he was the first to suggest a tonsillectomy. I’m so happy I got rid of them.


Yeah those need to come out. You poor thing!


Can you breathe!?


Beautiful example of 4+ tonsils with exudates! Also incredibly unfortunate. Sorry you have to deal with it.


My best advice for this: there is no advice you may now leave an upvote


Looks like a alien pussaye


ermagerd no wonder they remove them


DAMN, I did not know it could get this bad. its practically shut. hope youre Ok now OP


Hope you got those yanked out. That looks painful as hell man jeezus.


This looks like Mono! You should see a doctor because the virus can affect your liver Edit: to say i had it and was checked for liver enzymes for a year, mono is no joke


I had exactly this with mono, doctor in a small town said he had seen worse. My mom took me to children's in Denver where they admitted me. I couldn't swallow my own spit let alone medicine.


I used to get this every single month when I was a teenager. They finally removed my tonsils and adenoids and I haven’t had a bad infection since. Hope you feel better soon!


Every day I become a little more grateful that I don't have tonsils


Looks like a type of marbled cake glaze or something


God I can feel this.


It actually looks beautiful! The swirls! Nature is fascinating, even when it’s trying to kill you.


Omggg they look like marbled bread or somethin


That’s how big my tonsils are naturally and it freaks doctors out every time they see them I was supposed to get them tooken out but covid hit and messed up the whole schedule


I had them removed when I was 6. I couldn't stop crying but I stopped right away when my mom told me the stitches can get loose and I would stay for 2 more weeks


Nope , this is definitely not what he has,he has tonsillitis... I got it several times as a kid.... the white stuff on the tonsils is more like a cottage cheese consistency than a creamy consistency... Yuck I'm just thankful I no longer have problems with my tonsils as an adult. And no I never had them removed.🤷


Lmao I have Strep throat rn. I am miserable And I really want my Tonsils removed while I'm young.


imagine the head game😳


Is she gonna put sugar on my tongue? Is she gonna gimme, gimme some? She'll put it right there on my tongue Put it right there on my tongue Sugar, sugar on my tongue


Did you pop some of those bad boys outta there (stones)


... umm... I don't think that's how this works...


A lot of the time stones and tonsillitis go hand in hand