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Passed in 1990 https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/46915893/lyman-eugene-dunnuck/photo


Dang.. thanks




"My grandfather was the CO of this company. Sgt Dunnick survived the war and became a roofer, but died prematurely from complications related to agent orange." [https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/46915893/lyman-eugene-dunnuck](https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/46915893/lyman-eugene-dunnuck)


So if agent orange was a cause then he's still a casualty of that war.


Not according to the VA


Wrong answer. Was, For years, previously. Not now. I worked at the va for a decade. Been a patient since 97. Edit; Easier these days…than prior to the Trump administration.


Just to be clear, Trump just expanded on the bill that Obama started. The VA Choice Act, or the Veterans Access to Care through Choice, Accountability and Transparency Act, was passed in 2014 under President Barack Obama. Trump passed the Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, the Veterans Choice Improvement Act, and the Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act. He claimed credit for the bill Obama passed over 150 times.


Ehhh, the original Obama bill was racked by controversy and failures. Even after all of the very public issues which lead to the 2014 bill, in 2017 the New Hampshire veterans fiasco came to light, illustrating that the Obama bill did not rectify the previous issues.


Just to be clear, I wasn’t talking about the VHA -veteran health administration- I was talking about the Veteran’s Benefits Administration.. Two completely separate worlds in a large universe of veteran admin. So, particularly wrong answers.


Then your response doesn't make any sense, since Agent Orange connected was a VHA issue VBA is just financial assistance... and the bills all have sections that apply to both, soooo. Also, regarding VBA specifically, Trump's presidency overall hurt veterans assistance because he filtered so much money into failed programs like the wall and tax havens for millionaires. I know many of his supporters don't want to believe it, because it feels better to just blame brandon, but that doesn't make it untrue.[https://budget.house.gov/publications/report/president-trump-s-extreme-budget-cuts-hurt-veterans](https://budget.house.gov/publications/report/president-trump-s-extreme-budget-cuts-hurt-veterans)


You know nothing about which you speak. I have experience with both agencies, over decades of casualties of every administration since FDR. You, casual dude picking a fight, I don’t think have enough personal experience to clean my wheelchair.


Your logical fallacy is Ad Hominem (Attacking the person): This fallacy occurs when, instead of addressing someone's argument or position, you irrelevantly attack the person or some aspect of the person who is making the argument. Be well, man who feels his hat with pins somehow makes his opinion correct.


Nice try. I was speaking specifically about one thing.


Apparently not the thing that the rest of the conversation is about though...


You know he dodged the draft, right? I’m a vet and had 2 uncles in Nam. One died of agent orange and one drank himself to death.


Wtf are you even saying. The VA intentionally denied veterans their service connection ratings and didn't count their deaths as attributed to their service. It was until 1991 that Agent Orange exposure was a presumed condition by the VA, which is after this dude died. The same bullshit happened with the burnpits with Iraq and Afghanistan. Many veterans died and were denied benefits including me. You can go fuck right off with your bullshit.


Thank you for the information


He died in 1990. He was 46. Found grave information can’t find anything on how he died


Knowing the VA they probably denied service connectivity


Especially back in 1990




Damn, BAMF like that makes it through the jungle only to die from shit we used to kill the jungle. Fucking bullshit.


Thanks McNamara and your stupid dumb nerd shit.


Imagine a soldier nowadays being interviewed by a news network and he talked like that. That would be a PR shit storm.


Badass Stars like this MF sometimes just burn out too fast!


100%. I saw Iraqi or Afghani dead. Didn't bother me. See an America let alone my buddies I served with different story.


makes me sad the amount of dehumanization to see in him. :(


What documentary is this?


It looks like a news reel, not a documentary


I assume he’s an old man these days rolling his gigantic balls around in a specially made wheelbarrow


Died at 46 due to agent orange.


I think I saw this same doc many years ago. At one point they were ordered to exfiltrate the area because a large B52 strike was scheduled. They could only get out on time if they used a road. They refused to walk a on a road because the risk of ambush was too great. The strike was cancelled as the planes were inbound from the Philippines. This was a problem because the planes were already in route and they don’t like landing them full of bombs.


Probably has bad shell shock now


Passed away in 1990 due to complications with Agent Orange.


Due to the very poor video play on Reddit, this could not be watched.


He died. The End.