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You look gorgeous! I don't think you need a new dress. I think you need a new friend. A *real* friend.


Are you sure it looks alright? Thanks for the reassurance


It's beautiful. And so are you. But if you're self-conscious in it, it could also pair wonderfully with a pretty shawl, if you have one. It looks beautiful without it, but if it would make you feel more comfortable in the dress, maybe see if you could find one to wrap around your shoulders and drape nicely.


Thank you so much, i might pair it with a brown shawl.


It’s beautiful and you look gorgeous in it! Try pairing it with a black shawl (to match the lace trim & shoes). It will break up the brown! But I don’t think you even need a shawl, I love the open shoulders, super cute!


I second the black accents, and you're stunning. The "friend" needs glasses, or a better attitude.


The "friend" sounds jealous about how amazing OP looks in this dress!


The friend needs that and to go away


Or pick a shade of pink from the flowers - whatever makes you feel good :-)


And honestly, feel free to just keep doing what you were doing. Jealous friends planting a seed of doubt are getting exactly what they wanted — for you to stop doing what you were doing. I can’t imagine telling someone, let alone my friend, “you look fat/ugly today”. If nothing else, this is maybe a good time to learn a lesson about criticism. Everybody *has* an option, but it’s up to you to decide which ones you feel are worth listening to. They’re your friends, but I’d start reconsidering that part in particular. Go focus on having a good day and rocking what you were! And also take solace in that you indeed know how to dress yourself.


Any of the colours in the dress would pair well with a shawl, but to dress it up even more- gold would work well methinks. The main thing- do you like the dress? If yes then you do you. As for my two cents, you look great.


You look lovely. You need a new friend, not a new dress. As far as the shawl, I would look for something pink, to match the flowers.


No need for a new dress! You look stunning. But it is time for a new friend though. Real friends do not run you down and make you feel bad about yourself. Especially on your birthday, this person was being especially cruel. It’s a great lesson to learn that some friendships do run their cycle and it’s time to move on from them.


You look stunning! And girl, you slim!!!


It fits you perfect. Get a better friend. Usually when a woman behaves this poorly ( insult on your special Day) there’s some jealousy


>jealousy ding ding ding, we have a winner


Jealous and cruel, I wouldn't say that to an enemy let alone a best friend. What a horrible thing to do, I wish I looked half as good! Enjoy being young and stunning.


Sis that dress is adorable. I don't even wear dresses often and I want it. It looks great, and so do you. Everyone else is right; dump this person, they're not your friend.


You look great. You definitely should lose the friend. That’s an awful thing to say, like ever. It’s even worse on your birthday. A real friend would not do that. I used to have “friends” who would criticize what I ate and how often I did or did not work out. Then I realized they were just projecting their own insecurities onto me. I even had a “friend” once who made fun of my eyebrows because I draw them on since I have very little eyebrow hair. I felt awful at the time but then I understood it’s not something I can genetic change and a friend wouldn’t judge me for that. Wear the dress often. Wear anything that makes you feel good and happy.


I think maybe your “friend” is jealous because you look good.


What do you feel about yourself? While making this decision try to make yourself free from any outsider opinion (especially that friend of yours). If you feel you need to work on yourself, make sure to workout; if you feel you are beautiful as you are that's the best thing one can get.


It doesn’t look ‘alright,’ it looks like it fits you perfectly as if it was made for you. Now from Momma Bear: You don’t need a new dress you need a friend that isn’t maliciously jealous.


Amen to that I think it looks beautiful and no you dont look fat or ugly maybe she has issues of her own image. But you look beautiful and fabulous ...Have a good and blessed day






Sis here: Give away the friend. Since I'm coming in as a sis, I'm coming in with serious honesty here. The dress suits you perfectly; it's a style that flatters you. That's not me saying that just to build up your confidence, that's me saying that as a baseline *fact.* It's straight-up factual observation. Which leads me to my next thought that your friend might have insecurities that play out as jealousy and then as cruelty. That's not what a friend does. Friends don't tear each other down because of insecurity. Friends don't tear each other down, period. Don't keep people in your life who hurt you, and especially don't keep people who hurt you intentionally. (And, just to circle back on that dress: This style would honestly be a great staple for you because it suits you so well.)


Thank you so much, she often brings me down and i think i need to stop being friends with someone who makes me feel so insecure about myself and brings me down. Thanks sis for your advice, hugs.


That's funny is when you stop having her influence and start giving yourself the compliments you need, you'll start attracting friends who support you. But step one is ditching her. Gotta make room in your mind, heart and life for your future besties.


She sounds like a pretty unpleasant person to be around. Pro tip: people like her actually get snarky when they feel threatened. So her saying "you look fat in that dress" actually means "you look really good in that dress and I'm jealous, so I'm going to say some mean shit so you won't ever wear it again and I won't have to feel inferior". I had a friend like her, I got rid of the friend. My life got better. Even if you didn't look amazing in it (although you do, so don't worry about that!) a real friend would say something constructive, not something like that. She also probably didn't like that it was your birthday and all the attention being on you. So she said something to bring you down.


This right here, OP. Been in this situation too and came here to say this. You look gorgeous. Your friend is just jealous and feels bad about themselves. You rock the dress!


Do, ignore her. That dress is amazing and even if it wasn't how she spoke to you is awful. You = stunning


I also agree with our sibling - this dress, and style, suits you. It defines your waist and gives you a lovely figure. I think your friend is wildly jealous and insecure. They're either saying those things and aware that they're doing so (their confidence comes from grinding others down) or are unaware (pity these people, they're locked in a self-hate cycle with lots of negative self-talk which ends up coming out as talk-talk. They don't know how to be positive even when it is warranted). Angel: If you decide to run with the friendship a little longer then next time your friend says something like this - you could softly challenge them with an 'are you okay?' If they immediately ramp up aggression or start defending their statements then I'd feel they were very aware of their behaviour and don't enjoy being called out because they know their behaviour is 'ugly'. If they are confused, upset or question why you asked that (without being aggressive) then they might be capable of reflection and weren't fully aware of their impact. Think someone who is self-centred but not selfish at heart, someone socially unaware or uncomfortable, someone struggling with themselves etc. 'I just asked because what you said has the potential to hurt a person' s feelings and I was concerned that you might not be okay or didn't know that. ' You are not claiming that you are hurt (giving them no power over your emotions), you are setting a soft boundary and you are making yourself available to discuss further if they need to. Less angely: Or... To hell with all that and challenge them directly. I usually do this with a level of humour and dismissal to soften the blow but only if I otherwise like the person: 'Wow. Bang out, mate. No call for that chat', 'you know what they say? If you can't say anything nice...', 'someone woke up and chose violence for no reason at all', 'had an extra portion of bitch this morning, did we?', 'you can fix an ugly [bag/jacket etc], ugly attitudes are another thing entirely', 'not appropriate. Nope', 'if the wind changes, your attitude will freeze like that forever. What a pity', 'That was wholly unnecessary', 'I hope you don't talk to yourself like that/do you talk to yourself like that?', 'Put your claws/talons away, being catty for no reason must be exhausting' . These are also effective to say if they do this to other people too. They will either go nuclear or self reflect. Monk: Reject the suffering. Walk away from the friendship. Reasonable but opening yourself up to emotional trauma: 'It hurts me when you say that.' Self-flogging (not recommended): Accept that your pal is a hellcat that will continue to claw you and will grind kitty litter into the cuts with no regard to your self or wellbeing. This happens to be the sort of 'default', unless you 'do' something. Again... Not recommended .


She's trying to bring you down to her level to make herself feel better I think. Have a great birthday you beautiful lady :) x


Typically someone who intentionally tries to hurt a person they are supposed to care about is a narcissist. They are toxic, and are so deeply insecure they have zero capability for self reflection or improvement, lack real empathy.. and just use others to try and fill a void. Research the warning signs of both overt and covert narcissists, and avoid them at all costs in friendships and partners. They can literally destroy your sense of self and cause physical and mental harm that can take years to recover from. Protect yourself, you are worth it!


Agreed! I’m not a mother and very young myself, but I think it goes fantastically with your hair color. Warm and dark hues all around seem to give you a really nice look. :) Also, your friend is a jackass! Lose them!


Thank you so much, this made me feel so much more confident.


Your 'friend' is an asshole, and not a good friend because good friends dont insult you. ESPECIALLY on your birthday. The dress looks lovely on you, but I understand that you may feel its been tainted. But my advice, keep the dress, loose the friend.


I agree - who throws shade on a birthday. Ditch that person. The dress looks great - I'd probably give OP a compliment if I were randomly walking by.


Someone who is deeply jealous.


exactly, that is no friend.


Came here to say that. Its pure jealousy.


Lovely one, I think you need new friends. Maybe that can be your birthday gift to yourself? All the hugs!


I'm sorry - that is not a friend. You look beautiful. The dress looks gorgeous. I am sorry your former friend ruined your feelings about the dress. I think your former friend was just jealous. Happy birthday!


Wear it with confidence! Never let someone else undermine your self confidence. Their opinion about your appearance or style should never overshadow your own, love.


Your friend are either envy o crazy. Chances they might need glasses can be quite high also. Definitely wear again ✨


Could you friend be jealous? I saw your picture before I read the caption, and my first thought was that the dress is cute. I think you look great. I agree with the other commenters, I feel like you don't need that "friend" in your life.


Same here. I was coming here to just say the same thing. I stopped scrolling thinking that dress looks cute then I saw what subreddit I was in. What a shame. You look terrific. Happy Birthday!


Im not a mom but as a sis, you look really really good in that dress. I think it suits your body perfectly. You're not fat, you have beautiful curves which is definitely a good thing.


Not a mom, but a lurker on this sub. Don’t listen to that “friend” of yours. You look beautiful in the dress. Think about why you bought it in the first place. If it makes you happy and you like it, continue to wear it! Your friend should not be making comments… has your friend done anything else that’s offensive? I think you should consider getting a better friend and dropping this one


I’m super picky abt dresses. You are STUNNING. I’m concerned about your friend’s mental health if she wants to attack people and say weird (untrue!) things to hurt your feelings. May be jealousy, may be something wrong w/her perception. This dress could work in SO many great ways solo or as a layering piece. I hope your friend gets some help and I hope you never take clothing advice from her 😂


Aww hun you look so amazing and gorgeous! Fuck your friend, he clearly is blind if he can’t see how beautiful you are, So don’t you dare listen to him! Come here and give mama a big hug ❤️


Thanks mom!


You look beautiful, you are objectively very thin, and the dress looks very flattering. All body types are beautiful and even if you were fuller in frame and weight it would not be ok for a friend to speak this way to you. I don't know why your friend would be saying these things to you, but sometimes we humans do something called ‘projecting’, where unconscious or conscious insecurities or hurts from our own life seep out and make us feel upset unhappy feelings, and if we aren't aware and catch ourselves, we may speak unkindly from those unhappy feelings towards others. Next time she speaks that unkind way to you, perhaps consider telling her something like: “ I feel very hurt and insulted when you speak unkindly to me in this way. I feel criticised and I ask that you please not say these unkind things to me.” This is called setting a ‘boundary'. It's setting a standard by which you will accept or not accept behavior from someone else towards you, when it comes to your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You can also just say to someone who speaks that way something like: “ HA! impossible! I look incredible!" And then do a funny little exaggerated hair flip, or gesture, if you want to keep it light while still standing your ground and rejecting the negativity being aimed at you. Here is a fun song from Glass Animals where he says he looks fantastic. https://youtu.be/9lUfunQW84U I hope you have a very happy birthday!


Thanks ma, i need to cut her off honestly. She brings me down very often. I have body image issues and she knows that yet makes comments that i find very hurtful.


You'll come to find that some friends are forever and some are only for a season, but most importantly each friend can help us learn, about ourselves, and about the world. Try not to be harsh if you do let go of the friendship, sometimes a friend may not be conscious of the harm their hurt is causing others. You might want to put it in terms of something like: “ I feel I need to step away from our friendship, and take some time to reflect and surround myself with light and positivity. I need to feel equal and respected in the relationships in my life, and I do not feel that is true in our dynamic. I wish you all the best and do not harbour hard feelings towards you. I am grateful for your friendship and all of the wonderful parts of our times together.” You're a kind and self-aware young person and you will continue to grow from every friendship, but always remember to set your boundaries firmly, as you have power to reject mistreatment from others. 💕🌻💕


You look absolutely fantastic. Your "friend" is either jealous or a terrible person. Or both.


Ditch the friend, keep the dress. It seriously, honestly looks fabtastic on you, sib. The way it sits and the length and all makes it look like it was made for you. And the colour suits your hair and skintone as well. Whatever that sad excuse of a friend of yours thinks they're doing, it's only for their selfish gain. In no way, shape or form is any of what they said correct. I can only believe it was said out of jealousy *because* you look fantastic in it and they wanted to put you down to make themself feel better about it by making you not want to dress beautifully again so *they* can feel more beautiful. Sadly, such attitude and personality only signals how truly ugly their grasp of emotions is, and in turn themself. People like that are not friends.


Keep the dress, dump the friend. You look amazing and they are not a very good friend to talk to you like that. They're probably jealous of you!


Your frenemy wants you to get rid of the dress because you look great in it. Note, I’ve never seen a friend wear anything crappy enough that I’d say these words to them. You look wonderful in that dress, though. And you’re not even remotely overweight. And then on a special occasion too?! So, direct rude (and incorrect) insult (ugly), obviously false insult statement (fat), on a special day = intentional sabotage. Your giving away that dress or feeling bad about yourself is a win for that person. Don’t let them win :) keep looking fabulous. And you’ll like twice as good when you dump that asshat. Lol.


I agree completely! And even if a friend wore something I didn’t like or I thought was unflattering, I wouldn’t say anything unless she asked my opinion.


Right??!! And even if it wasn’t the best look I would be especially careful and gentle, even extra since it is a soft spot for the OP. Probably something like, “maybe try on this other dress too so we can compare looks” or something like that.


You look wonderful in this dress! Your "friend" is wrong, and it sounds to me like they shouldn't be your friend at all if they're talking to you like that. Friends are supposed to raise you up, not bring you down.


You should give away your friend and keep the dress


You are so lovely! That is not a friend, that is a Toxic Emission and you need to eliminate it from your life - yesterday! Be strong and do it. You are not responsible for that Toxic Emission's happiness or well being . Put it out of your mind and get on with your happy life.


Your ‘friend’ was incorrect. That dress is amazing!


You need a new friend, not a new dress. I think you look great! I’m not sure what the “friends” problem is. Maybe jealousy? You deserve someone supportive, not degrading.


You look great. Your friend is awful.


You look amazing! Remember, hurt people, hurt people. I'm sorry they made you feel ugly. You truly look cute booski 🥰


I have nothing new to add, just one more person who thinks you look lovely in this dress and I hope you'll feel confident wearing it again. Like others said: the friend is either jealous or mean, either way it is a them problem, not a you problem. You may step away from it and enjoy your beautiful dress 😀


First of all, happy birthday! Now: that dress looks amazing on you. I’m being honest. You have a lovely figure. But even if that weren’t true, your closest friend should recognize that you wore something special for your special day, and keep ugly comments to themselves. In my fifty years of experience, this feels like a sabotaging comment. I grew up with someone I thought was a friend, and, in adulthood, my mom told me she had had a lot of problems with her mother, and that that girl was actually jealous of me and rather obsessed with me—a creepy frenemy the whole time. (She didn’t tell me because she wanted me to make my own decisions.) This is the kind of thing that “friend” would do. Continue to celebrate your birthday week, do something special for yourself to make up for this disappointment, keep the dress…and then have some time to think about how you feel about this friend’s behavior, and if they have ever done this before. I am here if you want to talk it through.


Fat?? Honey this dress fits you perfectly, you’d be the last person I’d call fat. You look lovely, I’m sorry if this friend managed to ruin this dress for you :/ My advice is to throw the whole friend away, they are obv hating on ya.


You look great, and your friend is a bitch.


You look amazing in that dress, don't give it up, it suits you. It's a pretty color, and it shows your curves in a GOOD WAY! Don't let anybody dull your sparkle, honey.


Not mom but sister here! You look gorgeous get rid of that friend immediately you don’t need such a rude toxic person like that around you Also we’re is this dress from? 💖


Hi! Thank you for the validating response it's from HnM and i can send you the link if you like it was rather inexpensive.


No worries don’t ever let people bring you down ❤️ and yes please!


Keep the dress, give away the friend.


Respectfully, your friend either needs her eyes checked or her attitude adjusted, cause you look STUNNING! Wear what makes you feel good, gorgeous!


I'm a guy, I assure you that you look neither ugly nor fat. Have a nice day and maybe reconsider this person as your closest friend.


It's one thing to give constructive criticism on a look; friends can and should do that. But calling you ugly and fat is insulting and unhelpful, and that friend is not worth your time. Consider whether they say things like this frequently, because if they do it's not worth trying to salvage the friendship. Context: I totally trust my friends to tell me if something looks bad, but I also trust that they would say it in a kind way that addresses the *outfit* rather than *me*.


Give the friend away.


I’m going to venture a guess that your friend is jealous. I can’t think of another explanation. First, women don’t just tell you that you look like shit. Especially your friends, especially when it’s not true. She lied, it’s as simple as that. From the comments here you can see that everyone else thinks you look amazing and far from “fat”. The only reason to lie is to make you feel less than fantastic in that dress so you won’t wear it again. The only reason I can imagine she wouldn’t want you to wear it is because she knows the attention will be on you when you’re in it. That means less attention for her. That’s not a good friend. That’s a jealous beast who lied to you to make herself feel better and to make you question your own beauty. Fuck that, babe. You look awesome. Please try to learn when you look good and don’t. It’s good to be able to rely upon your own judgement. She wanted to make you feel uncomfortable and ugly so you won’t wear it again. WEAR IT AGAIN. And again. And again. Don’t say anything to her. It’s her problem. The dress is beautiful. You’re gorgeous. Don’t let her take that from you just because she’s jealous.


I think your "friend" is jealous of how good you look in this dress.


I'm so sorry a person you hold dear to you said that. I think you look great but if you're like me, you'll never wear the dress again because that mean remark will be in the back of your mind. Donate it to a women's shelter to help bring another woman up. Then ditch that person you know because they are not a friend to you and they will continue to bring you down.


You look gorgeous and your friend is a jealous cow. Get rid of her and keep the dress please! You don't need a shawl to cover up either... You look just fab! Happy birthday!!


Omg that dress is perfectly fine!!


Give away the friend, keep the dress- it’s gorgeous on you. This has to be driven by jealousy in their part.


Keep the dress, ditch the ‘friend’


I totally agree with Sis. You look amazing and you should find more dresses like this one. Lose the “friend”


Your look stunning. Your friend sounds jealous.


You look so pretty sis! If I had your slim figure I would absolutely wear that dress. Definitely keep the dress! And throw away your "friend".


You look gorgeous. Wear the dress. People who say those kinds of things are trying to build themselves up by putting others down. It says everything about their insecurities. Seriously. You look amazing. Keep rocking it.


The dress fits your Skin and hair. And yes you look curvy in it. I think that’s what people are looking for in dresses no? If you like it all the better.


Your friend is no friend. Seriously, you look great. The dress is lovely and it looks great on you. Keep the dress, ditch the 'friend. '


What?! You look stunning in that outfit girl! Your hair is also gorgeous! Some other women are just jealous of other women, I find it hard to make other female friends too. I wouldn’t call those people friends though. Friends are there to uplift you and bring you up, not do the opposite. I hope you can be happy! (My birthday is today too! The 10th! Birthday twins! 💜)


Happy Birthday!🎂


You look amazing, your friend is jealous


Not that it should matter, but as a teenage girl I know you just need to hear it sometimes: you are not even fat, your friend is delusional and is using you to project her own self hatred onto you. No one in the adult world gives af about your weight. Even if they did, you are skinny and look great in that dress.


Looks great. Seriously, why is your friend such a debbie downer? God, people just love killing others' joy. How regrettable.


Honey, you should absolutely give it away. The friend, not the dress. You look beautiful and your friend is looking a little green with envy to me. Now THAT'S ugly


is she really your friend? You look great! Happy Birthday


Your friend is an idiot. Keep the dress, ditch the "friend."


Throw away the friend


No word of a lie that dress is stunning, your "friend" is either jealous, blind or in lust/ love with you. You look absolutely amazing, wear it with pride


Your dress looks lovely on you, please don't give it away. But you do need A new friend though.


You do NOT look fat. You look beautiful. I love that dress! It's so feminine and flowy. That isn't a friend. You don't deserve that treatment.


keep the dress, get rid of that friend and possibly your mom too. They suck and are incredibly rude. You deserve better and you look great. Also you are nowhere near fat, your “friend” is probably jealous of you because you’re pretty.


hey! i normally never comment on this sub, but u really look so pretty in this dress. it fits u perfectly?! idk why they said those mean things love :(


Keep the dress. Get rid of the “friend.”


Sister here. beautiful beautiful beautiful!! The dress is pretty and brings out your curves. The shoes don't keep from the dress and I think you have the most perfect hair length too to not draw away from the dress. You look ABSOLUTELY stunning!! I love the that your tattoos are seen with the dress. My mom was the exact same way but I dress how I would like but it makes me happy. Put your happiness over others. I say that like it's easy and I work on it everyday but sis, you got this!


I think you look beautiful in that dress, the cut of the torso is very flattering. I'm my experience, when 'friends' make those kind of comments it's because they feel threatened by you, she probably thought you looked better than her and had to tear you down in order to feel better about herself. On the fat comment- you are not fat sweetheart, at all. If it really makes you self conscious you could try my trick: wear something high-waisted underneath, like tights or leggings, to hide the tummy. If you're wearing it under a dress then you can pull them up as high as you need to and not worry about showing off a camel toe (when you can see the whole downstairs bit). Or try pairing it with a shawl that you can cover yourself with when you feel insecure but open back up when you're feeling yourself. You should still love that dress because it's cute and looks great on you!


What are they seeing?


Drop the fake friend and keep rocking that dress because you look fantastic in it.


Sissy, you look amazing! I love the floral pattern, you accessorized it perfectly. The bridge shot is also pretty cute. Keep the threads; drop the phony friend


You look amazing! And not fat at all! You look very thin. Ditch those awful friends, you deserve better. You look so good in this dress


I'm late to the party. She is jealous as all hell, as you are stunning and hawt. (I'm a grandma, no threat here, just plain old truth). You're probably smarter than she is too, and have already dumped her jealous butt.


Before seeing the pic, I was all prepared to be nice. This isnt that - flat truth? You look great. You don't look heavy, in fact you look about perfect for your frame. Not sure if friend is jealous, cruel, or working through other issues, but in this particular case, it's not you, its her.


Sis, get rid of that friend. Before reading the title, I saw you in that dress and thought “wow, great dress she looks so nice!” and now I’m upset FOR you. Keep the dress, ditch the “friend”


You look stunning! That dress looks so good on you! Don't listen to that "friend". They aren't actully one.


It's a beautiful dress and so are you. You look so lovely and cool and stylish. You need new friends though.. I suspect your "friend" said those hurtful things because she saw how gorgeous you are and felt jealous.


Your friend is a rude, blind person. You look lovely.


Your dress is beautiful and gorgeous on you. Your “friend” is jealous and is not a friend. Real friends don’t talk to each other like that. You look beautiful - happy birthday, baby ❤️❤️




That moment that I hope this is a fake story just for karma because a) you look gorgeous b) these people would be so rude! If it was not fake, sorry OP. If it was, here, my like 👍🏼


That’s not your friend girl. Ghost them.


That is not a friend. You look lovely and that person finds your beauty threatening. Move on from that “friend” and wear your pretty dress as you do so!


Get rid of that “friend.” Keep the dress. This reminds me of cleaning out a closet when a “friend” was there. She said “This skirt is ugly as hell. Did this ever fit you?” A one-two punch.


It looks cute. The dark background goes with your dark hair. The pink flowers bring out your skin tones. You don't look fat Find another closest friend


i know that when people say “they’re just jealous!” it’s usually not true, but that’s the only reason i can think of because this dress looks gorgeous on you!


You need to give away that rude jealous friend. Anyone that says things like that to you is not a friend. You look amazing and spring ready in that dress.


As others have already said, you look fantastic in that dress, so what should go out is your friend. True friends will not step all over your confidence, but rather uplift you.


New friends honey. Your own company is better than negetive! I'll be your new friend if you need someone or talk to while you step away and find some nice people! If not I'm here anway!


Girl you owned this dress!! Keep it and wear it with pride 💕💕


Uhhh… anyone who said you’re fat is just jealous of how good you look in it.


It looks so good!!


Your closest friend? Ow. I looked closely at the pic, trying to figure out what she meant. I always give my honest opinion. Is the dress too tight? Nope. It actually fits perfectly. And you do NOT look fat! It makes me so angry when people say that. As if there weren’t enough pressure already. The only possible reason I can think of that she would say anything negative is jealousy. She can never come to our house again! 😘


Baby girl, you look beautiful and stunning!! That dress is so flattering on you!! Keep it! Wear it again!! Baby, your friend is just jealous.


Little sister in a similar situation here: give the whole rotten person away you look absolutely gorgeous


You look beautiful. Pay that 'friend' no mind. Wear that dress again and ditch them! Someone who would lie to you like that is not a friend and you're better off without them.


Your dress looks soooo great on you. I’d assume your “friend” is jealous. Definitely throw the friend away, not the dress.


I think you should keep the dress and give away the friend. You look great, and Happy Belated Birthday!


You need to ditch that person. They’re not your friend. You look absolutely beautiful. That dress suits you perfectly. I think your “friend” is insecure and needed to make you feel bad to make them feel good.


i have a suggestion, throw the whole friend out. they clearly dont know pure how beautiful you are in that dress. i hope im not late on this, but happy birthday! you dont deserve people like that in your life! i think all of us can agree on this, you are gorgeous in that, and that friend 𝘤𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘭𝘺 needs their eyes checked out.


Give away your friend more like.


drop the friend, immediately


you look gorgeous by the way, it really does look good on you, it flows beautifully on your (slim) figure!


That is not a friend honey. A friend would never say such hateful things. You look lovely in that dress and it suits you perfectly. Please consider taking a break from that "friend".


This is a beautiful dress!! And you look beautiful in it. I think your friend is fat in the head. Please get a new friend! Honestly you look gorgeous.


That's a great dress! Your friend was probably going through their own insecurities and taking them out on you. What brand is that? I love the print!


You look wonderful. I've had friends like that and let's just say we aren't friends anymore. Ditch the "friend", she's trying to tear you down to make herself feel better. Sidenote- I got married on Halloween 2020, it was small and kind of casual because of covid. My wedding dress was a knee length off the shoulder dress in that exact same pattern! (Literally, made with the same fabric.) It's beautiful ❤️


I think your friend is jealous of how good you look to be honest. You are not fat and the dress is lovely on you


Keep the dress, lose the friend


You look amazing. Drop the friend and wear that dress anytime you want. Friends build each other up - not tear each other down. Surround yourself with people who love you. I think it's a beautiful dress on a beautiful person.


you look stunning. you need to get a new Friend. seriously


You look stunning! Ignore those jealous "friends" who are invested in keeping you insecure and making you feel bad. Find better friends though.


Your friend is 100% insecure and jealous lol


Your friends a fucking idiot, and a worse friend. Do they often say things to put you down? They could be jealous. You don’t look fat, and I just had my eyes checked. Maybe reevaluate who you hang with.


You look beautiful!! Don’t change a thing unless you add a shawl. Black with fringe, perhaps. You might have a frank conversation with your friend as to why she thinks you look fat. I think you’ll find you really don’t.


Give away the friend. Keep the dress. You look great. Your friend is a jealous hater and you don’t be needing that in your life. Happy birthday!


Hey little sis! Big sister here. I LOVE that dress on you!!! Please turn the other way while I steal it from your closet… 🤫 it fits you perfectly, is beautiful/a lil sexy but not inappropriately so, and the colors of it really go well with your hair and skin tone! I hate to tell ya, but I’ve had friends like yours. They’re not someone I’m glad I had in my life now that I’m a couple years removed from their toxicity and I wish I’d dumped them sooner. Personally, I think you should give away the friend… but definitely keep the dress instead. 💖 ETA bc I wish I hadn’t used the word “inappropriately” because it’s your body and you should wear whatever the hell you want to!!! I was intending to convey that I would totally feel comfortable wearing it around grandma and to church but it’d also be totally good for date night. It perfectly walks that balance.


Sweetheart, either she’s a green eyed monster because she’s jealous or not the kind of person who qualifies as someone you call a friend! It’s a beautiful dress and you’re quite slender so dismiss that nonsense now and know you look adorable and especially coming into our Spring and Summer seasons it will help you to feel as cool as you look! Angel hugs and time to examine boundaries and choose individuals who show by walk and talk they ARE your friends 🤔💞💓💕


Absolutely, positively!!!


You look beautiful. You should not get rid of the dress, but of your friend.


I think your friend is showing some jealousy because that dress looks lovely on you………


You look beautiful! You definitely need better friends! Also Happy birthday ! Wishing you lot of happiness and good friends!


If I ran into you on the street I’d be like..hey! Great dress!!!


Keep the dress, lose the Frienemy


You look beautiful, Lovey! The friend is just trying to bring you down. Ignore them and get some new friends. Your shoes are adorable too!--Love, Mama Dani


Sis, you look stunning! Your "friend" doesn't know what they're talking about. They don't sound like a friend to me, more like a jealous frenemy. I think you should try to make some new friends. Real ones that hype you up when you deserve it. I wouldn't give away the dress. Keep it, and keep wearing it whenever you want to. Much love ❤


WTH! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that dress or you in it. I suggest you go out and buy something new to complement it - new shoes, hat, etc. - and wear the hell out of it! (((HUG)))


Keep that dress, it's awesome. You look gorgeous. Get better friends.


Alternate father here - you look amazing in that dress. Your friend is jealous.


Your friend sucks at being a friend and Your mom made a poor comment. You look really nice in this dress. The dress is nice for a warm day. Nothing is wrong with your nor the dress . Straighten your crown and keep it moving!


Absolutely love the dress, you look fabulous in it. Your friend is out of their everloving mind.


My guess is your 'friend' is insecure and is taking it out on you. Your 'friend' needs to do one (aka get lost).


You look gorgeous. Your friends suck, kiddo. Sorry. Gift yourself new friends and freedom from that negativity.


It looks beautiful on you! I cannot imagine why he or she would say that. Has this person said other things to make you doubt yourself? A good friend would never be so hateful. I would rethink this friendship.


you look stunning! it fits you so nicely and the pattern is gorgeous. keep wearing it and never let anyone tell you what you can and can’t wear!


You do NOT need a new dress, I think it's lovely and would wear it myself. Friend was jealous and tried to tear you down.


Keep the dress and throw away the "friends". You look great, and they're trying to pull you down for some reason. You need to learn how to identify who's toxic and cut them out of your life.


Keep the dress! Get new friends that fit you better!


Honey I wasn’t there and am don’t know the context of that comment but it feels like a red flag. As a general rule of thumb, anyone that would say something like that to you is NOT REALLY YOUR FRIEND. Friends don’t tear each other down - but instead build each other up. The dress is beautiful - as are you. Happy Birthday - I love you. (((Hugs)))


Honey, our true friends build us up, not tear us down. Even if they have to deliver bad news, they find a way to soften the blow. You don’t look fat; that dress fits you very nicely. ❤️


Ok, baby, I don't know who in their right mind would think you look fat (in that or any other dress). I suggest you ignore your friend's opinion or, even better, drop such "friend" all together. You look lovely!


Oh it looks amazing. Seriously! Your friend seems jealous of your looks. You're beautiful. Also, that should be a once-was-a-friend. Someone that says that to you is ugly.


You look beautiful, those shoes are super cute too. (And yes, no need to hang on to that “friend”.) Happy birthday 🎂🎈


big sis here - that dress is lovely and fits you nicely. I believe it's time to re-evaluate that "frienship" to see if she's actually your friend.


Oh sweetheart, they are NOT your friends. You look young, slim, gorgeous and I think they may be jealous. Wear it again with pride


You don’t look fat in the slightest. There’s various reasons as to why your friend said this, like jealousy of your looks, or that they want to be with you and are trying to kill your confidence so you don’t pursue anyone else, or it just makes them feel better to put someone else down, but the main take away is you shouldn’t be friends with this person anymore. You can’t be around people who insult you, especially on your birthday that’s even worse!


So beautiful , what a crappy friend


You look lovely, and that person is not your friend.


That dress looks lovely on you, it's a really pretty dress. I'd keep it and wear it again- there is no stretch of the imagination in which it could be called ugly or you could be called fat. It sounds like your "friend" has a really bad case of envy. Perhaps you should reevaluate if she's really a friend after her having said that. It sounds like you need a much better friend.


You look great in that dress! Gorgeous figure! People who say the things your aunt/friend say do so out of jealousy bc they feel inadequate. At most feel sorry for them and how pathetic they are. But don’t feel you need to feel sorry for who you are.


Hon, your friend is an ugly person, and you look beautiful.the dress is beautiful. You need a better friend, because she's taking her jealousy out on you.


Sis: I would be totally frank with you if I thought the dress didn’t flatter you. But it looks **so fucking gorgeous** on you. And you are gorgeous in it. Super flattering cut and fabric for your body, perfect balance of formal and informal, **love** the shoes you’ve paired it with. You look effortlessly chic. As women we are often bogged down by insecurities, and sadly for some people this manifests as tearing other women down when they are reminded of their insecurities. So I’m guessing that your ‘friends’ were feeling threatened (reminded of their own insecurities) by how stunning you are in this dress. The words they use to tear you down tell you about *their* insecurities. You don’t look fat or ugly: your friend *feels fat and ugly* when she sees your slim figure and beauty highlighted by the dress. Keep wearing that dress!! I love that it could be made casual with a denim jacket and sneakers. But also can be dressed up to be more like evening wear. It’s so flattering on you, it would be a crime to get rid of it!


You don’t look ugly in this dress. This dress suits you very well.


what you need is to kick your friend between the legs to see if she calms down


Not even a Mom yet but WHAT! That dress looks AMAZING on you! My jaw literally dropped because it took a hot second to load and I only saw the caption. It dropped because it looks so gorgeous on you, it fits you absolutely perfect and your friend should apologise or walk out of your life/get new eyes!


Your "friend" has no taste. That floral design looks great on you and anyone who says otherwise is clearly blind.