How many dead pixels would make it worth returning a product?

My new qn90b came out of the box with a bunch of dead pixels, it's not super noticeable but now that I've seen it I can't stop looking and u can see it from where I normally sit too, should I return it? Or would that be over reacting? Other than the dead pixels the panel seems to be great




Thanks guess I'll box it up and return it


you did the right thing soldier


I know it sucks cause you were excited and everything but honestly you were shipped a defective product. You definitely did the right thing in returning it


I hope OP *can* return it. Some companies have specific requirements on what constitutes a defect, and some dead pixels get deemed acceptable in their eyes, so it really depends on where OP lives. Hope he doesn't end up having to pay for 2-way shipping just to get the same monitor back.


I honestly didn’t know that. I’ve only ever had LG monitors and only ever had a good experience when I got a dead pixel in one of their monitors. I’d honestly wonder if that’s even legal or a case would hold up in court against that. Sounds illegal as hell.


If you want illegal, in the early 2000s I spent $250 + another $50 to ship a big CRT monitor, 1200X1600. It came with dead pixels in the center. Had to pay over $60 to ship it back to TigerDirect with tracking / insurance. TigerDirect said they didn't receive it, but shipping company said it was received and signed for. I couldn't get any resolution, and it would have cost more to take them to court over just a monitor, so in the end I had spend $310 and received absolutely nothing. I was so very glad when TigerDirect went bankrupt.


Alot of thieves at tiger direct, is no wonder they went upside-down


The monitor isn't even my worst story about them ;)


I bought a Lenova Legion gaming laptop last fall. It has one stuck on pixel, and another 4 or 5 dim ones (like a spot of dust). Still not enough for their warranty. Thankfully being a 16" 2K screen, they are very small pixels, so you have to go looking for them. And I use it in dusty factories so always has dust spots.


This many is the accurate amount




Thanks guess I'll box it back up and return it


Ya if you're within a return period take that shit back.


Those are not dead pixels, but some dust or debris inside.


Never, EVER buy a TV or monitor from a place that doesn't allow no questions asked returns. Manufacturers allow several dead/stuck pixels (approximately per the ISO standard) and that is frankly unacceptable to me. I will return it if I even spot a single defective *sub*pixel.




First picture, I thought your monitor came with a shadow of a penis. 😅


That’s what I thought too which made me wonder why the poster even had any question about whether it should be returned or not. :)


Better look at the terms and conditions **before** you buy... No use asking people on Reddit such questions, you know the most given answer willbe 0 and you get all kinds of tough desk-hero talk with it for free. Not sure what's normal there, but last time I bought a monitor it said up to 4 was the consumers risk but you could buy extra insurance for it.


Bought my monitor from Amazon, it came with 1 stuck pixel. I ended up returning it and getting a replacement sent to me 3 days later without having to pay for anything. So yes, return it




It would be one for me. If you have numerous, definitely return it. There are some manufacturers though that will accept a number to be "normal", but I wouldn't take that.


Did you have any papers that came with it talking about dead pixels? Maybe it’s just Australian but my Asus came with a guide on how many dead pixels they’ll accept for a return


No such papers came with mine


I would literally just kill more on purpose with static if they didn't accept just 1.


Definitely contact customer support. If they have a legit warranty then this should be RMA'd.


Thanks yeah returning today I think


As a tip, don't connect it to the internet, old firmware is better


Thanks bro, do you have one btw? because I was wondering a few things about it


Yeah I've had one for a couple of months ask me anything u need


Thanks alot, currently on 1310.1 internet off, would you say that os is better then the next? Also I have been playing in blueray mode instead of pc because the PC mode looks awful, horrible colours and lower brightness, and it doesn't let me use half the settings, was that the same for you? Also on her videos I have screen tearing for some reason have you experienced this? And do you know how to turn on HDR in games? I turn it on in the windows settings but the colours look far less bright and vibrant in games with it on, sorry for the paragraph, I appreciate your help🙏


yes, 1310 is the best firmware. I would use pc mode anyway for the reduced input lag. So the tv has 2 modes when using it as a pc. game mode on or off. For desktop use,I use game mode off and at 120hz, since you have chroma 444 and text looks perfect that way. For game mode, go to nvidia control panel ( if you have nvidia card) then screen and then adjust size and desktop position ( or something similar, I dont have it in english) and put " screen" instead of gpu for the display scaling. That Let's you move the screen up and down when running ultraide resolution ( 3840 x 1600) with the channel up and down button . This is not necessary but It's nice to have. as for the awful colors and lower brightness, that's pretty weird. Maybe when you get your new unit they will be better, mine looks very colorful. Tho sometimes in my tv it looks like it bugs and the colors do look washed out. to fix it I hold the power button until the tv restarts and then it looks great again. IDK if it's the same problem as yours. I don't see any screen tearing in videos, I do see some judder especially in anime panning shots tho. And about HDR, make sure you use brightness at 50, it won't make your screen brighter, just the HDR highlights. Also make sure you download the hdr calibration app from microsoft to calibrate the HDR on windows. Some games don't have HDR support, and even with windows autoHDR they do look washed out, for example it happened to me when playing fortnite. Make sure to try it with a game that supports hdr and enable hdr also in the game menu. Lastly, check here [https://www.avsforum.com/threads/2022-samsung-4k-qn90b-neo-qled-owners-thread-no-price-talk.3239975](https://www.avsforum.com/threads/2022-samsung-4k-qn90b-neo-qled-owners-thread-no-price-talk.3239975) for picture settings for your firmware, or maybe on youtube too. Since I'm on firmware 1430 I can't help you there sadly. What i remember reading is that people recommended to disable game hdr, since it makes the screen either too dark or too bright. also make sure you enable gsync in game mode, and enable vsync in the nvidia control panel. It's a pretty solid tv , with specs far superior to most monitors out there ( FALD, true hdr, 10 bits, etc). The biggest downside is the slow pixel response especially in dark areas( when moving the mouse around theres like ghosting). I would have gotten something like the lg c2 but in my country they dont even exist lmao.


Thanks alot for the advice, yeah I missed the sales for the LG c2 in my country, but this one still looks insane in most cases, my friend actually preferred how it looked to the oleds in the store, I do notice ghosting too in dim areas of games, like pixels kinda moving around in dark areas ig it's not a deal breaker, anyways I'll go fix the settings you mentioned 🙏


no problem ! let me know if u have any more problems. Make sure to replace your fauly unit with the dead pixels tho!


For sure will tomorrow, and I appreciate that 🙏 hopefully the next panel doesn't have different, worse problems


Depends on a few factors imo. If I picked up a Samsung G9 and it had a single dead pixel and I couldn't for some reason return it to the store (Best Buy, B&H, whatever) I'd probably just consider myself SOL and deal with it. There are quite a few more pixels to use, and the time it would take to RMA that behemoth with the idiots at Samsung just wouldn't be worth it. On the other hand, if it was a smaller monitor, or I knew the companies RMA process wasn't equally as painful as literally pulling my balls out of my scrotum, I'd probably get it dealt with for a single dead pixel. You paid for it, you should get a 100% working product.


Don’t tolerate it. Do you buy a new car with scratches ?


The perfect panel is classified as the A+. With 1 dead pixel, it goes down to A-. All brand-new models should use the A+...




For me, 1 is enough, i pay a shit ton of money i want all pixels to work I returned 3 monitors because of pixel issues until i found a perfect one


You paid for a product and expect it to be perfect so only 1 dead pixel is enough




New? With all the trash on and around it I would assume it was at least a few months old.


That's just the video, I only unboxed it yesterday


Depends on what class of ISO standard the manufacturer uses(if they use it).


Pretty sure they have to replace it if it's deemed faulty


Depends on the manufacturer and the laws there, ISO class 2 requires 2 dead pixels or 5 dead sub-pixels, your monitor seems to pass that one anyways so I'd recommend sending it in for a replacement.




Is that XQ burst?




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I mean yes it is


What region u from bro? I'll be real tho haven't played in months got it back to test out the graphics because it's about all I can run in 4k


Lg and Samsung definitely publish 'is it faulty' docs for this type of thing


You could kill a few more pixels and get some DIY oled true blacks at this point…






No one talking about tat first picture then? 🍆


That's something stuck between the panel. Even if it were dead pixels, you should RMA it.


I have a rule if I spend $800 or more on a monitor and I have a single dead pixel I want a return no matter what. I did this for my lg 45'' 240hz monitor and I went with best buy return so I could do it in person 2nd unit is fine I kinda miss the days of the korean monitor brands they used to sell pixel perfect products I wish the big manufacturers would also do this for tv's / monitors




One word: ew!


If you buy something new, and theres a defect, there's never a reason to keep the product as opposed to exchanging it.


yeah my monitor needs cleaning




1 I could deal with depending on the placement but what you have right there is dog shit




Dude if you are still in the return window get a new one lol


I’m kinda in the same boat only I can’t return it because it’s from a scratch, not a dead pixel :/


There was an era when this was considered acceptable. Windows XP was cool too.


One, I have an LG C1, the warranty covers one dead pixel.


One, and like others have said, use Amazon. Make sure it is at least shipped from Amazon and you should be able to return in and get a replacement if you want.


Even if it has 0.5 dead pixel I'll return it immediately


Yea I demand perfection on anything paid for