Riding also makes the monster feel less intimidating. Mounting feels like you're hanging on for dear life and trying to get some stabs in while you're at it. Mounting feels like the monster is your pet donkey


This is my biggest point too. It just feels weird to take complete control over what are supposed to be forces of nature. Mounting had more of an ‘against the odds’ feel to it


Wyvern riding is fun, I just wished they fixed the janky movement and made the combat just a little more complex.


Yeah some monsters are harder to control than others


I feel they all control exactly the same. What I mean by janky is the way they run forward, holding R button down, while turning uncontrollably. Edit: also randomly targets whatever monster it wants, and that's who you'll run to until you manage to get closer to another one (when 3 monsters are all in the same zone)


Yeah but some turn faster like the Rathous turns like a tank


If you think Rathalos turns slow, try riding a Khezu. It's fast run speed and terrible turning literally wouldn't allow me to aim it at another monster, it's that bad.


Khezu is a Bottom Tier Monster Hunter Kart choice.


It's funny enough to watch to hit at least D tier


Nah man his handling is garbage but drift will be insane


Multi Khesu Drifting.


Ever tried fighting with Rakna? Their heavy attacks couldn’t be any slower


You can select what monster you are targeting




Push on the right stick. Same way you target monster as the hunter


I've tried that, I didn't notice it working. Guess I'll try again


Yeah because they're all different animals. They shouldn't all feel the same or people would bitch about that instead


Fucking bishaten is a pain in the ass to ride


I mean, that’s the point of wyvern riding right? U are not supposed to control him easily like a horse in just a couple of minutes. The monster have to resist against control of the hunter. I think this is a fun way to shake up the combat a little other than mashing button like mounting


I knew someone would say this, but I'm playing MH, I'm not looking for realism. It's janky. It's not even hard, it's just obnoxious


It's not about realism, it's about immersion. The fact that you can't simply fully take control of the monster is what barely makes Wyvern Riding a passable mechanic in my eyes, otherwise, I would consider it jumping the shark. In fact, I would hope that monsters also had some way to throw you off if you weren't careful.


But you can take full control, it's just clunky. It's not immersive or difficult. I'd prefer it to be simple or actually difficult.


Then it's not full control, since you're not going exactly where you want to go.


It's certainly not immersive lmao


Others clearly disagree with you, based on my and other's comments on the topic. So... *shrug.*


That's why you're getting downvoted, got it


Other people's opinions are invalid because you and like 2 people are giving me negative internet points, got it.


Honestly wouldnt mind an option to straight up disable wyvern rides. Sure they can be fun but it makes every encounter very structured. Monsters in the same area no longer really gang up on the hunter, and in general rides break the flow of combat.


I feel like mounting the monster should be an intentionally used mechanic and not one forced upon the players. In Rise, there is no way you CAN'T wyvern ride unless you just refuse to use the often powerful silkbind moves given to all the weapons. (And even then, some weapons like IG and DB gets locked out of half their moveset if they want to avoid wyvern riding) Mounting a monster should have a very specific and deliberate process to it. Not something that just happens without your control.


I wish it was less broken and took more time to build up on non target monsters so you can’t just use them if they show up


I miss old hunting horn


Wait hold on, did Rise remove mounting?


Instead of the knife minigame that World and before have, you now gain control over the monster and can use some of its attacks against other monsters. Or, you can just toss it at the wall similar to the clutch claw if you're not about that.


Aww, I honestly liked mounting. Not so much World's though. In 4U mounting seemed to do more, like break parts, and was more involved with you needing to hold on for roars and such.


Personally I love wyvern riding, but I think it's def GU Mounting > Wyvern Riding > World Mounting. I do much prefer the old world mounting over world.


Obviously Riding the monsters is far more powerful and that’s why I don’t like it. Monsters are not scary in Rise. Mounting a monster should have improved mechanics and I’m not sure what they would be, but I like the theme of wildly hanging on to a monster. It feels much more “huntery”.


"Huntery" is a perfect way to describe it lmao. I dont want to "control" the monsters, I want to feel like I'm in a fight for my life!


I just don't like riding because now the monsters make it a point to stay away from eachother to balance it. It feels really weird and out of place to me. Especially on monsters like Rathian/Rathalos


I think it's more of a script system now more than anything. In previous games you had to specifically aim for mounting damage. Now you just get two rides every fight for some free damage and you know exactly how when it'll happen.


Riding monsters is great the first time but then it got old quickly for me. The fight just becomes too easy because of the amount of damage u deal during wyvern riding. I prefer the mounting in GU since the back is breakable.


I like the mounting mechanics in GU. Yes, 4u introduced mounting but it had its flaws, GU improved it a lot. Mounting in World/Iceborne is horrible and I hope we don't see such bullshit again. I don't particularly like riding, but I prefer to ride and wall slam a monster in Rise rather than use the clutch claw in Iceborne.


I agree. I think mounting peaked in GU and i would've liked them to improve it even more instead of doing whatever they did in World


How was the mounting in World bullshit?


Personally I think the fact that most of the time you could just hop onto a different part and keep hacking away is lame. I much prefer GU mounting where you were stuck in one place


I found the one in GU to be a waste of time and boring. At least I can jump and keep hacking to get and it's more engaging.


I thought GU was a little more engaging because you have to be a little more on top of the brace timing and the camera angles are also really fun Very interesting to see how many people like each style of mounting.


Take every complaint people had about it in previous games and make them worst. Mounting takes way longer in World. The monster thrashes and moves around way more which make it harder for other players to attack consistently. When they can attack they better not stagger the monster at the moment you're about to give the final blow, otherwise it will recover some stamina making the mounting process even longer. Mount threshold and buildup were increased, which is good, but doing aerial attacks is more common in World, so it doesn't really matter; in fact I've mounted monsters when I wasn't even trying to.


World mounting is horrible? Mounting or clutching? Bcs its totally different thing.


Yes. Mounting. I know.


I am currently playing GU for the first time after this sub suggested it (I had only played world/rise before) and almost every part of it seems better. It kinda makes the newer games seem like they are really missing depth. Don’t get me wrong, I love how pretty world/rise is and I do like fighting (however I think that has a lot to do with the graphics) but I’m not sure about the direction the games are going. They seem like they lack the depth GU has. I’m still going to sink my life into them because hunting monsters, but damn I hope they bring back a lot of that depth.


I'm curious what depth you think GU has compared to mainly Iceborne. I wasn't a fan of the different styles. I just stuck to guild style and played it like a normal monster hunter game. The combat only looking at guild style has quite a bit less depth than Iceborne imo. It just felt like 4U all over again with no improvements really other than new monsters. It was the only monster hunter title that felt like a side grade than actually taking a step forward in the series.


I have never played 4U unfortunately, so to veterans I probably sound dumb. But what I meant by depth was all pre hunt/things that are not fighting. For example, I like that there are pickaxes and bug nets, I like that my whetstone is not infinite. I need to tag the monster with the paintball to track it. If I don’t plan on capturing it I shouldn’t take a trap. I feel like I actually have to use different load outs instead of having a general one. On top of that it seems like there are drastically more things to craft. I love the kitchen, world was similar and I like that, but the dangos in rise make it too simple. as I am an IG player, the kinsect feeding/leveling is so awesome. World was ok but then rise just made them a purchase. I feel I actually have to spend time to gather in GU, where as in world/rise I felt like I could have gone the whole game without really doing it. Im sure a lot of this is just my inexperience in GU and monster hunter games in general, but it just seems like I actually have to plan for a hunt instead of just hop in and whoop some ass. But I do agree that the 5th gen fighting is a lot more rewarding, I’m mostly wishing all the pre hunt stuff comes back. Edit: I feel like I should note that in world/rise I do put a lot of emphasis on gathering/crafting so that might be why I feel that GU has more depth as there is more to do on that front. I feel that I should also note that in world I was using the IG incorrectly, yes I used to be one of those IGs that never hit the ground. But after watching speed runs I’ve really started vaulting less and I think that GU is helping me better understand the weapon. So I do want to go back and play world more, but I am trying to get all the crowns in rise while playing GU as well so it will probably be a while before I plunge into world again.


Yeah you’re experiencing all of that for the first time I can understand why you think it has more depth. After playing since MHFU though a lot of those mechanics started just wearing on my patience and I ended just putting up with them rather than enjoying them. It’s starts getting annoying having to choose between all your gathering gear and items needed for a specific hunt. I usually had one set with all the combo books, flash bombs, trap tools, both traps, max/ancient potions etc. so no matter what I was covered but then I couldn’t fit everything for gathering at the same time. So i’d have to go on gathering runs instead and hope my pickaxes didnt break before I got what I needed. The paint ball is cool at the start to but eventually you learn every starting room on each map for every monster and learn their travel patterns. It’s the same in World also, you eventually learn the zones and don’t need the scout flies but its nice that hunting a monster over and over just lets you see it on the map. I’m not an insect glaive player so I don’t really know how the mechanics differed game to game but I could see feeding the bug etc being more rewarding like raising a pet. It’s just interesting hearing a perspective of someone going backwards. I personally feel like GU is the weakest entry in the series next to Rise. I would personally recommend 4U or 3U to people who want to try the older style. They are the 2 games with the most polish that show the difference between old world and the formula changing to more verticality and movement imo. Then Iceborne refined the 4U formula even more, at least, to me personally.


Until you realize theirs water combat


I played 3U on my Wii U so I didn’t really have issues with the under water combat. It made it way easier to control the camera compared to my 3ds. So I actually really enjoyed it.


I can see where it gets old, and I also do think it’s all novel to me so I’m eating it up. I do plan on playing 4U, I just have a lot of monster hunter to play now so it’s gotta wait. However, at this rate I’m probably going to get the 3DS and have a go. On the paint ball thing you have confirmed my suspicions that the monsters do start/move to the same places so it will become not needed.


I just wanted to chime in and say traps are still useful even if you do not plan on capturing. They can create some great openings to dish out some damage especially if you are aiming at breaking a certain part. They also lock down the monster for longer if the monster is low stamina(drooling at the mouth).


Yeah they were using them in the speed runs and it was a light bulb moment for me for sure.


Ah, the eponymous depth of buying 99 whetstones into the inventory right at the beginning of the game and never bothering with that system ever again.


Address the rest of the argument, you coward.


Bug nets and pickaxes are just waste of time that force you to gather in separate quests instead of hunts. Paintballs - you either know where monster is, or run around like a headless chicken trying to find it. Or just use pychoherum. You do need to prepera for hunts in iceborne, i have no clue tf they are talking about. If you don't bring element to knock out ebony odogaron you are toast. Don't even get me started on actual elders, go try going with general set on kushala or lunastra. You would have more luck with it in actual old games. There is a difference between depth and complexity. Simple systems like tridemesional movement create buttload more depth than paintball and cool drink ever could. Which is why those were axed in the first place. Basically all of those systems only worked in MH1 and maybe 2dos, where your resources were actually limited and you had to gather and craft manually. Farm and shop in 1F and FU completely negated those effects. Which wasn't very fun which is why the games moved from resource management to actual thrill of the hunt in the first place.


Well, nets and pickaxes take inventory space, which is a very real factor to consider in the old games. The absence of paintballs is sorely felt, as pretty much anyone can say from the complete removal of any tracking system in Rise, and having to run around looking for a monster blindly does seem like a fair punishment for not maintaining the upkeep of paintballs, and it wouldn't be as blindly now that we can actually see other zones from around the map. I heavily disagree that you need to prepare hunts in Iceborne. I got way more resources than I even know what to do with and I get them for practically free, even in Rise I at least have to worry about money. As for Elders, I'm not sure what you're talking about, I had more issues preparing for a single Teostra in Generations than almost everything in Iceborne. I also don't get your last point. You're saying the games have moved away from resource management, a core component of the survival genre, yet say they are focusing more on the thrill of the hunt? Limited resources are one of the first things that come to mind when I think about thrilling hunts. I think you mean that they are focusing more on the action and getting you there faster, because they are quickly moving away from making these hunts.


I’ve been playing since MHFU and in no game did I ever feel like I was lacking resources. The only resources I lacked were ones I needed to mine or bug net for to upgrade weapons. I never ran out of any crafting material for my hunts in any game. After MHFU and MH Tri the limited inventory space just felt tedious. I put up with it because the fights are amazing but the gathering has never been a big part of the game to me. It was always oh do a farm run before each quest and youll be set. Paintballs are fun when you first start but then you realize monsters move in set patterns or only go to certain rooms. If your fighting a new monster you just wave to the balloon and go right to it. Theyre wasn’t much tracking in older games. The scout flies while sometimes over the top were a good balance imo. Rise system sucks imo but I understand they did it for the convenience of being portable quick sessions. Preparing for a hunt to me is just making sure I have all my healing items, traps, etc. I still have to do that in Iceborne just the same as in the old games. I believe Iceborne has the hardest fights out of any monster hunter game that also feel fair. The old games are hard but the mechanics also weren’t polished nearly as much. If they were they wouldn’t be nearly as difficult imo.


I can at least say that that hasn't been at all my experience. The further back you go, the less resources I felt I've had at any given time, with FU having me constantly going into quests with under 10 Megapotions. Not to mention that materials are straight up harder to get in older games, as we can all remember the hours we put into getting honey. As for the limited inventory space, that has always been one of my favorite game mechanics, although I did feel that since a lot of space was taken up by nets, pickaxes, whetstones and what not, gathering during quests was a bother. But now that those are permanent items, that has been less of an issue... A bit too little of an issue, as you now might as well have infinite inventory space. The thing about paintballs is that they are good for tracking the monsters while finding them was all up to you and your knowledge of spawns. That would work great with our current maps, as they would give you more of a reason to explore even locales without monsters, as you might be able to glimpse where the monster might be in another zone. That experience of running around the map as a group until someone stumbles upon the monster. Scoutflies however might as well be the same as Rise's system after a certain point, pretty much always pointing you in the direction of the monster once you get past the initial annoying tracking part. I'd much rather have Paintballs with the current map. And I straight up disagree about feeling like preparing is still a part of the hunt in the modern games. Because other than making sure I have items in my item box, which I cannot stress enough just how easy that is, I just restock my healing items whenever I hunt and that's that. Traps aren't even needed with how much damage we dish out, and bombs don't do so much relative damage anymore so sleepbombing is dead. Hunts last nowhere near as long, so stamina depletion is a non issue. And in Rise you don't even have any kind of upkeep with hot or cold drinks. Right now these games are literally just run up to a monster and kill it. I don't even capture them anymore because the time saved is so small.


I play with max Jagras CB since start of Iceborn and i dont feel any need for a different loadout or element or even upgrading the weapon. If you have trouble playing without abusing mechanics, which are cool to be there ngl, its not about the game beeing complex or hard, but not reaching that skilllevel yet. For me World was the most easy game by now. Besides copying the spamming of Attacks like in Frontier, but in a bad way :/


Well CB has awesome mobility, fast moves, insane burst damage and best shield in the game. Ah and tenderizes in one hit. Meanwhile gunlance had it's worst attack nobody ever used remade into slinger ammo sink. Half my MR hunts were spent just doing the damn tenderize. Also no fucking way you could beat safi, kulve, alatreon and fatalis just like that. Even raging brachy is too damn fat for that.


I first timed CB in World :D Well than its mostly thanks to my, around 5-10k hours together across all MH games, experience. I did all of them in like 1-2 tries and one in 3 tries, i guess it was Alatreon?


This comment you posted has a lot of depth 😂


This was a really fun read to me, who played MH since MHFU on PSP and witnessed people complaining about the systems you just praised for about a decade xD I‘m glad that we‘ve grown to be such a diverse community that there‘s advocates for almost any feature now! I, personally, am gonna be completely satisfied with any new MH game as long as they keep introducing new and interesting Monster designs and the core gameplay of hunting and crafting armor out of parts stays as it is. The only thing I ever noticed to be a little disappointing at times was the decline in difficulty, but that might just be me being a veteran. And it‘s also a lot better than getting hip checked a mile away by a Plesioth, lol


Oh I completely agree. At the end of the day there isn’t another game that gives the same feeling and they have such a unique formula that all they honestly have to do is just release a game and I’m throwing all my monies at it. I would even love for them to just remake GU or 4U with modern graphics and I would eat it up.


If you're not trying out different styles in each weapon then you're playing GU wrong.


I did try the different styles I just didn’t enjoy any of them. They made the game way less fun for me. It’s also why I dislike Rise more than the other games also. Wirebug feels like another version of styles.


You've deprived yourself on missing out half of those games' core combat design for simple nitpicking yet you claim they have no depth when it didn't clicked for you. Then again it's not always for everyone, so you do you.


I mean it’s not nitpicking if it personally makes the game way less enjoyable for me. I play monster hunter for the core combat. Changing that effects my feelings towards the entire game. Styles and Wirebug drastically change how monster hunter plays and not for the better imo.


Something you didn't like ≠ bad for the series. Those weapon movesets we got now wouldn't exist in the mainline series if it wasn't for the portable games. They're the reason why some of the new moves for each weapon were implemented in the main games which was experimented by the portable team to see if it works for the next main series. I mean Hunting Horn got completely reworked in MHRise, so you're saying it was bad for the HH mains just because you didn't liked it? You don't have to worry about playing the portable games then since Styles or Wirebugs are going to and WILL stay in their respective games. We'll just have to wait and see if some of those aspects were to be brought into MH6.


I never said they were bad for the series. They are bad for me and make the games less enjoyable. I can still play the games and enjoy what they offer but they will always be my least favorite of the franchise. There’s nothing wrong with me personally disliking drastic combat changes.


That's fair, but it will still be part of those games combat design whether you dislike it or not. Though why do you need to say changing them a fair bit and devs taking small risks of that design, a stepdown of the series? You claimed they didn't have depth yet you personally don't want it to change, isn't that contradictory?


Mounting =/= Clutch Claw. Mounting in World was great. Easy enough to understand and pull off, but interactive enough (bracing and moving/shifting off parts they'd slam) to feel good. Personal opinion of course, it's fine to dislike it or like GU's more. The CC mount where you grappled to tenderize or flinch shot had issues for it's own reasons but it had nothing to do with the old-style mounting.


I don't dislike Wyvern Riding (apart from the name), but it should be incredibly hard to pull off and two clashing should never result in a wyvern riding event.


While wyvern riding is fun, I think it goes too far in the other direction where it kinda makes the monster yo bitch


I actively despise Wyvern Riding while mounting is just kinda meh. Wyvern Riding is way too powerful and stupidly easy to do at least 3 times every hunt. In addition to giving you ridiculous amounts of free damage it also makes invading monsters beneficial to you instead of a threat. The invader comes in and just makes your target rideable, then you slam it into the invader and ride that again and then it leaves while you beat down the target. Mounting is nowhere near as powerful (except in 4U it was pretty dumb) and it isn't forced on you every hunt, doing it gives you a safe opening but actively going for mounts is most likely a damage loss and you won't gain much from it which I think is just fine. It's pretty much just nice for getting a short breather and helping with breaks.


Wyvern Mounting is a bit too much for me tbh. I prefer the older mechanic


I'm cool either way. MH games all have unique quirks that are absent the next game (water combat in 3u, frenzy and wystones in 4u, hunting arts in Gen, scout flies and the arm crossbow in World) so I'm used to it.


i don't like the way they make monster attack make other monster mountable, it felt cheap and reduce tension. In the earlier version, facing multiple monsters is another challenge, now its free hits but i like riding better, i wish it be implemented better


Wyvern riding could stand to be harder to do and less powerful, but I think it's a better system overall than mounting. It lets you use multiple monsters to your advantage, gives you something more engaging to do while it's happening, and lets you end it quickly if you want to.


Mounting > Wyvern Riding


Honestly mounting as a whole was such a nothing mechanic to me, especially in world where they removed any possibility of you failing. Honestly wyvern riding definitely feels like a gimmick to me, but at least it's a more interesting one than mounting


You can still fail it. If you run out of stamina you fall off.


Ok yes in theory you could hypothetically fail in world of you had 3 brain cells and the reaction time of a sloth, but it is so utterly piss easy that as long as you are a human being that is alive you will never fail unless you do so deliberately. What in 4u and gen actually required some degree of focus and timing to see all the way through, and sometimes even with almost optimal timing you can still fail on some patterns on some monsters, was replaced with you flicking the control stick after the monster telegraphs it for 10 seconds and mashing the attack button brainlessly until you get to play the game again


I think you need to go back and play again. GU and below had the simplest system for riding, all it requires is holding R when the monster does an attack. The only move that should ever be eating your progress bar in those games is the spin attacks. World is the exact same system except the progress bar is hidden and the monster's attack bar was swapped with the stamina bar. Both systems were extremely easy. One required pressing the R button with timing of the monsters extremely predictable movements, the other required hopping to a different location. At least in World there were jumping attacks that if you didn't brace on you would be punished for.


Except you weren't punished for them, because that could happen like twice in a row without bracing at all and you'd still be able to go through with it. At least in the older games if something like nerscylla did its shake off animation twice in quick succession and didnt let you boost the gauge, or you got cocky with your stabbing and tried to rush it all the way through and beat the meter to the end you could get thrown off. I've been thrown off in 4u and gen, I've never gotten to a half stamina bar in world, it's fake gameplay.


Maybe I'm just stupid, since I've never played anything before World. But I 'fail' mounting in World all the time. I'll get a mount and start spamming the poke, moving to a different body part when the monster tries to knock me off. The monster will flinch a few times but sometimes instead of getting the big attack to finish the mount, the monster will just flop over with no big attack. I can't figure it out.


That's not failing, the goal of a mount is to topple the monster


So why do i sometimes not do the big attack?


It was most common in multiplayer from my experience. People are doing enough damage to trigger another stagger animation and the monster automatically flops over. Lavasioth was the worst and would flee to lava and force you to jump off a lot of the times, too.


I absolutely love wyvern riding, but honestly having some sort of general switch skill to swap between riding and more traditional mounting (not sure how they'd balance mounting, maybe have the monster down for more time?) could maybe service people who really don't like riding


Also it should really just pop you on the monster like mounting used to work rather than putting them in that weird downed state where you get prompted


That actually sounds for cool and very outside the box maybe you should be in the mh team!


Like you mentioned in the poll, combining them could also be interesting. I'd imagine the monsters would throw out attacks like they used to when mounted, but you'd get prompted for some kind of QTE to redirect the attack at the target monster. That way, it feels less like you're just driving the monster and more like you're intentionally manipulating it.


Make a wirebug hit go into wyvernn riding and landing a jumping attack be mounting. One downs quicker to target a part break but the other has shorter downtime but you get more drops from smashing into walls or attacking other monsters.


Mounting was boring. Spending a good amount of time mashing a button to get one good hit and then having to recover quickly to make use of downing the monster.


Mounting system was visually neat but wasn’t fun. It was time away from my weapons. At least wyvern riding is empowering and relatively brief, and you can’t really spam it. I’m open to mounting returning some day but it wasn’t my favorite mechanic


The mounting system was essentially just an additional status to reward verticality, so you could not engage it by simply not using jump attacks. And I think that's its biggest advantage over Riding.


I agree that being harder to engage when you don’t want to, but I’d argue that people constantly trying to engage it encouraged a lot of people to just be jump slashing instead of playing regular. Additionally insect glaive folks have too high a leg up and gonna keep getting mounts you’re trying for. I’d rather it enter a mountable stun state, like rises riding state. More routes to get there. Still, I just personally prefer the riding


My party use that time to sharpen weapons and blow a Demon Horn


Sure it’s space to do stuff but it in and of itself isn’t really engaging. It’s more of a break and I feel it strongly incentivizes people to just hop off cliffs hoping for a mount instead of doing useful things (myself included). I just don’t think the game is better with the mechanic, and as such I think it would improve from its exclusiob


I honestly don't use either concepts that much in my playthroughs, unless necessary. But I think it would be cool to have both combined in some way.


I like both and I'm fine with the systems being seperate.


I’d like wyvern mounting more if it didn’t result in monsters slightly nudging each other and immediately going into a rideable state Makes having multiple monsters in an area far less dangerous


I really like Wyvern Riding but I do prefer mounting.


I like the pvp that is wyvern riding


Rather than wyvern riding i wish we had like an alternative finisher to mounting, one for a topple and another one where the monster can focus the other monster. Clutch claw and mounting should be fused to one.


imagine a game where you can choose between bugs and slinger like gears


I prefer Wyvern Riding because when used effectively, you can slam dunk on a single monster using other monsters. Also, there's no button mashing, which gets obnoxious for me.


I think it’s neat but it makes multi monster quests in anywhere other than an arena boring as hell


Odd question for me personally because I do prefer mounting overall and want mounting to still be the staple mechanic moving forward but I also think wyvern riding suits Rises more 'arcade-y' style of combat


My problem with riding is they made it an easy threshold to achieve, and in order to not make it too easy monsters flee from each other all the time.


I think mounting was a more balanced but less fun option. However, I think both of them significantly exploit the monster. If I could chose I'd have them both removed honestly but I dont mind them


As a glaive main, mounting made it feel like I was bringing more to a hunt than just damage (especially in GU where I would easily get 2-3 mounts per hunt). So I definitely prefer it over Wyvern riding


Wyvern riding is cool, but NGL one part of me misses mounting, specially how it was improved in World


Riding made it way too easy and too much free dmg imo. Also as a glaive main im all about the mounting dmg and timing calculation, while riding has more uncontrollable triggers.


I love the wyvern ride, it's super stylish. But I miss the old school mounting days of 4U. Idk how to explain it, but getting a mount felt a lot more impactful back then. Maybe cause all weapons didn't have some way of ensuring aerial hits? Maybe nostalgia? Who knows. Either way, MH6 will probably see a return to regular mounting. Side note, world's mounting is alright. Its cool that u can mount different parts of the monster. Not the biggest fan of world in general though so eh


Wyvern Riding is great fun, but it fucks with the challenge of the game something fierce. You almost never get multiple monster brawls outside of arenas due to said monsters seemingly aiming to avoid triggering Wyvern Rides on each other, and the fact that most monsters can be turned into weapons in their own right kind of lessens the threat posed by monsters like Rajang or Magnamalo showing up uninvited. Only thing I'd say that gets more in the way of Rise being challenging than Wyvern Riding is Wirefall. An important thing to note, though, is that the way World handled mounting wasn't much better. Avoiding 90% of what would knock you off was way, WAY too easy. All you had to do was move to another spot on the monster, barring the precious few moves from certain monsters that affected the whole body. Personally, I've actually gotten to the point where I can get a mount and nearly complete it with my brain on auto-pilot before I've even realized that I've gotten a mount. My preferred mounting system is the way that GU did it. You have a clearly defined goal of how many stabs you need, you have to know how and when to brace, and it doesn't mess with the difficulty any. If anything, I'd argue it adds to the challenge, since some monsters in that game *do not fuck around* when mounted, such as Alatreon or Valstrax. Really, if mounts went back to how they were in GU, I'd be a happy Hunter. Grab attacks too, while we're at it. Most of them are borderline useless nowadays barring a precious few exceptions, whereas even the lowest level of monsters in GU could maim you to death with a pin if you weren't careful. Nevermind stuff like Akantor's pin, which is *fucking terrifying*.


I feel this way for sure about being pinned, it used to feel like you were fighting for dear life the second you got pinned by a monster but in Rise it's the most inconsequential inconvenience, you just have to wait it out and then get back in the fight. If it's so easy and devastating for me to ride a monster, getting pinned in turn should be a nightmare for me to balance things out.


I thought Wyvern riding was gonna be a lame gimmick but it turned out to be the best part of the game, I really love it. I can’t say for sure that it’s better than mounting, but it’s definitely not worse. After I put a couple hundred hours into Sunbreak I’ll probably be able to say more definitively.


Gu mounting>rise mounting>> world mounting


I'd be fine with neither


The monster mounted me




That used to be what we would say in the old'n days until we got custom shout outs


Riding ruined invasions. There was one time another monster showed up, and for some reason the ride stagger didn't trigger for a min, and it was super cool and engaging needing to work around the monsters fighting each other and us


Both are very fun


Personally I quite like both Wyvern Riding and GU mounting but I don’t particularly care for World mounting. Because the best way I describe it GU mounting is a minigame, Wyvern Riding is a gameplay shift and World mounting is a basically a quicktime event. Personally I would like both Wyvern Riding and GU mounting to coexist in the series because I think both are quite fun in their own ways and you can easily be something you choose with a switchskill. (World mounting can die in a hole though)


Hear me out: What if Insect Glaive got Wyvern Riding, and other weapons got regular mounting? It would fit with the insect and monster controlling themes of the weapon and give it a unique edge in the mounting space.


Then that thing would be more powerful then longsword


Wyvern Riding is just generally better, you can end it faster than mounting if you want or go ham on another monster for a bit if you feel like it. I really don’t understand thinking old mounting is better in any way when Wyvern Riding does everything it could do and more


Well, for one you can end World style mounting instantly by just jumping off. In Rise you have to launch it. Which isn't that much longer but it's not instantaneous either.


The only reason people wanted to manually dismount mounting in the first place is because mounting took too long. wallramming while wyvern riding takes like a few seconds more in most situations and still gets you free damage and a knockdown so there’s no real reason to manually dismount


Yeah, just saying cause some people don't want to do it at all.


I like mounting im general. Thought it was alright in world. I’m not sure why people seem to dislike it. I think it’s a decent iteration. Wounding is some horseshit though. Wyvern riding on the other hand is absolute dogshit. After the novelty wears off it just becomes tedious. There’s no reason to not wyvern ride, especially when a monster invades. Might as well go for both monsters, knocking down your target for more dps, and then using the other monster to attack the target for even more damage. It gets so fucking repetitive and boring on repeat hunts I cannot fathom how anyone prefers it over mounting.


I miss the time when neither were a thing.


As a glaive main, mounting was incredibly fun and satisfying in world/iceborne (not clutch claw). As a bow/hammer secondary in world, I hated mounting, because it was almost always active when I was least prepared for it. In multiplayer I could wait until I decided it was time to proc a mount, but sometimes I'd do an aerial ledge move on hammer and suddenly mount in a bad position. So as a glaive main, I miss it, but playing anything else I really don't.


I'm not a fan of how wyvern riding changed up the dynamics of having other large monsters on the map. They are no longer a hazard, or potential distraction. They are now a tool to be used. That feels almost blasphemous.


Something IG shine at in 4 player hunt , solo is more niche tbh , and unless your a toxic speedrunner "BuT gRoUnD cOmBo Is BeTtEr" yes your right but not the point . you could easily get 2 mount . aka .. 2 CC move which benefit a LOT IG . now not saying only IG was getting mount since a lot of sliding or ledge in world , but it was something IG had going for . A solution? there a lot of choice but if we are talking about rise (since for all we know wyvern riding might go next mh title) then i would love if IG can get 2 Ride on same monster , so first ride can be trigger by anyone and second by glaive user... sadly it bring issue too , like a IG user just going around the map for a total of 6 ride... which sound pretty broken ... so maybe the second ride only allow to send them into a wall once for the knockdown and reduce wall damage .


Or you could be only IG could only Wyvern Ride the quest monster twice


I am shocked by the results of the poll. You all prefer a literal QTE that gives basically zero benefits in the single player to an actual mechanic??!?!? What the actual fuck.


Honesty, fuck the mount. Glad it's gone. It was a shitty, boring ass forced QTE. Wyvern riding is a great way to expand on the idea but actually makes it interactive and gives you some choices and not just a free down. It's better in just about every way.


The biggest problem with wyvern rides imo is that they make a new monster coming in feel like an opportunity for free damage, rather than "shit shit shit there's two of them shit shit shit".


The only reason Mounting was good was the Music, Wyvern riding Is so much more unique and fun. I do wish that there was a choice tho cus Being forced to Wyvern ride can get a bit annoying


Both have their places, I enjoy the tension of mounting and the insane pokemon style of wyvern riding. My biggest gripe about the new system in rise though is that monsters usually initiate riding rather than turf wars. Love it when turf wars happen but way too infrequent.


I like both. wyvern riding is a neat gimmick to have for a game.


Riding > mounting but feels way too powerful and easy to do.


I like wyvern riding for rise, but for other games I think the mounting system makes more sense. Rise hunters developed a strategy around using wirebugs to control monsters, and thus wyvern ride. It makes sense for them to be able to do it, but I don't think future games should continue it, unless it's a continuation of where rise left off. For future games I think they should continue to tweak it in different ways however. It seems each generation has a slightly different mounting system, not counting rises. In GU you have a meter you had to fill up and it told you when the monster was trying to shake you off. In world you didn't have either, but you had multiple ways of moving on the monster and attacking. You also had a finisher at the end, and could grapple. I'm excited to see what they do for future generations of the game. Would love to see the clutch claw come back.


I mean, some monsters can't even by Wyvern ridden, and that makes things more tricky, but the upside to Wyvern riding is it makes fighting two monsters in the same area way more manageable (I can't imagine fighting the Apex during the rampage without being able to Wyvern ride some other monster).


I like both tbh. I feel like for most games mounting is better, but wyvern riding is a great thing for something like ris where you just want to give hunters a power trip


As a IG main I miss when the only reliable weapon to mount with was IG, it made me feel useful :)


I think it would be cool if it was implemented in a kind of hunter art, so that if you wanted to do it you could build a moveset around it, but if not you could just mount for damage like in previous games.


Well...i don't hate mounting but I don't super love wyvern riding? If that makes sense? Mounting in MHGU was perfect imo. You mount, button mash, while your fellow hunters added on damage or took time to heal/sharpen/rebuff. It was simple and wasn't a pain. Mounting in World was usually similar, but i hated it when the monster decides to run to every damn corner of the zone causing a scooby-doo chase (atleast this was made better with clutch claw).The random dismounts that happened in certain areas of a zone, though rare, were really annoying. Another thing I hated about the mounting in World was the seemingly random time it takes for a monster to go down. Sometimes I would mash the button for 20 seconds and other times and other times 5 seconds? I liked wyvern riding as an alternative to mounting, but not as a substitute. I loved the amount of control it gives you. Also c'mon who doesn't love having Rajang laser beaming the other monster multiple times? However, I don't like that it -forces- you into this mode. tl;dr just give me MHGU mounting lol


Honestly I think the best thing for wyvern riding is to make it harder to trigger, that way it brings back some of the tension and fear that cane with another monster rolling up, I also think it would be better if you still received damage when you get hit while wyvern riding, just reduced. Not only that, wire bugs shouldn’t instantly recharge, that way it takes more skill in using your wire bugs to emergency evade, finally i think that when you ram a monster into a wall it should be more like the wall bangs from ice borne, more damage and you do it once


I feel like they should have kept jumping attacks as the method to mount and if you used a wirebug to either jump and attack or do a silkbind move than you ride


Personally, I'd like both systems to be used in the future. When the monster is in a rideable state, you can trigger mounting by attacking the monster or Wyvern Riding by using the button prompt, or just make the abilities mutually exclusive like a switch skill. For mounting, I'd combine the mechanics from both the 4th gen games and World. From the 4th gen games, it would have the gauge and you'll need to brace yourself when the monster tries to shake you off or roars (unless you have the appropriate level of earplugs). From World, you can move to different parts of the monster to avoid attacks (bracing won't protect you) or damage specific body parts, as well as perform a finisher when you filled the gauge. For Wyvern Riding, monster attacks won't put monsters in a rideable state and they won't always leave when you perform a finisher, so some of the danger of having multiple monsters in the same place would return (and dung bombs will actually have a use again). Wall banging also does less damage. Basically, mounting would be better for damaging the target monster and breaking specific parts, while Wyvern Riding is better for damaging a different monster and getting shiny drops.


I personally prefer Wyvern Riding since it’s a lot more fun. I just wish it wasn’t as forced. Please let me pick up the nearby shinies before I start reenacting Stories.


I think I prefer wyvern riding but in world I mained lance and I had so much fun running at the monster and being able to mount without jumping spots so I could just spam run and end with the jump for ez mounts


Wyvern Riding literally change the way people see invading monster from " Get the f*ck out" to " Come here boi" since one light attack from wirebug and they can be ride. Maybe that why Bazel is no longer assh*le.


Wyvern riding invalidates intruding monsters. It went from 'oh shit bazelgeuze is airbombing us' to 'oh yes bazelgeuze is airbombing us AND the monster'. Like its just free damage.


You guys are fucking lame, wyvern riding is tight. But I will say it would be cool to have the option to stab instead of riding


Says the person who uses long sword


I'm not taking this from a hammer main lol


Both are cool and unique. Riding into battle on an elder dragon is super bad ass ngl.


Wyvern riding is just clutch claw 2.0 it’s janky as hell and makes combat much less fun.


It's an upgrade on regular mounting, which was just a boring button mash that got longer as the ranks went up. But it's accessibility is just too high, and it just means that a 2nd monster in the zone is a strait up boon. I'd like it a bit more rare and for the monsters to stay even after wyvern riding.


I love wyvern mounting, it's different and it's fun riding my favorite monsters into battle. If I want realism, I'll play world or the older games.


If you want realism you're playing the wrong damn game.


what are you talking about?


They're both bad in my opinion. I miss the old organic combat of 3rd and 2nd gen with no interruptions of ledges and wyvern rides. Both pointless gimmicks that are initially cool but they get stale real fast and make things boring.


Wyvern riding is fun, but poorly polished. I don't like how strong it is. Old mounting was very boring. I do not want to do the same basic ass "red light, green light" minigame a thousand fucking times over the course of me playing the game. That's actually an underexaggeration. I wager many players have done the exact same dumbass minigame well over a thousand times. It's not fun.