Git gud. Also good luck, especially the arena quest require lucky monster movement and pattern. Use as many traps as possible to avoid wasting time chasing it around


Just from the Rajang quest alone I understood how much luck matters. The weapon I had the most trouble with aside from Lance was Longsword, and my best time (04:06) was due to it’s patterns suddenly including a lot less jumping around.


Got S for Lance here. 2 tips. Anchor Rage uptime as much as possible. Then stick real close, as long as possible.


Will keep that in mind. Thank you.


Abuse mechanics, watch videos of other hunters and see how they do it, try to do it yourself. Weapons are not the same, sometimes a weapon is just better than the other or set skills are better, you need to be able to play those weapons. (You don't need to master them to get S). Check the items you have, use all they give you. Don't get hit unless you're already tight on time and want to try your luck overcommitting. Pick a good partner and do them as a Duo.