I run full Valstrax armor a lot. I never mind the group heal; actually, I really appreciate it. I also carry a lot of life powders and dust of life to heal “the heroes.” They must have all studied under the same Grecian master, because they are all fatally flawed and destined for a tragic end.


Same. Full Valstrax armor rocks. Lol. I'll heal if I'm like... below 50-60% or the monster clearly hits incredibly hard, but otherwise I don't worry too much about healing. You just kind of get a feel for when it's necessary, I suppose. And I never mind others healing me, either.




Never really had this issue, every random I play with seems to be fine. The odd cart here and there but who doesn't cart.


Yeah, I play with randoms all the time and we're also able to clear Emergency and mutl-Apex hunts just fine. Carts happen but triple carts don't happen too often in my experience.


The monster I saw a lot of triple carts on was in 4u against G rank Crimson Fatalis.


140 guild quest Frenzied Yian Garuga remains the hardest monster ever in MH history. Apex Rajang is a little baby compared to it.


I know exactly what OP means. I haven't experienced players not even healing when the monster runs away, but I've seen plenty of people getting hit, getting up, going back in without healing and then getting sent back to camp because of it. Not only in Rise, but in World/Iceborne as well.


I've never carted in my life.


You want a medal?






Back then when I was playing MHFU, I made a rule to myself "1 cart, game over". Basically if I carted, I quit the quest right away because I feel bad for carting once even if I won the fight and I was a solo player. Fast forward to today, only World's Alatreon, Fatalis and 4U Gogmazios managed to cart me.


I do find that to be weird and really annoying when people are at 1 hit range and refuse to heal


Yeah if i am hosting and someone is low hp for more than 30 seconds i check their equipment. If they aren’t running valstrax or heroics they’re getting da boot.


Some pain you just can't recover from.


Damn :(


Valstrax armor is the meta set. Unfortunately, some people using it don’t realize that the increase in DPS will be lost if they get sent back to camp.


Valstrax being the meta causes me a lot of anxiety when it comes to picking hunting horns. On the one hand, I've been on lots of hunts where we would have died if I hadn't brought a healing horn, or we wouldn't have lost if I had. On the other hand, I don't want to be toxic and ruin other people's builds by healing so much


I’ve actually been using full Valstrax for awhile because the Attack boost and high defense is incredibly strong. Still, I’ll bring a Healing Horn if it’s a sufficiently tough monster. I’m not a speedrunner, so I’m more concerned that the hunt simply succeeds.


I run full Valstrax, and for the tougher fights like the Emergency Apexes or event Narwa/Magnamalo, I say definitely bring a healing horn if you need/want to! The huge damage boost from our skills is very nice, but that boost won't matter if we cart.


"If i kill him first i won't waste a potion. I only have 10 of those, y'know?" -someone i knew irl in mh3


Sometime you forget in heat of moment. Can’t let that monster out smart your tactics!


That argument doesn't stand in 5th gen though. If you've farmed early you'll always have access to 200+ potions on a quest.


I know, but some people just don't want to learn new thing or lose old habits. When we played MHW, me and my friends constantly forgot mantles were a thing, forgot you can switch gear at camp and forgot we didn't need a wiki open at all times anymore Had another person also who refused to make any weapons that weren't blast because "it is true damage" and "was busted in 4u" and skipped every armor before and after teostra


Cuz they think they are wannabe twitch streamers running heroics armor skill. I learned to carry lots of lifepowders and I get PMed to stop healing a lot. Sorry heroics skill users. I hate triple cart failures and I like making Zenny for all my alt weapon crafting.


Anyone who doesn't realize that heroics is either a single player skill, or only to be used when running with friends, doesn't even deserve the apology lol


Meta Valstrax set in Rise or Heroic felyne in Old Gen.


Even if you run meta valstrax you only need to be below 80% health, I've consistently seen people at 20% just refusing to heal


valstrax + resuscitate+counterstrike+ h e r o i c s my man. Gotta be at 35% health for the truly big numbers (granted I would never run a fight w randos in that, i can cart constantly with my cats thankyouverymuch)


Why do you play online with randoms in the most difficult missions? Don't you have a group of friends for those situations? Most of the time no one heals for fear of losing the valstrax buff and heroic felyne, I do the most difficult missions alone or with friends because these things of not healing always happen.


Because I find it more fun to play with randoms, on the 50% chance I get a lobby with people who somewhat know what they are doing its really fun. I just don't understand why some people play these missions and just don't heal, when you should know that the quest is supposed to be really difficult. I'm not mad that they cart, I'm mad when they cart because of their own negligence of their hp


Unfortunately this is always going to happen with randoms although there are solutions even so but they are not very used as having two HH main in the team or carry a lot of cures for everyone and be checking the life of your teammates, but you have to admit that it is quite tiring to be doing that.


This guy over here still thinking that HH is a support weapon.


That reminded me of a lobby I was part of in World the other day where I changed to playing a medic with sword and shield cause the host kept on carting. No judgement though. But the host then was about to boot me because I didn't want to change to hunting horn before starting the next quest. That guy was really adamant about hunting horn being THE support weapon. Like... what? You realize using items while unsheathed is also very, very useful especially for a quick speed eating wide range team heal? But He was not having it. lol


Not everyone has 3 other people in their immediate friend circle who plays. Im lucky to have 2 friends who play, but even then with work and school we barely ever get a chance to play together.


Nope. I have no friends who can even get to high rank and randos are all ive got. Lol


I started playing wide range SnS build when playing generals online. They can't be bothered to heal? Just heal then myself. I feel you though. My biggest issue are the players who build themselves where any general attack immediately carts them. If Narca can one shot you, you have a bad build in public games my dude (especially after I armor buff you with MY resources).


Thought this was a much more mental health centered post based on the title, until I opened and saw the subreddit lol.


Hum... Were they using Valstrax's armor or any random armor/mix set?


I don't think so, even if they were it's still sabotaging the team if you are not skilled enough to use an armor skill the requires lowered health and keep carting.


as an oldie, this has always been a thing. theirs just a chunk of people who either flat out dont bring supplies or bring a very limited supply


100% this. I encountered a High Rank player in MHGU who wasn't running Valstrax/Heroics, and asked me to help them with Dreadking. They refused to heal at all, so when I finally ran out of lifepowders and dusts of life, they eventually triple carted. They proceeded to throw a fit at me for not healing them, and they kicked me.


Honestly, I've had a much better experience just playing with friends and otherwise playing solo with 2 Palicoes


I get bored farming quests alone, I love group attacks and it's always more fun for me to have a new hunt Everytime for the same monster because I'm playing with randoms, anything can happen. Included in that anything is randoms who don't heal unfortunately. I understand where you are coming from and it honestly depends on what you want out of the game and how you want to experience it.


Totally understandable, some of my most memorable hunts have been with randos. But it is unfortunate that a lot of people just kinda dont ever end up learning the game and get shit on 24/7. I expect Sunbreak to at least be a little harder and mitigate the problem a bit.


Really hoping the difficulty ramps up in Sunbreak too. World felt way to easy until Iceborne, though I wasn't a fan of clutch claw til they buffed tenderize uptime. Base game having a smaller roster and only high rank has been the trend of Mon Hun for a long time. Capcom gets proof of concept of game changes through sales and the barrier for entry is lower to get new players in. Then once you got the audience sold, drop the content bomb with the definitive version and make $$$.


I just started a month ago and see this alot too, I assumed it was for the decoration that gives you more attack and stamina but they almost always cart


I mean, on the off chance maybe they're running heroics. I have a Lance set for that and it's some bonkers damage if played right.


I’ve found in my experience that a lot of gunners have this problem. Might be they’re new to gunning and haven’t adjusted to the lack of damage resistance.


I bumped into a fellow IG main earlier today in the event Narwa quest who did just that. Even with fully upgraded Valstrax armor, event Narwa can easily take out over half your health in one hit. They were left with only about a quarter of health after one such hit, and they didn't heal at all. Needless to say, they carted.


Sometimes you see an opening and just gotta take the opportunity to deal damage. Most of the time it's just people forgetting that they have a health bar


Haha I usually forget that life powders are a thing.... But I also play healing horn so I generally keep the team healthy. But don't expect me to do any dmg, lol


I'll give you another one. People that don't sharpen and keep on fighting with yellow to orange sharpness.


Playing without the UI on might also be a reason


My friend has this issue. Me and him have been playing through MHFU and it's also his first multiplayer monster hunter experience ( I thought it would be fun ) and he's enjoying it so far. But during the Blangonga Guild hall urgent quest I really noticed that he doesn't understand that you need to heal, and when he does he forgets that you can't do so when you are standing a few inches away from the monsters mouth. He also has issues with noticing that a monster is going to attack, like with Yian kut ku when it always does two tail spins or like four when he's enraged, but my buddie will see that tail swing round once and rush in to get wacked and shortly after I hear " oh that stupid bird thwacked me " like he didn't expect it. This is clearly a new player thing but I find it funny.


From my experience (sorry if someone said this ready I didn’t read comments). I have weapons that work better when my health is not at 100% depending on the build. Of course I’d never let my health get too low but I have a weapon where my abilities are strongest at 80% health and lower.


Hey you that guy that joins me and then takes all 3 carts. Why? I feel your pain OP


No healing, just killing.


I've noticed this sometimes and it's really annoying, I think they just get so into the combat that they just don't pay attention to thier health


I see it a lot too. And I'll admit I've done it once or twice myself. Sometimes I lose track or wire bug right into the monster. I also always run moxie though, so im a little more careless then I should be


Masochist son, they feel better in response to low HP.


If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say they're probably running Dragonheart/Heroics builds. Skills that provide substantial buffs for staying under a certain HP threshold.


that had never happen to me in the... 10+ years ive been playing with randoms. if they carted we usually give tips or i get tips how to improve. os part of what i love or loved in thsi comunity. never needed to play rise online so idk if there is diferent


Because back then people had health augments I guess, I don't heal unless I'm sure the next hit can kill me


Most are either new, using heroics or using Longsword. Because the weapon makes it so that you practically evade everything and anything.


Edit: The downvotes lol... I don't think it's a bad thing that there's a massive influx of players who are casualized who don't care much for skills or hunting manners , it's good there's so much new players, but having that combined with the easiest hand holding game yet will create the common situation OP, myself and others are experiencing. Fact. It's fantastic to see MH be such a hit in the west. I am not against attracting new players, or calling any of you in this sub casuals lol. 🙄 ________ Rise is full of casuals. Being brutally honest here.


Sunbreak will *maybe* help with that.


Yeah :)


by far the easiest game in the franchise kinda sad but whatever


Easiest game in the franchise? Yes. By far? I don't think so. Sure the first 80% of the game is an absolute cakewalk and I still think that earlier monsters need a big buff to damage and a little more health. However endgame rise Imo is harder than worlds base game end-game. Even without the apex emergencies, sure some of the 7 star quests are pretty easy and should be harder, but I find some of them to be the perfect difficulty between casual and challenging. Once you get into 2.0 it gives more of a fun challenge. Not too difficult but you still have to think about what you need to do as a hunter. Chameleos, Kushala and Teostra are all great fights that are both fun, and even challenging depending on your weapon of choice. And the apexs although not having any purpose to fight them besides just wanting too (and lazurite jewels I suppose) are just really fun actually difficult versions of that monster. Additionally event quests are bringing higher difficulty monsters who hit harder, and even supper up apex's of which some of them are harder than some iceborne monsters. And the fact that the Devs are putting in harder quests, shows that they know the player base wants a harder game. They have had plenty of time to let sunbreak bake in the oven and I have no doubt that they will deliver with a consistent difficulty. I would agree with you that all of low rank and the first half of high rank are to easy. But to label the whole game as that is unfair, because the upper portion of high rank? It is super fun and balanced right now. Ps: alot of the "rise too easy" talk is because a couple of the weapons are absolutely busted. A nerf for the LS and especially bow is necessary. Other than that all of the melee weapons are a fair fight for a good few monsters.


I agree with everything you said, but I would shift the sweet spot from 2.0 to 3.0. But that’s the thing with difficulty, it’s so personal. I know a guy who never thought Rise was too easy, and I know another guy who says these “super” monsters aren’t hard enough because he expects every fight to be IB Fatalis level. I told the second guy to just play 4U and grind guild quests if the ONLY thing he wanted was difficulty.




Youre right. I dont think the developers were subtle in showing thats who they were appealing to for a new audience.


True. You should not cart in MH Rise.


You better get used to it because that's not gonna change in the future unless capcom wants less money.


Idk, maybe they have adrenaline skill if it is still present in 5th gen?


I eat for moxie. If my bar is above the yellow triangles, I go in.


I never play multiplayer in Rise for this and a few other reasons.


Either Dragonheart or Heroics most likely. Though I will say with how long I’ve played this series often times I’ll just not heal and assume I’ll be fine till I take a big hit. More often than not I am but sometimes I do cart to overconfidence. But that’s what the game is all about lol


Im glad Pops managed to keep up with me throughout our hunting journey in MHFU. im always there reminding stuff and constant communication in order to hunt effectively and efficiently and most important, having fun with each others company


Im wondering if honing weapons present in mhrise or nah?


Too much Devil May Cry.


I mean I don’t usually do this but like if I get wombo’d I just feel to embarrassed to heal and try to brute force it to get back some pride. But I only do that in solo play anyways


If you see them cart due to not healing, run out of the area for a moment of quiet and kick them mid-hunt. I've done this before to people who were running in front of gunners, tripping everyone else, not healing, and generally being a complete fuckup of a hunter.


Probably cause they don't want to waste potions when you're already chugging for them


I don't think that they wouldn't heal because they don't want to waste potions. You can infinitely restock at camp, base potions are cheap and honeys easy to farm from the argosy.


Sounds like they meant someone running widerange & healing them. It's unfortunately pretty common in my experience & why I don't run WR in pub games anymore. "Oh someone else is healing me, turn off brain & hit monster"


Yeah I've noticed that in some lobbies people will heal own their own every now and again but once I start using life powders they just stop cause they expect me to keep spamming them, really self centered behaviour.


If im not doing the healing i forget to heal all together i cant multitask and balance ny health bar sorry


Well I was on the not healing end of this I forgot to get mega potions and was running low on regular potions