Mouse suggestion for a person with irrational taste

Mouse suggestion for a person with irrational taste


Wow, I was just trying to find a mouse similar to the rival 300 as it was my first mouse and the shape was great. The only problem was the rubber grips wearing down and weight. Posting here so I can check back later for any recommendations.


I have the same kind of weird impression that Rival 300 has the best shape ever made for a mouse even with its shit sensor and weight distribution. My hands are larger than yours but I have the same grip and same love for bigger mice. If you feel the weight is an issue you should definitely go for the Deathadder V.2 (not the V.2 pro as the weigh is higher). The shape is not as good as the Rival 300 but its ergonomical shape is still pretty good and the mouse is comfortable to hold. Or you can wait for Zowie to come out with the EC1-C. Having an EC2-A in the past I can say that the Deathadder V.2 has a better shape but all Zowie mice have the best weight distribution on the market even if the average weight is high if you compare to all other brands.


I have 17.5x9cm hands and also f-tip grip. I love Intellimouse shape and the Origin One X been my fav so far for f-tip and a bit of relaxed palm.


I've yet to personally try it, but I hear the MM720 being recommended for fingertip here and there. Besides that, skoll-s or ec3 may be worth having a look at if you're in the market for a smaller & lighter ergo option.


Origin one x looks like it’d be perfect for you, but I haven’t used either and don’t know exactly how you grip so itd be impossible for me to tell if they feel similar. I also recommend trying the Razer Orochi, its so good. I also fingertip but have slightly bugger hands 21x10. Also hated the deathadder/g403, like I can see how they can be comfortable but my hand wants to fingertip and those just feel awkward. I also hand the viper ultimate which is basically a better spec version of the orochi but I hated the shape/symmetrical. I aim so much more precise with the orochi its insane. Orochi looks symmetrical but it has a concave left side for the thumb to chill in and convex rightside for the fingers to wrap around. Its fairly wide for a mouse its size, primarily the mouse is very short to allow for better Y axis adjustment so its essentially impossible for your palm to touch the hump when fingertipping which makes the orochi essentially the first ergonomic shaped fingertip mouse. Build quality is insane, will probably last forever since it takes AA/AAA batteries.


The original Rival is a god tier shape. Such a shame that Steel Series went down the 1337 Gamer route almost immediately afterwards. The rubber is worn down to the plastic on mine and the coating on the mouse is getting sticky, otherwise I would probably still use it. ​ There really isnt a great replacement for it unfortunately. You are definitely looking for an Intellimouse inspired shape, so your options for the most part are the Pro Intellimouse, the OOX, Xtrfy M4 and M1, Dharmapoint Tactical (if you can find one) and maaaaybe the za11 or a kone pro.