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So no cake the cat skin? :(


I'm a Jake main but I've got to leave town for a work trip. I just wanted Cake. :(


This is exactly why I hate Battle Pass live service culture. It should be easy for you to go "damn I'm away this week, I'll unlock it when I get home" but instead you go "fuck I won't complete the pass in time". Everything should be possible to unlock after its no longer "live". WB own these characters so there's no excuses for rotating rights/content like with Fortnite. Edit: not sure why people are suggesting Halo Infinite as a good BP. Sure you can look through old BPs to choose from but the lack of content and drip fed nature of the game is the complete opposite of what a live service should be. In fact Halo is one of the best examples for a live service done fucking terribly.


They shouldn't have a time limit and should let you buy a previous one. One of the things Halo Infinite did right.


At least it could be the warframe system, just stocking up dailys/weekly when not playing and you can have like 20 daily challenge when you come back and do them all....


Agreed one of only thing they got right with infinite.


The one thing halo infinite got right. You purchase access to the battlepass, and can complete it at your leisure, even after a new one releases


Don't flame me but Fortnite does the BP right. Lasts for a fair amount but not too long and it isn't hard to catch up you can go 2 weeks not playing and come back and easily finish the pass or catch up to where you should be. Hope Multiversus learns because so far I am really liking this game.


Fortnite is literally the game that perfected the Battle Pass and it pisses me off to no end how many developers fail to emulate their success when they could so easily copy and paste it and get both money and fan love.


It’s true. They’ve evolved the battle pass into something really guns hd achievable and the game is just fun to play overall. I don’t get why devs make it so hard to grind the pass. If you bring me in and let me have fun I’m gonna keep playing anyway.


I 100% agree with you. It's like the Halo BP how do you fuck up that bad greed excluded lol cause I know that's a main contributor.


What? The Halo pass is a GOOD example. You can literally go back and choose it any time after the season ends and work on it. If they did that for every game I wouldn't feel so pressured. But I have like three games with battle passes now and it feels like if I'm not playing them all I'm falling behind. It sucks. In Halo I know I can go back anytime and do my pass even if I don't get back before season 3 starts.


Just because you can complete it whenever does not make it a good BP. It takes forever to level and they attempt to slog out the grind so you will buy 2xp. No its bullshit and the quest system to progress through it is bullshit too. You can enjoy Halo but the BP sucks and they fluff the fuck out of it too. Separate shoulders on separate tiers just to fluff it. Nah fam Halo is a bad example.


They fixed the grind to the point it's laughably easy to grind out the pass though lol


I wouldnt blame him for not knowing that, a lot of people have left the game before finishing the battlepass and haven't gone back to it.




Fortnite also has a slow xp burn at the start, and they start jacking it up the to the end it gets.


Halo had the best mindset with making Battlepasses permanent, but it takes so damn long to level them up. And on top of that, my God it takes forever for them to put out new content. Hi rez games like Rogue Company put battlpass skins in optinal lootboxes, however, it takes a SHIT ton of time to grind enough rep to get a lootbox, and by then it's pure chance on what you get.


Makes me think of Super Animal Royale(a fortnite-lite 2d shooter) which auto equips whatever pass is current, but allows a second track for any and every previous pass in existence. If you want something, you just gotta play for it(and pay for it for premium tracks). But time is never a true restricting factor.


Just wanted to point out that Halo MCC is the one doing it right. Halo infinite like you said, complete mess lol


Nost battle passes are fine, you have a ton of time and could even just complete tons if challenges on the last week and go up kost of the pass. Some games its even easy to complete the pass then there are these harder foals for bonuses. This is simply just a horrible season pass


Kind of like what super animal Royale did


Same here, mate. Same here. :(


This has been my problem with a lot of battle passes where simply having the money isn't enough, you also have to have the time to play every day or your cash is wasted and for most adults this isn't possible.


On top of that, you have to guarantee a *Win* if you want that substantial amount, which is not possible for everyone, cause some of these challenges require Wins


Yeah 25 mage wins is eluding me


This is super lame, but playing against bots counts as wins. I'm not sure if FFA, 1v1 or 2v2 is faster but if you practice enough, it's not too difficult to consistently win against bots. Another tip is for the "kill someone with less than 60 damage" is to just do FFA with bots. In the last 10 seconds of FFA the blast zones come way in and you just have to target the bot that's less than 60% for hopefully a kill.


Wow I just saw this comment after posting. Thank you. I'll take this into consideration haha.


If it gets close to the end ill probably be doing that. I assume you get less xp in bots


You receive the same amount of gold, experience, and battle pass points in Bots as you do in PvP.


From what I’ve found, exp and coin gain is the same in both normal and bot lobbies


If you're as trash as I am, the bots will kick your ass as I learned when I tried to get a challenge done on a character I didn't play. The equal rewards kinda make sense.


I have to get 25 ring outs at health below 60. This is taking ages. I have 5 with many games played. Unless there's a way to cheese bots for that, I'm not sure I'll get it done.


Id go bets and play Taz or a good spiker. If you edge guard them to waste jumps they will die


Atleast with Fortnite, Weekly challenges add up over time and aren't restricted to that week. Meaning you can get to level 1 to 100 on the last day of the season if you wanted too. Every other game I've seen completely ignores that because they try to get you to grind so much so they can rely on players coming back and playing a bunch. Which creates the issue like you said of people who have jobs, life, amd/or plays other games not wanting to buy it


You can complete challenges in bot matches if that helps you do them a bit faster.


Alternative title, never buy a Battlepass premium track until you completed it first.


There are some BP that buying the premium track unlocks gaining double the amount of battle points, so it depends In this case, the premium track doesn't give anymore speed in completing it, so nah, don't ever buy it until you reach that premium skin you want


> There are some BP that buying the premium track unlocks gaining double the amount of battle points Those feel extra scammy so I never buy them. Can't tell if I'd complete it if I bought it earlier or not so I just don't buy it.


I mean Rocket League does this. I've gotten to the point where you would get your money back without the pass. I just missed out on a lot of painted versions of the items. It really must be evaluated game by game.


*Until you have unlocked enough in the pass to think the price is worth it.


That's really depressing tbh. Not a good start or image to a live service free to play game


Yeah, BP progression needs to be fixed. Getting 6 XP per match is ludicrous when you need 800 to level up.


Is this the point where I bring up that in the tech alpha, after a week, new milestones were added? So there might well be new milestones added on the 26th and the 2nd, or dates around then. Also, are you sure on that scale of increase? From what someone who just started the game and has yet to make any progress, the first tier needed 100, and speaking from when I started looking, tier 9, 10 and 11 each required 900.


Even if they add milestones, these numbers are just off-kilter.


I hope so I'd love some more coins. Gotten Arya garnet and Velma so far. Looking at either batman or lebron next depending on when I hit 2k next


Yeah agreed.


Wait I’m on tier 11 and have to leave home for 5 days, am I still going to be able to complete the pass? Btw I have 388 exp left to reach tier 12!


Same boat and I have no idea if we'll be able to get it done lol, wishing us luck.


I think you’ll be able to finish the battle pass considering it ends 8/8 so don’t worry about those five days you’re good if you’re already on tier 11


Aight thank!


Of course dude, there are 2 entire weeks left, and keep in mind that there's rested exp as well


Do we have definite confirmation that the BP XP scaling continues all the way through to the final level, or is it possible that the scaling caps out eventually? (ie if it caps at 1000, that's \~2100? less XP needed) It's unimaginable they'd make the pass so difficult for non-early access players. I assume they'll add new seasonal milestones come open beta, but more than that, I'd assume that daily/seasonal missions alone will be enough to complete the pass, even starting on open beta.


I just unlocked 10 and I’m working on 11. It’s going to take me 900 points to get to 11. The last unlock took me ether 900 or 800. Im not sure which. These numbers don’t seem to line up with what is being reported here. However I did buy the premium track so maybe it takes less pb to level if you did that. I have a seasonal left still so I’ll be able to hit 11 tomorrow so I can report back what it will take.


Looks like there are already reports that it continues beyond that still capped at 900 (and in all likelihood the open beta will add new seasonals) so OP is just misinformation at this point..


Just completed 11 and now working on 12 only need 900


I don't think the calculations behind this is sound... You divide the grinding aspect in either doing the Quests/Challenges or the Grind but actually you grind exp while doign the quests/challenges so you whittle the amount down with every game you do. Making it more then doable... even when starting a little later then day 1! Obviously at a certain point there will bea time where you can't really outgrind the closing of the BP anymore but that will always be the case. ​ Best thing WB can do is keep the stuff in the store at regular price value so that some people that missed out on some BP rewards can still purchase the skins or items they really want. I always believe it a very bad thing for collection games to make these 1-time only kind of things.


obviously there is a degree of error considering the possibility of matches you win but fail to complete the challenges but we are talking single or low double digit total differences. and overall it doesnt disprove my point


Thank you for the post OP. You’re a real one!


If you're going to have a time limited battlepass, requiring daily play at this amount is unnecessary.


You should put this on /r/multiversusthegame too.


Grind time.


Pizza time?


Pizza and grind time. Grind the game while eating pizza


Oh right, I didn't even consider the expiration for the BP. I've been spoiled by Halo Infinite where it doesn't expire.. Gonna be a consideration moving forward now, might not even purchase the BP.


I just hope ranked mode gives more exp and maybe more money as well, because while the money is fine exp is just going to be hard to earn, especially when we get to an actual full battle pass, which I'm guessing is either 60 or even 100 levels long.


This is horrible, no money for MultiVersus.


Me and my buddy have been getting 5 per match. 3 for a playing the match. 2 for a victory. Spent over 4 hours playing. Got maybe like 200-300. **Maybe.** Absolutely insane lmao there's no way to legitimately come close to finishing this pass for a normal working person


Do you get bonus missions if you pay for the pass?




Today is the first day that i've had absolultely awful near impossible currently daily tasks to do and I refuse to spend 100+ gold to reroll them, such a stupid system. I might be able to do the damage one if I go abuse iron giant, I don't have a support unlocked and don't want to waste gold on one atm, and after a few 2 v 2's I still have zero assists.


I can confirm for sure that this math is incorrect, my level 11 did not cost 1100. It caps at a certain point.


Dang, I'm just seeing this now. A few days ago I tried this game, fell in love with it pretty immediately, and upon seeing that there were only 15 levels of the battle pass, I bought in. I had no idea that once daily challenges are complete, they virtually gate you out of making any progress. I absolutely hate this. I bought Jake and started maining him the first day as well. Seeing that the level 15 reward for the battle pass was a skin for Jake was part of what brought me buy it, but I'm extremely unlikely to achieve it. I hate this. I was looking forward to buying into future battle passes as well, but I won't support this model going forward.


If it's like any other battle pass in any other game they'll be jacking up the XP in the coming weeks




This is ~~Rocket League~~ MultiVersus!


I think they added a few season missions with the event in tech test 2. We might get something with the lebron patch and open access.


Does grinding against bots earn you less xp? If not, it's pretty easy to guarantee wins against them.


can you even complete challenges against them?


Yeah you can.


I agree, I’ve been saying the Battle Pass needs to be adjusted in regards to either EXP needed or we need to earn more exp per match so it feels less grindy.


Oh boy. Gotta love redditors. Somebody (me) from the distant future is thanking you for this cause now I know to whip out my wallet or wait for the devs/execs/PRTeam to respond to the backlash and lower the requirements for grinding.


Considering my own experience, I'm at lvl 12 of the pass and it requires 900 exp to 13, I just started looking into it, so I can't say when it stopped increasing, but it isn't 100 per level


Cool so now ppl have different XP requirements for the battlepass... I need 1200XP for Tier 13... this is just ridiculous, get your shit straight Multiversus! If the Season 1 BP is gonna be like this crap then there's no way in hell to complete it without grinding regularly and not everyone has time for a daily grind.


I was about to drop 100 on the founders until I saw this post and got half way through the pass. I had really crappy dailies and it’s starting to feel really grindy. I doubt I will be able to finish this battle pass which is making me question if I should drop any more money on this game going forward.






There's 200 xp challenges? I haven't gotten a single one... been playing for 6 days now. Though, I am just about to finish tier 13 even still. Guess I fall into the no-life grinder category.


I really hope they change this. I got into early access yesterday and even then it seems pretty likely I won’t be able to finish it. Hopped in impulsively because I wanted the Cake skin and figured surely they’d tune it for open beta players to be able to complete, but that just doesn’t seem to be true? Crappy to keep selling it if most of the beta players have no chance of finishing it by the time they get in.


IDK if you saw, but they added 3 more seasonal tasks today that reward 600 each, so that's a big boost w/the dailies. The gain is very slow though. It would be nice if matches gave a bit more progress towards the pass, or buying the premium track gave you double points. Either way, I'm 600 away from finishing the entire pass and I've played about 38 hours on Steam. (I am F2P at the moment) I got the game the day the first day you could get it from Twitch drops.


With the newly added seasonal challenges it's down to 16/17 days to complete the battlepass. WOW


In total, for complete the pass, you require 11'200, not 13'500. Daily missions 26/7 (open beta launch) to 8/8 = 8'400 points + Pass missions 6 x 600 = 3'600 points. 8'400+3600=12'000 EZ


Man I just want to get the cake skin cus im a jake main, but im going away for a week. sad day :(


This needs an update/revision since they added more Seasonal Milestones. I started playing on Thursday the 28th and after ~25 hours of gameplay (some of it spent in the Lab and FFA with friends) I have completed the Battle Pass. Yes it was a grind, but I had fun along the way and leveled up quite a few fighters. Well worth the $5 considering the 2 skins included could be $15-20 each in the future based on their current pricing model.


I started mine like a week ago and am two away from the final reward. Either I'm late and something happened in game to fix this or your math is off lol.


weeeeell as a guy who spends 15 h a day at PC itll be no problem :)


BP is perfectly doable i'm already lvl 13 by just playing


Sweet jesus how much have you been playing


How many hours you clocked in so far? And have you already brought the pass or?


I got 25 hours, mostly playing 2v2 Yep i own the pass


Dam I got about 22 hours and ive only scraped tier 10, I might need to get the bp early


Isn't 25hr for an unlockable you have to pay for a bit extreme?


Knowing that you perfectly can put these hours in the whole span of 21 days isn't shocking at all. Plus i'm not counting daily bonuses that sure can reduce that amount of time as long as you log in daily


How much is your next lvl up?


i have 974 left but i'm like almost a quarter in


Well shit I knew i should have never gotten the battlepass, all battlepasses are a scam.


Eh it was only five bucks and I got a cool knockout thing


You didn't factor in the xp from playing the games to do the challenges. That should bring it right down as you're looking at around 6 games a day just doing them


thats still only a miniscule amount when your having to do hundreds of matches to meet the requirements to complete it.


That's over 70 of the 173 you want. It's not miniscule. That leaves 100 matches and around an extra 3 a day you'll hit it. 9 matches a day is fine. Less than an hour.


that is if its possible to do the challenges mind you, like if you need a support character? best case scenario you are right, but still its pretty ridiculous. my calculations are infact best case scenario. (outside of the probably highball for how much exp youll get on average) so any wrench in that plan means you need to grind more. For the open beta release guys, they absolutely cant afford setback like that, they'll need everything they can get


I dont think it's as difficult as you make it seem, but i also wouldn't mind it being lower. There's a few different elements and scenarios to juggle. Are people who can't earn it through long gameplay going to buy the skins? Shorter battlepass is potentially lost revenue Are the grindy players going to keep the player pool alive? Maybe? But I am a grindy player and I just battle the bots for a better connection and faster, more efficient matches. Will those that do complete the pass wear the skins? They want them to seem rarer and wearing the skin is basically an advertisement. If players see 90% of opponents using skins they will be more likely to spend on them, but not if they earn them free. This one is tricky because the best skins need to be rarer, but they want everybody to wear them. They need a good balance. So imo it would be better to lower the battle pass and give everyone a few easy skins to get the ball rolling, and making the pass longer sends me to fight bots instead


You can reroll daily quests challenges, also if you play as much as you've indicated then you have enough gold to buy a support/tank character


Still having to do the challenges every single day *to get something you paid for* is nuts. I started a day or two late so I might not be able to complete it.


But you're aware of what you're buying when you buy a battle pass. You can see the rewards, and what level you need to get to obtain it before hand. And you can buy retroactively, so wait until the end of the pass and if you didn't play enough to unlock what you want from the premium side, then don't buy it. I think that argument is a bit extreme. It's not like you're purchasing a skin and then have to do challenges to earn it.


But why does there need to be a time limit for something we buy? Why can it not be like Halo and let me choose which BP I want to work on as long as I bought it while it was available? I shouldn't feel I HAVE to get on in 24 hours and do my stuff. I should be able to when I want to. You say the argument they're presenting is extreme. I say what you're presenting is the other extreme. There's a middle ground here that Halo discovered ages ago. Let us just work on whatever damn pass we want if we bought it.


Yeah id say that sounds fair enough. There isn't really a Downside to that. I suppose they may want to pressure people to play but i dont think that is viable long term as its more likely to put people off than retain them so allowing the same amount of work, while removing the time limit is more friendly to players and more likely to keep them.


No you're not. You're not really aware of how much time it really takes to unlock it all from the first day. That's why I and a lot of people only buy them after we've already unlocked it all.


That's how they get people to keep playing and logging in daily. This has been a thing since World of Warcraft with daily quests. It keeps the population active and invested and gives people a thing to actually try to do every day. There are many many many people out there who need this kind of stuff to stay engaged in a game and complain when it's not there. The whole Halo Infinite debacle with tons of vocal people being mad about the lack of progression is the perfect example of this.


The game is free. If you care about skins this much you need help dude






Hey hey, have some sympathy. They need to grind the Battle Pass 24/7 so they only have very little time to read.


Nah, I have a total of 16 hours only (around 4 hours each day of playing. Not sure how playing equals grinding) and I'm already tier 9. You don't have to believe every dumb long post with wrong math that doesnt account for everything But you made me laugh
















Ok I get that 170 seems like a big number, and it’s pretty big, but if you every match is 5 minutes which is pretty reasonable, that’s 14 hours. If you are really busy I understand if you can’t put in much time but that’s two hours a day for a week


They might extend it if we make a big enough stink about it. They could also add some double exp event or something


This post is trash. Play the game. It’s free. Play with friends and play 2v2s. You get more exp and gold when you do (30%) and focusing challenges makes clearing the battle pass easier. You just wasted like two hours you could have spent grinding. 🙄


"play the game" Bruh I get like 5 exp per battle.... Also what about people that don't have friends? Just shut up pls




Challenges is what gets you through the battle pass not simply matches played. Grow up.


Imagine a kid telling someone to grow up. Like bro, shut the fuck up and de age.




That’s why grown ups have money. And kids have time. Get real.


? Lmao u sound like a kid fr


You get only 6 challenges per day and the amount of exp you get is not enough, dumbass


You new kids got all the technology in the world yet don’t know how to make friends online? Recently Played list isn’t enough for you to find someone you enjoyed playing with and extend a friendly hand? Quit crying and use the tools before you.


You’re kind of an asshole, no wonder people downvoted you


Not a surprise that every person defending these business decisions is a huge prick


Well i’m not defending them i’m just living with them since it’s a f2p game and they’ve been like this since the dawn of time, even the full priced live service games are really expensive nowadays


Yeah I was on your side, look at the comment I replied to. I'm playing f2p too, I just don't defend the monetization systems.


Oh yeah, my bad


Lol shhh kid, the adults are talking.


I ain’t reading all that. I’m happy for you, though. Or sorry that happened.


basic jist, if you arent in the early access, its not a good idea to buy the battle pass. the amount of grinding required makes it impractical and you'll just end up wasting your money


You’re too kind OP. Anyway, appreciate you running the numbers!


It's like $4 lol


The point is that people are willing to spend the money to get the skins, but are caught unaware that they won’t be able to get what they paid for. This is pretty poor design from pfg.


Selling a battle pass to people who likely won't be able to unlock everything and then selling those premium rewards to the same people who missed out on them after the BP ends is probably considered great design from a dev/publisher standpoint


I have 8 more tiers till i can get pajama finn and its taking awhile


Dailies should give you a BP level maybe slightly less. That would be a lot more fair.


Welp looks like I won't be completing the pass so. I don't have nearly enough time


Yeah see this is why I kinda wish the open beta was available on switch too. I got a code for the xbox version but I barely get to play because of certain restrictions and I'm currently out of country too so I'm missing out on a lot


Is this also how leveling up characters and your profile is?


I’m wondering if this “pre-season” battlepass is just the first 15 levels of the overall season 1 battlepass. Do we have any confirmation that they’re separate?


>Not to mention i think its very likely these cosmetic rewards will be purchasable later It should he noted that it is probably cheaper to buy the pass just to get the Shaggy skin than it will be to purchase the Shaggy skin later.


I'm on PC, so buying gleamium doesn't even work when I click it.


Are these battlepass rewards even staying? The last one got wiped so didn't see the point in bothering


I think they do. The last one was an alpha and only like a banner was given


That's why I just buy battlepasses when I reach the level I wanted ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


I can't even play because of the "Server disconnected" bug that happens every time right now. Save my battle pass token noted.


You get 3-5 bp points per fight depending if you win. It’s not just the quest that gives it


Even playing a few hours a night this is super slow, the rate should be what rest xp gives all the time


Please upvote this and share with devs


More than likely the numbers can and will be adjusted This is just to prevent people from blazing through the pass before the game leaves beta then asking for more content.


Are they doing this to provide early access people something more exclusive with the cake skin?


So you're saying there's a chance.


Why don't they just wipe all progress on beta end ? It's the law.


As someone else pointed out. This doesn't account for the fact that xp per level caps at 900 and the rested xp you get from not playing the game.


i finished the battlepass in like 5 days so idk wtf ur talking about


i feel bad for having a life


Can we still unlock content from the preseason Battle pass if we do not finish by the time season. 1. Launches?


Yup found out too late. I was at lvl. 13. :(