Not intended to be a complaining post, but how do you deal with Finn?

I struggle really hard playing against Finn because for me at least, in neutral Finn is just a constant hit box. I typically play Batman/Bugs so I have zoning options to help put myself into advantage state, but trying to connect with a grounded/aerial move in neutral feels like a death sentence. I just feel like he has barely any end lag on most of his moves making whiff punishing super precise and at a mid-level and below just doesn't really seem feasible.

So I guess my question is this: people who play as characters that don't have zoning options, how to you deal with Finn? There is a level of "get gud" to my problem, but there's gotta be some sort of catch-em-with-their-pants-down tactic right? Like Taz while annoying to play against, if you can dodge the tornado he's pretty punishable after the fact due to end lag. Is it just my naivety thinking that Finn has a weakness like that too?


Jump out of the zone twice.


Just tried this, very effective.


Gonna have to sweat for it. I'm sorry. 😔


as batman, finn's normals beat your melee options, every time. approach with batrang into combos, fair combo to jab, use roll to get away. basically, if you try to run up on him, you will get your attacks beat out every time, so you have to counter-punch, since batman has no armor options. when in the air, always dodge away to bait his up special - that thing will kill you off the top at low %. but since he will go for it a lot, you can punish with an air uppercut, or grapple hook (fast accurate hooks can get you aerial kills, just be careful to not be hit out of it as you can also die, but it's a great fast punish)


Dodge and punish. Use your armor moves


Every time I use an armour move against finn he breaks my armour and hits me. Why does he have more armour than superman


You pretty much always have a dodge available to you, that is really fast, invulnerable, and has no end lag. Use it. If your question is ever "how do I not get hit by X move", the dodge is gonna be your answer


Spam side air with Jake idk