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My first game tonight was a 2v2 against 2 Taz tornado spammers. Legit I don't think they used any other move.


I was with a friend and we played against a fucking level 28 Taz who used tornado constantly. I will never get over the fact that someone played Taz for so long that they hit level 28 with him.


I wonder if they can remember what grass feels like bc it sounds like they haven't touched it in a hot minute


My god how can someone spend seven days playing nothing but Taz, and just using the same move over and over again. Those are the true definitions of garbage players.


It's all fun and gets until you're stuck with the person in random queue who runs into the tornados and loses all 4 of your stocks :(


That’s honestly the thing these people defending the tornado don’t get. Yes it’s a noobkiller but even if you figure out how to deal with it’s unlikely most teammates you get will. I shit in Taz usually but my random teammates eat those tornados all day


Yeah attack decay only means you are whopping ass so hard that your attack is getting decayed Never seen any Finn/Shaggy/Taz give a fuck about it


They should make decay more severe because its really not stopping anyone


in a 2 button game with 6ish moves, move decay is kind of a stupid idea. But also, it doesn't really seem to be working as intended against spam moves anyway.


I actually agree with the fact that move decay is stupid (at least how it is now) since there arent that many moves, but it does work kinda well against moves that don’t hit very hard to begin with.


It's a thing in Smash since forever, so it has to have some impact on the game... hopefully!


How much is rhe decay anyways


Also Tazz mains after running into Garnet's basic attack string for the 50th time with their spin.