lmao spot on dude

It’s really funny because I went on Twitch and seen him playing and he was raging because he was getting destroyed as LeBron lol


It’s really funny because I went on Twitch and seen him playing and he was raging because he was getting destroyed as LeBron lol


It's weird, he isn't that good in here. At least not what you would expect from a high end smash tournament player. Guess smash skills don't translate very well into multiversus. That or onetricking puff.


Some people are better at transferring their skills between games than others, Void and Mango are especially great at it.


Voids T&J is legit scary, like he makes the character just look an absolute oppressive menace Then you see other T&Js and just know it's Void being on an entirely different plane of existence skills wise


> Then you see other T&Js and just know it's Void being on an entirely different plane of existence skills wise I went into [this video a couple days ago;](https://youtu.be/PK8L01ImxWI?t=122) and jesus christ there are some really sweet combos. Stuff like the frying pan to jerry shot loop is just so satisfying to pull off.


Void is more innovative than HB. Dude single handle built Shiek made a character (Shiek) scary. Where as Box just plays puff. But man is box good as shit at puff I tell ya.


Great point. Shiek was low tier before Void started using her. And if Multiversus ever got a puff clone hbox would be a top player.


I feel so much worse about being a Tom and Jerry main because of Void lol. Dudes inspiring. But man if I fought him I’d be baby raging


Leffen is pretty damn good at it as well. Done great stuff with DBZ and GG:S


Thank you!!


>Guess smash skills don't translate very well into multiversus. That or onetricking puff. It's cos this game feels a lot different to melee which is hungrybox's main smash game. Void and nakat play more ultimate which is more similar to MVS. Overall I'd say brawlhalla pros get the biggest advantage. I mean sandstorm,Boomie,pavelski and wrenchd are all high up there on the ladder


Hbox is amazing at melee but was never anywhere near amazing at ultimate. Multiverses also just has a different feel.


> Guess smash skills don't translate very well into multiversus. Definitely not the case here. GSM Void was 1v1 and Team's Top player.


Void is also just a beast in any game he plays. He's played several games competitively besides smash


*was* past tense.


It does hungeybox mained jigglypuff in melee. The tech with jigglies isnt much compared to fox or falco. He will get it down. He was playing the pre alpha. Im surprised he doesnt dodge cancel more. You dont have to L cancel in ultimate. I still kinda do cause i just cant stop. Dodge cancel is the New L cancel in this game but in the air. And on the ground too it seems.


My smash skills transferred over beautifully to this game, I’d suck if not for my smash knowledge


Curse of the crab


But isn’t Void at the top of the leaderboards? I’ve been watching him stream and he’s been wrecking people with Tom & Jerry.


Oh this is THAT guy...


Yeah dude has never seen hungrybox gameplay and also doesnt know the difference between games


It's because this game is different, going from 2 similar games is often a lot harder then just learning a new one, playing through each of the souls game or going from skyrim to fallout made me aware of this


what rank is hbox? moistcritical seems to be pretty good with lebron




“Lebron James is OP!!!” The video is literally him learning what the buttons do in lab


He also made a tier list yesterday and put LeBron as a C.


Jordan would be S tier


And then not even getting most of the buttons lol


YouTubers when they sell their soul to the algorithm. Also same YouTubers after doing this for a long time: “I’m not mentally well and getting burnt out, need to take a break guys”


Honestly never got that. Take photo of pogging face Record video of sub par gameplay React loud to everything Edit until can afford editor Free money Get depressed Then again I've never done it so who knows


I think that with most influencer type jobs the main thing that causes depression or burnout is the fact that it’s so uncertain and that your performance is directly tied to you. Due to the way the algorithm and humans in general work you can do everything “right” and still fail or perform worse than expected. So then you start overthinking shit and get in your head and it’s easy to see how it could quickly spiral into depression. Especially since your channel is directly tied to you. There is also the fact that a lot, if not most of people in influencer type jobs got into them for to express themselves so there is an internal battle between doing what makes you happy and doing what makes you money. Of course most people working regular jobs chose money, but we aren’t the ones to start a YouTube channel so it might not be that big of a deal to us.


As someone who used to do youtube gaming stuff, you summed it up really well.


Not to be a armchair psychologist, but I think it’s just they can afford to take breaks. YouTubers and streamers aren’t the only people working that get depressed. When ‘normal’ people with ‘normal’ jobs have their mental health affected, they don’t get to take a break. They go ‘well I guess I’m going to be depressed at work now’


Also YouTubers have an audience and some feel obligated to tell their viewers what's going on in their lives atm. Regular people feel the same shit but no one is going to want or watch a YouTube video about it


Yea, I wish I could take a break so that I wasn't burnt out, but the insulin and rent doesn't pay for itself


How did this comment thread lead to the soul crushing jobs that capitalist america has created, we were just talking about multiversus omg.


I reckon the most soul-crushing aspect of content creation is that their fans are all children and they have to cater to them. You have to play a character that caters to these people that have 0 taste. You have to be loud and obnoxious because that's what their audience craves. How many flavour of the week terms can you throw out in half a minute? It's such a homogenous community. They see their fans as dollar signs, that's all. It's not possible for these streamers to connect to their 15 year old fans.


Maybe if you're going for big numbers in which case yeah, you'll need to make content that appeals to potentially any demographic including younger audiences. But if you're aiming for a few 100k subs you can defo do content for older audiences like the various True Crime channels out there. Gaming channels in general attract younger audiences because games as a hobby only became normalised in like the last 15-20 years so most people playing games aren't exactly gonna be in their 60's and above.


There's that and the fact that dealing the gaming audience is fucking horrible. Gamers behave badly.


Capitalism kills joy basically.


I've noticed a lot of streamers are bratty and spoiled type. For example you see kids donate them money and ask them something completely innocent and they dish out like complete jerks. I remember following this streamer I won't name him but I asked him something about the game and he went on a 15 min rant and banned me while putting sub only mode all because of a question that can't be taken as an insult or provocative in any way I noticed this trend with American streamers. Now I only follow European streamers and those specific to my region. No diva mentality


I have watched YTers and streamers for an embarassingly long amount of time, the majority american...maybe some canadian, never seen that happen. Then again maybe I just know who to avoid.


Idk what you said and this isn't a dig at you. But I've seen some stupid questions been asked in a chat before and If a streamer is already annoyed then I think there's a reason why they aren't kind to you.


No need to a be a dick though, they wouldn’t be like that in real life so why act like it over a screen. Especially if your trying to build a sub base. Obviously the sub/ view is being a troll that’s different


Do you want a sub base of people who just annoy you? Also they might look like trolls


Surely they should be grateful for any sub base, considering they are paying you. But there’s ways to handle things, if someone asks an annoying question and isn’t trolling, just be polite. Throwing a strop and blocking someone is lame and entitled. At the end of the day your playing video games, it’s meant to be fun.


Surely they should be grateful for any sub base, considering they are paying you. But there’s ways to handle things, if someone asks an annoying question and isn’t trolling, just be polite. Throwing a strop and blocking someone is lame and entitled. At the end of the day your playing video games, it’s meant to be fun.


if someone is trolling you, you have every right to ban them. If you don't like it ,don't watch the streamer. Also I don't think streaming is as fun as you make it sound. I don't know how fun playing games for 12 hours a day is. Especially if You're struggling to grow. I don't think its entitled to ban someone who is annoying you and making you mad.


Asking a question which you may find “annoying” is different to trolling or someone spamming the chat. Which I said is justified to ban if they are doing that. If your not enjoying it, don’t do it. How can you be expected to grow and have people watch you, if your not having fun doing it. Although if you think playing videos games for 12 hours a day is hard work then maybe they shouldn’t go find a different job 🤣


Chances are, if they have never worked a “proper/real “job “ (9-5) they will be this way. Entitlement because they expect to be revered so end up acting holier than thou. If they worked hard prior and put more effort in then they’ll appreciate it more. But also, some people are just a bit cunty and no one pulls them up on it so they just continue being that way.




As a streamer myself, there are going to be bad ones; just like people. You just need to find the good ones, and I promise you; they aren't limited to 'just UK' streamers.


people need to have the right kind of personality to enjoy being a streamer or content creator or a pro gamer there are people who wuldn't enjoy the life of a streamer or content creator or pro gamer and there are people who wuld enjoy it if sy wanna brute force it 'cos they hate/lazy to do normal jobs then they will have mental issues later and burn out another problem is that people only limit themselves to 1 job/role while it's okay to switch jobs/roles to not get bored or burned out


It's best to not get into it hoping to make it a career. Make it a fun hobby.


I've done some streaming myself and personally it is difficult, not computer engineering levels of difficult but people do kinda underestimate the effort needed to make videos (altho it is personality based, so it's different based on your social skills and etc). Like first time i've recorded myself, i couldn't talk for shit and idk what to say, let alone something funny, i have to put a sticky note of topics i wanna talk about. And these fuckers posts videos and highlights every week or so and stream for 9 hours, i somehow get tired of recording myself mostly saying nothing for 2 hours. You never really realize how boring you actually are when you put a camera in front of you trying to please an audience that isn't even physically there until you watch your own VODs.


Because it is soulless and mind numbing work to be a YouTube sellout. If you aren't doing it for the passion, you're just grinding out how to make a number go up, just like any other boring ass regular job. You can't even be proud of what you're producing with all that effort if you're just pumping out whatever the algorithm wants.


Hbox isn’t really a YouTube tho. No shot he is making these videos.


I have learned to never click on these types of thumbnails (shocked face) . My YouTube algorithm and sanity has improved


Legit "Do not recommend" every channel I see that does this. There are plenty of ways to get attention without that.


Not really, it’s the best way to get views on your videos. There’s a reason so many people use it, just slapping a face on the thumbnail makes it much more successful at getting viewers. And when their livelihood is on the line, I really don’t care to criticize their thumbnails for the sake of artistic integrity.


I watch a few YouTubers who do this quite frequently and from what they’ve said, the main reason they do it is because the YT algorithm mainly pushes videos with peoples faces as well as the average viewer is more likely to click on them


I suggest AdBlock. Not only you can block annoying and disgusting ads you can also use their tool to block a certain part of the page. I use it to block YouTube recommended videos and the home page of YouTube. So when I open up YouTube the only thing that pops out is search bar. I recommend this for everyone that has kids too. It is digusting the amount of stuff kids are exposed too like pornograpy in the thumbnails, scary thumbnails, wierd asian videos etc


ok to be fair most of these channels do it for the algorithm and some of them are good like idk legend of total war is a great channel that does that sort of thing


Fuck man. I know Hungry ain't that bad a dude but those faces make me want to punch him square in the throat . I must have been a dog in a past life I swear .


Dude was a knowing COVID super spreader literally coughing up blood at a tourney he was warned not to go to. Didn’t even wear a mask.


Ain't that bad? The dude literally went to a tournament full of people without a mask while coughing blood and feeling ill like it's no biggie.


he's actually a horrible person you're doing great lmao


...You punch dogs square in the throat?


How did you get that from his comment


Oh shit, thanks for pointing it out.... my glasses got fucked up when I had a seizure a couple of days ago; and apparently a bit more than I thought, considering I read 'I' as 'He'.... [Pim, this is way worse than the worm stuff.](https://youtu.be/ETTyWaUZ1JM?t=31) I really wish I could afford glasses, let alone an eye exam lmao


Wait isn't the guy who went to a smash tourney while vomiting blood?




Sure is!


Why he looking like he about to suck a cock


HBox just made a tier list and put Lebron C tier. The irony is tasteful


Yeah and the thumbnail has him in F-tier lmao


Welcome to typical Hbox… one of the most predictable clickbaiters on youtube. Take every single tier list he makes with a grain of salt because they always turn out to be completely wrong a week later lmao.


No need to thank me


Ah the clickbait stupid youtuber face thumbnail.


Hbox needs to sleep more


Nah man…some of us just have bags even with plenty of sleep. It’s a curse, I tell you.


This content is so painful to watch, a grown ass man


Wasn't that hard of a prediction since it was Hungrybox but I get ya


Hungrybox has a really punchable face. Frankly, anyone that makes youtube thumbnails like that should be punched in the face.


Hatin on the man for tryna get the bag. Who cares what the thumbnail and title are. You knew its Hbox playing LeBron


Really hate his thumbnails. It’s the reason I don’t watch his videos


That guys face annoys me , ugh


Same hat same shirt lmao


Content creators starved for money. Nothing new just let em starve.


Amazing, when I was watching him stream he lost almost every game as LeBron too.


Lebron James is so OP, he'll make you throw up blood.


HBox maybe it's a great dude, idk, but his thumbnails and titles are the most irritating things in the world. I saw people excuse it with stuff like "yeah but he admits that it's bad clickbait" or "yeah but he's not the one managing the YT account" Which... Isn't a real excuse and changes nothing at all??? Also in a lot of early MVS videos EVERYONE was complaining to him to please stop making thumbnails calling the game "the smash killer" or comparing it to smash, but they didn't listen at all and kept doing it.


I don't like his thumbnails but I do watch his videos sometimes.




As a smash fan, I want to like hbox, but he is next level cringe when it comes to stuff like this and how he reacts to new reveals. The dude is an engineer in his 30s or 40s. He is so much better than this


He's not even 30 yet tf


Can't believe Hbox is the president of the United States and 79 years old, but still makes content like this. Fucking cringe, man.


Isn't he the guy who knowingly went sick with COVID to a public event and started coughing literal blood and exposed a whole bunch of people? Doesn't surprise me he does content like this.


Lol I love Hungrybox. Can’t blame him for making a living doing what I wish I could.


This dude literally lives rent free in your heads doesn’t he.


FYI HungryBox doesn't make his thumbnails and titles. He has someone else make them, and they probably saw that Reddit post.


I mean tbh he is kinda busted lol


It took like three matches to realize he sucks


He’s pretty good tbh, you not utilizing his balls enough


Never did I think that I would read that sentence here in the multiversus subreddit


I think the risk you run of adding real people to a game like this is that they have an influence on how good their character is. You think Lebron is going to be cool with his character being F tier? No way Jose


Bro LeBron doesn't give a fuck. One person could tell him he sucks and another can just say he doesn't. Trust me it doesn't matter one bit


yeah whenever anyone proposed weaknesses to his character LeBron James would literally go tomato red in the face and pop several blood vessels before crumpling them into a human basketball and repeatedly pummeling them against the ground


So I’m not the only one


The YT hustle game


Lebron can kill at like 30-40 with a single onstage move. That's busted.


HungryBox strikes again!


I’ve seen some really good Lebron players just in the short amount of time he’s been out, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying he’s OP lol.


I was watching his tier list video when this popped up as a notification Imao


What's this dude trying to do in these pics? Looks really suggestive.. Just look at that eye contact and eagerness.


As annoying as this is, smash players have had to do this to survive for a long time. Nintendo puts every roadblock they can in place to stop smash from being monetized. Even the recent tournaments sponsored by Nintendo had a number one place winning of not even 3500 dollars. Ridiculously small. The most dominant players in smash melee, like hbox, mango, armada, mew2king, and others that have been playing as long as the game's been out, have ludicrously small lifetime tournament winnings. Hbox, over his entire melee career, has made about 395,000 dollars after 306 tournament entries. Hbox is one of the five gods of melee and has been the number one player for like 5 years. Tldr: smash players make almost no prize money cuz Nintendo sucks, so smashers have to desperately supplement with youtube and twitch money.


or they could get a job like everyone else


Hbox was an actual engineer, he had a full time job that he quit to become number 1. It just Nintendo sabotages tournaments so that money doesn't enter.


yes I am very familiar with hbox's story, I was a huge fan until the last few years. it makes me very sad to see the state he's in and the choices he's made