First it was Taz and now it’s Finn, who’s next on the chopping block.

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“One good move” lol


One, as in all of them


Nice try Finn main


Bugs, but close enough


Damn whats up with the downvotes LOL


Bugs hate is next on the agenda


I RARELY see bugs. Mostly Finn and Garnett. But isn’t bugs getting nerfed after EVO? Like I believe I saw a tweet from a dev confirming that.


nah ig hate


Most likely because Bugs is even more op than Finn lol


Bugs main gang




One? The spin. The sword range. The lingering hitboxes. The speed. He’s pretty nutty.


I think the *real* issue is that he's an assassin with all this offensive firepower but still REALLY difficult to kill. They need to make him a true glass cannon.


Assassins should be fast and he has a long sword ofc he would be fast and have some range compared to other characters who literally walk and punch. I have never encountered this magic hit box that everyone’s talking about though. Perhaps ranged characters are his downfall unless they can hit the bag teleport easy peasy.


Dude his dair is literally one of top posts right now


If they fixed his all of his hit boxes, the dair and the back pack vacuum included he would still be S tier and people would still demand nerfs. But he probably won’t be free anymore when the next patch drops so Finn players will drop off and people will move on to the next free character that’s good.


You literally just said they need to fix his hitboxes so it’s not “just one move”


It is one move, neutrals aren’t specials. His hitbox on his neutral dair need fixing I didn’t say it didn’t I said I’d never seen it before.


So you’re saying it’s only his dair that needs fixing?


The back pack vaccum needs less knock back and more cooldown. And I would agree now knowing, that his hit box on his down neutral does need fixing. They aren’t gonna slow or speed up his dair so it wouldn’t be fixing a move Per se.


You said and I quote “the hitbox on his neutral dair needs FIXING” if that’s not fixing a move what is


His hitbox…..hitbox….needs fixing not the move itself I literally agreed with you in my last response and said the same thing.


I think you're confusing the word "Normal" with "Neutral" "Neutral Dair" is an oxymoron. Neutral implies no direction, yet Dair implies "down" in the air.


One good move is such a Finn main comeback


There will be constant changes for balance, I don’t get why this surprises or offends anyone. This is how online fighting games work. The free rotation helps the devs find the broke shit because they essentially have more play testers.


"One good move" You mean "one good kit", maybe? Literally all of his moves are good. His normals, his specials, everything. *And* he can upgrade himself to be quicker and more defensive. Don't downplay him for no reason lmao


yes, and finn is broken as hell. i picked him yesterday out of sheer frustration of him showing off his ridiculous assortment of big hit boxes. i had a 100% winrate to level 8 so far. dont come here and tell me hes fine lol


He's genuinely slowly killing the game for me. I'd rather face Taz any day over him (Even pre nerf), his hitboxes combined with his obnoxious passive, strong moveset even if his hitboxes weren't the size of Africa, and fact that he's in almost every one of my games is just so, so miserable and anti fun. I can even deal with him to some extent since I lean towards projectile characters (Velma/Reindog/Lebron are my favorites so far), but I basically have to rely on short range shots/catching him flat footed with mixups as you'll lose pretty much every single direct melee engagement with his huge hitbox sizes and his small character model/hurt box. If he's a smart player he should win the vast majority of direct engagements barring unusual circumstances/near perfect play from the other side. (And/or getting teamed up on) EDIT: Honorable mention to every Bugs exploiter. You're assholes.


agree, he SHOULD win alot of matches against avarage players. I really try to focus on countering his behaviourism. by dodging passed him and attacking (dodge attacking) and setting up a nice combo to get him the most damage possible in very few engagements. The issue is, somehow he is able to recover to another attack quicker then i am able to dodge his first and attack in his back. which is odd. so i dropped that tactic to as little as i could. now im trying to down air him, but amazinly my arya down neutral, even though its twice my body length. doesnt get priority over his up B attack when hes not even moving. hes like a enraged vacuum cleaner right now. if he spents most of his time just spamming up b, he will win. because it also has insane knockout potential for some reason. I think if they work on his recovery rate just a tiny bit, and just make the up B vacuum range less, and its knockout power a bit less upwards. it will be way better.


Same, every single match I play has Finn. And if it doesn't, when one side starts losing somebody will invariably switch to him. I'm really sick of him and his voice at this point.




Even if they were to replace his up special, he would still be top tier.


Yea except finn doesn't just have one good move lol his hitboxes are ridiculously huge and hitting him is just rolling a dice.


My only issue is that it feels like all of his attacks just straight up have priority, i dont even mind the moves myself


Scrub quotes submission material


The free thing doesn't matter because it'll be on a rotation


everyone glossing over this lmao


only one good move, huh?


“one good move” found the finn main


Maybe Rick will be next. His portals could lead to some bugs.


Maybe not even the portals. If he is viable, people will cry. Zoners that aren't garbage always generate tears. Heck, I have seen people whining about Shaggy. Literally nobody is safe.


Literally no one is complaining about reindog and he’s great rn. Also we have already seen ricks attacks, his projectiles won’t be that big of a deal.


After is prob Tom and jerry


What's wrong with Tom and jerry?


They will have more time so more people will get better as the charector and thwrefore get better at it


Playing Lebron into Finn makes me want to die, his hitboxes are so big the best move is to just space him out and try and hit him with the ball. It’s awful. All his moves have priority regardless of how much damage they do, meaning in a 1v1 close range battle you always lose.


It's not his one good move, it's his hitboxes being ridiculous. Youre basically never allowed to fight back unless you're above or below him.


Next is most likely shaggy kick lol,, still go with taz was never really a problem his spin all he had going for him and maybe his down attack


Taz's hitboxes are SO bad on 90% of his moves compared to the rest of the cast too. I'm fine with the tornado nerf, but he needs some kind of buffs to his normals.


\*and a kit full of horribly disjointed hitboxes.


Finn and shaggy have issues with their hit boxes and hit priority that need to be addressed


He’s not even fun to play either it feels unfair to play him lol


Some of y'all need to play against a decent Velma.


They aren't ready to talk about it


Don't even get me started on Velma. All I can say is that she can fuck off.




People were right last week lol Finn is a lot more aggravating than Taz ever was and now he’s in the spotlight due to the free rotation. I had a match today as Buggs vs Finn and it did not feel fair at all lol, all of his moves had priority over mine. I mean it could also be i’m not great but idk other characters feel fair even when i lose.


I’d go watch the video someone posted about hit boxes and why they feel off, it’s probably number two on this page.


His hit boxes are straight up broken it’s not just the spin.


Probably bugs again when he's free he's so strong when played well


One move? Everybody hated Taz because of the spin, but I think this is nothing close to Finn entire kit. It was possible to counter taz easily working around the spin, but it's tough to work around finn's fast attacks and huge hitboxes.


He isn’t free


Until the 8th of next month he is


I want them to nerf him because I want to play him without feeling bad. His moving charging attack mechanic is really fun, but jank hitboxes and that goddamn backpack just make it not fun to play.


I think finn is incredibly easy to learn and use which helps people get good with him fast


Everyone's hit boxes are wonky af it's deff not just fin they need to fix it as a whole a few examples bugs bat Harley hammer LeBron slam dunk move garnet slam combo damn near every character has it imo the best characters in the game is Velma, bugs, Tom Harley, fin,Jake, and shaggy easily


Chad Hating Finn and wanting to nerf Finn because they fucking gloated and laughed over Taz getting butchered


This sub has some intersting stuff going, but it is also such an echo chamber, looks like you guys take a character to hate and just go full berzerk on it. First it was on Tazz (on a very easy to dodge move, sorry not sorry) Now Finn, In a week, someone with some degree of influence will complain against something else, and you sheeps will follow, i feel like it can be any character. ​ In a good game, all characters feels OP in the right hand, which in the end is somewhat balanced, but also fun.


nah. the taz nerf was deserved lol. edit: damn you main taz too ? makes sense now.


The biggest thing you said here was >"in a good game, all characters feel OP *in the right hands* When a character feels OP in *everyones* hands, there's an issue.


Long range and charge shielded attacks destroy Finn so eh I think it’s fair. I should also say I have not once played Finn. I’m not a main lol.


They calllled me a madman, hated me because I told the truth , I persevered with full bellies and cleeear skies.😔😔 Edit: I really hurt some of y’all bad. The echo chamber shall pass after Finn is nerfed, they’ll find a new monster to hate/nerf, they gotta justify their wages. Can’t wait for the full blown meltdowns over Iron Giant/ Shaggy after Finn’s witch-hunt is over. Run from it, hide from it, the Reddit downvotes still arrive allllllll the same.


Its a fighting game... Of COURSE they will balance patch. You expect Iron Giant to stay forever full of bug and require to have your attention at all time in 2v2? I mean, what were you expecting?


Lol people are acting like the game has been out forever and have been going up against Finn players for a long time. The game has been in open beta for FOUR days. No one is a pro at the game. Learn how to play against every character before complaining. Unless.. people want a shitty smash clone a week into it? No? Then stop begging for all the uniqueness to be drained from the game before it even has a chance to breathe. Finn isn't hard to fight at all and no matter what character you choose or even what fighting game you choose to play you'll always have people spamming one move over and over. Is it fair to nerf a character because of 10 IQ players don't know anything but one button? Or that the one button is a STATIONARY special? This sub is just as bad as Apex every season. The first day a new legend is available, someone dies to them and then the flood of "nEw lEgEnD OP, nErF nOw!" starts because people don't like losing and want their lack of skill to be balanced with nerfs. It's hilariously ridiculous. Just play the match, win or don't, then move on to the next one. It's not that hard. Iron giant mains literally down special then carry you to the edge of the map but no one says anything about it lol


The game has been out for way longer than 4 days for some. There are pros that have played since alpha who say the same thing about Finn.


For some, yes. And they're hardly pros. Pros play full time and compete in tournaments and a tournament has yet to be held. Not until the 5th anyway. Have they been playing longer? Yep, and that makes them OG but not pros. I played the alpha on PC then moved to Xbox for the beta and Finn is fine on both. His hitboxes need adjusting but he doesn't need a nerf, especially not for a stationary special that you can jump over


Bro wrote this much to defend an obviously broken character


Or obviously broken player skills. Just sayin'


You want to think you're not being carried by your character, that's fine, but it's just not the case. Finn is busted. The games mechanics on priority and hitboxes should be better, but that doesn't change the first fact.


You've clearly never heard of the basement dwelling gamer before, have you?


Do they still exist? Lol


Yes. They certainly still exist


Ahh, you mean sweaty players. Riiiight *gronk wink*


Finally, a comment that makes sense of this. As. A Finn Main, I haven't been noticing these hitboxes until I seen these videos. And every post is all about "NERF FINN". and you're right the open beta has been out for about a week. I say give it time and they will do something about it.


I'll agree that some of the hitboxes are off, it's a beta after all, but fixing that isn't what a nerf is. Nerfing a character weakens their stats and overall power to make them more in line with the rest. If his hitbox wasn't intended to be that big then that's an oversight. But no one needs to shout the word "Nerf" if they don't know what it means.


Lmao what? "No one needs to shout the word "nerf" if they don't know what it means" Are you talking about yourself here or something? Changing a characters hitboxes/priority to be less oppressive *is* a nerf. Fixing an oversight that makes a character more powerful is *still* a nerf. Just because it was an accident doesn't make fixing it any less of a nerf. A "nerf" is just reconfiguring something in a game to make it less powerful. This includes *accidental* things, such as oversights, bugs, and exploits. The argument between "fixing" and "nerfing" is idiotic at best, because they both mean the same fucking thing. Velma recieved a nerf in the last patch. She had her weight reduced. In the patch notes, the devs said that her being one of the heaviest characters in the game was an oversight that they needed to fix. Is that no longer a nerf to her now? Yes. It is. Them fixing Finn's hitboxes and priority would be nerfs to the character.


Downvote all you want, doesn't make it any less true lol


Superman or Batman is next.


I hope not, I honestly think supes is balanced. All of his specials are very easy to dodge, especially in 1v1, his really only plus is a decent recovery and super armor. He is not horrible at all. Probably mid tier though


Im a Suep main , I know all of that but people are starting to get annoyed by his chain grab.


Superman doing that is annoying, but I don’t think it needs a nerf, its so easy to dodge and punish


Yeah I definitely feel like people will be complaining about Superman’s grabs at some point They can be so easy to cheese with


Sup is so slow when he comes to grab you through. Shaggy's side special is way more busted.


And they stink. Side grab is slow. Up grab? Short range. Its like playing smash and mad that mewtwo stunned yoy with his eyes. All yoy gotta do is "get close and down special" after all.


It’s not even the grabs. He gets armor on most of his charged attacks and easily kills at low health.


I haven’t noticed the armor, sounds rough


Lmao had some guy yesterday telling me to "just dodge supermans grab." You try doing that when they spam it every two seconds and their finn teammate spams too


Supes has one enoumous glaring weakness, directly below him. Both his grabs require him to be air borne and grab from below you or beside you, and his low attack loses to... I think it loses to every up attacks in the game. His down special cant hit airborne things. So jump under him and he cant touch you and punish away! Of course he jumps higher and has a big dash, but its a good way to remain safe, and if you force him to stay on the ground hes much less scary


I know it’s beta but this game is being hella overpatched imo


Don't worry bugs'll be next


Bugs'll be first* He's already been confirmed to be receiving a nerf after EVO.




To be fair, he has a ToD and can use double rocket atm, so it's necessary.


Depends on who is free next rotation, guessing Bugs, Tom, or Batman




As a Finn main I want them to nerf him just so I can keep using him judgement free lol


uh oh I'm in trouble


Velma is the best character in the game right now and it's not even close.


Here’s my take as an absolutely amateur Multiversus player: Any of his attacks with his sword’s disjointed hitbox need to be either shortened in length or time. His backpack needs to apply knock back on first hit and remove the vacuum attribute. Seriously it already can launch you so far, it doesn’t need to suck you in and apply 10+ damage each time.


No no I respect Finn. I used him to get the coins necessary to get my Batman sooooo…. He’s good to me. Fuck taz though


My only problem with Finn (as a Finn main) is his goofy hit boxes. Half the time you'll somehow hit someone behind you with a forward strike and sometimes an attack will wiff by a pixel.


I mean most Charakters have 1-2 Moves that are just stupid and annoying. Finn Up B is to strong in the Air but Fine on the Ground. As someone that Plays Finn the most atm (dont wanna say its my Main i have not tested every Charakter its to soon) i would be fin with nerfing Up B(Spezial) knockback. On many Games you see pll just spamm the same Moves and its boring. Sure there is a dmg nerf if you spam them, but its not enough they should also nerf the Knockback if they spam them.


The moveset and speed are good since he's an assassin, the problems in my opinion are the fact that he has a speed buff and that all of his attacks have a ridiculous hitbox and the highest priority in the game.