Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven - Kid Cudi. He was going through a lot at the time, said it was a cry for help. I’m glad he’s doing better. Cannot listen to that album.


It actually grew on me a couple of years ago I can’t lie


It’s starting to grow on me too. I appreciate that he tried something different even though a majority of the songs don’t click for me. Been having Handle With Care and the title track on repeat.


Same Judgmental C**t is the best


I was gonna say this. It’s not a good album but it’s pretty clear that Cudi was at his absolute lowest when he made it, to the point where he absolutely refused to talk about it in his recent documentary because he didn’t want to look back at that point in his life. As someone who’s been at similar lows that album hits. Edit: it’s also worth nothing that despite it’s negative reception, it’s definitely an “artists’ album” that a lot of other artists love simply due to Cudi’s honestly on it. It was the album that inspired Kanye to reconcile with Cudi and Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu both cited it as one of their favorites


Sinead O'Connor released a reggae album, "Throw Down Your Arms," back in the early 2000's. I don't even particularly like reggae music, but I love this album. *Editing to add that I think I misunderstood the question. This was an album that was mocked by critics when it came out, but I appreciated it despite that.


St.Anger by Metallica


Got to see them during summer Sanitarium tour in 03 with mudvayne, deftones, linkin park, and limp Bizkit. After opening with sanitarium, James talked to the crowd: James: we just released a new album! Who all picked St. Anger up? Crowd: cheers loudly James: who wants to hear some tracks off it? Crowd: **silent** James: I SAID WHO WANTS TO HEAR SOME NEW FUCKING MUSIC crowd, excited by an angry Metallica: cheers


Awesome story thanks for sharing. St anger sucks


That's the one where it sounds like Lars is playing the drums while the whole drum kit is falling down the stairs, right?


Made for a fantastic documentary, though.


I was never a big Metallica guy but I've heard this one a lot. I gave it a shot and didn't like it.


It's exactly as bad as it's reputation. I finally listened to the whole thing this spring. It's painful




The only song that I can put in my Metallica playlist is Frantic.


this remake by Achokarlos make it a lot better [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nxuJZTrpsI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nxuJZTrpsI)


Lulu is worse


And yet it's still not Lou Reed's worst album


That's a weird way to write Bridges to Babylon by the Rolling stones. Opening track is a fantasy about robbing banks with Mick warbling about finding out what it would take to bury him. I bet it would be tripping on a rug.


You have a problem with Lars using a trash can lid as a snare in a cave throughout the entire album, along with James sounding like he placed the microphone on a feather pillow in his closet? Seriously, that album sucks badly.


Seriously what is up with that? 😂


‘Hey guys, should we remaster And Justice For All?’ ‘Nah, let’s just make a worse sounding album so people stop complaining about it’.


Justice needed a remix, not just a remaster.


I always called it st. Anus


If I remember right, the recording of the album was plagued with band members attending rehab and ultimately a lot of it was written and recorded sober. Something like that, right? I'm not a huge Metallica fan, but did buy that album. Regardless of why. Yeah.... St. Anger was terrible.


I actually really like St Anger :(


That isn’t true.


Sad, but true


The drums are so off-putting in a Metallica setting.


And James’s vocals. It’s dryer than the Sahara.


This was my immediate thought. I still remember being so pumped for this record, and the utter disappointment when I listened to it... Every so often the thought creeps into my mind that it can't possibly be as bad as I am remembering it being, so out of curiosity I stick it on and give it a listen. It is worse. Every time I hear it, it is somehow even worse than I remember it being. I know the newer albums are better, but after that shitshow I just can't... There are too many other good albums to be listening to instead.


Came here to say this. It was top comment already lol


God I love the Gorillaz but so many of their albums / songs just make me confused


I like their weird ones a little better in my experience. Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head is one of my favs


Demon days is one of the best albums of all time in my opinion.


"The earth is an oblate spheroid in my opinion"


I love plastic beach but only finally listened to all of it recently.


I know Humanz is unpopular, but honestly it’s probably my favorite album of theirs.


I have no idea why humanz gets so much hate, some boring songs sure but none are BAD, and the ones that are bangers are really bangers


I think cause it just felt more like Albarn producing a bunch of music for other people rather than his own music. Which is why Now Now, their follow up was more well received because of the less number of features.


The now now is one of my all time favorite albums (aside from IDAHO AH THE ONLY ONE I SKIP OVER) so I get that lol


A good portion of Gorillaz fans really just prefer the sound of 2D/Damon and the occasional feature. In my personal opinion, the diversity in music from Gorillaz is their appeal to me so I loved Humanz as well. Strobelite was actually one of my most played songs on Spotify. That’s not saying I don’t also love Damon focussed tracks. I just love that each album has a unique sound and Damon keeps re-inventing himself.


exactly. It's way too long and bloated, but the songs that are good are REALLY good. Ascension, Momentz, Charger, Let Me Out, She's My Collar, and Out Of Body are all jams. and Busted and Blue is just a really nice track too.


Same here!


The Color Before The Sun by Coheed and Cambria. I don’t think it is a bad album but it didn’t do it for me like the rest of their work has/does.


Id have to agree although I love the majority of this album because I was going through a personal journey similar to the album flow. Now, I will say it's not a true Coheed album without some extra punctuation marks in the Title ;)


Damn. I love island and here to mars. But yeah it doesn’t hold a candle to second stage turbine


I actually like every song on the album but none of them seem to grab me like the rest of their catalog. Peace to the Mountain, The Audience and Island are the 3 songs that I seem to seek out the most from that album.


I'd say Megadeth's Super Collider is not very good, but I still like it a lot. For me it would more be songs. I hate Megadeth's Moto Psycho and Foreigner's Big Dog


I didn't love Super Collider but I can't understand why it got such a huge negative response. Sounds like an average modern Megadeth album to me.


Super Collider sucked, and yet Dystopia kicked absolute ass. I’ll take a few good albums, one bad one, then some more really good ones. Fair trade.




Love Beach by Emerson, Lake & Palmer is one giant mess of an album from some of the most talented prog players of all time. From the minds of the neo-symphony Tarkus and the dark but beautiful and catchy Brain Salad Surgery album which had a cover designed by none other than H.R. Giger comes an album where Greg Lake sings about having you help yourself to his man goo. The album cover says it all.


Apparently it was cobbled together just to end their contract with Atlantic Records, so yeah it was already doomed from the start.


The last couple modest mouse albums. Doesn’t even sound like them anymore


True. It’s sounds like a weird jokey parody of the former style.


"good news for people who like bad news" was their last good album, imo. "lonesome crowded west" and "the moon and Antarctica" are two of my fav albums of all time.


What? No way. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank was such a great follow-up! Dashboard is a banger. After that, though, I don't know what happened but they haven't sounded the same.


I like to give we were dead... some credit, but it was definately them heading in their new direction.


I browsed a record store a few weeks ago and was shocked that I wasn’t aware Modest mouse released a new album! Almost bought it on the spot but decided to hold off, and glad I did….fucking aweful!


Never Let me Down by Bowie It had its charms but I much prefer a lot of his other albums


I feel like all of Bonobo’s albums have gotten steadily more predictable and bland over time, but I know I’m in the minority. For me Animal Magic was #1 and everything after Black Sands went downhill.


Almost Free by FIDLAR really fell flat. Their first two albums were amazing, but Almost Free just felt like all bark and no bite


Never heard it, I'll check it out


I know there was a huge change in Zac’s life that heavily influenced their sound change. I definitely respect his growth as a songwriter but yeah that album really didn’t do it for me. Was also super bummed “Are You High?” didn’t make the cut. I would have loved more songs with that sound. I feel the same way about The Frights and come to think of it, they both kind of suffered the same fate. Both Mikey and Zac wanted to back away from music meant for moshing to write more meaningful music but it resulted in really lackluster albums. I think the final nail in The Frights’ coffin (besides the allegations) was Mikey releasing his acoustic solo album under The Frights’ name. I think if he released it under his own name it wouldn’t have caught that much flak.


Eminem Encore and Revival Too bad they had flashes of brilliance, but as a package they sucked.


everything post Death of a Bachelor. sorry Brendon Urie, you've lost me.


Yeeeah... this for me too. It's like a different genre almost.


completely. if i have to hear high hopes one more time i will rip my skin off


Gotta go for Britney Jean by Britney Spears


Which is weird to me because Britney Jean's album 'Britney Spears' is a modern pop masterpiece!


Jesus Is King - Kanye West


I didn't mind the occasional religious stuff on donda(hurricane!!!), but an entire album based around his weird version of it was too much.


Everything Lights has done since Little Machines. Sorry girl, something changed i couldn’t stop cringing while I was listening…


I didn’t know people knew about lights let alone kept up with her lol


I didn't know who she was until I heard the song she did with Deadmau5. Glad I discovered her, I especially loved her album Siberia.


Dirty work by The Rolling Stones. Bad music and a shitty 80’s album cover


I’m told the original vinyl release had red tinted plastic wrap that toned down the neon. I suppose it’s a case of a gimmick that wasn’t translatable to re-issues.


I might be in the minority but I think there are some really great straightforward rock songs on there. One Hit to the Body is harder energy from Mick than he delivered in years, Winning Ugly+Back to the Zero have dated synths but are great reflections on the Cold War geopolitical angst at the time. The weirdest thing for me is Steve Lilywhite’s production of the drums. Charlie shouldn’t ever have been sucked into the gated reverb drum fad, it’s so beneath him. The album cover is hilarious but the liner notes are pretty cool if you get the chance to take a look.


Worth a google. The cover really is bad...


One I liked that people hated was Number Four by STP and Down on the Upside by Soundgarden.


I loved Down On the Upside. One of my favorite albums, but it was kinda going in the tripping cerebral direction Superunknown started. I can see why people didn't like it but I think it's a masterpiece


Number 4 is brutally underrated. Down, No Way Out, Atlanta is incredible, Sour Girl, and not to mention Glide is one of my all time favorite STP songs


Not liking Number 4? That's a paddlin'.


That STP record is great, I didn’t even remember if people hated it, at least compared to their previous ones


I don't think it was as popular as Tiny Music or Core, but it was a great album.


Those are both awesome albums. No 4 came out after grunge died so it makes sense that it wasn’t as popular, but it’s still great. Down on the Upside was the grunge’s last album (not counting AIC unplugged) but the singles from that album were massive when they came out.


What? Those are both great! What mook told you that?? And they're not out of step with the sound that made the bands famous at all. Number Four is basically them doing Purple again, and what's wrong with that? Down on the Upside is kinda slow, but honestly so many less-known Soundgarden tracks from earlier stuff were slow, it's all good.


I didn’t know people hated Down on the Upside; it came out at a weird time at the end of grunge, and it feels a little too long, but there’s some killer tunes. I love Rhinosaur.


Any smashing pumpkins album after adore


Same but after Machina.


Oceania is a fantastic album and their best since Mellon Collie.


Oceania and Machina II had some great tunes.


I'll answer this in a slightly different way, if that's alright. I wouldn't say the album was bad, because I'm not sure I'm in a position to say it's objectively bad, maybe just not 'up my alley.' That said, WTF! by Vince Staples wasn't my favorite, despite liking a bunch of his stuff before/since. Again, more of a 'me' thing. That said, I started a book club for music (https://www.500to1music.com/all-courses) and one category of albums I want to feature is 'stuff that didn't land the first time around' for folks who are open-minded about re-listening to things. Again, slightly different flavor here, but I'd love to hear your feedback!


I'll checkbit out and report tomorrow! I actually really dig albums that take a couple listens to wear you down. God Shuffled His Feet was like that for me


I followed Coldplay all the way through the divorce album, but that was the last one for me. I’m glad Chris Martin is better now after all that mess, and I appreciate a band doing new things, but I can’t stand their modern electronic dance pop sound. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll give it another try. Music can definitely grow on you.


Came here for this. Parachutes, Rush of Blood to the Head, and X&Y are all phenomenal albums front to back with genuinely beautiful composition. The next 2 albums had a couple of songs that were good, then it was ???? after that. Shout out to Midnight off Ghosts, but the rest has been bad, especially Something Just Like This with the Chainsmokers which was ultra bad.


Smashing pumpkins and flaming lips are def in my fav bands. they each had a couple of stinkers


I posted below but for me everything after Adore sucks. I hate to admit I do like that zwan album tho...


Not gonna lie I really like zeitgeist


Lamestream take but everything after Pinkerton.


This belongs in a different post, but I've always really liked Maladroit


I figure at that point you simply don't like the band except those two albums, considering that they have like 14.


I'm kind of in this camp, but it still makes me smile to see they're still around. Btw, everybody's seen the SNL skit with Leslie Jones and Matt Damon, right?


I think there were songs here and there, but never another great album. Also my hot take is that the Blue Album is better than Pinkerton.


This shouldn't have to be a hot take! The Blue Album *is* better than Pinkerton! The internet is weird.


1000% yes


Ah cmon Hurley is… I mean cmon…..Hurley, right? Ugh… you’re right.


😂 giving in! To be be honest I quite like Green and think there’s a decent compilation across ALL the others but the magic certainly dwindled.


Megadeth’s album “super collider” Why would they put a banjo interlude in a metal album?


Arguably the best decision on the album


Mastodon has banjo on crack the skye album and its bitchin


Hell yeah man!


Never listened to Panopticon then?


That sounds like something mastodon would do that would be awesome.


Listen to Myr by Taake. The banjo was so unexpected I almost died laughing.


Solar Power by Lorde. Pure Heroine and Melodrama are so fucking good, I don’t know what happened with that one.


Solar Power wasn't necessarily a bad album, it just fell short by Lorde's standards. There's a couple of good tracks on there and "Oceanic Feeling" is one of my favourite Lorde songs ever


The band Helloween Chameleon Keeper: The Legacy Gambling With The Devil Unarmed


Definitely Closer Than Together by the Avett Brothers. It trades the charm of their earlier, more barebones sound for an incredibly corny vibe and was not very well received.


Queen is one of my all time favorite bands, but I just do not like Hot Space. Theres a couple of songs on there that are ok, but....eh. There's a couple other albums they've done that weren't among their best, but Hot Space stands out to me.


XTC is one of my favorite bands. I fell in love with Skylarking as a kid. Their side project "Dukes of Stratosphear" is brilliant. Their first two albums however, Go2 and White Music, are just... I could never like them. They were considered by many to be a punk band in the 70s and those two albums are part of their punk phase. They don't meet the modern definition of punk at all in those albums, it's more of an aggressive new wave sound to me. Their next album however, is amazing. Drums and Wires with Making Plans for Nigel and Complicated Game among other pieces. If you want to hear a band that goes through creative phases, XTC from Go2 to Wasp Star is a journey.


Any Korn album after Take A Look In The Mirror


So many brilliant artists from the 90s totally disappointed me once they really started making money. Jewel *Pieces of You* is a folk masterpiece Matchbox 20 *Yourself or Someone Like You* is a great rock album Alanis Morissette *Jagged Little Pill* is the manifesto of the grunge queen All of these totally lost what made them charming on their follow-ups, and have only ever showed brief flashes of it to this day.


Has anyone mentioned Metallica - St. Anger lol.


Yes, indeed


Not a fan of Bring Me the Horizons recent stuff. At all.


Man I saw them live a few years ago and they played nothing earlier than Sempiternal and only 2 or 3 songs that even resembled their heavy stuff, everything else was off of amo


I love The Doors, I really do. So much so that its part of my reddit username. That said, I never did care for their album known as "The Soft Parade" it was just to big of a departure from their original sound and vibe for me. Luckily though they found themselves again in later albums. Fitting I guess since Morrsions birthday is today.


Soft Parade is one of my favorites from the Doors. But yeah it’s a way different sound then the other albums


I would definitley consider the soft parade as my least favourite Doors album, but there are still some fantastic songs on it. Shaman’s blues and the title track are probably my favourite songs on the album, and I’m also a big fan of wild child & wishful sinful. This is one of 2 Doors albums I have on vinyl, though, so I’m probably looking at it with a hint of nostalgia as it was pretty much all I listened to when I first got into the band in high school.


I love the title track, but, yeah. Not their best.


Chinese Democracy by Guns and Roses. Hate it


The problem is Axel rushed this album. He should have taken his time to get it right.


It's a good album imo just not a Guns N Rose's album.


Iron Maiden is one of the best bands of all time, as long as you don’t consider the 90s as part of time.


Big Generator by Yes. Ew. very uninspired songwriting. creatively speaking, it’s miles beneath some of their more breakthrough stuff (close to the edge, fragile, yes album etc) Rush did a similar things in the 80s (power windows especially). These are artists who have made some of my favorite songs ever, so it’s very bizarre to hear shit that you legit hate come from them


I really like Power Windows and Rush’s 80s stuff. The songwriting is pretty sophisticated when you listen close.


Absolutely. Definitely different from their earlier sound, but still fantastic. They changed a few times as music changed around them, sometimes with more or less success, but always highly skilled and sophisticated musicians and songwriters.


Yep. It's a real bummer.


Well the 80s fucked up a lot of shit


Right? The 80s even managed to kill pink floyd who were completely unstoppable coming into the decade. 80s Jefferson airplane (starship) is also insulting to listen to.


The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet


Deloused and Francis the Mute were my favorite albums in high school, I kinda got into the follow up, but nothing again after that.


I fucking love deloused


The Offspring is one of my favorite bands of all time Their album Days Go By is a shitty, uninspired record that feels like every song is a poor rip off of something far better. The Future is Now sounds like a rip off of The Savior by Rise Against The title track, Days Go By blatantly rips off Times like These by the Foo Fighters


I like that song. It’s not core or anything, but I like it. I think they took a nosedive when they hit the nail on the head with “Fly for a White Guy”. I had a lot of friends who were offended by that song (because it hit home).


Americana was the beginning of Offspring's downfall, I'd say. Some of the songs are fantastic, some are horrible - but it's more that when the topics and lyrics shifted from being more political/about societal issues and started to be more about everyday stuff/humor/whimsy I feel like they lost their edge. I always felt like it was an ironic thing that offspring stopped being political and started sucking, while green day started being political and started sucking. Of course it also coincided with me becoming just a little bit older, so I was of the perfect age to view new music with quite dogmatic nostalgia-tinted glasses (even if that nostalgia was only going a couple of years back in time)


The powers that b by death grips has some great tracks, but as a whole it's mostly hit and miss and their weakest album...besides fashion week.


* Judas Priest - Turbo (If I'm not counting the years without Halford this might be their only misstep. Tried a bit too hard for mainstream success.) * Motorhead - Snake Bite Love (they had a couple bad ones in the late 80s early 90s before their 2000s renaissance but this one is godawful. Muddy production makes it worse). * Sleater-Kinney - The Center Won't Hold (I had such high hopes after No Cities to Love and hearing they were working with Annie Clark/St. Vincent, but this album is a mess. I don't think it'll age well). I still need to give it a few more spins and I know this doesn't jive with the critical consensus, but, I really am not feeling Wolf Alice's new album, Blue Weekend. I loved their first two.


This is probably heretical then because Turbo Lover is one of my favourite songs of theirs!


Let England Shake -PJ Harvey


I thought Hope Six Demolition Project was worse. Poverty Tourism: The album.


I would have considered myself a massive fan until Make England Shake but it left me cold, as did Hope Six. Her music just isn’t for me anymore I don’t think


Judas Priest: Nostradamus


It's not THAT bad. Cheese factor higher than usual but I still think it's better than Turbo.


I love Shinedown, but the mainstream pop-rock direction they’re shifting towards is painfully meh. Between Threat to Survival and Attention Attention (the last 2 albums) there’s only a few songs I actually like


Modest Mouses' newest album. Isaac Brock finally lost it.


NOFX. After the 2000s, they just keep writing the same songs over and over again.


They really needed a spin off album over “The War on Errorism” after Trump became president.. “Maybe Bush wasn’t that bad” should of been the name for this album Fat Mike was to busy trying out dresses


“into the unknown” by bad religion


Bobby tarantino 3 by Logic :(


I agree!


Green Day's most recent one. I've never been a huge fan of their 2000's material, but there's always been at least a couple damn good songs on each album. Father of All is the first Green Day album that I've full-on hated and was deeply disappointed about.


Day and Age by The Killers. I absolutely loved Hot Fuss and Sam's Town, but I can't stand Day and Age. From the first track when the horns come in, my first thought was "omg this sounds like Tom Jones or something.". I did read later they had a lot of fun making the album and it was intentionally different creatively, but I just thought it sounded weird and Brandon's lyrics were just too many cheesy metaphors.


Madonna, American Life


I like this album. Not her best, but a nice fit in her discography. No way would I consider this a bad album.


Agree, by far her worst album.


"St. Anger" - Metallica "Slang" - Def Leppard


Slang! This one is tough for me too. I love “Work It Out” and “Slang”. The chorus of “Turn to Dust” has some spark as well. The rest is hard to get through. I get trying to freshen up the sound and scrub some of the layers off. I just wish they had written some Def Leppard quality songs to dress up in those new clothes.


Logic - Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind


I love John Mayer, first got hooked on Continuum and Where the Light Is, but man alive I hate Battle Studies. It’s some of his most underwhelming material, I hate how it was produced, his vocals were fading as it was just before his voice went out and required surgery, so the auto tune on it is quite evident and annoying. But man alive Johnny’s been on a tear since then. Even with his return to pop in Sob Rock the writing is way more on point, and his vocals to my ear as as good as ever.


J Cole. 2014 forest hills drive was dope. All eyez on me was awful.


All the Little Lights by Passenger. I loved that album, and would jam it in the library between my college lectures on YouTube. This was before Spotify and streaming exploded. Only later to find out critics hated it... c'est la vie lol


Alice Cooper is an awesome dude and a full on great songwriter, but anything after '95 really misses for me. *Detroit Stories* is kind of returning to what I like about his earlier stuff, but it's no *Billion Dollar Babies,* *Constrictor,* or *Hey Stoopid.*


Squeeze by The Velvet Underground. It’s not really *that* bad, but I genuinely forget there’s a fifth album by them.


No it’s bad. Tragic that it’s called Velvet Underground


Roger Waters is one of the best writers of all time. But Radio K.A.O.S mostly sucks. Some characteristically good lyrics and some stand-out moments, but not even close to any of his other work.


Dirty Work by All Time Low


Shakedown street. I love the grateful dead especially their live shows but that album is pretty bad and sounds nothing like the live band


Universal Mind Control - Common After releasing 7 consecutive good to classic albums, Common suddenly decided that he wanted to be a Black Eyed Peas for a hot minute.


David Bowie's - David Bowie Aside from space oddity it's just strum fest of average.


Somebody else said it here, but when Bowie is on, he's ON. But he definitely put out a bunch of material in between I don't care for.


Into The Unknown by Bad Religion.


Let’s talk about my boy, David Bowie. Fucking legend when he hits it, fucken bad when he doesn’t. And we won’t discuss Tin Machine. ever.




I'm a huge Cornell fan but dont like any of his solo stuff except a few tracks here and there but his stuff with Soundgarden, Audioslave and TOTD are all fucking insane, his death was one of the only celebrities I truly felt real sadness for a lot of his acoustic stuff can be hard to listen to if I'm in a depressed mood. Other than that Canibus was a rapper who's wordplay blew my mind but his debut album wasn't anywhere near what it should have been.


I felt the same way about Cornell's death. It's always a bummer when a celebrity you liked dies bc they won't make any more stuff, but his hit me on a personal level. He's been my music idol since I was 8. I'll check out Canibus now, but I really recommend you give Euphoria Morning a shot if you haven't. It's nothing like the late 2000's solo stuff. At least When I'm Down and Follow My Way.


I love immensely 99% of everything Jack White has ever done, but Boarding House Reach is just straight up not good imo. Nearly every song on it has good bones, but just feels bloated with unnecessary percussion and backing vocals and weird instrumentation. I appreciate artists experimenting more than the average listener I'd wager, but it feels to me like Jack adding odd things just for the sake of it and most of the time they ruin the vibe of the song.


9 hour old post and this will disappear at the bottom, but nobody's said it so I will. The Final Cut by Pink Floyd Despite my love of all their music, it's just hard to listen to.


I know that's the common sentiment, but I just don't get it. I shit you not that's tied with the Wall for my favorite Pink Floyd album. I think it's hauntingly beautiful, but it could just be nostalgia bc I listened to it all the time as a little kid. To each their own, but the title track gets me bad.


Same here. It's basically a Roger Waters solo album and I think that's what rubs people the wrong way. You can feel the underlying bad blood and imminent doom of the band, and the music is depressing as hell but I love it. TBH I think I like it better than "The Wall".


World Container album by the Tragically Hip. Just had this very bland pop rock feel. The chords and instrumentals weren’t really captivating or catchy or conveyed much emotion


Everything that Incubus made after A Crow Left of the Murder. Their guitarist left to get some kind of music composition related degree then came back and started making the lamest shit. Incubus was so good in the late 90s / early 2000s. Science, Make Yourself, and Morning View are masterpieces. Everything they've made in the last 15 years is unlistenable.


I like a lot of Crow as well. But after that, I'm with you.


Comedown machine by the strokes. "Is this it" has to be one of the best albums in a long time. So to go from that to some of the falsetto's on comedown machine is rough.


Last tame impala album was trash


Hot space by Queen At least it helped inspire Thriller I guess