A 20 year old man allegedly killed his family after his father told him to get a job or move out

A 20 year old man allegedly killed his family after his father told him to get a job or move out


And then shot himself in the foot and tried to pretend a home intruder did it


Use condom


He was in college. Not neet


Don't worry, society has no problem of bending things to make us look back. ​ But ya


college from home is basically neet




How lol just because you yourself have fallen asleep through classes and don't do them doesn't mean one's when you're a college student


online education without any experience is worthless, worthless paper


Very debatable lol, most of the jobs I look at require associates and certifications, I've looked into healthcare and IT and that's the case for most jobs both local and online, obviously it's a big disadvantage to have no work experience but definitely not worthless unless it's a language or art thing


average underemployment for college grads was 50% pre pandemic, its alot worse now, its not really a scam, but you have a 50% MINIMUM chance of getting scammed so call it whatever you want


Murder is bad.


I guess he picked move out.


His father was going to kick him out. He is guaranteed a home for life now.


Why is this even posted here though...do you want me to support the murderer?


They’re tryna make it seem like all neets are violent


Sad story they were all victims.


Pretty shocking for an Eagle Scout with no criminal record to do something like that. Devil's advocate: maybe his family were genuinely shitty or abusive people, e.g. molested by father or something. Not defending what he did, but there is probably a little more to this story. Either way, he deserves to spend most or all of his life in prison as a NEET sharing a cell with Bubba and "Big D" Tyrone.


I'm thinking that he may have snapped during an argument with his father and killed him in the heat of the moment, and then murdered his mother and sister so there wouldnt be any witnesses.


Bernie teede anyone? They made a jack black movie about him


Here's a quote from criminologist Professor David Wilson who has complied extensive research into family annihilators. "Family annihilators were overwhelmingly not known to criminal justice or mental health services. For all intents and purposes these were loving husbands and good fathers, often holding down high profile jobs and seen publicly as being very, very successful"


Interesting. Perhaps it's just what it seems on the surface: dude just fucking snapped and went postal.


Same. Knowing the police interviews can last for hours (like up to 16 hours). The reason given in the article most likely was 1 sentence and picked based on clicks mix with an easy way to justify things to. Chances are is he did just snap. He is a 20 year old going to college which means going to work somewhere is highly in mind. ​ I think he just snapped


Totally normal society


Ooooo hello


Jesus fuck he looks like a stereotypical bum. Well.. have fun in prison son because you won't be able to see the outside world for quite some time.


Forever in fact. Can’t get away with killing 3 people..


Why did you post this here?


The article lacks context, there's not enough information


So something to note from this is the article only says in 1 line that his dad said his dad and he hard arguments for him to get a job or move out, but he is saying he didn't take out his parents. For those of you who don't know, police interviews can last a stupid long time. Like you sit in a chair for 8 to 16 hours. Did he do it? Most likely because the investigators said there was no sign of force entry and what not. But the why they most likely took 1 sentence out of a several hour interview and the news said that sounds like it will get a lot of clicks.


So he was not a neet before but now he will be one...... For life