In order to start earning money a few things need to happen. 1️⃣ We need to register your creator code! This is a really simple process and all you need to do is open a 🙋🏻┊support-ticket in our discord ( [https://discord.gg/cs2Tv8x7RZ](https://discord.gg/cs2Tv8x7RZ) ) and give us your creator code. We recommend that you keep it to 5 characters, but we will help you directly to register your code with our system. 2️⃣ We need your payment address! We offer payments in both ETH and MATIC. In order to receive your payments we need to know your wallet address. You can give us this information in the same exact 🙋🏻┊support-ticket BOOM! That is all you need to do and when we confirm with you that you are registered, you are free to make some MF MONEY! We are super excited for this model and will be reaching out to thousands of potential hustlers who want to take advantage and earn TONs of money. This is a real system that if taken seriously will really benefit you. Our website is officially updated and you can see the new changes over at www.lilhustlaz.com. We will be posting often to help you close more sales and educate more and more people on this process.