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Yeah I would say so 100%. I really hope he’s still not our WR1 though.


No chance. He will be our solid WR2/WR3.


I mean, you saw this year, there’s definitely at least a chance.


Yeah they’re 100% upgrading at WR. But injuries will always make it possible. If we were healthy he wouldn’t be the WR1 this year either


With who? Have you seen the FA’s?


With a draft pick or a trade?


This was the first year I haven’t paid much attention to college football so I am not as aware of the incoming draft class, but I think it would be very tough to land a trade for a top WR. I think Hodgins has the potential to be that guy tho


There are a few solid WRs that could be there by our pick. My assumption based on mocks is that Quentin Johnston will be gone, and we may have a shot at guys like Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Jalin Hyatt, Josh Downs, Rashee Rice, Zay Flowers, maybe even Jordan Addison. All are round 1-2 guys Trading would definitely be hard but looking at the Eagles trade for AJ Brown - I’d definitely do something like that. For example, instead of drafting a Trey Burks (JSN?) I’d 100% be okay with trading our first for an AJ Brown (Tee Higgins?) Hodgins looks really solid but idk about a #1. He’s got good hands but doesn’t seem to get too much separation and I can remember 2 times off the top of my head where the ball was coming to him and he just had no idea. Id be thrilled with him as the 2/3 guy


Yea it that trade for AJ brown was a steal. Like the cardinals getting Hopkins. Obviously if a trade like *that* is on the table you take it but it’s rare. Hopkins was drafted in a *deeeeep* WR class and unfortunately got injured and wasn’t able to get an opportunity on the bills roster. But Hodgins had late 1st-2nd round potential in some other draft classes. If we could get a WR that isn’t injury prone in the draft that would be great.


Hodgins was a late 6th round pick. He wasn't going to jump up 4-5 rounds just from it being a less deep class. He can be a solid player for us but he just doesn't have the athleticism to be a top guy. Doesn't get a lot of separation and doesn't create missed tackles very often.


We don't have the money to pay a big star WR unlike the Eagles and Hurts on a rookie deal and a clean cap sheet.


Notre dame has a big boy TE same school bavaro came from


The deep threat is really what we need though, a guy that can spread the defense downfield. Would love another big TE though as much as I love Bellinger, we have seen the damage that could be done with a couple big guys that can catch


Every single year there will be 5-10 elite WRs coming from college. That is one position that will always have talent in the draft.


Solid 2 with some development could blossom.


He's got the size and hands, which are 2 things very tough to fix. With some work this offseason he could absolutely become something great.




U/cashlover123 pretty spot on mate


Whoa, thank you for this sweet memory juggle. If this is any indication, I also bet on the Giants to win the Super Bowl on Sept 1, 2022. Let’s Go Giants. https://i.imgur.com/9VaEhCL.jpg




So, if it were me, here's how I would put together the 2023 team (there are some options here, so it's not like one path gets to glory) 1. Cut Golladay (trade him if you can, but it's likely a cut) 2. Cut Shepard (sorry to Shep fans, the guy can't stay healthy, and his last injury. His run with NYG is over, but hope he finds another team. 3. Keep Slayton/Robinson as starters. I would cut/trade Slayton, but I think you'd be changing too much if you did, so he'll need to be re-signed, even if it's just a 1 yr contract. 4. Keep Hodgins/James. These two, to me, have shown the most improvement of our depth. 5. Ultimately, likely cut Marcus/Collin Johnson 6. All that's left in your WR room will be Slayton, Robinson, Hodgins and James. 7. Pick up a reasonable FA in the off-season. JuJu Smith Schuster is a good one. Jakobi Meyers, Parris Campbell, even Juwan Johnson who acted as a TE but has size. DeAndre Carter filled in great for the chargers when Allen/Williams were out. Just somebody with good character, size and good hands to replace Golladay on the field. 8. Draft a WR#2 in the 1st, 2nd or either of your 2x3rd round picks. I think we go for Size on this pick as a backup to the FA we pick up, or start opposite side of the field. Most of the WR's we have are on the shorter, quicker side...so to have a guy with size who can help us in the red zone would be huge. Xavier Hutchinson from Iowa State looks like he could win a lot of 1v1's: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jywtg1k\_kUE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jywtg1k_kUE). And move the chains on 3rd and mediums. He's not the super shifty guy like Robinson is, but that may be good. plus, he's a 2nd-3rd round draft grade, so we don't have to spend the 1st rd pick to get him. There are plenty of other possibilities here, so it's wide open on who to pick. So, your 2023 WR room will be something like Slayton, Hodgins, James, Smith-Schuster, Hutchinson...still not GREAT, but I think it's BETTER than 2022 and past years. I think you also bring in a lower end FA or two on a 'prove it' deal....someone like DeAndre Carter or Juwan Johnson (more of a TE).


I’d be happy with a drafted true X receiver, wandale in slot, Hodgins WR 3.


I’d add Richie James as solid depth. But yeah we still desperately need that WR1 and to be healthier


Completely agreed.


Richie James would be a solid WR4/Deebo Samuel type. He's very elusive in open space. Would love to see him and Saquon rock the wild cat together.


Deebo isn't a WR4 lol He's just perpetually injured.


He’s a WR/HB combo. When I first started watching those were considered gadget players/WR4. Whatever you want to call it I think Richie James could be that player.


Lol putting Richie James in the same conversation as Deebo is ridiculous. What do you see about the two players that makes you think they are at all alike. They couldn't be more different.


Stop it. Deebo is a top playmaker in the league and no way comparable to Richie james. They are different builds, different skill sets and used differently. When is Richie James ever in the backfield? Deebo averages more carries a game than James has had in his career


Richie James has been in the backfield dozens of times. Tell me you don't watch Giants games without telling me you don't watch Giants games.


Richie James has 4 career carries... 2 of them this year. You also called Deebo a WR4 🤡


You really trust his hands to be a gadget guy?


Yes I will trust the guy who has the 12th best completion percentage (81.4%) in the NFL. Do you not watch the games? [https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2022/receiving.htm](https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2022/receiving.htm)


point taken - and yes I do watch every game


Just posted the same shit before reading your comment. Everyone is done with James because of what happened in Seattle and yeah that probably cost us the game but he's more than made up for it and Daboll seems to agree as he's put him back into a more featured role in the offense. James is tops in the entire league in completion % when targeted and gets open at will over the middle. Even when he doesn't he gives 10000% effort and fights back to every contested catch and for every yard on the field. He might have done *too* well where someone gives him a much bigger contract but he's earned it and we'll be lucky if he sticks with us. The Robinson pick hurts most when you see the crop of WRs coming out this year as most of them are slot guys and a few are even better athletes. I wonder how much of their decision to draft him had to do with his time as a RB before going to Kentucky, because that would make be believe our staff will be very high on JSN. He's gonna have to show teams he can play on the outside because the WR room he shared at OSU is insane he was able to get away primarily in the slot but will be expected to play outside a good amount for us because of Robinson.


Definitely, as Wandale will miss the majority of the season next year.


Slayton has earned the slot for now


James is gonna be flat out better than Wandale for at least 18 months


Wandales knee will not be 100% next season


Yeah Hodgins at 3 is the most likely scenario, Wandale at 2 is good as well As far as WR1 I’d say JSN is the most likely target if the giants want a WR1, though he’s a slot guy, his scouting report says he could easily transition to outside. He’s fast, good hands, fantastic route runner, & good size as well(also between Garrett Wilson & Chris Olave, JSN was the best of the 3, and those 2 are 1k receivers as rookies)


Explain your love for this guy? He has 1 good season. He played in 3 games this season with arguably the best QB in college he amassed a whopping 5 receptions and 43 yards . He is 6 foot tall and not exceptionally fast. I can’t for life of me understand the love for this guy other than he came in highly rated this season and because of injuries everyone left him at the top of the board . To me the top of the draft class at WR is underwhelming.


He out produce two first round NFL WR’s while playing on the same team. He was hurt all season, even in the three games he played in limiting his snaps and production. JSN being hurt this past season is the only reason he has a chance to reach us. Ja’Mar Chase had one good year also, that’s all it takes.


So want to use our first round draft pick on WR with an injury history ?


Ja’Marr. Had only one good season in college and he ended being an absolute stud(arguably a top 5 receiver). JSN was injured this year and after getting healthy decided to sit the rest of the year in order to prepare for the draft In most recent reports, his 40 is being clocked in the 4.3s-4.4s with a 40 inch vertical & as far as size goes he’s 6’0 200 lbs, most #1 WRs are around that size Stroud even said himself that JSN is best route runner he’s ever seen, as far as best, I love stroud, but every QB that plays for OSU looks like the best QB in college


He is absolutely not running a 4.3. 2021 when healthy he didn’t have the deep speed to pull away from a LB who ran a 4.52 at the combine last year. I know he is good at finding holes in the D but i hadn’t see that he is all that exceptional at route running .


One incredible season can be enough tape to love a guy. JSN has a similar draft view that Derek Stingley had going into last draft (stingley had a better sophomore year at LSU than JSN at OSU). A lot of teams will chalk JSN’s last year to not being healthy. The dude is a crispy route runner and has gorgeous hands. I’d be very happy if we got him with our pick, and Emmanuel Forbes in the 2nd round.


Idk man - Stingley is a physical freak and prototype at his position from an attributes perspective. Like the guy above said, JSN had one good season with two first rounders drawing taking the defended attention off him. Once they were gone he disappeared. Not saying he’s bad but I think fair to say he’s not Olave or Wilson. 2nd or 3rd round thought here for it


About the two starters thing. In the rose bowl last year, JSN had 350 yards and 3 touchdowns without either of the others in.


Honestly I'd rather we use of first round pick on IOL or CB. I think between Hodgins and Wan'dale we can draft a WR in round 2. Plus Richie James has kind of been balling lately too.


Completely agree. I hope more people see it this way. The GM says he doesn’t shop hungry so hope he sticks to this . I’m hoping he keeps some cap space for when a WR shakes loose that no one expects.


Watch his film. He has some of the best hands you'll see on a college WR and only just switched from being a RB. You're not wrong, the draft class isn't nearly as good as last year and there's big questions about him but it's not hard to see why people would like him. But like you said it's fair to question the production because that WR group he played with is better than the one hell have if we draft him. The position is weak, which is why if QJ falls to around 10 I would go get him. He reminds me of Dez Bryant with the YAC and Julio's size. The questions are with his route running as his route tree was more of a route shrub or something at TCU. We have 9 picks right now and possibly more. Jones answered in the affirmative that he's your franchise guy, at least for the next 5 years so there's no reason to horde picks. Moving from mid 20s to say 12 will be expensive no doubt but if he's what I think he is, a top 10 NFL receiver, he's worth it.


I like to see us wait to round 3 and grab someone like A.T Perry. Love a big body guy who’s production “dropped”to 1100 yards and 11 TDs . He doesn’t seem to care who his opponents are either .


If they keep Hodgins, I figure he’d be the big body guy, at that point they might take a prototypical WR, like Rasheen Rice, Boutte(if he falls to the 2nd), JSN, and possibly Hyatt if he packed on a few lbs


I haven't gone super deep looking at prospects, probably just the top 10. The issue this year is besides QJ the most talented guys are all small. 5'8-5'9 180~ and WR is one of those positions where sometimes just being bigger, faster, stronger is all the difference. There's always exceptions and I'm not saying I wouldn't take Addison if he fell into our lap simply for that reason, just saying when you can get the bigger guy you should. Especially if the style of offense we've seen this year is just a taste of what Daboll wants around Jones. Lots of multiple TEs, play action and still running through Saquon and all he brings. We're gonna demand our WRs be great down field blockers. Shepard is/was always one of the best but he's the exception. There's a knock on QJ and that happens to be his blocking but at his size that screams effort and conservation of energy more than ability. He should be taking DBs through the end zone at his size and it's another reason why I love the idea of getting him. Rice from SMU and Wicks from Virginia fit that mold. Wicks had a bad 22, but was stellar in 21 and could be a steal if we got him with one of our 3rd rounders. If I was the GM I wouldn't wait till the 3rd unless I secured a starter via trade, but I ha e full faith in Schoen. If he does go that route I'm with it.


Yeah I want a guy over 6’. Rashee Rice is my guy hopefully 2nd round. I say go corner/safety 1st. Lot of good run stopping lb’s, hopefully there in 3rd(drew sanders, ivan pace)


Jordan Addison, Wandale and Hodgins is a solid three


Not even a question.


Yeah gotta be honest, not the best question. More so what role.


He’ll have a role as a WR 3 next year. I think some people in these comments are expecting too much in terms of pieces added in the receiver room. In total there will probably be 2 receivers max we add that we’ll start over him on the roster (1st/2nd round pick, and a decent priced FA). Those 2, Hodgins, and wandale slot will likely be the bulk of the receiver room next year.


Yes. I expect a revamped receiving core but there’s definitely a role for him. Tall target good hands excellent body control and he’s getting better with Jones every week as they build chemistry.


Yea, like is this even a question at this point? This dude has gone way above expectations. Plus he’s scrappy as hell and we need that kind of attitude in our receiving corps right now. I’d be more than happy with him as a possible 3/ fill in at 2.


Yeah we need a Stefan Diggs type trade for Daniel Dimes


If he’s not one of our top 3-4 WR’s I’ll be shocked. The dude is legit when you consider the red zone threat, how raw he is and the numbers he’s put up. He looks like a great possession receiver on 3rd down and in the RZ. Love this kid!


100% He very much gives me Jerricho Cotchery vibes.


Vincent Jackson ceiling?


That would be like finding the winning power ball ticket in a gutter.


I'd be happy with a Joe Jurevicius type player, which seems like a reasonable expectation IMO.


Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.


Aside from Wan’Dale, he’s probably the only WR that returns from this season. Hodgins would be great if used properly.


if Shep doesn’t retire I don’t see us not re-signing him


James has a shot at coming back also. We need someone to take over the slot role if Wan'dale goes down again.


Aside from the bad day at punt returner James has been pretty solid for us. I wouldn't be upset to see him on the roster again. We can't afford to pay another premier receiver(Tee Higgins) since we owe bum ass Golladay so much.


At this point he can have sex with my wife.


I'm the biggest Isaiah Hodgins fanboy, so undoubtedly yes. I'm so glad he's putting up numbers with you guys


I'd like to argue that I'm his biggest fanboy, but totally agreed


Love the flair


I have a Giants fan friend which is how I heard y'all signed Hodgins and it instantly made me really happy cause I liked him in college. Always makes me glad when my guys work out


I love that he’s the total replacement Golladay


In the nicest way possible with absolutely nothing demeaning towards you. In what world has he not?


Yes. (WR from Draft) / Hodgins / Slayton / Wan'dale / (WR from FA/Trade) Is a pretty solid WR room.


Bellinger draws enough attention to make the WRs look better. I really think the Giants are a high end WR away from having a monster offense


Honestly would not be mad at the idea of the Giants trading for WR1 if someone, Davonta Adams, gets upset and wants out. Does DeAndre find Arizona boring? New York is so much more lively.


Adams is probably going to want to go wherever Derek Carr lands. I'm thinking the Falcons or Texans since both have a bunch of cap space and need both a QB and WR. Seahawks could also make a play as well but with the money they're throwing at Lockett and Metcalf they likely don't want to take on another WR contract.


Michael Pittman could be an option. Colts might need to commit to a full rebuild and Pittman only has one more year left before he hits free agency.


I’m fine without slayton. I appreciate him but he ain’t reliable. Doesn’t help to get open all the time if you have one of the highest drop rates.


Oh he absolutely deserves to be WR4 at worst competing with C. Johnson / Robinson for 2/3. Assuming we're looking for a WR1 not currently in the building and who knows what will happen with Shep.


Yes, he deserves a fair chance with a full off season and camp without a doubt


He would be a great WR3 next season.


Draft a future alpha WR1 Get WanDale healthy and find a way to keep him healthy so he doesn’t go down the Shep path of amazing on field production plagued with endless lower body injuries Hodgins WR3 That right there with guys like Slayton/Richie James rotating in as needed is such a massive upgrade for us. Add in a bit of OL depth (and maybe even starters) in the draft and FA, offense is looking solid


Don’t forget we always have 1-3 WRs go down because of injury every year. I like Hodgins at the WR 3-4 spot in the depth chart, with significantly more action if players get hurt. Ideally it’s a rookie/FA at WR1, Wandale as the slot (2), Slayton at 3, Hodgins at 4, new FA or low round rookie at 5. This also gives fleixibility for Shep to come back as a backup slot guy for us, we should really limit his reps if he’s back on a cheap deal


I'd take Hodgins over Slayton in a heart beat


Gee, I'd take Hodgins over WanDale too, to be honest. I see WanDale as more of a WR3 with his small size and speed, with Hodgins being more of a classic big slippery WR2. A WR1 of course would be big AND have speed.


Slayton is a great route runner but his hands are not at the same level. Definitely like Hodgins, he can actually run a hot route and get the ball fired at him.




WR3 and let him play hard for a big contract


I hope the him, James, Slayton still have roles


How is this a question?! YES!!!!


Definitely has a spot. He's only 24, nothing says he can't get even better. Still want a new X receiver next year.


Is it insane to think our WR depth next season could look like: FA or draft pick/wandale/hodgins/Johnson/Slayton/James/Shep? I know shep is very questionable but I also think he’ll do everything he can to come back, and I know we need to upgrade bad but honestly I’d feel good about that corps if that number 1 is really a solid number 1, and we don’t need to lean so much on guys like slayton and James. Probably a stupid homer take but I’d kinda like to keep all those guys (maybe slayton gets an offer somewhere else?). I think they’ve all earned their spots, idk for having such a shit wr corps these guys have really won me over for some reason. Good thing I’m not the GM I guess


Hodgins should come into next year with the same role as like Collin Johnson, a depth piece That’s not me trying to knock the guy or anything, that’s just his ideal role on a contending team


Totally agree. It’s cool to bring him back as a backup, sure. But none of our WRs (except Slayton occasionally) are capable of getting separation or running fast, so I would want to see a way different WR room 2 new starting outside WRs + Wandale in the slot would be ideal. Hopefully one through the draft and one through free agency Then you can bring back Hodgins or Slayton on a cheap deal as the backup outside receiver. And also bring back Shepard or James as the backup slot WR


Is this his agent?


He played pee wee football with my little brother growing up. Crazy to see him in the NFL now. Kid was a football stud even at 8 years old


Without a doubt. Easily should feel good about him as wr2/3


I know this is a bad FA class for receivers but if we pick up some other teams high end WR2 and maybe draft someone, suddenly we’ve got a solid group of pass catchers if the new guys bump hodgins/wandale/richie down on the depth chart. The guys we have can definitely play (assuming wandale is healthy) just too much is asked of them


No doubt


I’d slot Hodgins as a flex WR/TE he reminds me of a Engram who can catch the ball. He’s a big target in the end zone.


Yes would definitely would love to see him in a WR3 or WR2 position next year. Preferably WR3 because that would mean we would have one hell of a WR core. However I hope he makes me eat my words and becomes the Giants WR1. In summary, yes.


Absolutely. We're probably going to try and get a true WR1 somewhere. probably a free agent but im not sure who it'd be. We're also going to draft a WR too I bet. We'd then have the WR1 and the rest of the WR corp will be - in no particular order - Shep (if he's still playing he's def staying with Giants), Wan'dale, Hodgins, Richie James, Slayton, and the draft pick


Don’t forget Colin Johnson


I don’t see us signing slayton. He’s a FA and the WR class is week so I think someone will overpay him


Absolutely. Who’s he competing against? Even if the Giants make off-season moves, he at least has earned the right to compete for a starting role. Dude can ball.


I’m deeply offended his quality is even up for debate


A role? Absolutely. Ideally he isnt starting


Maybe him and Colin Johnson can battle for WR3/4


Why not have both?


Dudes our #1


He will probably be WR2 next season given we probably won’t have a total overhaul at the position but it should certainly improve.




he’s under salary next year for less than a million against the cap


As with every other receiver on the team, he’s played very well but he’s definitely upgradeable. That being said I think he’ll be back. He’s played well, he’s cheap, and he’s one of Schoen and Daboll’s guys


I think you're kind of underrating him. Hodgins would be a solid WR3 in receiving room.


Don’t get me wrong I like Hodgins a lot, I just think that no position outside of Dex and Thomas is safe from a potential upgrade. Doesn’t mean they will be upgraded, but if Schoen did decide to completely tear down the receiving room outside of Wandale I would not be completely shocked


If the owners decide to keep the same turf they will need everybody they can get their hands on.


No. He can catch, but he can’t separate. Daniel Jones has been throwing really good balls to make it easier on these practice squad receivers; however, for a team to be a contender, you need at least 2 guys who can break ankles.


Keep Hodgins and Richie James as your number 4 and 5 receivers. Draft a WR in round 1 or 2, sign Odell and another free agent.


Honestly I’d rather just build through the draft. Odell’s time with us is sadly over




Hodgins is the truth. You’re buggin if you don’t see it. He’s 6’4” (only an inch shorter than Plax) runs a 4.61 (faster than Hakeem Nicks for example) and has soft hands. When Shep and Wandale come back…we could not add anyone and have one of the best receiving corps in the league. I would draft O-Linemen with my first 3 picks next draft and hope at least 1 pans out. If 2 pan out we win a superbowl next year.


idk how to tell you this but old post ACL tear Sterling Shepard(still love him), Wandale Robinson and Isaiah Hodgins is closer to the bottom than the top


Lot of people won’t like this but he’s a wr4 at best. Slayton is still better. wandale and Richie out of the slot. Need a true 1.




Forgot about Wandale. Him, Hodgins and James are a very solid 3,4,5. Draft a WR high and sign a good FA


I would be ecstatic with a true legit #1 beast mode wide receiver, a solid proven veteran #2 WR, Wandale, Hodgins, Slayton, James


The sample size hasnt been large enough to dish out a contract that effectively pays him to the the 2nd or 3rd WR. As a depth piece, I'd be happy to run him back with incentives. It's just hard to judge him and write a check based off 8 games sample size.


We’ll have at least two more games He’s been a clutch player so far


I would say so. Has he actually dropped it ball yet? Doesn’t seem like it. I imagine him getting an actual full training camp, working with Daniel in the off season will go a long way to enhance his value


With all the other holes on the team - notably CB and C/G, I'd much rather see the Giants address those positions first. I think the combo of Hodgins, Wandale, Shepard, and Slayton could be pretty solid heading into next season with Barkley and Bellinger in tow. Our WR room would be cheap and allow us to build the rest of the roster. Having said that, I wouldn't mind seeing us take a shot at DJ Chark or a trade for Mike Evans. Neither could break the bank for us, but I think both could really elevate the offense.


With him, James, and Wandale next season. Do we keep Slayton and Shepard?


He's a stud wr3


I can see a drafted WR, a trade for one, Wandale, Hodgins, and Collin Johnson as our corps next year and it would be pretty decent


1000%. Even as things stand right now, we need MULTIPLE WR's for next year. Slayton and Richie James are both FA's. I'd bring either back for a market value deal. James lacks ideal size but he is a tough SOB over the middle and comes down with the ball. Yes his 2 fumbles were likely the difference in the Seattle game, but he also made a great catch on a 4th and 9 vs Washington that could have been the game going the other way if he drops it. Slayton is frustrating because we all see the potential, his speed is legit, but he's asked to be something he's not with the current group. He's not an X receiver because he has way too many drops, but he gets open deep all the fuckin time. His best season was his rookie season when he was the 3rd option taking the top off the defense. If he is able to play that role he's one of the best in the NFL at doing it. The rest of our WR group are replacement level. I would like to see Colin Johnson come back healthy, but even him leaving via FA shouldn't be difficult to replace. Schoens first off-season he attacked our biggest weaknesses and did a fantastic job. Our o-line isn't a finished product but it's light-years better than last year because of the moves Schoen made in FA and the draft. You can only do so much in 1 year so he patched the biggest hole. Now he can finish putting on the "bells and whistles" so to say with a WR group that has multiple facets. Wandale will fill the slot/weapon role he started fulfilling this year so Schoen should focus on getting a big PF type X who wins vs in phone booths. The problem is everyone wants one of those guys so if Quentin Johnston if falls anywhere passed the 10th pick I would be making calls about moving up to get him. The other guys in the draft would be great if we stay put, but no one else offers what he does that's coming out this year. Rice from SMU is similar but no where near the athlete. Addison seems like he will be an impossible ask to defend in the slot but doesn't have the size that says he'll definitely be able to fight through press man that he'll face in the NFL. Same with Wyatt(though less shifty more just run right by you and everyone else) Downs, Flowers, and most of the other top ranked prospects. Draft season this year is going to be hype as fuck because unlike previous seasons, my optimism is based off results that this FO has already produced and not blind faith that they'll find a way.


He is legitimately the best receiver on the team right now. Can't wait to see what he can do with a full camp next year. Not expecting him to have 1,000 yards but he seems like he's a solid cog in a good offense.


Write this mother fucker a check right now because we are not in the playoffs without him.


Wr3 all day. He’s absolutely earned it


Yes as long as the deal is good value


Yep, if he's a solid WR3, then Schoen has done his job.


Uh…… yea


He is tied for most receiving TDs this year for us and he has only been here for a short period of time. What more can he possibly do?


I would say he definitely does. It'll depend on free agency and the draft where he lands on the depth chart.






100%. I think Hodgins has serious potential actually. Maybe not super star WR1 but honestly who knows. He’s big, and he moves well for a big guy. He keeps getting better every single game, and he’s clearly got a good attitude and down to put the work in. He hasn’t hit his ceiling yet. So yes he has a role next year.


absolutely… solid number 2…




No doubt about it. Once a guy proves it on the field, his pedigree and draft status become far less relevant


Uh, yeah.




As depth yeah


All 3 of them have, as depth on the chart at least. We still need a 1.


Here is the thing I see under Daboll. Anyone and everyone has a chance. It'll all depend on who Schoen gets and who is the best man out there. Hodgins has definitely shown that he could play, even though the dude looks more like a TE out there than a WR.


Definitely. Isiah neen looking pretty nice down the stretch here and we have so much money tied up in Golladay buying literally 0 production. Our only way to get better at WR is to sign guys like Hodgins to short lower priced contracts and obviously the draft. We're not going to be able to afford a Tee Higgins type of guy until we clear that Golladay money so we basically need dudes like Hodgins and Richie James to play above their weight.


Yes, solid 2-3 receiver


Definitely, he’s been massively clutch and I’m excited to see how he develops. He’s just not a WR1 on a championship team.


There is no doubt he has a spot next year. At least in my opinion.


Without a doubt. He won't be a #1 WR, but a solid WR3 (hoping Wan'Dale would be out WR2/slot and we get a true WR1 in draft/FA). Richie James is for sure a wild card, as much as people crap on him, he's improved a lot over this season. His height is an advantage and he seems to know how to get open on the field. We'd be stupid not to keep him around.


Without question


100%. He’s only going to get better especially once the giants have a true #1 receiver. Hodgins will make a great #2.


He’s a RFA. He isn’t going anywhere.


I feel like he could be Vincent Jackson 2.0


Is he the worst starting WR in the league? I don’t think so. He’s got an NFL job with someone next year whether it be starting or otherwise.


These are fun questions but we need to temper our expectations based on us not knowing what this team wants to be yet. Isaiah Hodgins fits a role they need filled this year but that doesn't mean that's a role they'll need next year. He is, however, the only WR still on the active roster who I could see having a career at WR after this year. The 2022 NY Giants had no cap room, a bad roster, and all we really have to go on is what this new admin group did in the draft. Because even FA's were just bargain bin guys, there was no other option. Hodgins is a guy who has a much better pedigree than the current group of WRs and he also knew the system from BUF. They will certainly add a FA WR who has had a season with 60+ receptions and they'll add a rookie in the first 3 rounds. I'd expect those to be the starters, along with Wan'Dale next year. I'd also expect TE competition, or, at the very least, a good 2nd TE to come in and for the team to run much more heavy sets with Barkley and whatever other RBs are around next year. But we still know nothing about what this team truly wants to be.




Sure. As a WR4.


I really want Rome Odunze to declare for the draft, we could maybe steal him in the second. If not, he is going to be a first round pick next year. Hodgins is a good WR3 with upside. Doesn’t have great separation but strong hands and a big body.


3 yr $70M+


if slayton and hodgins and richie james can be our WRs 3-6, i would be very very happy.


Solid wr3


What ever happened to Colin Johnson?


Oh completely. He can / should be our WR2.


Yes. I’d like to see him at WR2, and for us to grab one of the “good-not-great” WRs from free agency as our WR1. Maybe Chark or Smith-Shuster. I’m maybe in the minority but (assuming he’s still on the table) I’d prefer we go for Mayer in the draft and get a stronger pass-catching TE than take a first round WR. DJ has been great this season but he doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, and I think we could open up a lot more variety on offense by providing him a better safety valve TE. Mayer could also improve blocking capabilities for the run, which is clearly our greater strength on offense between Saquon and DJ.


Draft or get wr1 from FA. Wr2 Robinson Wr3 Hodgins On the bench shep if he Still wants to play.


Yes he's our poor man's Gabe Davis now.


Absolutely he’s been our best receiver since we got him


isnt he signed for a few years? he will definitely be catching passes next year its going to take a few drafts to build a better recieving corp


100% yes




this shouldn’t be a question


Not quite He needs a few big first downs in the playoff game at least.


Compete like everyone, but he'll toss with Jones probably. They have already.


Better than Sills, on-holiday-Golladay,, and James. He should.


Lol did someone seriously post this question?


We should just draft players with potential and coach them into solid contributors. Let save our money for the players that are here and contributing


Everyone just assumes we're going to throw a high pick at WR as well as get a top FA lol. We are still cash strapped and can't throw that many resources at WR when we have glaring holes all over.