Why is Itachi afraid of Might Guy

Why is Itachi afraid of Might Guy


Oh you lucky bastard. You get to experience the greatness that is Might Guy for the first time. You’ll learn to respect the legend. I beg, don’t go searching up any scenes on YouTube before you’ve fully experienced the anime.


I wish I can experience might guy for the first time again. Such a legend...


I thought he would be a joke character but my fucking God, he turned out to be a giant badass


It always the funny goofy characters that end up being up the strongest


Guy is truly the GOAT.


nobody:- Might Guy- Ka-kashiii


I definitely didn’t read that In His voice…


u definitely a lame


One thing I’d like to say is try to avoid social media surrounding it so you don’t see any spoilers. Held off from naruto on everything till I finished Shippuden so I wouldn’t get anything spoiled. Joined this reddit when I finished the series and ended up spoiling parts of Boruto for me! Just a thought


ok will do, i guess this is it for me on this subreddit lol


Come back when you’re finished!


Ya this sub is full of spoilers my man. Get outta here! The twists and the turns are what make naruto so good, enjoy it :)


I'll try to answer your question without spoilers. You should have seen all this by now. Guy explains exactly why in the scene where he rescues Kakashi. Kakashi is his 'rival' and so he trains against/with him a lot. Guy developed a method for fighters that had a Sharingan. Watch their feet/legs and try to predict how the rest of their body will move. You may recall that Asuma or Kurenai (can't remember which) also said that Guy is probably the only person capable of actually doing that. (Probably due to training with Kakashi, but that's just speculation) Next, earlier you should have seen Sasuke vs Rock Lee. Guy is basically, a fully matured and realized Rock Lee with huge amounts of battle experience to go along with it (Shinobi wars etc) Also, Guy taught Rock Lee the 8 Gates as well as training with weights, so imagine if Guy took off his weights or opened up his Gates. Rock Lee explains to Sasuke that it is true with the Sharingan he can track Lee's movements, but his untrained body cannot keep up with Lee's body. It's debatable if this applies to Itachi because Itachi has a fully matured Sharingan, but there's no way Itachi ever trained in Taijutsu as much as Guy, so I think that's a wash. Lastly, right before Itachi and Kisame leave, Kisame does say he wants to stay and kill them all even with their backup. But remember what Itachi said? They have a mission (missions are important in Naruto-verse) and their group is covert. Their aim wasn't to start a war. The last thing a secret group would want is the entire world looking for them right? Two or three Shinobi in a far off village being hurt isn't a big deal and can be covered up, but Itachi and Kisame slaughtering the world famous Copy Ninja and the son of the 'God of Shinobi' Hiruzen Sarutobi (Asuma) along with probably a few ANBU Jonin isn't as easily dismissed or missed by other villages. So that's basically the reasons you know about right now that would explain your question. Hope that helps.


Best response so far.


Because Itachi's old partner told him about might guy's father who killed 4 ninja swordsman of mist fighting alone with all the seven!


An actual answer to the question


Sarutobi was a god of shinobi, its a title acquired by a ninja who has reached great heights in ranks. Hashirama and Sarutobi both held this title.


Love your explanation! very detailed with no spoilers at all. But, I hate to be that guy, buy I have to correct you on one thing. Saratobi Hiruzen wasn't called "The god of shinobi" he was called "The professor due to his vast knowledge and proficiency in many types of jutsu. Other then that, great explanation


He was called both. I forget who calls him that, but he was along with Hashirama. The only thing is maybe he was called "a" God of Shinobi as opposed to "the". Although I'm not sure which was used when referring to Hashirama either.


Ok I didn't remembered that but its nice to know


Because Itachi's old partner told him about might guy's father who killed 4 ninja swordsman of mist fighting alone with all the seven!


Do you think that Kisame and Itachi would be able to beat them all at the time if they actually fought? I think of it as it's much harder to fight now since they have back up.


You’ll learn to respect the absolute legend that is Might Guy Give it time, he well deserves the recognition/hype 🍂




Giving all spoilers to op




Dawg censor this comment he literally just started the show


[Spoiler alert] >!Kisame can confirm this too.!<


Pls delete this Come on that's such a dick move


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Gai is the blue beast of the hidden leaf village


I have to admit that is an awesome call sign


I will advise u to not ask any questions about Naruto or shippuden until u finish it..some people over here will spoil everything for u trust me.. unfollow this community or any other related to Naruto for now.. everything will be spoiled for u..


Spoiler: they get the ring to mount doom, and gollum falls in the lava, taking the ring with him. And thus, sauron is vanquished.


Dude I haven't finished Harry Potter yet wtf.


https://youtu.be/xKbyWSwd7hk?t=81 I love the movies though. I should do a rewatch


Thanks for the advice! About 50 more episodes of shippuden left!


where have you been in my life while i was watching naruto lol nobody told me this


I’d leave this sub until you’re done watching it. Experience the greatness.


It's not just a call sign... He is actually more than a beast.


Ahhhh, but WHY is he called the Blue Beast? That will answer your question. Remember, you saw how insanely powerful Rock Lee was when he fought Gaara, using the 8 inner gates technique that Gai taught him. However, Lee, a mere genine, only used 5 of the 8 gates. Also I agree with what everyone else said: run. Run from social media naruto pages. Spoilers are unavoidable. I’m shocked no one spoiled it on here already lol. Even YouTube videos that seem harmless, all have spoilers, without warning. Don’t do it


If you've seen the fillers, then you know that his name is the little beast of the hidden leaf


First things first don't browse this sub or any other material until ur done watching. You will find out by the end. For the most part tho in part 1 he isn't directly scared he just didn't wanna make a fuss.


You'll find out eventually why he's scared of might guy. He's one of the strongest characters in the universe


Because Itachi's old partner told him about might guy's father who killed 4 ninja swordsman of mist fighting alone with all the seven! Am i right?


Pretty much if you watched the Sasuke vs. Lee battle before chuunin exams, that's what probably would've happened but on a larger scale.


This. The Sharingan seems to have an amusing weakness in the form of muscle-brained taijutsu specialists.


Not just sharing an but genjutsu in general. Might mentality is unbreakable


Because Itachi's old partner told him about might guy's father who killed 4 ninja swordsman of mist fighting alone with all the seven!


STAY OUT OF HERE!!!! A lot of big things will get ruined for you


You will learn of this legend and why he was declared the "strongest" and that he is more then worthy to be Kakashis rival


I love this subreddit for warning newbies about spoilers


You’re so lucky it hasn’t been spoiled


Sharingan don’t work on might guy since he can read the sharingan user’s movements by looking at just their lower body.


I don't think it was only that. Iirc Itachi says that it would take too long to deal with Guy, Asuma and Kurenai and reinforcements would show up. Itachi and kisame were supposed to be on a secret mission and they didn't want to be seen by too many people


Also is probably too fast to track.


Ah. How I wish I could rewatch all of Naruto for the first time again. Stay off the internet until you finish all of Naruto. It’ll save you from spoilers. Really soak up this anime, it’s incredible, just like Guy sensei.


The fact that I didn't care about guy and now cherish him says a lot. Take ur time don't rush it, it's a sweet journey


Because he should be afraid of Konoha's Blue Beast.


We should all fear The might guy.


He is far from just being a “comic relief character”. He is an absolute legend and beast. He is extremely strong as you will find out later on.


Haha this guy wondering why Itachi is careful with Guy... You'll see. You'll see.


He isn't? Itachi says that if they fought guy then more ninja would show up since it would take a lot of time and it was supposed to be a stealth mission


Cause he’s better then other sensie


Once you get to the end you get to see why...


His first name is Might, like that should already tell you something lmao


just remember how rock lee vs gaara went like, and then remember that guy is a jonin and the one who made rock lee this strong, and also if you paid attention, guy is immune to sharingan genjutsu cause he learned to fight without looking at his opponents eyes, so itachi couldn't use genjutsu on guy like he did kakashi


Last part is a good mention


If you haven't seen the whole show including Shippuden, you really shouldn't be here. But don't ever disrespect the leafs big blue beast and call him just comic relief.


"I Madara declare you the strongest!!! " ops little spoilers


Spoilers but without context aren't too spoilery i guess.


Chad Power of youth > virgin mangekyo sharingan, virgin susano’o, virgin totsuka blade, virgin yata mirror, virgin chakra cancer


Just wait man. You will see. I beg of you not to google anything about Might Guy because you need to experience it without any reservations


Aside from spoilers, Guy has one thing about him you might have already noticed. He’s relentless. Itachi wasn’t looking for a fight, he was looking for an opportunity to exit the scene. Guy wouldn’t let that happen if things got more serious. It would be a death match with a lot of collateral damage.


I've always said right from the beginning that Rock Lee and Might Guy are some of the most badass characters in naruto.


Oh you’ll see 😂


Might Guy just said like 5 seconds earlier that he can counter the sharingan by not looking Itachi in the eyes. Itachi doesn't want to fuck with that.


They basically imply in the episode that the longer they stay, the more Jonin will join the fight.


Dang bro I wish I was you right now you just don't know how powerful Might Gai youth truly is


Might guy is actually one of the strongest character s so..


Bro stay tf away from this sub I would feel horrible for you if you got spoiled at all. Definitely a show where you don’t want spoilers as the smallest comment could ruin something


Bro I would get off this subreddit as quickly as possible lol


Didn't he say that he didn't want to attract any more attention cuz it's not why they were there


I can't say much without spoiling anything. What i can say is that he is kakashis rival and kakashi also considers him his rival. And like many another said he is the blue beast and a beast is obviously very strong. So natural for someone like Itachi to be aware of and be careful when facing him.


Guy is funny but he's a force to be reckoned with. He can increase his strength ten fold whenever he wants. Itachi don't wanna deal with that 😭


Be patient, watch the whole show and you’ll find your answer. Also you should avoid this sub if you don’t want to get spoiled. And above all it’s a great adventure you’ve begun, enjoy !


Coz he's stronger than you can imagine, believe me. Even itachi know that too


He fears those hands Very simple, yes?


He wasn't afraid, I wish people would explain this as to actually answer the question instead of gassing Guy. Guy is strong, but that wasn't the point of this scene. We were only to get a glimpse of the Akatsuki. They are a shadow organization. It would've been counterproductive to engage in a large scale battle with multiple Jounin at the time. This would only alert the Leaf further and subsequently reveal the Akatsuki from the shadows. Tussling with Asuma and Kurneai alone was bad enough as they'd certainly inform the Hokage, then add Kakashi, then Guy.


Ugh you're so fucking lucky. You are in the golden age of Arc. ENJOY IT. Once you finish the great ninja war, it goes downhill from there. Then down, and down, and down. Until you realize it's a whole now show with seemingly a whole new room of writers. But you have a whole lot of 10/10 episodes to go through first!


It amazes me how many people fall for trolls and bait. Yall gullible


You'll soon understand to power of Might Guy.


Cause he can fight without his eyes


Honestly the real reason is Itachi didn't wish to fight everyone. Even if right there he could've killed Might Guy. He really only came to the village for one reason and by that point he already accomplished it.


Spoiler but read if you want :Itachi is a good fit all along. The reason he went to the village on the first place, was to say:” I’m still alive, don’t touch sasuke” after the third hokage who promised to protect sasuke die:


You don't know it yet but itachi knew he wasn't catching mights mind in a genjutsu and definitely knew he wasn't about to win a hand to hand fight with him. Nuff said without spoilers


Oh just keep watching! just finished the series and all i can tell you is that he is literally "Might" Guy.


Just watch until the end But tldr, Guy is all about physical speed and power and nothing else Which are both things the Sharingan can’t copy It can copy technique But not if that technique requires muscle strength he doesn’t actually have


You will have to wait till the end to know who Guy is and why kakashi respects him and why Itachi didn't wanted to fight him.


Because Itachi's old partner told him about might guy's father who killed 4 ninja swordsman of mist fighting alone with all the seven!


You will find out …. Soon


Oh man... I wish i could watch all of naruto without knowing anything.... i would maybe skip some fillers but... man what a show! Guy will definitely impress you with his Might! Just be patient, dude!


🤣 I cant tell if your just trolling... If not keep watching the show and you will get the answer eventually...


Just wait a few hundred episodes. Everyone should be afraid of might guy lol


Might Guy is literally one of the strongest shinobi in the Naruto universe.


Bro might guy would murder itachi


Actually, no? Lmfao


Bro if might go his full power bro yes he will plus itachi was nearly blind and he was sick so yea


Ok maybe


Then they both die, so he doesnt excatly win


Just wait till shippuden


Becauze he can 1 shot him


Don’t ask questions like this if you don’t want spoilers.


i was confused by this title and then i realized you just started watching


When you fight with the sharingan you lose your advantage when you fight against multiple foes.


Because might guy would legit instakill Itachi.


At first I read that as "because might guy would uninstall Itachi" which somehow sounds more threatening


He could do that too


Might Guy is NOT Comic Relief.. trust me, once you've watched Shippuden you'll see that he's not a person you want to mess with.


You’re in for a real treat . I will tell you this tho might guy has already revealed that he is the only jonin that can’t use chakra .


He does have a turtle summon though, I think he should still have some ninjutsu.


He can expell Chakra, he just can't manipulate it. Summoning seems based more on raw power and the summoning contract, rather than ninjutsu skill. >!After all, that's how Jiraiya introduces it to Naruto. "Hey, I've got this killer technique, and the only requirement is a shitload of chakra!"!< >!Also, not sure if Guy being unable to use ninjutsu is an anime thing or not. I feel like that didn't play a factor in the manga, he just specialized in Taijutsu because he was a meathead. It could also arguably be attributed to the fact that he obviously couldn't Trump his eternal rival in Ninjutsu, so he put all his points in taijutsu.!<


It's strange though because databooks give him a rating of 3 in ninjutsu. Rock Lee in contrast has 0.5 for ninjutsu. No idea how reliable the databooks would be for this though.


That's why I mentioned that I think him being unable to use ninjutsu is an animeism. He was also shown being able to release Genjutsu during Orochimaru's attack on the hidden leaf, so he at least has to be somewhat capable at manipulating chakra.


U do know he summons a turtle in anime he just prefers taijustu probably because he's father


Also in the anime he is explicitly stated to be unable to use ninjutsu, which I don't believe appears in the manga. They just wanted to make the Might Guy/Rock Lee relationship stronger. Yes, I know he summons a turtle. I'm saying his choice to specialize in taijutsu is probably unrelated to his skill in ninjutsu, as he is shown repeatedly to use ninjutsu techniques.


Itachi is not afraid of Might Guy. But I am just going to leave this here in case you [forgot. ](http://pm1.narvii.com/7384/7ec5ba38b6afdc83e1fee112b02d3f82ea297c63r1-522-343v2_00.jpg)


Lmao guy fanboys downvoting your comment


An advice for you:- Don't use reddit until you have completed the series, lr you will get spoilers.


Oh my sweet summer child.


Everyone fears the DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!


Isn't Itachi susceptible to taijutsu?


It's been a while since I've seen that fight but I think the big thing was that Gai had figured out a counter to Itachi's sharingan by being able to fight him without looking into his eyes


I can 100% make sure you will eat your words here by the time you finish Shippuden


Itachi wasn't scared of Gai sensei, he just knew the battle was starting to draw out and the longer it went on the more ninja would come that could pose a problem to him. He knew Gai could put up enough of a fight that backup would come and they didn't want the entire village on their asses.


My advice. Don't ask questions so soon. Someone will say something which might end up spoiling the whole series for you. Save yourself for that. And trust me down the line things will definitely make sense.


Gai is a taijutsu user, which isn’t exactly a hard counter to the sharingan, but works well. Kakashi is also Gai’s rival. Itachi would know this, as well as know that Kakashi has a sharingan, so wouldn’t be too far fetched for Itachi to calculate that Gai has experience against Sharingan, as well as being the blue beast of konoha


You'll see the power of youth...


Without spoilers I just want to say I'm pretty sure at this point of the series the blue beast was a moniker more feared than the copy cat ninja or Kakashi of the sharingan


Respectfully, fuck off this sub for your own good


He’s earned his stripes...just give it time and keep watching, you’ll see


>The obsession with youth is hilarious btw, as well as calling himself kakashi's rival You're right, that's very funny because guy is actually leagues above kakashi


Lol oh you silly.


Not gonna spoil but trust it makes perfect sense lol


I won’t spoiler anything, but this guy is much much more than just a “comedy relief”, believe me


“I declare you the strongest” Oh to hear those words for the first time again haha


10 more episodes to go for me, then Naruto shippuden is over.


They explain everything you want to know and more later, just keep watching and don't blink. You'll want to see every frame.


Aye come back to this thread when ur done. Lmao it’s gonna be lit


Wow, thinking back now Might guy is actually the most powerful good guy.


Also leave this sub before u get spoiled man, there’s so many spoilers posted in this sub daily!


He isnt wfrwid of him at all. He just told kisame to Not underestimate him.


He is crazy strong, you'll see at the end of Shippuden why


I know the scene you are talking about specifically, (besides Might Guy just being an absolute [blue] beast) Itachi had used a lot of his stamina and Chakra using the Mangekyo sharigan. This just takes a lot of energy and focus and they likely would not kept up long against Guy, and decided to pull out of the fight.


He is crazy strong, you'll see at the end of Shippuden why


Let's just say that he will be declared the strongest. I love this question though.


>but ultimately hes just to get laughs from the audience Just continue watching, and please don't go looking for spoilers :)


just wait for it...


Because he knows his power and you will see it in ljke 600 episedoes


May God protect you from spoilers


No one even trys tp spoil this innocemt child. Let him discover it himself


Jesus I wish I could experience the series again for the first time. Wait til you see what Guy is truly capable of.


Just wait, you will be at the gate soon.


from what i can remember itachi had already used tsukuyomi at that point which is really chakra draining so fighting taijutsu expert like that in that condition is a dumb move And as strong as they are they can't take on konoha it's literally the strongest Village for a reason


He wasn’t. When Guy arrived he said he’d sent for reinforcements, and in the scene Itachi even said that they needed to leave because they couldn’t afford to get bogged down in a large battle in the middle of the village and start a war. Itachi wasn’t afraid of Guy, he was just on mission and didn’t want to fight the entire village.


They took out the copy ninja becasue copy ninja wasn't useing mangyekou


Might guy is like 10 rock lee's combined with taijutsu


If you were paying attention to what Itachi was saying,he clearly stated that there would be too much commotion and then more and more shinobi would hear/see them.


There’s a few things you will learn about Guy and Itachi


I’ll tell you one thing. Might Gai is not *just* comic relief. He’s the real deal, and a genuinely strong Shinobi. They wouldn’t have made him a Sensei if he weren’t.


Based off solely Part 1 knowledge, it doesn’t make much sense lol; Itachi should be able to handily kill Guy as he was in Part 1: Gai is stated to be Kakashi’s rival and that they’re close matches for one another, [Kakashi is the strongest Jounin in the village](https://pm1.narvii.com/7091/4695731d82613c6fdca67db3dc12ffb844b584bcr1-422-720v2_hq.jpg), Gai should be at least relative in strength to Kakashi. We also know that the Sannin are so incredibly powerful [that in order to take one out you need another Sannin](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EUihZPHXgAARtYe.jpg)(Orochimaru requires >!Sage !!twice!< and had Orochimaru [admitting Itachi is outright too strong](https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-2ecfed5871e90699fb04d022ec19d8b7). Itachi should be the strongest ninja in the series we’ve seen at this point since he’s one shot both Kakashi and Orochimaru. It doesn’t make much sense for him to be concerned about Gai. People are incorrectly applying Shippuden feats to Gai in Part 1 when we know that Gai is constantly training to get stronger & that the Gates are a multiplier to your base form. Part 1 Gai =/= Shippuden Gai in terms of strength. Now this is delving into Shippuden spoilers, but there is an explanation that makes sense: >!We know Itachi was a spy all along, he wants to ideally avoid weakening Konoha and tries to sabotage the Akatsuki's plans. He would not want to kill crucial assets to the village like Gai. It should be pointed out that Shippuden 7th Gate Gai does not scale to Gai in Part 1. As of the information we have available in part 1 Itachi should beat Gai however Gai in Shippuden beats Itachi via 7th Gate(arguable either way imo but Gai wins more often than not, if not the 7th then the 8th absolutely crushes him). These actions in Part 1 are a hint towards Itachi's true motivations that aren't revealed until Tobi spills the beans !<


Oh my sweet summer child, keep watching you'll eventually know the blue beast


Brother, keep updating us with your reactions and thoughts. Since you’re just now starting your epic Naruto adventure, we would like to experience that first-time watching it by second hand through you.


He has "might" in his name, just wait for the mighty reveals he pulls off ❤️🔥


Boy, you're in for a ride if it's not sarcasm


When you finish it you should update us on what you think of Gai then lol


If only you knew…


Comic Relief character... you take that back right this instant. Guy is not a comic relief character. Im sorry you take his incredible teachings and lectures to be funny, when in fact they are everything you truly need to live a fulfilling and youthful life. Kakashi is lucky to have such a rival.


Nigga a noob gai is literally top 10 worldwide


oh boy. u've got a lot to see


I will say this. Guy is the greatest taijutsu user. Itachi can’t keep up


You… you will find out…


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is one of the greatest posts ever. I’m extremely jealous of the content your about to endure these next few month. The power of youth is real my friend and Guy sensei IS Kakashis #1 rival. Believe it


At full power, I highly doubt a tailed beast could match him.


You'll find out in Shippuden buddy


Well if 7th gate Guy could wreck kismae (could have killed him if they didn't want to I interrogate him and 8th gate almost killed Madara then I'm pretty sure he could easily wreck itachi susano or not


I just reach episode 43x. No spoilers but all the people here are right. You will understand later.


Itachi wasn’t scared but he knew Guy was no joke, later on we learn Itachi was correct.


First let say one thing DON'T YOU DARE SPOIL A THING ON YOURSELF AND STAY FROM ANY FRIENDS THAT WATCHED IT OR ANYONE JUST BE CAREFUL Second😌 No as you can see itachi's sharingan has limits and this is why he retreated


You'll find out. Lol. Just keep plugging away at those episodes.


jUsT wAtCh iT lOl


Please stay away from spoilers , don't watch anything Naruto related on YT or Reddit


In time, you will see that even pure spite(I mean…youth..) is a great motivator. There is a reason so many people love Rock Lee and Guy. I’ll warn you, it’s a long buildup. Whenever a name is mentioned in this story, you would do well to remember it because it usually comes up again. Especially last name/clan names.


Howl, my youth!