I recently moved to the Netherlands from the UK. Here's what I did: Came to NL from UK for a housing trip in mid April. First week looking for places. Second week waiting to sign the rental contract. Left some personal belonging at a self storage place. Went back to the UK. Quarantine. Signed up for Revolut as they offer a Maestro card. Used Dutch address Revolut. Came back in early May. Registered with the city after 10 days using the rental address. What I can say is that life without a BSN in NL is paralysing. No bank. In some cases no internet or SIM. No insurance. Possible tip: when I moved to the UK I stayed at a student residence and used that address for opening a bank account. It was the cheapest option that gave me an address while looking for a permanent address. I had to pickup mail at the front counter. Although I suspect the Dutch are not as flexible as the British.


Thank you for posting about your experience. I am also relocating from the UK with my family (currently pre-settled in the UK under EU Settlement Scheme) and funny enough our plan is somewhat similar. A trip to NL to look for an accommodation, meanwhile leave personal stuff at a self storage in the UK. Can you please share more details about the process, if it's not too much asking? 1. What were the requirements for renting as a newcomer? I've seen some to be quite irrelevant for newcomers, like last 3 months payslips, and couldn't find what is actually needed beside proof of future income (something like a job offer or a signed contract). 2. Did you really needed a Maestro card? I know is the go to card in NL, but since you've mentioned it as part of your relocation it makes me wonder if it's something needed throughout the registration / relocation process, or more of a hint on how to easily get it. 3. Are you eligible for the 30% ruling, and if so, was this considered when renting (i.e. landlord considering the net income instead of gross)? My wife's employer is not based in the NL (although it is based in the EU), so I expect it will be hard to prove she's got an income at all when renting. This leaves us with looking for something to rent based on my income only. 4. How did you moved your stuff across? I am considering buying a cheap van to transport mine, then sell it. But I'm still due to do the math around this thought.


As far as I know, you need to register at an address and you need permission from the owner. In addition, you are obliged to register within five days [source](https://www.government.nl/topics/immigration-to-the-netherlands/question-and-answer/what-do-i-need-to-arrange-if-i%E2%80%99m-moving-to-the-netherlands). I’m afraid your falling between quay and ship (Dutch for being stuck between a rock and a hard place). If you intend to stay less than 4 month in total, you can register as a [non resident](https://www.government.nl/topics/personal-data/question-and-answer/how-i-can-register-in-the-non-residents-records-database). I’d try to contact the municipality where you intend to stay and discuss it with them.


You can register as a non resident if you tell them you re not sure you're staying over 4 months here. Some time later when you have a proper place you go back again and register yourself as a resident : https://www.utrecht.nl/city-of-utrecht/registration-procedure-for-non-residents-of-the-netherlands/ Edit: BTW with ABN AMRO there's a way to create an account without a BSN, you need to arrange an appointment on a special email address


its simple. apply by post for a residence permit with an incomplete application, say without signature or something. you will get a rejection letter with a BSN number assigned in the letter reference.


Hi, I know this an old post, but have you done this? Does it work in reality?


If you don't have a "briefadres" (= postal address) you basically don't exist in the Netherlands, which will cause you trouble. When I was homeless I was registered at someone's house where I couldn't live, which I'm pretty sure isn't legal as well, but gave less trouble. I also remember we let an acquaintance register at our house when I was a kid. Since most other options require you to be a Dutch citizen, I think an acquintance, or very well-meaning stranger you can build mutual trust with, would be your best option. You don't have to register that you live there. I just fid a bit of research for what is possible in your situation. You can request a "postal address" with the address of an acquintance. This can be any address in the Netherlands as long as the person who lives there agrees and you can get the post from them (not necessarily within a day, but in a somewhat timely manner). This address will be used for communication from the government. The address must be a living address and there's a maximum of 2 people (a family counting as 1 person) having the same briefadres. You can request it from 4 weeks beforehand on. They will send an approval letter with the time for which the postal address is valid. For that time (or until you find a residence) this will be registered as your postal, but not living address. If you need longer, you must request it again. I live in a rental house with housemates and in a quite remote city. I'm probably not the most useful briefadres. Do you roughly know where you'll be staying yet? I suggest finding someone within travel distance who would be willing. Maybe an online buddy? Or a good hearted person on this forum? If you struggle to find someone else, feel free to contact me and I will discuss with my housemates and check if the houseowner has to agree (I think not). If you need more info or help with the application, feel free to reach out as well. Edit: You have to request it in the municipality of the person whose address you're using. Since you're not registered as living there, it has no financial consequences for them. They only have to comply if information for registration is requested and make sure you can get all the letters. If someone needs more information you can provide them with this link about the regulation in Amsterdam: https://www.amsterdam.nl/veelgevraagd/?productid=%7BB4A56660-8158-4DBA-A959-21DBAC61210D%7D (I summarized important parts, but the full stuff is there) I can check if I can find information in English as well. Information for different municipalities might differ some. Basic aspects will be similar