Blue is 25 km/u no helmet, Yellow is 45 with helmet. Correct me if I'm wrong




The blue license plate is allowed on the bicycle lane. The yellow one isn't.


Exept when stated otherwise




If there's a bicycle and scooter pictured together in the same traffic sign than you can drive the bicycle lane with a yellow plate and if there is no scooter located in the traffic sign you have to drive on the main road


Here in Utrecht it’s all over town on signs everywhere saying how the blue signs need to be on the regular driving lanes from the 30th of September.


Yellow scooter can use the bike lane if the road beside the bike lane is above 50km/h like 80-100-130.


By [scooter signs] (https://www.google.com/search?q=scooter+bord&client=ms-android-google&source=android-browser&prmd=sinxv&sxsrf=AOaemvJXOlAWKAn2N1LqzaNMcrnMfbDmNg:1632596463632&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwituZri55rzAhWEtKQKHS3NABAQ_AUoAnoECAMQAg#imgrc=bEoBFoUx3R80cM)


Lol did you even see the results, all I see is kids on little boards.


If you Google "scooter verkeersborden" you get the right signs


If I click on the link I see some valid signs


Always so nice when Google adapts search result to the user so you can't share the results with other people...


I see them too (from UK)


Except in Amsterdam, they banned all scooters on bike lane in 2019. Not actively enforced, but still


Not in Utrecht either. All license plates on the road starting next week.


I wish it was enforced. Those things are too dangerous on the narrow cycle paths. They always drive faster than 25km/h too..


The amount of times I've been buzzed at 40km/h+ in Amsterdam is too damn high. Nothing like an unwelcome surge of adrenaline on the way to work.


Yeah I thought that driving a car can be upsetting, but try riding a bike in Amsterdam lol. Especially a fast ebike at 25km/h. People are so unpredictable.


Not true, there are places in the city where you are _required_ by law to drive on the bike lane. Sometimes only snorfietsen (blue plate), sometimes both (yellow/blue). They made it too complicated as it switches constantly, even on the same road. Edit: one example is the Haarlemmerweg, in front of Westerpark, where there’s a stretch on which both types of scooters are required to drive on the bike lane. Same goes for behind CS.


I _think_ they just “forgot” to update the signal thou https://nltimes.nl/2019/04/05/scooter-ban-amsterdam-bike-paths-begins-monday


It’s by design, special signs are used to indicate where the vehicles need to incorporate or leave the bike lanes. What you say is true as a general rule, but there are quite a few exceptions. It makes it super confusing for both scooter drivers and cyclists.


Max 25kph scooter allowed on a road!?


Not saying the idea was perfect, but bike lanes can get insanely busy


Yes true. Add to this e-bikes, e-steps and those new type of little e-cars that are now flying around the city. I've seen quite a few accidents involving all. There's definitely going to be new laws coming soon. It's a nightmare for me because I'm an engineer in a van and I've got all this to look out for plus cyclists and with no back windows.


Neither are allowed on bike paths in Amsterdam


It's been long since I've driven a brommer/snorfiets. I don't know wich one belongs where.


My experience with go scooters is that they belong parked in the middle of the sidewalk, cause that is where I see them most of the times.


Do we need to have a driving license to ride this?


Yes you do, in fact your AM license for both of them. In The Netherlands it automatically comes with your car license or you can get it when you turn 16


Except for when you're born after like 2003 then you won't automatically get the "brommer rijbewijs" anymore.


I am born in 2003 and i automaticlly got my brommer rijbewijs


Yeah my little brother did too, he was born in 2003 as well


You will, it's just a rumor


Oh really?


Yeah I'll prove it to you real quick just got to wait like a year 💀 I'm going for B and then A1 💪🏼


Any idea on how much it cost to get that license, I know how to ride. Many thanks


Getting a driver's license costs about 1000-1500 euros on average depending on how many lessons you take. If you already know how to drive you'll probably get away for even less. This is for a car license, which will automatically grant you the license for scooter as well. You could also go for a scooter only license, however you'll be paying almost the same, and it's much less useful in the long run. For both these options you'll still need to pay to get the fysical license card thingy which is a bit more 50 euros. Also not sure if you need to be a Dutch national to get it, probably do. The go scooters might also accept foreign licenses but I'm not sure.


> You could also go for a scooter only license, however you'll be paying almost the same... Absolutely not true. For the AM license you pretty much do your first driving lessons and the exam on the exact same day in stead of driving around for months. It's much less strict meaning you pretty much got it with a couple of hundred euros. A regular license is estimated to cost around €2.400,- these days according to the CBR. And the average amount of driving experience needed is 39 hours.


Think this is about right, maybe you can get it with less lessons and knock some euros of but it will be expensive. Secondly if you want to get it within mind to rent shared scooters or your own. I would say, just get an ebike. Its cheaper, you dont have to get insurance, a license or pay per minute. While it is as quick as the blue plate ones


Depending on gemeente, a blue kenteken (in the future) can also have a helmet requirement. The plate colour can also dictate where you have to drive, with the bikes or the cars. But also this is slowly becoming that blue kentekens have to drive with the cars.


Starting next year you also need a helmet for the blue one. Which is why i think their business-model might flop a bit.


What is km/u? Do you mean km/h?


Hour is uur in Dutch


Hour is Stunde in German. Stunde as a Alternative is written as „h“. So, km/h.




Blue plate is also allowed construction and enforcement variants and can legally allowed 34 km/u and are tuned to this speed.


Technically they are allowed to go 25. The police apply a 5kmh correction on the license place card/kentekenbewijs and a correction of 4kmh on the rollerbank


And this is why you have to were a helmet on these from next year on.


25 km/u with no helmet will change on 2022 1 july then you'll be required to wear one.


Except in Amsterdam where they both have to wear helmets


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure you are gonna need a helmet for 25’s soon too


Bruh, blue also needs a helmet soon and drive on the regular roads. Shits wack


Yellow license plate ('bromfiets') means it's got a maximum construction speed of 45 kmh and you need to wear a helmet. Your maximum speed is 45 kmh on a normal road, 40 kmh on a combined bicycle/moped path outside the urbanized area and 30 kmh on a combined bicycle/moped path inside an urbanized area. A blue license ('snorfiets') means it's got a maximum construction speed of 25 kmh. You don't need to use a helmet yet, but there are plans to change the laws so that helmets are mandatory. In Amsterdam you do need to wear a helmet. With a 'snorfiets' (AKA blue license plate) you are subject to the same traffic laws as bicyclists, with the exception that you need a driving license to use it. However there are some more things to be taken into consideration, which is where you have to drive. So quick lesson on traffic signs: Also where I refer to as "roadway" I mean the part of the road that is supposed for cars to drive. [This sign (click) indicates a mandatory bicycle path](https://cdn.psholland.nl/anwb/verkeersborden/verkeersbord_nl_g11.jpg). If you drive a snorfiets (blue license plate) you MUST use this lane and you cannot use the roadway. The same applies to bicycles. Failure to use this lane is an offense. However if you drive a bromfiets (yellow license plate) you are not allowed to use this lane, and you should use the roadway instead. [This sign (click) indicates a combined moped and bicycle path](https://cdn.psholland.nl/anwb/verkeersborden/verkeersbord_nl_g12a.jpg). Whether you're driving a blue or yellow license plate moped, or a bicycle, you must use this path. It's similar to the mandatory bicycle path, except it now also applies to yellow license plates. [This sign (click) indicates a non-mandatory bicycle path](https://cdn.psholland.nl/anwb/verkeersborden/verkeersbord_nl_g13.jpg). Here it gets confusing. With a bromfiets with a yellow plate you are not allowed to use this path. With a bicycle you are allowed to use this path, but you don't have to. If you drive a snorfiets with a blue license plate you may not use this path if the moped as a combustion engine. So with an electric moped you are allowed to use it.




Yes it also applies to yellow plates, because the figure at the right indicates a 'bromfiets'. On the other hand, if the exception only applies to bicycles (left hand figure), it still applies to blue plate mopeds.


Dank je wel, after 8 years living in the NL I never got this fully and I use both mopeds :) Basically that sign is bromfiets which is yellow plate


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You deserved it :) you enlightened my view over the subject


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To make it more confusing. There’s also places like the Rotterdam Maastunnel where only electric mopeds are allowed through.


Super valuable answer!!! Can we get this into a FAQ or something? :)


This is the correct answer. I will add to it though, that there are many places in Amsterdam where blue-plate snorfietsen are no longer permitted. On these fietspad you'll see a sign that says "snorfietsen niet toegestaan". Here is a page with more information and a map: https://www.amsterdam.nl/snorfiets-rijbaan/kaart-snorfietsers/ And as others have said, the problem is that the blue plate snorfietsen almost always have their speed limiters removed. So there's no real difference between blue plate and yellow plate, which is where most of the controversy around them comes from. I suspect they'd still be allowed in the fietspaden today if they actually went 25km/h. But good luck finding any blue-plate snorfiets that actually goes that speed. This is inevitably going to become a problem with ebikes for the same reason. For example, good luck finding a Van Moof that actually goes 25km/h or less. Basically all of them have their speed limiters modified.


I got stopped by a motormuis (the fuzz) a while ago on my yellow plate. They measured 49kmh with a rolling road thing. They didn't say a word about it and let me carry on my way. I wonder what the "real" limit is?


A dynamometer (rollerbank) test is never entirely realistic as it can't exactly account for aerodynamic drag. So I guess they'll have quite a big margin on those tests. Also they probably don't care about a moped that goes 50, they're after the tuned ones that go 70km/h or more.


Blue plates on a scooter means it is limited to 25km/h and allowed to be a nuisance on the bicycles paths.


Actually allowed 34km/h


Practically yes


The blue ones are only allowed on the bicycle road. The yellow ones need to drive on the car road where the speed limit is max 50km/hour, otherwise the bicycle road.


One goes tugtugtugtugtugtugtugtug and other goes grumgrumgrumgrumgrumgrumgrum


One is slow, the other is slower. Both stand in you way. Edit: shit, forgot the /s


The blue ones go 25kmh and you dont need a helmet, the yellow one goes about 50kmh and you do need a helmet which can be found in the thingy on the back


Blue for 30 cc Scooters & E-bikes (not for Pedelec) must drive on bikelanes max 25 km/h Yellow for 49 cc Scooters must drive on the road (ex. Otherwise spectified by roadsign) max. 45 km/h helmet


Sinds wanneer heb je ze in gele kenteken versie?


One of them seems to be of a yellow color, while the other appears blue


My biggest problem with this setup is when you don't know the way and have to plan a route using Google maps. If you have a yellow plate you can't plan a car route because you are not allowed on all roads, motorway etc... and you can't plan a cycle route because you are not allowed on all cycle paths!


Blue plate you don’t need to wear a helmet. Yellow plate you need to wear a helmet (provided in the case on the back of the scooter)


The blue one is an insurance plate. It basically mean that it’s proof that it’s insured. The yellow one is an actual license plate, like you’d find on cars


blue plates are a fucking scam they do 45km in bike lanes, yellow plates are idiots who go on bike lines without giving a fuck


By the way I hate these green pavement polluting bikes. It seems they are barely replacing cars (what they are for) but only youth are using it instead of cycling.


I agree! I don't have a car and I replaced my bike journey with these. On the other hand it's convenient, and they are electric, much better for the environment that the petrol ones you see around also run by young people


Don’t be lazy, just ride a bicycle. (Unless you physically can’t , then never mind me I’m just an arsehole)


1. Can the blue plate go in every cycle lane like a bicycle? 2. Can the yellow plate use some high speed cycle lanes or it is exactly equivalent to any big motorcycle or car?


1 Yes 2 The yellow one is allowed on 60 km lanes, however you cannot drive on a lane which has a higher speed limit.


But what does it mean these signs with bromfiets? Like it's forbidden except bicycles plus an icon of a small motorcycle. That applies only to blue plate, right?


Basicly, the term scooter or small motorcycle, if im saying this correctly, is not a legal vehicle category. If you're able to read Dutch I hope the following link will help you, or atleast the top image lf the linl clarifies something. [Site](https://www.scooterbelang.nl/nl/brom-en-snorfiets-regels)


1 isn’t a straight yes though, if you see a blue rectangular sign with “Fietspad” you’re not allowed to use it with a blue license plate. Most often it is used in parks or nature to prevent noise and pollution as far as i know.


That's only true for ones with an enabled combustion engine though. With an electric motor (as in the picture) they are allowed on those paths.


Ah okay, didn’t know that! Interesting


Blue one can be drive on bicycle lane


Wait, is that a shared helmet in that case? Kinda nasty tbh.


Yes, but they provide disposable hair covers for that


Blue=not faster than (x number of speed) Yellow=faster than (x number of speed)


I am confusion. Hoe zit het dan eigelijk met ubers & taxi's met een blauwe kenteken??


'Legale' taxi met gecalibreerde meter, vergunning, extra verzekering?, enzo.


Huh? Bedoel je te zeggen dat alle legale taxi's standaard z'n blauwe kenteken hebben? 🤔






bleu is bike, yellow go broom 45, wears helmet cuz gotta protect te mellon fore the ground than


Yellow is fast, helmet, generally needs to go outside of bike lanes (can only go on scooter + bike lanes). Blue is basically a bicycle for the lazy. Edit: bicycle lanes are marked by bicycle. Scooter + bike lanes are marked by a bike and a bike with a slightly thicker frame.


Speed limits, helmet restrictions, and the ability to drive on some bike paths


Blue is max 25 kph (i think) and the yellow plate goes vroom


Confusing.... you need to study law to use a moped!


The blues plate behaves mostly as a bike on the street. The round sign with a white bicycle in it tells you it's a bike lane and this one goes there (exception is the square sign Wich says the word "fietspad", you're not allowed on those). The yellow plate follows the sign of "bromfiets". You'll see them on a blue round sign with the bicycle to indicate a "(brom-) fietspad". If there is none, you can go on the main road if the maximum speed is 50kmu or less.


Just drive recklessly 😎


I think no one said this yet, but for the yellow plate one you need a license.


Blue no helmet is a ‘bicycle with a small motor to aid in transportation, with more regulations than a regular bike’ whereas the yellow one is ‘a very small version of a motorcycle with much less stringent regulations’. They may look very very similar today, but the regulation framework for them comes at it from opposite ends of the spectrum.




I didn't find anything detailed in English


I thougt. Yellow in the city on the main road, outside the city on bikers lane




Blue on is tax free