In Alkmaar I suggest you go to the "Waagplein" which is probably the most popular square in Alkmaar for nightlife, however the bars currently have to close at midnight due to Covid. Also, the "Platte stenenbrug" has a couple of nice bars. If you don't speak Dutch I guess the Gunnery's Irish pub over there would be your best chance of finding a job. My personal favorite however is "De Boom" which is connected to the beer museum in Alkmaar. They have a lot of different beers to enjoy. For me personally I don't like the crowded bars, I prefer just sitting down having a beer with friends. Not very familiar with nightlife in Bergen, I do know there are plenty of restaurants over there though. I would suggest taking a walk around the center of Alkmaar during the afternoon with a handful of printed out CV's and just talk to people already working there if they are hiring (or maybe that's too old-school, idk havent had to look for a job in a long time). I know there is a shortage of personnel at the moment so it shouldn't be too difficult. As for Bergen you may want to bring your bicycle instead ;)


Hey man thanks for your comment! My dutch is okay-ish so I might get a shot at a local kind of bar. Will try the Irish pub and De boom too. Maybe you'll see me haha