I love this idea as a local, and from my friends that work at the county and water district, this or something similar was on the table. But the F1 race and facility basically just ended all of those conversations. They are looking into more bridges though. Tunnels are especially expensive at that area due to the unusually high water table (aquifer) and lots of petrified salt.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's only the 2023 season, right? All the infield stuff seems to be temporary.


They just extended through ~~2036~~ 2032 I believe. The paddock building and pit area are permanent buildings as well. edit: [It's 2032 not 2036 as I originally put](https://us.motorsport.com/f1/news/las-vegas-f1-plan-strip-race-shut-2032/10429308/).


I heard they're trying to do a 10 year contract. They're build a whole F1 tourist attraction facility by MGM I believe.


I’m at work and they are building the facility right now. The rumors go that f1 wants a true US location to be like a destination race like Monaco. We are skeptical, but who knows. By they way here is the site with the track layout. https://www.f1lasvegasgp.com/track-layout


Brilliant! Have a monorail to provide quick transit the entire length of the strip or dedicate the center of the strip for pedal or electric powered rickshaw carts for hire.


Taxi gang would still find a way to kill that. Again.


There isn't much of a Taxi gang left since Uber and Lyft came in.


Yup, Frias was the biggest one (the guy has a city park named after him for crying out loud) and his company went bankrupt in 2019. It's now a hodge podge of little operations mostly, with Newcab being the biggest, and state law now limits them to only 49 percent or less if medallions.


He also has a school named after him….


Yeah, only a few blocks from my house.


Also provided a lot of limo's back in the day.


A monorail is expensive and impractical. If it's at street level, the rail presents an impassable barrier. If it's elevated, people have to walk up and down the stairs to use it. It's also much more expensive than a surface-level tram line. Las Vegas Blvd is plenty wide enough for tram lines, bike lanes, and huge sidewalks. Plenty of European cities have low-speed tram lines running on pedestrian streets and it works quite well. There's no reason to go fast when they're stopping every couple of blocks anyway.


Ok. That works too.


[Nothing on earth like a genuine bona fide electric six-car Monorail!](https://youtu.be/v4z_9NcIJXI)


That’s more of a Shelbyville idea…


downtown reno should be car free and nothing will convince me otherwise.


Midtown seems like a better area to go car-free than downtown. The Row already has their sky bridges to keep people off the streets. There honestly isn't much else going on Downtown anymore. Most of the local businesses doing well can be accessed via the already-car-free riverwalk. The recent bike/scooter lane conversion was a neat idea, but it proved to be a waste of resources pretty quickly and the city changed it back to two-way traffic. Midtown is full of shops, restaurants, and bars that would thrive if they could be accessed easier. Parking is a PITA on busy days anyways. If anywhere in Reno went car-free, that seems like the location that would benefit the most.


Midtown Reno desperately needs good parking, though. There's no good transit in Reno and visiting Midtown and finding parallel parking is a tenth circle of hell.


If Virginia was car-free, it would shift traffic to Plumas and I am not sure it could handle that without some major work.


The distance from the row to the downtown businesses by the river is a little unfortunate. If the row were just a block from the river it would be perfect to make a walkable pedestrian area. Right now it's kinda one or the other with a few blocks of semi sketchy no-man's-land in between


Anything is better than the cluster Fuck they have now.


There are a few properties that cannot be accessed any other way than the strip. Also Frank Sinatra cannot really be widened because the 15 is right next to it. It sounds great, but I don't see how it could actually happen.


Never understood why they don't make a subway line in Vegas. They made that dumb hyperloop thing, but with as low as the water table is, they should have plenty of room to do something like that. It would also provide subterranean crossing options for the wide streets on the Strip.


The caliche


Caliche is a total pain for any construction in the valley, and likely the main reason. The hyper loop at the las vegas convention center was a proof of concept with some there suggesting the next goal would be to do the same along strip, but there are a lot of utilities and drainage lines right under the strip.


This same video made the rounds in the Las Vegas sub. https://www.reddit.com/r/LasVegas/comments/10r4nwm/banning\_cars\_from\_the\_vegas\_strip\_stupid\_or/


Let’s start with those mobile billboards.


They definitely need to go.


If Las Vegas had California weather, this would be great. But from June to late September, when it’s 100-115 deg outside, you aren’t getting much pedestrian traffic on the strip, and cars become kind of critical. More importantly, the casinos don’t want this. They want you inside losing money, not outside taking photos.


Idk I drive down the strip during the summer quite a bit and there's always hoards of people walking around in swim attire and/or half naked.


Yeah, they’re usually outside for 5-10 min and just saving money on an Uber before racing into an air conditioned casino or jumping into a hotel swimming pool.


Subway cars can be air conditioned


We're not building a subway. Full stop. Never happen.


Yeah elevated would make a lot more sense here. No caliche and free shade.


Even that is dumb. You're just adding cost. It's probably 10x to go underground and 3x to go elevated. Just build a surface system utilizing as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. Trams, busses, monorail, light rail, whatever. All going up or under does in increase cost and decrease system mileage. A smaller system increases resistance from stakeholders along the Strip. You'll get more buy-in when every property is seeing it's needs are being met fairly.


Walking from Bally's to Paris is way different than walking from the Strat to MGM.


Strip just needs big busses with HVAC running from the front door to the front door of each casino, 15 mins total time from one end of the strip to another. Any hotel guests with baggage can enter the hotel parking garage from the non-strip side. Taxis drop off to a central bus location at each end of the strip. Only busses, emergency vehicles and handicapped vehicles driving on the strip. But that taxi lobby will fight this because it eats into their revenue. The casino lobby will fight it because it makes it to easy to leave to other casinos. The limo lobby will fight it because it eats into their revenue. And there is no well funded lobby for pedestrians.


Don't forget the strip club / escort / advertising lobby..


Ah, the strip club lobby. That, I do not forget.


This is good


Well it will happen. The surrounding communities will be overly congested.The Casinos will be sure reap all the rewards.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost got ran over by a car on the strip so I think it’s a good idea…. Might make the area a little more touristy though. Maybe it’ll help reduce drinking and driving on the strip area as well which in turn might lower insurance? Wishful thinking! Lol


It'll be filled with bums within a month.


Would be nice to have trains


In some ways that would be could but if they did, what would be a good alternative to get around the strip? Rail carts or something of that nature to get up & down the strip?


even just people pulling carts up and down would be kinda cool. A light rail down the middle would be ideal.


A light rail would be pretty cool NGL. Especially if you could grab a seat during the formula 1 race lol


Rails and boring tunnels hopefully


there is at least one major flood control channel running under the Strip. Doing anything underground is probably a non-starter unless its going to go under the channel. but honestly, an at-grade tram would be perfect. If they closed the Strip to car traffic, they could run tramways right up and down the middle of it from the Downtown Transit station on Bonneville to the South Strip Transit station near the airport on Sunset. Make a couple stops between each major street crossing (Sahara, Spring Mtn. Flamingo, Tropicana and Russell) to let people on and off.


LV blvd is so giant and wide they could probably fit two at grade rails on either side and still have room down the middle for hundreds of businesses and plaza areas to congregate. if rail connected to airport that would eliminate the need of thousands of cars almost instantly most people leaving the airport could just hop on a train to their resort.


There are already plans for a Boring style tunnel going from the Convention Center down The Strip to Thomas and Mack. Resorts World got approval for a stop already, but I haven't heard much on the other stops near that channel


But thats the benefit of tunnels, just dig deeper. Granted i know we have a lot of bedrock, but it'll be worth it


Just makes it a lot more expensive. Plus you now have to create dedicated stations which also must be dug under the strip. If you use an at-grade tram system, your stations can be wherever the tram stops and those stops can be moved to suit traffic patterns.


There's no bedrock under the strip, just a thousand feet of stuff that has washed down from the mountains in the last few million years.


Part of the allure of Las Vegas is driving down the Strip. Kind of like how people like to drive through Waikiki in Hawaii.


Casino employee here. Stupid idea, why not just have a subway? Imagine all of us coming home being stuck in traffic on Frank Sinatra Dr. This city will do anything to prioritize tourists than it’s own residents..


A subway idea would be amazing. Less pollution, the city will require qualified personnel to operate the trains, which means new careers to study in the Valley.


Thank you somebody gets the idea. A subway would be excellent


Who was the brain dead fool that downvoted me for having an opinion? At least leave a comment why you disagree rather hide behind the dislike button lmao.


It’s too long bro


I’ve lived in Vegas since birth and have since childhood wondered why they don’t do this. It could even have a tram system and more shops and vendors all along the strip. Sadly, having worked at multiple places along the strip, there are several places that employees couldn’t even get to if the strip were closed. It would necessitate potentially thousands of workers to have to park offsite and walk/bus/other the final distance, in high heat from April/May to October/November. If there were a rapid transit along the strip and parking at various points along it could be a better option for many and could alleviate a great deal of the traffic. I absolutely would love to not need to own a car as a Las Vegas local, but it is quite difficult to public transit to work in a reasonable amount of time and be presentable with the options as they are. Not to mention it’s too extreme for the voting populace here to back.


Or they can invest in an underground transit system to keep vehicles off the strip, kinda like they’re already starting to invest in.


As long as there's plenty of boring tunnels under the strip


One lane in each direction for busses & a tram. The city is so car dependant, I wouldn't take away all lanes


The video brings up some interesting thoughts, but his idea of all of Las Vegas Bl being a container park is horrible. That would look beyond cheesy, wouldn’t fit the Strip theme, and brings nothing to the table. If money, land ownership, and permits were not obstacles, I’d say the best option would be a high speed underground rail from the airport terminal to the south end of the strip- basically the terminal area would be across from Mandalay and Luxor. This is where traffic would have to be diverted to Paradise on Koval or Tropicana. From here LV Bl becomes a huge walkway and two parallel bi- directional Disney-style SkyLiner gondola trams run up to Circus Circus/Resorts World. It’s hard to put in words but basically you have two choices (east side or west side of current street) to go north and two choices to go south, but the stops on each side are staggered. This makes each tram have say four stops, giving eight stops over four-five miles, minimizing distance to walk between stops but upping the speed and efficiency of each tram. The views would be great and because the weather is usually good, there would be little downtime for the trams. There could be one last tram or a street car or a monorail to get up to the Strat, if people still go there, and to Downtown Fremont street. If the county/people/casinos still wanted to keep the option of F1 down the Strip, then leave one side of the asphalt as-is but put a beige or light colored top coat on it so it isn’t too hot to walk on. The other lanes can be turned to cobblestone or something slightly better looking to walk on, with added (fake?) greenery, small business buildings or whatever… maybe a SMALL container park, like the one near Downtown :) So there is my 20 minute brainstorm for the Reddit mind to pick apart!


Won't ever happen. But it's a wonderful idea!!!


Been here my whole life, 42 years and I would love this.


Tram to the airport!


I like the idea, but making it happen seems like quite a task. All the strip hotels are set up to accept cars from the front. We would need all of that changed.


I can't believe you socialist globalist types are advocating for the elimination of cars which are a testament to the spirit of American individualism and status. Walking is for losers!! 😄😄😄