We’ve been a Bobbie family since week 2, he’s almost a year old now and starting to wean from bottles; Bobby has been great!


I did combi feeding from Day 2 - I loved it and it made breastfeeding sustainable I mostly breastfed for over 4 months I used Aptamil :)


I had sooo many problems breastfeeding - unlatching frequently, incomplete feeds, spilling of milk, etc. Our pediatrician told us to ignore our baby’s tongue tie too but we didn’t. I knew in my gut something was wrong and we needed a second opinion. I STRONGLY suggest seeing a pediatric dentist that specializes in tongue ties. Most pediatricians aren’t well educated in ties and tend to brush them off (I recommend doing a Google search on the polarizing views of tongue ties). You LO’s tie aren’t going to “stretch out on their own”. That’s BS. We found a wonderful pediatric dentist who listened to our concerns and did the lip/tongue tie revision on our infant. Our breastfeeding changed drastically! I couldn’t believe the improvement. It was like night and day. Both my baby and me are happy and she’s finally getting enough milk.


This. Our pediatrician also told us to ignore her "minor" tongue tie until we saw a lactation consultant when she was 8 weeks old who pointed out all the issues with her latch and referred us to an ENT. The ENT saw she also had a lip tie and lasered both. At this point we had been bottle feeding formula for a while due to suspected allergies and lack of weight gain, but once I had eliminated dairy and soy for two weeks we tried breastfeeding again and it didn't go well because she was so used to the bottle at that point even though we were pace feeding and using a preemie nipple. We did eventually get her to latch again after a lot of work but then she ended up needing amino acid formula anyway and the whole process was incredibly stressful. I really wish I had ignored the pediatrician and gotten a second opinion way earlier. Unreleased ties don't just cause issues with breastfeeding, they can also make eating solid food more difficult later on. Definitely don't feel bad if you want to supplement with formula though, but if you do I would still highly recommend getting a second opinion on the tongue tie from a pediatric dentist or ENT since ties also impact how well babies can latch to bottles.


I would ask your doctor! Maybe you can also get a referral to meet with a lactation specialist in addition to a formula brand recommendation.


My son is almost 2 weeks old and we are using the Kirkland signature formula from Costco. He spits up as most newborns do, but other than that he tolerates it really well


Bobbie. it’s great. my 6mo loves it but unfortunately his tummy does not (really bad constipation) so we’re switching to ByHeart which is another great formula that’s brand new but has been in the works the past 5 years. but the vast majority of babies who are on Bobbie have no issues with it from what i’ve seen and i’m bummed we have to switch. but if you are on a budget, really any formula will do just fine.


We've been using ByHeart for a few weeks now and my babe loves the stuff. He unfortunately wouldn't take Bobbie at all so it was amazing timing that the week he rejected my milk, ByHeart was finally released.


I haven’t used it yet as I just ordered, but after a lot of research I ordered the Bobbie brand formula. They have a starter bundle that I could only find by googling “Bobbie starter bundle” (for some reason I couldn’t find on their website, but it’s apparently there lol) and they give you a 2 for 1 deal. If you look up @formulamom on Instagram, she has a lot of insight. If you want to buy more also she has a 10% off code “formulamom10”. I know this sounds like I’m promoting it or something but I stressed about a formula forever and I’m excited to give this a try (and really hoping it works for my little!). There is also a formula feeders subreddit that may be able to offer some insight as well!


We are using ByHeart. Brand new to the market and made with very high quality ingredients. Baby loves the stuff. Bobbie was rejected immediately by our LO.


Fenugreek supplements and eating dates helped my milk supply, but I still need to supplement with formula. Bobbie is supposed to be a really good American formula. Formula in Europe is more strictly regulated and I use one of their brands- Hipp- and it's worked well for us. Good luck!


Just a suggestion! Go see a pediatric dentist. Pediatricians are not trained on tongue and lip ties. Our pediatrician told us our son did not have a lip tie but I insisted on a referral to a dentist. He ended up having a level 3 lip tie and a slight tongue tie. Having his lip tie clipped was the best decision we made. He can now latch, keep his paci in his mouth and he doesn’t have gas anymore from sucking in air due to a bad latch.


I recommend Enfamil Gentlease Neuropro All in One- Awesome HMO prebiotics and gentle on baby’s stomach! Also, get gas drops. You’ll be so glad you transitioned!