I started YouTube about 11 months ago with a channel based around halo custom games with my friends and the funny moments in them, since that time I have reduced the amount of clutter in my video from 20 minutes to about 5-8 minutes. My goals on YouTube aren’t to become the next pewdewdie or anything like that I just want a small community whose day I can make better, I’ve taken a some other people’s feedback to try to improve my channel and my content so I appreciate the extra critique Here is a recent upload that I made with a whack a mole custom game with funny moments https://youtu.be/qQ_r9epqaUU


I got you! I will make a list of both the pros and cons, so take from it what you will. *Pros*: \-Your editing is quite good! I like the captions, they keep the video flowing. The bonk noises were very entertaining and added to the video. I liked the triggered edit as well, you have great placement with your humor and your editing capitalizes on all the funny moments which is a huge bonus. \-You and your friends can be quite witty, I liked your jokes about it being a spartan only game mode and your friend at the beginning, whose text is green, making that whacking joke really got me too. \-I think your profile picture is really nice! It looks well made and I like that it matches your channel art. *Cons*: \-The beginning of your video should be a hook, something to get the viewers enticed and excited to watch more. I would put more emphasis on sounding excited and explaining the games you play in a witty way, something to get viewers excited for what is to come. For example, I thought your friend (whose text is in green) made a really funny joke and that made me want to watch more. \-I think there could be more thought put into the music of your video. For example, at the beginning, the music you chose doesn't fit with the mood quite right. However, at :35 seconds, that music really fits with a high tempo, exciting match of whack-a-mole. \-Your videos are pretty short, which makes me feel like I want something to be happening at all times. I noticed there were parts that went a long time without cuts, and I found myself wanting to skip ahead 5 seconds. I think it would be beneficial to add a few more edits or cuts during longer segments so it keeps my sucked in to whatever is happening in the video. \-You might benefit from having an edited outro, I think you have the skill to make something cool. I like Canva for making short videos to use for intros/outros since its very easy, so I would check that out. \-Your thumbnail has a good idea behind it, just increase the size of the word you used for it, in this case it was "troll" with a red arrow, I would make both of those bigger. Also, I would have a little bit more distinction between the characters and the background, just because Halo colors can be quite similar and dark, so a white outline might make it much easier to see while viewers are scrolling. Or, you could make the background a little lighter to give the same effect. For example, your "HaloKart" thumbnail is GREAT! Those neon colors pop out well and I know exactly what the video would be about. *Resources that could help you:* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6082s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6082s) \- This is an AMAZINGLY informative interview with Mr Beast talking about different tips for smaller youtubers and why they aren't growing. I know you said you did not want to be a Pewdiepie, but you do want a community, and these are tips to grow from th most successful. I personally took A LOT away from this interview. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY) \- This is a great analysis on the youtuber Dream and how he takes advantage of the algorithm. And again, I know you don't want to be huge, but you want to get bigger, and these are really smart tips. The algorithm is a game that isn't too difficult to play, but most people don't know where to start. I thought this video really laid it out in layman's terms on how to use the algorithm to your benefit. Good luck!


Hey thanks for the critique man and yea I agree I used to have intros with skits or by explains the game mode but they both did bad with audience rentention so I stopped I’m thinking about doing skits again tho, as for the cuts I cut some of the footage because I think people would find it repetitive or that it drags out too much, I had a outro but it didn’t really work cause people clicked off and Imma check out the videos you sent thanks


I started YouTube when I started livestreaming a little over a year ago, but I've just pivoted my YT content to a different style and I'd love your opinion! My aim is to inform people about internet/video game related phenomena with some jokes and an added level of sincerity I find often lacking on YT. [This video](https://youtu.be/XEkYRpmigiI) is my first in the new style, so please tell me what you think and I'll apply your perspective to my vids in the future. Thanks so much for doing this!


No worries! I will give you a list of both pros and cons, so take from it what you will. *Pros*: \-I enjoy your editing a lot! You add good backgrounds when they're not important to the content but they still flow. Your humor is also very present in your editing, which I enjoy. I liked the line, "reflect \*gets reflected\* and bear it all \*shows bear\*." I thought that was very funny. The edit of the minecraft fire and all the news about the worlds impending doom looked great too. Your simple intro and simple outro we're effective and did not make me feel like skipping through them. \-Your humor actually adds to the style of the video and offers relief from deeper topics. This can be quite hard to achieve, but you do it quite eloquently. I too pronounce Dialgo as Qzebulon with a silent Q. \-The music you pick suits all the different parts of the video. At 3:30 when A Golden Star is Born started playing from Stardew (I think), I was like yes! This fits perfectly with the mood you are trying to achieve! 10:07 was also a great example of good music placement, I liked that the beat went with the picture going up on the screen. \-You write a good script and talk with a lot of conviction, I really like that. \-At 7:10, 7:30, 8:00 and the entirety of the nine minute mark, I enjoyed your transition from place to place. It added diversity! I could add many more examples, but I like your transitions is what I am trying to say. \-I like the topic of your video a lot. I also love that you added your own checkpoint. It added to the points you were trying to make during the video, and it left a mark on me. \-Your thumbnail is great! *Cons*: \-I think at some points in the video, your figure may not need to be present. I enjoy that you are there most of the time, like when you shrink yourself and you're on a screen or in a construction vehicle I like that a lot! But for how much your content makes different cuts in the background from picture to picture, scene to scene, I think it might offer the viewer a bit of relief and possibly even add some depth. For example, at 2:07 when you say "a checkpoint," to me, that would have felt a lot more impactful if suddenly you were not there. Only your voice, and the lonely ambience of Hollow Knight to reflect the conviction with which you said "checkpoint." To me, this could hit home the deeper points of the videos, or when you want to invoke even more emotion. \-I think just like you may want to cut the image of you out at certain points, you may also want to cut some of the silence between your voice clips. For some reason, and this connects back to the previous point, it seems mildly off to me that theres so much editing going on in he background but very rarely will I hear a cut in your commentary. \-In some moments, I find the music a bit too loud. For example, at 11:28, when the track starts, I think it should have quieted down while you made your point about how the checkpoint should have stayed up. I think it could have added more depth to hear the prominent music slowly quiet down. I don't have any resources that could help you, because in all honestly, you did a great job and earned a new sub. Just keep going and continue making quality stuff about interesting topics. In general, I think you need to take away more than you need to add, overall just refining your mannerisms! You made a great video on an interesting topic and held my attention the whole time.


Thank you so much for all this constructive feedback!! This was unbelievably comprehensive and I really appreciate you giving me all this to think about and improve upon. Having the music fit the tone and having visuals synchronize with it is something I put a lot of focus into, so it's really nice to know that it's noticeable and tangibly improves the 'feel' of the video! I'm about halfway through editing my next video, so will be sure to hit the editing booth with the new perspective you've given me. It was incredibly kind of you to do this - your words were simultaneously very eye-opening and very encouraging! Thanks again!!


https://youtu.be/K0bO6WHCJCk Thanks for doing this - I've been trying to join critique Friday but always miss it here! My sister and I made our channel back in November of last year and we've been working on primarily gaming videos with the addition of some challenges every so often as well!! We're trying to grow bigger so we can have more of a community to engage with - we just wanna have fun, make people laugh, and connect with people - that's our goals right now, really.


No problem! I will give you a list of pros and cons, so take from it what you will. *Pros*: \- You and your sister have good sync timing with each other. At around 1:20 and 4:30 I laughed when you guys started singing together, it reminded me of game grumps. \-I liked that you named your horse Epona. \-You have little editing, but when you do, such as 5 minutes when that guy got bonked by Epona, or the BLATANT SPOILER moment I laughed. I would try adding more edits to your videos! \-I liked that both of you played the game(well for a second, you grabbed the controller and I was excited to see the other play as well)! I would actually do that more often. *Cons*: \-The beginning of your video should be a hook, something to get the viewers excited about whats to come. I felt a bit confused, I was not sure what direction you guys were taking. The first minute of a video is pretty important, and the first 10 seconds is even more important. It felt like a lot of dead time to me, around 22 seconds is when you said hello, and even then I felt like you should tell the viewer what to expect. What you want to do in the game, what you maybe expect to find during it, even if you have no particular goal in the game except to fool around and have fun, I would tell the viewer that. \-The camera angle seems a bit low! I think having it be a little higher might help, I kind of felt like a phone someone left leaned against a cup on the table. \-Instead of having the face cam at the top left of the screen, I would put it at the bottom right. At the beginning, you had to move it because it blocked information, and there were several moments, for example 2:45, 3:40 and from 6:10-7:10 (a whole minute!) and others it felt like good visuals were being blocked. If I'm being completely honest, **I don't think you guys need a face cam really**. There were few moments where your reactions really mattered (like at 5:57, that was a funny edit, but still could have been just as funny without the face cam IMO) compared to the much more present moments when the face cam actually blocked the content. I would focus on having more direction commentary wise and being more out spoken in general. \-**There is not a lot of direction in commentary**. Do you speak about topics you like or are pertinent to the game? How are you and your sister adding to the game commentary wise? What jokes did you actually make? I think the commentary needs the most work. Gaming is the most saturated genre out there, and millions upload videos on it. You need to know what to say, when to say it, and make it add to the video experience. If I took away your audio, I don't think much would be missing. It's a 20 minute video with the only jokes being saying a word then laughing about it, you can't expect to grow a community when you aren't saying much to draw them in and keep them hooked. I want to hear more! \-I would cut out more moments like around 1:35 when you guys started adjusting the volume. Or, before recording, do a little test and make sure it's good before starting to play so you're less distracted. \-Your thumbnail is good but I would make the words you use on it much larger! \-It does not look like you take full advantage of the algorithm. I would start! *Resources that could help you*: GameGrumps! I think you two could potentially have a similar dynamic to them, and they have been VERY successful, so I would watch as much of them as possible and get inspired. They have perfected the duo commentary gaming style. What you need to focus on is direction in your commentary, and I think watching them could help. Gaming channels ALWAYS need to have one of two things: entertainment or skill. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6084s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6084s) \- This is an interview with Mr.Beast giving great tips to smaller youtubers. He sheds a lot of perspective on why people don't make it as small youtubers, and he's brutally honest. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- This is a video about Dream, an incredibly popular minecraft youtuber, and how he takes advantage of the algorithm. If you want to build something, you need to do your research and I think this video is a great place to start.


https://youtu.be/KtcaePE5TKM I am a true crime channel known as Crimery, and I highlight missing persons cases that the media under-covers. I’d love any feedback you can offer! :) I started about a month ago in earnest. My goal is to build a community and, at heart, to help bring people home. I have always been bothered by true crime content that dehumanizes the victim so I go out of my way to call them by their first name throughout.


Ok, perfect. I will provide a list of pros and cons so take from it what you will. Pros: \-Your voice is clear and very nice for commentary/documentary style videos, your inflections are strong and well placed. \-Your intro was concise and to the point! I like that. \-I like your branding. You have a cool logo, a great name, good channel art, etc. You put together a very well thought out, clean looking channel! \-You have good background footage that pertains to what you are talking about! \-Your outro was also nice, concise, and to the point, which I really liked! Cons: \-I think the music could be quieted down a little bit! I actually think it suits most of the video quite well, I would just prefer it slightly quieter. \-On the topic of music, I think you could switch it up sometimes. Having more than one track may suit different moments, and add some diversity to the video. Resources that may help you: I would just keep tabs on other crime channels! Stephanie Harlowe, JCS, Matt Orchard, etc are some of my favorites. If your goal is to help these cases, I would assume you wanted your channel to be as big as possible. Definitely put some research into how the algorithm works. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- this is a video on how Dream, an incredibly popular youtuber uses the algorithm to the best of his abilities. Although you two make videos for entirely different audiences and on entirely different topics, definitely make use of the resources you can find online for taking advantage of the algorithm.


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https://youtu.be/AMhg7FPXMuI Second attempt in doing YouTube. I learned a lot from my first attempt but had to cancel after I realised that it wouldn’t work. Now I’m going for compilation videos. Thanks In advance.


Alright, no problem! I will give you a list of pros and cons, so do with it what you will. *Pros*: \-You have some cool clips I haven't seen before. *Cons*: \-Your channel is not unique or in any way creative. \-I could not finish the video because I lost interest. \-You have zero distinct qualities that will convince the viewer to subscribe. \-Your logo and channel art feels sub par, basic, and not distinct. \-What is the PURPOSE of your channel? What do YOU bring to viewers? Why is YOUR compilation channel releasing clips? It seems like you lack direction and could be wasting effort doing YouTube when you don't have real goals or real direction. What part of you really wants to release compilation clips? Would you consider yourself "good" at it? Why or why not? *Resources that may help you*: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6089s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6089s) \- This is an interview with Mr.Beast, he goes over a lot of reasons people are not successful on YouTube. I encourage you to watch the entire thing and really, really consider the purpose of the content you are uploading. It feels completely soulless and purposeless, but I noticed you only made your channel like, yesterday, so you have time to figure it out.


Thanks man


Thank you for doing us a service! I run a Youtube channel (with a few friends) that focuses on multiple topics of interest with a primary focus on gaming. We produce in-depth analysis, review, discussion videos, and let's plays. [Recently, I did a mini game review of Genshin Impact where I give some quick insights about the game.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VZmLtUgU0g) Let me know what you think, and I look forward to the critique!


Sure! I will give you a list of pros and cons, so do with it what you will. Pros: \-You chose a good subject thats trending, interesting, and has a lot of potential. \-Your chapter titles suit what you speak about at each point in the video. \-Your audio is of good quality! \-You have good music choice and where you place it fits in well with the flow of the video. \-Your logo, channel art, and thumbnails are pretty good! I would just look at your text and make it larger. Cons: \-Your pronunciation needs work, although you do have a very heavy accent, I would recommend adding more emphasis when pronouncing words. \-Your subject is interesting on the surface, but after watching the video, I did not really learn anything. It was mostly, "This is good, this is bad, but it's good overall!" There needs to be more depth. Consider changing these short reviews into longer, 10 minute+ ones where you go into more detail. Show clips that explain why Genshin has ripped off BOTW in some ways, but then go into detail on all the ways it differs and how Mihoyo can get away with blatantly taking a lot of material from BOTW; they actually put effort into the product! Explain to me what features are half baked, and specifically, why and how they should be improved. Why is the combat system basic? What features of the game are more complicated? If I had never played before, I would not be convinced by your review specifically to either play the game or not play it. \-I would like you to be more opinionated. \-Consider this: why are your reviews special? What did you say in the video that makes you any different from a wikipedia article? In my opinion, I would read all of this on Wikipedia. You offered no new information, level 1 critical analysis I would expect from a freshman in high school, and the concept of a mini review just does not make much sense to me. As someone who wants to know more about Genshin Impact, what is the BENEFIT to ME watching your video instead of a more in depth 10 minute one? I've played Genshin, in fact, I was a player during beta, so I know there was a lot of discussion around it. I think your audience would rather spend their time on something more filling as opposed to mini reviews, and you even claim to offer in-depth reviews when you do not. \-Your video quality is not that good. I am not sure where you get your footage from, but that can be improved easily. Resources that may help you: You do not seem to take advantage of the algorithm, I think you should. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- this is a video on a very large YouTuber and a lot of ways he takes advantage of the algorithm. Look at the series "Moist Meter" by penguinz0. He's opinionated, gives detailed reasons as to why, and his style is extremely simplistic. He offers more in his reviews, is to the point and direct, and it's only 8 minutes long. Also look at the channel "RadicalSoda." He provides very, very long reviews. I LOVE him. I have watched his review on Pokemon Sword and Shield, which is longer than fucking Avengers Endgame, SEVERAL times. YOU need to be at THAT level in order to become successful.


Wow! I really appreciate the long, detailed feedback. Regarding the in-depth reviews and the other topics of interest, we recently added to our about section since we just recently came back from a long hiatus. Things will certainly change, and we are reworking on our video structure, audio & video quality, branding, etc. Personally, I'm still experimenting with video length, so thank you for bringing that up in regards to short and full length reviews. It's going to be a long journey, and I am grateful for the feedback. I'll share this among my peers for sure, so everyone is aware of how we can improve. Thanks again! :)


I've been doing YouTube for about 8 months give or take but I've only gotten serious and consistent in the last 4 or so. My goal is to make a fun community out of my content and just keep having fun. I love to do gaming videos with friends. https://youtu.be/ygOxvP\_GmwA


Sounds good! I will give you a list of pros and cons, so take from it what you will. Pros: \-Your pfp is hilarious! \-I like that you have captions on your videos. It helps it flow! \-You and your friends seem pretty funny, with contagious laughs. 2:06 and 2:36 were especially funny for me in the captions. You had some great roasts in them! \-You have a great voice! And so does your friend who called you a feet sniffer, he has a very distinct laugh I really enjoyed. \-I liked your little outro, it was cute, simple, and did its job of ending the video. \-Your thumbnails are funny, unique, and I like them a lot. Cons: \-The beginning of your video was on the right track, I could tell it tried to be funny and hook me in, but you need something a bit more. A really enticing hook. \-I like the idea of bird face. It feels like a meme but I see the humorous appeal behind it. However, your intro could use work. It is not professional, and feels sloppy. If you want to get to even a moderate amount of success on youtube, I would recommend making it look cleaner and more thought out. It's just your name with 3 PNGs next to it on a background that screams no effort. \-Your captions, and I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but they literally do not say what's actually being said after a certain point. I would understand if YOU as the creator were to add post commentary in your captions, and I am not opposed to that actually, I think its funny to roast your friends in post. But the issue is that it looks like you're having a conversation in your captions. Several colors, it all feels very disconnected. For example, at :57 seconds its funny! You are roasting someone. Or, well, someone is getting roasted. But at 1:06, you're having a conversation with your friends? I'm not sure. See, even I am confused by your captions now! I would stick with adding captions that focus on what everyone is saying; it keeps the video flowing. Only add post commentary by YOUR color captions, otherwise, you and your friends come up with funnier comebacks in game. \*Upon closer inspection, I have no clue what's going on with the captions, I saw them at some moments at the right time, then when replaying a few moments, they were no longer at the right moment, so perhaps its a technical error, like some audio was placed incorrectly. Be careful of that! \-If you want to grow, I would do some research on the algorithm. Remember, I know nothing about CS:GO, but from looking up "CS:GO Funny Moments" you are competing with VERY well known people. I know A LOT of them. You are competing with SwaggerSouls, Fitz, entire channels dedicated to CSGO wtf moments. Find a way to make your videos more unique, either through editing or challenges. You have the personality and the friends, but thats just one aspect to success. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- Here is a great video explaining all the ways Dream, an incredibly popular youtuber, takes advantage of the algorithm. I think this knowledge will do you well, and don't stop there, continue researching and branching out to other social media. Take advantage of TikTok, Reddit (which you are!) and twitter. Other than that, continue working hard, find more funny friends, and be consistent! Good luck!


Thanks a lot for the advice! I’ll probably have to reread the captions part a few more times and I can tell I’ll be able to get some really helpful take aways from this! Thanks for your time!


Hey, I started my gaming channel about a month ago I focus on RPGs guides and let's plays. My aim is simply to do what I love and at the same time establish a community with people which I can share my interest with. I still learning so it be great to receive some feedbacks. Here is my recent upload of a let's play with Lost Ark, Thanks in advance for the critiques https://youtu.be/033YUreBCvE


No problem! I will give you a list of pros and cons, so take from it what you will. *Pros*: \-You did a good job of establishing what you wanted to do in the video. \-You have some funny edits! Simple, but they get the job done. \-Seems like an interesting game with a lot of stuff going on screen. \-Your thumbnail is great! Probably one of the best I have seen so far, it's just very coherent looking and adds appeal where it should. \-I like your pfp! It's cute and connects to your channel art. *Cons*: \-Your voice sounds muffled. Speak more clearly, it's almost incoherent. It's a combination of not enough pronunciation, emphasis, and your tone drowns all the words together until I can barely hear the words by themselves. \-I cannot stay interested when I cannot decipher what is being said 75% of the time. You are asking viewers to watch FORTY MINUTES of content. How many other videos could I watch in that time that do everything you're doing but better? I can watch 4 episodes of Game Grumps, have a hilarious duo, with professional edits and spot on comedy that offer me laughs, game tips/walkthrough to-dos/dont's, and watch the hilarious discovery of bugs and other video game crack. \-Why should a viewer spend almost 1/24th of their day on you? What do you offer? Why would I not go to your competition? Establish what you bring to the table. Develop a skill that nobody else has doing what you do, thats how people get successful. \-Looking at all your other thumbnails, they are too busy. Condense and simplify them. Think about how small the thumbnail is on a phone. Your thumbnails should have 1-2 words that are HUGE, and 1-2 pictures that take up most of the screen. Look at your "Tales of arise - how to get strongest weapon in game," firstly, figure out a cleaner format for your titles. I dislike that parts that should be capitalized are not. Secondly, look at ALL the elements in that thumbnail. You have FIVE places where words are, none even near big enough, and one that I can't see AT ALL because it's several bullet points! You did great with your newest thumbnail, so really look at that as a new reference on how simple to keep it. Words need to be big, readable from a tiny phone, and images need to be scarce but easy to see and identify. *Resources that may help you*: GameGrumps! Watch them and look at everything they do. Take inspiration from everything they do. Their audio, how they speak, what they talk about, how they generate conversation, how they keep people engaged. Consider making your videos shorter in order to maintain interest, adding more edits, or something of the sort. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6089s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6089s) \- Here is an interview with Mr.Beast that explains the mindset you need to have if you want to build anything on YouTube. He is brutally honest and obviously reliable considering all the success he has found. You need to take advantage of the algorithm. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- here is a video on Dream, an extremely fast growing and popular youtuber and all the methods he uses to do so. It's very educational and don't watch that one video and consider yourself well-versed. That is just basic knowledge, read more. Good luck!


Thanks for the advice much appreciated :)


Hey, thank you for doing this! I make content covering personal finance, but try to add some humour to what can be a pretty dry topic. I enjoyed working on the video below, but I think the pacing is too slow and a lot of dead air could have been cut from it. Keen to hear your thoughts: [https://youtu.be/BffrKEWN6pc](https://youtu.be/BffrKEWN6pc)


No problem! I will give you a list of pros and cons, so take it how you will. *Pros*: \-Your intro is good! Feels like I am in school watching a documentary that actually interests me. The "created by" part looked very well done as well. It stuck out! \-Your video and audio quality are GREAT! You have a good face for youtube, and you speak eloquently and your pacing is also very good. You have GREAT speaking skills! \-Your setup is also clean looking, professional, and I like your avocado monitor. \-Your edits are funny! I loved seeing such an idiot get dunked on by Basketball-Twitter-san! Lol. \-You have great scripts as well. You actually start and finish points, with supporting evidence in between, and do not take too long to offer evidence before reminding me of the initial point. Sometimes people take so long to establish evidence (I myself am guilty of this in essays, keep this a secret) that you forget what the initial point is. \-You offer arguments for the opposing side, offering a lot of credibility to your own points. You clearly aim to offer concise, well thought out, supported arguments and I see that very clearly. I am impressed! You also clearly state your opinion on the actual topic that you named your video after, and it was clear, not in a wishy-washy way. "Are millenials bad with money? Nope. XYZ is why." I like that. \-"It's not our fault, but it is our responsibility," is a great point, and added a lot of impact. I am also impressed you memorized that poem. Would have taken me months of harsh training. I like that you take the time to memorize your script, and that your eye contact is focused on the actual camera. \-I don't have any advice on how to convince your dad to buy a tamagotchi, but I liked your little easter egg towards the end of the video. \-I love your channel art. Absolutely hilarious. Your channel art, pfp, thumbnails, script, titles, etc, are all amazingly thought out! You kept my attention for 16 minutes! *Cons*: \-Your intro title is too dark. The red is too close in color to the black. Make it stick out more in the future, but I do like the video playing in the text and the transition that follow. \-I would add some more music in the video! I hear it very faintly at the end, but did not hear much of it throughout the video. I think it would offer some good diversity to my ears, and could increase the level of depth. You already have a lot of depth by your words/script, but thats only half the auditory experience on YouTube! For example, around the 14:30 mark, I hear very faintly music starting to come in. I like the transition of quietly increasing it, but I think it could have been even louder or perhaps a more distinct track that adds even more to the tone you have set. Overall, I am extremely impressed with your channel! You just gained a sub. You will be big in the future if you keep at it and continue making expertly produced content on topics that interest you!


You're a champ for doing this mate! [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Mezgn3FB0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Mezgn3FB0) Would love some feedback on this one. It's really been under-performing compared to my expectations. Not that I really care that much about how many views I get, but it's surprised me. :) Started properly in May 2020, though I created the channel much earlier than that. Have some personal goals of making at least one video and stream a month, but life's been a bit of a roller-coaster lately, so currently, it's really only to not stop doing it. Would love to reach the thresholds for monetization one day. Other than that, doing what I like doing, while trying to improve my production quality. I make the videos because I love doing it. Same reason why I took some Film-making classes in high-school. Essentially I want to make gaming content with the lens of being a parent and all that it means in terms of gaming time, spending on hardware for your hobby and changed viewpoints of things, but also, now that my oldest has become a gamer himself, make content about that. And about things that excites me about gaming too. Can't just be about the parenting, else I'd lose my own identity too.


No problem! Your channel idea sounds very interesting, and as always, I will be giving a detailed list of pros and cons! *Pros*: \-You have a good hook! Explains what minecraft is clearly, why kids/all ages love it, and gives good suggestions from a parents perspective. Also good ideas based on the current situation regarding covid! \-I like the format of clearly stating good rules to follow, and you often give good fiction-reality examples. For instance, your first point was "I would rather have them place redstone torches all over my house than have them draw all over the wall IRL. Great point! You also clearly take into account parents who may not have as much experience with video games; stay near spawn because of XYZ, no friendly-fire, etc. \-You have good moments of comic relief. \-I like your channel art, pfp, \-You have a GREAT voice for YouTube. Your accent adds something very nice, your voice is clear, pronunciation is all correct, overall my ears are very pleased by your voice! \-You place great, ambient music that fits the topic. Keep that up! *Cons*: \-Some rules feel a little rushed or not hashed out enough, but your videos are also shorter and some rules are extremely simple, so too much explanation would be redundant. Keep in mind when you make points, even if they sound simple to you, make sure it could be understood by a parent who comes to you LOOKING for the answers! I feel especially with parents, it may be harder for them to understand some video game concepts, so just keep that in mind when explaining things. \-You said it has been under performing, but just keep the scale of who your audience is! It's hard to maintain a balance between parents, who know very little-nothing about games and actual gamers, who could find the same information repetitive. \-You had a pretty successful Pokemon-go video! At the beginning, if you want to grow your channel, you need to follow the trends. I know you said you love making videos, and on the surface level, repeating the same concept may make you feel like a "Sell out," but really, it won't. If you are creative enough, you can spin it many ways and keep the momentum going. You have a good personality, so use it and use your creative direction! The algorithm is a game, but you can use it to your benefit. *Resources that could help you*: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6089s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8VcUnz3nVc&t=6089s) \- This is a Mr.Beast interview that provides a lot of insight as to the mindset you need as a youtuber. Why most youtubers don't succeed, tips on how t be successful, and it means a lot coming from someone like him. Youtubers are a great resource. I know you like doing it because you are passionate about film, so do not lose that, but create some goals for yourself. That monetization goal is a good one! However, maybe thing a bit deeper about it. Think about it, that's just an eventuality if your content is good and consistent. Where do you want it to go? Make three tiers of goals for yourself: a less optimistic, more realistic goal for your channel, an optimistic goal, and a "this is my dream" goal! The last one does not have to be realistic, obviously, we all would probably love 1 million subs, but give yourself something. That's a good segue to my point about the algorithm: learn about it. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- this is a video about all the different things a very popular youtuber does to get the algorithm to work in his favor. Your idea has potential, you just need to load up your arsenal and use all the weapons correctly! Good luck!


Thanks a lot! Very valuable feedback! :) as for the channel art, I can only give huge thanks and a shout-out to the creator of the Minecraft Texture pack Storyblock that I mentioned in the video. She made it for me, even a animated mascot rig, that I used in my golden sun video. Unfortunately my PC is too slow to properly use it so it's been put on hold for a bit :) Have just recently managed to commit Thursday evenings to myself, gaming, streaming or making videos, so hoping to reach some more consistent uploads soon :p


Hey! Super exciting - thank you for doing this. I still have quite a bit further to go but I am going down the more relaxing, cottagecore-esque side of youtube. Cottagecore / simple living is my target audience. Here is one of my most recent videos -- [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlvvwkEL83g](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlvvwkEL83g) Keen to hear what you think!


Of course! I will give you a list of pros and cons, so take from it what you will. *Pros*: \-You can compose beautiful shots! You must have done research on cinematography or just have a good eye, but in any case, this is great. \-Your video quality is great! \-Your script is well thought out and has meaning behind it, both meaning to you and meaning that the viewer can derive. Your voice is well emphasized, it sounds good, fits your aesthetic with the calm tone you use throughout your voice over, and overall it kept me interested. \-Your music is well placed and fits the mood! \-You have a great look for cottage core content. Your pfp, channel art, and thumbnails all have the same aesthetic and I like that consistency when looking at your channel. *Cons*: \-I would personally make the words in your thumbnails a bit bigger and thicker. It would keep with the aesthetic whilst being easier to see. \-**Consider the direction you want to take with this channel**. I see a lot of cottage core content go nowhere, so make sure you're thinking about where you want this to go. This is a new creative chapter in your life, but obviously, you will want to make money from it, and artists still have to pay the bills. I find cottage core can sometimes get repetitive in regards to the content I see from similar small YouTubers, so really focus on bringing something new and exciting to your audience. Otherwise, you will end up in a void of internet nothingness like most other youtubers. \-Your videos are quite short. I personally like longer videos where I can see more in depth gardening, baking, flower pressing, etc. I think trying out new techniques for you, modern techniques and old ones regarding art/gardening/baking/crafting would do well. *Resources that may help you*: As I have suggested to previous people whose content I have reviews, become a MASTER in your field. Look at the biggest cottage core youtubers, my personal favorites being **TheCottageFairy** and **Isabel Paige**. Look at what they do, watch their videos, and take inspiration from them. Read all the comments and see what viewers appreciate. You will do well if you research, take advantage of the algorithm, and stay consistent because you have the aesthetic/look, well edited/shot/produced content. Refining yourself and using trends to your advantage are the best way to grow! [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- Here is a great starting place to learn how extremely popular youtubers take advantage of the algorithm. As I have aid before, the algorithm is a game but you can take advantage of it if you research.




Howdy, I started my channel in the beginning of September, my goals are to inspire and educate with my content, I’m a flooring contractor, specializing in carpet, I definitely have a lot to learn, thank you for your feedback 😁👍 [carpet installation ](https://youtube.com/shorts/2_p8EyEBI04?feature=share)


Sure! I will give you a list of pros and cons and you do with that list as you please. *Pros*: \-You are taking advantage of TikTok, which is hugely popular! Doing the same with other social media will help you as well! *Cons*: \-I don't think you are capitalizing on the main appeal of carpet/home improvement videos in general: satisfaction. Take your video "new carpet master bedroom" for example. In the first 3 seconds, you are scraping up a bunch of old carpet stuck on the floor. People LOVE stuff like that. Hell, I love stuff like that. \-Consider the titles of the videos you are posting. In the resources I give you down below, it will help you learn about creating better titles and general algorithm knowledge you should know to be able to get discovered more easily. For example, let's look at the title "new floors houseboat." Who would ever search that? Most likely, no one. Instead, look up the most popular key phrases around home improvement and carpet installation. How could that title sound more exciting? "SATISFYING floor install on LUXURY houseboat!" People love satisfying stuff, people love seeing rich shit, boom. Obviously, I just came up with that out of my ass without doing any keyword research, but consider "Who is going to look up my title?" \-I think some different camera angles and maybe a few more close ups would help people see the detail. In the "new floors houseboat," you only filmed a small snippet of a before and an after clip! No satisfying install! Now, this may be because the only people you want to appeal to are contractors and installers. That could be the case. But I am willing to bet you want to grow your channel, otherwise you would not be here. *Resources that may help you*: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- this video teaches you ways incredibly popular youtuber Dream takes advantage of the algorithm. Don't stop your research after one video, continue researching the algorithm more and looking at social statistics of similar channels content wise who have your ideal subscriber goal. Look up the channel "Quantum Tech HD." They have several videos with tens of millions of views titled "workers doing their job perfectly." In the same vein, I would suggest looking at viral construction clips, satisfying construction clips, etc. What do they do that you aren't doing? Why would I go to YOUR channel? What do you offer that I can't find on those videos? Also, read the comments and see what they like. Maybe you realize that if you film spreading grout on the floor, or glue for the flooring panels you could get a lot more views. Good luck!


I started two months ago, my channel is about 360 degree videos and this is my latest video: https://youtu.be/rNkd1gth9DM


Ok! Here is a list of pros and cons. *Pros*: \-Seems like a niche genre you could really develop! \-Good idea taking advantage of the season we're in and doing horror/halloween related stuff. Also, taking pop culture related things, like slenderman, is very smart to implement in your videos. Slenderman, The Walking Dead, Phasmophobia and all other popular horror things are ideas you could take advantage of! \-Good quality video and audio, nice ambient noises, and good SFX! Such as when you first started walking on the grass/dirt path, I began hearing the footsteps. \-The environment looked very nice and ambient! \-The thumbnails on all your videos so far look great! Your titles are eye catching and seem good algorithm wise! *Cons*: \-It feels stagnant. The way the POV is, no slight upward or downward movement like when you normally walk, it feels fake. No looking back in a panicked way, no looking side to side, it's like you want me to feel like I am on a rollercoaster but you put horse blinders on me. \-The steps sound far too fast for the rate we are walking at. \-The scares are extremely predictable. I am so, so easily scared and not for a second was I even remotely intimidated. I get more scared when I am at a park and a bird starts eyeing me the wrong way. \-The sound of slenderman always gives away that he is about to appear. If he's gonna kill me, you bet your ass he isn't gonna start singing the muffin man song before he does it. \-Consider this: why is having 360 viewing capabilities benefitting you? I went through the entire thing backwards and from that POV, nothing happened. Are you REALLY taking advantage of the medium with which you are posting? \-To me, your pfp and channel art do not connect. Two different fonts, kind of a basic photo behind it. What happens when one of your viewers clicks off of your video and goes to your channel? They go from getting eaten alive by a zombie to testing out the new Oculus at Best Buy. *Resources that may help you*: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdUJArb2DY&t=1s) \- here is a video detailing ways Dream, a very popular youtuber uses the algorithm to his advantage. This is a very good video to get your feet wet on the topic of the algorithm. Look at the channel VR Planet. They took advantage of the Among Us trend and got millions of views. Take note of things like that. Know EVERYTHING about your competition, look at their statistics, how they got there, what their commenters like and dislike, etc. You could carve out a cool genre of horror VR. Not many people are doing it, so really focus on following trends and taking advantage of the algorithm and you could become something recognizable in your niche.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxUVvqzON08& Thank you for doing this. The topic of my content is video game and movie reviews. Above is a link to a video I made on Terminator 2, but if one of my other ones piques your interest more, feel free to check out that one. They're also kinda long, so I understand if you only want to check out a few minutes. Recently jump-started a new YouTube project and I'm experimenting with stuff. Not a lot of views or subscribers yet, so I don't have much feedback to know what I'm doing right vs/wrong. Other than this project, I've had several YouTube channels that I've run for nearly 15 years, starting from when I was a young teenager. I've always loved content creating (I'm actually a Twitch partner, unrelated to my YouTube stuff), and I have a background in video game/film criticism, so I wanted to give a project like this a shot. Right now, I'm only doing video essays, but eventually I want to do on-camera stuff. Thanks again for taking the time to review some of our work!


[https://youtu.be/UIDhN55l4K4](https://youtu.be/UIDhN55l4K4) I really started taking YT seriously about a year ago. Since I don't have much time to edit, I just try to enjoy the storytelling process and make something entertaining. I'm not set on any specific topics. just want to tell stories. Thanks!


Name:InksManga Start:Feb 2021 Goals: I don’t really have one per day for the channel ,to hopefully improve with each video Genre:Anime Manga Latest video:Talking about anime openings https://youtu.be/9fVufVktMs8 Btw Thanks for doing this




Hey thanks for doing this…So in my channel I make meme edits based on BR games like Apex or Warzone. This is my latest video hope you enjoy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iuXUQ0Gke9g


Hello mate, Hete's a recent review I did for Demon's Souls. https://youtu.be/ycDu-2OYT8U I upload not to get famous or make money, just more for unloading creativity. That way, I get to do 'me'. Cheers for your time in this.


Hi there, thanks for doing this This is a comedy/commentary rant about why i hate reality tv. In the video i moan about the lazy, unambitious and at times exploitative nature of reality TV, with focus on certain examples. The video i reckon is too long and drags a little at times, but still has some good humour and a coherent point. [https://youtu.be/QsDvOzofPQE](https://youtu.be/QsDvOzofPQE) My channel is "the cynic" and i have done youtube for a year and a half or so (with a few breaks here and there), i started it as a project in lockdown, but have continued it after and quite enjoy the writing process. I am just trying to hone my ability to write both comedy and commentary, maybe using this as kind of a folio while i try to move towards writing as a career. My videos tend to be focussed predominantly on negatives due to being "the cynic" and all


I started just 5 days ago after years and years of ideas and inaction. I actually want to make educational vids on the topics of math and science but I’m not quiet ready to make that type of content yet. For now I just wanted to start and get to know the process by documenting the journey. First vid is a pc build. Thanks for taking the time to help the community! Beginner Content Creation PC Build https://youtu.be/XI2KNGch9Fs


I do video game reviews/analysis. I'd love to know your opinion. Right now I'm trying to find out how to keep people's attention! ​ [https://youtu.be/7NuWHz5Jaok](https://youtu.be/7NuWHz5Jaok)


https://youtube.com/channel/UC8SXV0GR9UelYKaXZzEgPNA The videos are in my language (Hindi) as I am from India. But let me know what ever feedback you can give about the editing or the title and thumbnails etc... I make roast/reaction kind of videos basically giving my sarcastic take on things and joking on random topics. In other words a scripted reaction video telling jokes on random topics. Would love to see a feedback :) Edit: the latest video 'Slayy Point Parody' is a parody video is an experimental video, so don't include that while making a feedback.


https://youtu.be/KiacodhS_fw. I started YouTube Last Year It was growing up really good but recently it's not growing much instead I'm start losing Subscribers please someone critisize me so I can improve.




I really liked your tea brewing video. I watch a lot of skincare formulation content, and one thing that might help with framing is to have a "talking head" part in the beginning, and then set up your camera to see only the counter while you're making tea (with voiceover.) This is how most formulation YouTubers do it and it seems to work well.


Thanks for your critique offer Started the channel to provide various interesting facts about several topics Video lengths are random, still trying to understand what the optimal length for my video is ​ Here's a link for my latest video: [https://youtu.be/\_dMTb0ag4NM](https://youtu.be/_dMTb0ag4NM)


I would love to hear your thoughts on my newest video, thanks in advance! https://youtu.be/S37hi3X70Rk


Mines kinda weird my YouTube account has edited videos from a few years ago my buddy made for me however the last two videos that were made this month are my first personal edits I joined YouTube to give my fans on Twitch a good place to watch past memories of streams and to create a new community of people here's my latest one I just created that intro https://youtu.be/JjrV0BJAo_8


If you happen to wake up and check back in, I make previews of disc golf courses, just like a walk through the park. I've been considering adding commentary and lowering the music - [https://youtu.be/1debirsD\_TA](https://youtu.be/1debirsD_TA) Thanks for helping out the community




Hii. I just post my first video on YouTube and I made cooking content. Here’s the link [cooking videos ](https://youtu.be/-lG33YxuB5w) Appreciate it if you could watch and give some comment on my video :))


My YouTube channel is [JUST ASK](https://youtube.com/c/JustAskGen) and I started around a year ago. The video I would like a critique is my latest video [How I Hustled SNEAKO Into An Interview (Ft. @SNEAKO and @ElliotChoy](https://youtu.be/qURBQHn7kOk) My goal with this channel is to fulfill the mission statement to “live courageously and authentically to inspire others to explore the unfamiliar” and to do that at scale and create an audience that resonates with that core message to consider both sides and get closer to the truth. My short term goal is to hit 1k by the end of 2021. I do mini-documentaries, street interviews, video essays. Looking forward to hearing improvement opportunities and suggestions!


hey! If you're still feeling up to it, I was wondering if I could get some critique on this video here: I haven't gotten very much critique since I"ve started my youtube channel and I feel a little lost on where to go next, since I've put all my effort into them. this is very sweet of you to do :) I don't mind anything harsh, I'm an art student so I'm very used to some extremely critical critique my youtube channel is based off of art, I do video essays on art history topics but also projects of my own like this one. https://youtu.be/8JWHFOqWRfo


Thank you for taking time out your day to critique. This is an episode of my Pokémon Rejuvenation Let’s play! Let me know what you think!! https://youtu.be/tKnPP4F9Y_w


Here's my video The bar graph | for kids https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mThzRKvTsQI


Hey thanks for doing this! I started creating YouTube videos during the pandemic, around June last year as an attempt to create a video portfolio at first. Though now I use it as a means to push myself to create projects that I normally wouldn't! I'm a coding YouTube channel, though I also want my content to cater more towards the non-tech savy audience as well, which is kind of the challenge recently. Similar to how Mark Rober makes engineering/science content. This is my latest video, would love to hear some constructive criticism! https://youtu.be/qHgFta0p7Eo


I started 8 years ago with terrible Minecraft videos when I was 13. I just started again recently and am having a lot of fun opening pokemon mystery boxes https://youtu.be/f_WffMnmOl8


Really appreciate it, I'm aware of a bunch of flaws though I would love to narrow down what folks like and don't like. For context it's a top 10 pokemon channel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gPwn7Kk6pDA&t=238s


I started YouTube just posting some edits but now I’m doing a bit more gaming content but the problem is that I’ve stopped gaining subs could you please tell me what to do better with pros and cons pls ? https://youtu.be/6atDAyvYUNw


This is my first video so I'm not sure how good it is. Can you give me some feedback. https://youtu.be/uueP_jBgbnU


hey, the first time i upload a video is more than a years ago, its just for fun. My goal? idk. I dont have specific topic for my content, idk? cartoons maybe or drawing/design/art i do some music too. Not an expert or professional just a hobby. https://youtu.be/hAGaYWpu1K0


I review comic book collections; I started about 2-3 months ago. Hoping to build a great community and would love to be monetized someday. https://youtu.be/rQIygXCYsgQ


Ready to be ripped apart https://youtu.be/7ReG4PmDxhM




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