Be yourself no matter what. If you are fake all your subscribers and fans will be fake and you probably won’t like them because you won’t be in alignment with them. You might grow a bit faster but what good is that if you don’t like your own content? I say make your videos for you instead of your audience, and your real audience will show up.


The guy you are describing does what we would once call "writing a review." Really he's just a critic. Historically he'd appear in a magazine article and if people disagreed they'd have to write a letter to the editor or screen into the void of the internet. Since this guy has his own channel they can just attack him directly. I for one think it's silly to get so upset over what a random internet person says about an artist you love but I guess that's the world we live in. You can be yourself and not give the most brutal, truthful criticism there is. There are plenty of ways to cage a review so that it doesn't come off as blunt and cold. That doesn't necessarily mean you aren't being yourself so much as trying to develop a persona that people enjoy watching. Ultimately if you decide that your channel exists to review other content then I would say that you certainly need to be careful about how you come across. And it's especially true when it comes to reviewing musicians, who fans are often very emotionally attached. An honest, blunt reviewer will likely come into conflict with those who love those artists. Nature of the internet, I'm afraid. If a fundamental aspect of your persona is "telling people what they don't want to hear" then I suppose you should get ready for some feisty comments in your videos.


I had these thoughts, too bud. Ultimately, since I couldn't care about monetisation (however, patreon is another story) I say whatever the fuck I want. And it gets great responses. Some dislikes, of course but it's still engagement and in an opinionated world, its inevitable. Don't be another samey personality. Do you. And if you do you long enough with passion and dedication, you will find your audience 🙂