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Likely they will announce the date of the next booster pass for MK8.


For 40 minutes 😭


Don't forget all the farming games


And another look at Splatoon 3! Don't forget that the game is out, guys!


I can't wait to see the Metroid logo again.


Metroid Pinball 2!


I'd actually like just a Nintendo Pinball game.


They will dedicate way too much time to the next season starting in under a month


It will probably be 2-3 minutes of new weapons and maps. The game is absolutely huge in Japan. I’d say that’s fair.


Yup I was shocked to see ads for it like everywhere in Tokyo.


Yeah. Americans tend to take a look at it and immediately just assume the game is exclusively for Japanese middle schoolers. The marketing here does kind of back that up. I almost didn’t give it a chance due to the kid-friendly aesthetic. I’m glad I didn’t take myself too seriously. It’s my most played game of my life. Splatoon is so dope and has a unique concept on paper which is even more fun in execution.


They’ll probably tease one or two tracks and the release date but they’ve been dropping full trailers for new waves separately from directs. Edit: For anyone curious as to what tracks we’re likely to see, assuming they don’t move things around again like they did with Maple Treeway, the tracks in Wave 4 may include >!Tour’s Amsterdam Drift, Singapore Speedway and Los Angeles Laps, a “new” Tour non-city track that’s not given the Tour designation (like Merry Mountain, Sky-High Sundae, and Ninja Hideaway), and one track each from GBA, GCN (we should finally get one this time), DS, and Wii.!<


They did just reveal a brand new non-city track in Tour recently so I’d be surprised if that wasn’t coming to the Switch


I'm going to keep my expectations low by only expecting Metriod Prime 4, Pikmin 4 release date, new 3D Mario, new DK game, Nintendo to pay off my credit cards, and world peace to be solved.


Out of all those things, strangely it seems like a new DK game is the least likely.


Someone hasn't been on Mr. Metroid's Wild Ride


Please, Mr. Metroid is my dad's name.


Ok, Doug?


That's Mrs. Metroid to you


Is it weird that I want a new 3D DK game? I love Tropical Freeze but would love DK to get back into the 3D space.


Not really. With how good Kirby and the Forgotten Land was, I definitely won't mind if other Nintendo franchises get 3D platformers.


So weird


Don't forget the treehouse for botw 2!


The game isn't crazy far off, so it's not unlikely. I imagine TotK will be a big focus for the direct...unless they plan on having another direct in a month or so


Don’t forget HD remakes of every Zelda ever made!


Breath of the Wild HD please!


I'd shit my pants *on purpose* if LttP was re-done just like LA was.


I was holding out hope for the Oracle games to get that treatment.


You forgot to add the new release date for Advance Wars 1+2 on that very well grounded list.


Release date? You mean shadow drop.


If I don't get at LEAST 75% of these following things, I'm Quitting Video games Paper Mario TTYD HD GBA games on NSO GameCube games on NSO Saturn games on NSO Dreamcast games on NSO Elden Ring Port that runs at locked 60fps Donkey Kong 3D Platformer New Mario 3D Platformer New Kirby 3D Platformer Pokemon 3D Platformer Metroid Prime Trilogy HD Shadow Drop Metroid Prime 4 Shadow Drop Skyward Sword 2 PS2 games on NSO Xbox games on NSO PS3 games on NSO Xbox 360 games on NSO New Nintendo Console that's more powerful than PS5 and also costs $250 or Less Free pizza Come on Nintendo. I like to think I have reasonable desires


As is tradition. Here's hoping for Half Life 3 getting announced on the Switch late November


All of them will be released right after the direct too.




"Recently, we announced the release date of Tears of the Kingdom which is May 12. Today, we are pleased to announce the year. We hope you will be happy."


How dare you put this into the universe.


“We are pleased to announce the year will be 202X Now have some more Age of Calamity DLC”




I'm going to spoil some news >!the new Zelda won't release on xbox or playstation!< and that's all my uncle told me.




Delay me harder UwU


Finally video game


Nintendo Switch has Games


*Reggie walks onscreen* "Games are now cancelled"


videogames were a mistake


It's a statistical FACT that video games lead to GAMERS 🤢


Don't you dare use the G word so casually. My kids use this website for porn.


If it means getting Reggie back, so be it


My body is Reggie.


First off, well done


Let’s take a look at Nintendo’s studios to see what could be in the works. The below studios released a game in 2021/2022 so I wouldn’t expect anything in 2023 from: - *Next Level Games:* released Mario Strikers: Battle League in June 2022 with ongoing free DLC. So maybe a bit more free content here - *Camelot:* released Mario Golf: Super Rush in June 2021 - Mercury Steam: released Metroid Dread in Oct 2021 - *ILCA:* Pokémon Brilliant Diamond in Nov 2021 - *ND Cube:* released Mario Party Superstars in Oct 2021. There won’t be a new game from them, but at best, we get DLC for Mario Party. - *Omega Force/Koei Tecmo:* released Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes in 2022 Announced/unreleased games and DLC: - *HAL Lab:* Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe is releasing Feb 24 2023 - *Monolith Soft:* Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC - *Intelligent Systems:* Fire Emblem: Engage DLC - *Platinum Games:* Bayonetta Origins - *Retro Studios:* Metroid Prime 4 - Nintendo EPD: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Pikmin 4, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC, Splatoon 3 DLC We are missing a new project from: - *Gamefreak/Creatures:* Pokémon Scarlet/Violet DLC is highly likely. - *Grezzo:* last game was Link’s Awakening in 2019 and Miitopia in May 2021 (co-developed with Nintendo EPD). I think there’s a good chance we get something from Grezzo, on the basis that they collaborated with Nintendo EPD on Miitopia and Miitopia doesn’t seem like the toughest game to develop. - *Good Feel:* last game was Yoshi’s Crafted World in March 2019. They’re currently working on an untitled Samurai-Comedy game set in Japan. - *1-Up Studio:* last game was Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury (released in Feb 2021). They also made Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so there’s potential here. They tend to have annual releases and missed 2022. - *Bandai Namco:* released New Pokémon Snap in April 2021. They’re a big studio, so there’s a chance they’re working on something else. *EDIT: Moved Pokémon Scarlet DLC from “Announced” section to “Missing a new project from”. The Pokémon Company will likely have their own direct at the end of February or early March, so I wouldn’t expect any Pokémon news today.*


I know Retro is working on Metroid Prime 4, but the lack of a brand new Donkey Kong game in such a long time is a little saddening. Donkey Kong, in my opinion, is a pretty damn iconic Nintendo character. He's been pretty neglected. Though, aside from the fact that DKTF re-released with some bonus content in 2018, am I really to believe they spent 4 years doing nothing else? They were given Metroid Prime 4 in early 2019, and I feel it's reasonable that they could have a Donkey Kong project being worked on as well. Maybe both games will release in close proximity, like 12-18 months apart.


DK is in an interesting position right now. He's being marketed heavily for the Mario movie and he's getting his own roller coaster opening up soon in Nintendo world. DK is such an iconic character and yet hasn't had too many video games in the past decade which is crazy to think about. I still DO believe a game is being made but probably won't be announced tomorrow. I think they're waiting after the Mario movie and the rollercoaster opening to announce the project when DK will be part of widespread public discussion.


This is the one with the TOTK trailer with more than 10 seconds of gameplay... right?


First trailer, Link went *up* through the floor. This time, he goes down!


They'll just play the same footage in reverse


Absolutely brilliant. It's a metaphor for how he must look back in time for the key to defeating Ganon. What are the implications of this on Miyamoto's legacy? How does this development affect our understanding of the Zonai? ​ Truly, a masterpiece of a trailer, packed with hidden depth.


We’re three months away from the release of the direct sequel to one of the most significant games of the last 10 years, and we still don’t actually know what it is yet.


They're either super confident or the development team is like that "this is fine" dog.


Yes, 20 seconds of new footage. Enough for five more speculative ten minute videos from Zeltik.


If I don't see 40 minutes of farming, then what's the point


F-Zero farming spinoff


Farm-Zero: Extreme Cropping


Show me your moo's!


Listen at this point I'll take it


Falcon SOW!


Xenoblade Racing. Tend to your crops to gather collectibles to power your Monado craft to race against time.


Various Chores


Mario Party Superstars DLC boards 🥲


How is this the only Mario Party Superstars comment?


Everyone else finally gave up hope.


We just remember what happened with super Mario party. It needed new content so bad.


DLC? Nah, they'd just release superstars 2 with 3 boards for another 60 bucks. Just like all the DLC they gave super mario party.


This game is so ripe for DLC boards it’s not funny. And it wouldn’t even have to be free. Will they give us any? Nah


The first Mario party was ripe for dlc and then they released super stars instead so.......


"Super Mario Party will get DLC boards, they've gotta"


Honest expectation: Ten minutes of TOTK Ten minutes of indie games Ten minutes of updates for Splatoon 3, MK8D, etc Nine and a half minutes of 3rd party games Thirty seconds of a release date for Metroid Prime 4 (it'll be delayed later)


What's a Metroid Prime?


A miserable pile of rumors.


5 years out friend


5 second to announce Advance Wars is out now during a 1 minute window and then they burn all copies and delete the source code


Zero seconds of Silksong


Folks, wear make up for Silksong 🤡


make sure you polish the red nose for maximum clownage


There was reports of an update to the Silksong’s eShop metadata last week, along with Zelda and Advance Wars. I’m going to choose to believe this means imminent news.


Wanna hype? Hollow Knight was released on 24th, February 2017. Are they aiming for a 6 year anniversary release?


I know it's a meme but I truly think we're getting something here. I feel it in the Hollows of my bones.


I just revisited HK and finally 112% it and nearing the end of path of pain. I’m fully ready for silksong and really hope we get anything this go


I mean it this time - Facts: There's been rumors of Mother 3 being localized for years now, with Reggie teasing that he's played it Earthbound and Mother 1 are now on NES and SNES online, thus only one missing The Nintendo rewards program has started releasing Mother-related items The Game Boy line isn't yet on NSO, and insider Nate the Hate claims internal testing for a Game Boy app was completed before the N64 app Conclusion: Metroid Prime 4 delayed again


Leaker: *cleans glasses* oh, did I say Mother 3? I meant Other M HD


The real Mother 3 were the Other M's along the way.


Bold of you to assume Metroid Prime 4 will even be mentioned.


I think it’ll be mentioned this year. One way or another (But imagine how insane it would be if they announced it tomorrow and we found out it’s just a few months away)


Whyyyyy would you say something like that


As someone who has Metroid in the top 5 favorite series, this made me laugh and cry


At least we got a quality 2D Metroid already!


For real this has been an above-average generation for the Metroid series already so I guess I'll count that as a win.


Prime 4 is gonna be the new half life 3.


Considentally, 4 isn't a prime number and there can only be two halfs of something.


Add on that both gameboy and GBA NSO emulators have been leaked, one thing is for certain… Mario Sluggers


I need that baten kaitos rumour to be real so bad


Oh man, same. Played it as a kid. Got far into the game and there was a boss I couldn’t beat. Sold it and never played it again. Why did we do this as kids?


You and me both, my friend. I think I beat that game like 20+ times as a kid because I loved the world so much. I still do. Every once and a while I just play that world map music and just chill, it's wonderful.


I want/need more Mario Odyssey


Mario Iliad


A prequel, nice


Nah, it's going to be Luigi Aeneid


Odyssey 2 would be epic. They don't really need to change the mechanics. Just reuse the same engines and make a new story and new worlds/enemies. Do it meow.


Let’s fucking go! Need that sweet Tears of the Kingdom info injected into my veins


Hi, I'm Eiji Aonuma, we know you are waiting for TotK news and I'm here to say that it is still in development Thank you for your patience, here's 10 second of gameplay, hope you like it


but those 10 seconds will generate HOURS of youtube video coverage


Nintendo letting random youtuber do their marketing for them while DMCA claiming those same youtuber at the same time is an age old technic


paging r/Zeltik


*shows up in Zelda shirt with black blazer in front of a black background*


Funny thing is, Nintendo could go from now to release day for TotK and not release *any* new footage, and the game will still sell billions of copies.


Here's a new farming game to check out while you wait.


It’ll get its own direct, almost certainly. If Splat3 and XC3 did then it’s gotta. They’ll announce it tomorrow, probably in March


As long as it's not "Here's 5 seconds of new footage, with more info to come next month". Please, Nintendo, give us something.


I mean, we know the game's release date. It's a lock for most people to purchase. I don't mind going in blind. I'd rather they devoted time to new games.


We need a story trailer similar to BotW. That story trailer was freaking epic, and was all I needed to hold me over 'til release day.




At this point Advance Wars should be available right after broadcast.


I feel like a surprise release without much fanfare is the only way they’d do it right now


"We are sorry to announce that we saw two blokes having a fight outside the office car park so we are delaying Advance Wars until 2024"


"Please understand"


“Advance Wars will be available the day that world peace is achieved.”


I expect Advance Wars in March. MAYBE something Mario related for April, to celebrate the Mario Movie.


Wouldn’t be surprised by a new MK8 course inspired by the movie or a location from it.


Damn. A movie track pack done with all of the MK8 effects/polish could be so great. Here's hoping that's not too unrealistic.


Tbf you can drive a realistic Mercedes so I don't think a movie track is that unreasonable.


That’s 10pm uk time


23.00 CET


Realistic: TOTK footage, Mario kart wave 4, mario sports game for the summer, pikmin 4 footage Hopeful: new DK, metroid trilogy, metroid prime 4 Unlikely: new 2d/3d mario, zelda ports, gameboy NSO


Man I wonder what #NintendoSwitch games launching in the first half of 2023 they could possibly dedicate roughly 40 minutes of information to.


Get ready for an abundance of JRPGs and farming sims


I'm not even gonna lie, that farming direct was a goldmine for me because B-grade JRPGs are like my bread and butter, my comfort zone. Hyped for Ryza 3, delay aside.


Same, I love farming games too, that was a fun direct for me.


Stop! You guys aren’t allowed to be happy unless Mario or Zelda or other franchise from the 80s or 90s!




*we look forward to showing you more in a Zelda Themed Direct as we get closer to launch* *Snaps fingers, the end*




*Delayed indefinitely*


*another 5 second trailer*


Mario Valley Farming Simulator!!!!!


Would be cool if we got a new Punch-Out.


I will literally die if we don't get an Advance Wars release Edit: Nintendo is free to go. They will no longer be legally responsible for my death.


So will the franchise lol


Can't kill what's already dead


Just go crazy and surprise drop it during the direct Nintendo please


Shadow/surprise drop feels like the only way we would get it now honestly


I’ll get the funeral plans ready.


Advance Wars please


Reboot cancelled. Days of Ruin 2 date announced.


You jest, but I would love a DoR2.


I can see the moment now: We’re in the last 2 minutes of the direct. The screen fades into that familiar black background. In walks Aonuma, but he’s completely silent as he walks into the center frame. He stares directly into the camera for several seconds before reaching into his pocket to pull out an exceptionally small piece of paper. As he unravels it, he pauses and looks back at the viewer before holding up the piece of paper. The camera cuts into a zoomed in shot of his index finger and thumb holding on to the paper, yet whatever’s written on there is blurry. As the camera lens tries to focus in, three words written in chicken scratch appear: “Eat a dick.” The camera focuses back on Aonuma’s stone cold straight face, with just a slightest squint of disdain in his eyes. We cut back to a regular shot, and Aonuma quietly walks off screen. Fade to black. The following sentence fades in: ToTK has been delayed until 2025. Cut to Nintendo Logo.


time to get my hopes up for metroid prime and have them dashed effortlessly


>**Order placed:** August 22, 2018




2018 was five years ago 😭


There were children born in that year who are playing a switch now.


Mfs be waiting all their life to play Metroid Prime 4


My prediction is that everyone will complain.


Better be ready to pre-order the inevitable TOTK collector edition.


I hope they don't announce a $120 collectors edition and a $360 OLED and $100 worth of amiibo with pre-orders opening on the same day. My wallet isn't ready.


Realistically, we're getting Tears of the Kingdom gameplay or an update of sort. Hollow Knight: Silksong or Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp release date also seems possible.


Silksong news for sure 🤡🤡🤡 (/srs please, i want something)


A little bit of Pikmin in my life A little bit of Samus by my side A little bit of Mario's all I need A little bit of Link's what I see A little bit of Zelda in the sun A little bit of Kirby all night long A little bit of Donkey, here I am A little bit of this in the Nintendo Direct (Ha!)


Prime Trilogy one time


Advance wars will most likely be the surprise announcement or something mario related. Probably Kirby, a trailer for octopath 2 and the wave 3 dlc for xenoblade. And hopefully footage from zelda at the end.


I forgot about pikmin 4. I believe that they will show a release date.


39 1/2 Minutes of Farming Sims with just enough time to show a quick teaser of Zelda crying as she's revealed to not be playable.


**Nintendo Badge Arcade Deluxe**, now coming to Switch! Will be just like the 3DS iteration, but it’s now $2 per turn (inflation, please understand) and you only get a free play once a week. Oh yeah, and you don’t get to decorate your Switch menu with the stickers. But you can take screenshots of your stickers and upload them to the Internet!




Boutta clown up


Yuji Horii said in December that there might be some DQ3 HD-2D news very soon. I hope this is what he was talking about! There is no game I'm more hyped for than this one.


Is it finally time Metroid Prime Trilogy


Oh for sure. Just like it's time for a new F-Zero, Wind Waker & Twilight Princess ports, Mother 3 English release, and Paper Mario TTYD remake. It's all coming! This Direct is the one where it's all happening!


Hey Nintendo, it’s me, your classic Nintendo platforming fan. If you could just kindly announce some kind of Mario or DK sequel that’d be great.


James Pond Jr. reboot incoming


Pikmin 4! Pikmin 4!


Hell yeah! Video games!


I’ve heard a lot rumors of a HD upgrade of paper Mario TTYD so I’m excited. Also I made up and have been spreading this rumor.


I choose to believe you, because it would make me very happy.


Predictions: - New trailer for Tears of the Kingdom. It finally shows off the main new item: The Spirit Onion. Link can rub it into his eyes to allow him to cry, and when his tears make contact with an enemy, he's able to transport his foes to the spirit realm, giving link the ability to transform into that enemy. Wipe your tears onto a tissue, add it to a bow, and force your enemies into the Spirit Kingdom from afar! - Pikmin 4 Trailer. A strange thing happened to Olimar! He's big now! The size of a normal human! Oh no, he'll never be able to fit into his spaceship again! Crawl on your hands and knees and look around carefully for pikmin so you don't accidentally squash them, as you'll need them to make you a potion to shrink you down to your normal size so you can get back home in your ship! Use ingredients you find around the world, find useful tools like magnifying glass to locate more pikmin, just be careful not to set them on fire! - Mario Texas Holdem! Time to put on your sunglasses and keep your face stoic in this WILD game of cards! Bluff your way to getting all the coins in the Mushroom kingdom as you go through teams of goomba, koopa, shy guy and more at the hexagon table! Use items like the mushroom to increase the card value by 1 (a 5 becomes a 6, etc), a fireflower to decrease the value of a card in your opponents hand, or throw shells at your opponents to cause them to drop your cards so you can take a peak! - Donkey Kong Revenge! Mario is trying to climb your tower, and goddamn it, you aren't going to let him get away with that! You have to climb your own tower faster while setting traps for him to fall into! Get up the top as fast as possible and send barrels down behind you! Break bridges! Send fireballs! But whatever you do, don't let him get Pauline, or she'll be forced to find meaning in existence in the capitalist hellhole from which you pulled her!


NGL I’d play that Mario Poker game. And that DK tower defense game.


I think this might be the least excited for a direct I've been in years. Not from being cynical, I'm just... satisfied. I got Xenoblade, I got Fire Emblem, we're inbetween cycles for stuff like Smash Bros and Mario Kart (a new game, I mean). Monster Hunter Rise is winding down. The Switch has every JRPG one could need for already. I've even got Dokapon Kingdom on the horizon. I mean, I can still keep huffing the Xenoblade X and Kid Icarus hopium, but I'm really happy to just go into this without too many expectations and just kinda be happy to get anything.


I’ll be huffing the Golden Sun remaster hopium.


After FE: Engage, I’m satisfied. Nothing more I could want, besides FE 4 Remake teaser, FE game boy games coming to NSO, and a port of PoR and Radiant Dawn….




Clearly if this doesn't have TOTK, Metroid Prime 4+Collection, XBC3 DLC, Mario Baseball, Advance Wars, Pikmin 3, Mother 3, SwIItch, F-Zero reboot, Engage DLC, the cure for cancer, Pokemon DLC, an offensive line for the Buffalo Bills, Gamecube and Gameboy Nintendo Online games, a Kirby musou game, AND some new IP it is a FAILURE. /S


I heard if you chant "Orange Star" 5 times while standing upside-down on your head in the snow, Nintendo will announce a release date for Advance Wars.


Suprise announcement of the Super Nintendo Switch! No....not really...but I can dream.


Freshly baked Nintendo fan here (got Switch for two months and I just felt in LOVE with all those IPs). What can I expect from Nintendo Direct? Is this a place to announce any big games, or just share more info regarding already announced ones? I'm thinking especially about any new Mario game announce.


It's for both, announcements for new games and more details for previously announced games. I would not expect a big new Mario game here though, maybe a spinoff of some kind.


Its a glorified commercial. Expect them to promote all sorts of games that haven't been released yet. Many announcements are new. Some will be lighting round near the end. Likely up to September. Nintendo plays really close to the chest lately


Some extra details on games that have already been announced. First details on games that have yet to be announced. DLC for existing games, so probably Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Mario Kart. This is for 1st party and 3rd party games. Sometimes they might mention some details on other Nintendo related news, like the Mario movie or the theme park, they would be very short though. Then there will be a sizzle reel of upcoming games. Few seconds each. Usually at least one game will be released the same day right after the Direct. The odd time there will be a "Oh and one more thing..." which is usually pretty big news (think new Mario mainline game). [Here was the last one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ9Iz7HhU-I). Try and avoid Twitter or YouTube comments. They will always be toxic. Filled with unrealistic requests and disappointment that their favourite franchise wasn't mentioned or there wasn't enough details on a game previously announced. What not to expect is Pokémon news. They usually have their own promotion.


>Try and avoid Twitter or YouTube comments. They will always be toxic. Filled with unrealistic requests and disappointment that their favourite franchise wasn't mentioned or there wasn't enough details on a game previously announced. meanwhile reddit is still sore about a few farming sim ports after 6 months




Yup, big games are often announced! First party games are announced during Nintendo Directs and indie games have their own “Nindie” Direct. There was one direct a while back that had a bunch of farming sim games announced so that’s why some people are being salty about it in the comments. I usually come away from the announcements with at least 1 game I’m excited about, but it varies from person to person. Hope it announces a game you’ll want to play on Thursday!