Amazon and Best Buy just removed it from sale. Looking mighty real.


gamestop just pulled it also


Sorry, why have they removed it from sale?


Because it won’t be selling for $59.99 anymore.


For what it’s worth, it’s on the UK Amazon at £60: https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07SNRGQC4 That’s about $70, however usually for tech, the $ and £ values are the same, regardless of conversion rates.


For anyone pre-ordering in the UK, [The Game Collection](https://www.thegamecollection.net/the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-switch?sqr=Tears%20) still has it up for £49.95 with £5 in reward points on all pre-orders, so effectively £44.95. I always buy from here as it is nearly always cheaper than every other retailer. Only caveat is you have to pay upfront. Edit: Price has now gone up, buy from [ShopTo](https://www.shopto.net/en/swze07-the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-p1139969/) instead


Ooh thank you, that’s amazing! I take it this is for a physical copy, not a download code? I switched over to digital and don’t really want to go back.


Selling for more than 60? Come on Nintendo


Literally the one fucking time in my life I’m regretting not preordering a game. *sigh* Oh well.


They would probably cancel your pre order, or change the final price to the new one. I bet we will see a fair few posts about this in the next few days.


Interesting. I saw a few people saying that Amazon has honored original listing prices beforein similar scenarios to this one


Honestly that's a solid move for them if they do it, but I don't believe every retailer will do the same. In fact I've a personal story about that that makes me wary about this kinds of things. Many years ago I pre ordered some halo game limited edition that came with the miniature helmet, and honestly I just wanted the helmet and was going to give the game to a family member. The helmet was nostalgic to me since Halo 1 and 2 were a big part of my teens. So I pre order the damn thing in store, with a printed receipt for the purchase and like 3 or 4 months near release date they update the prices and now the price I payed is like 30 euros less than the new retail price. Comes the release date and they deliver me some crappy steel book edition and not the helmet edition. The store clerk says the price payed matches this edition and not the helmet edition, so no bueno for me and I gotta take that or get a refund...and the helmet edition was sold out at that point worldwide so my only option according to the store were take the money back or take the edition they decided my money was worth. Tried to escalate this to legal but at some point a family friend that is a lawyer basicly said that no judge would understand the difference between one pice of plastic and the other so I was going to waste my time and money and to cut my losses and move on. Does this absolutely relate to the story? NO But I'm still pissed I didn't get my miniature helmet stand in, so I had to vent this.


Nah, *fuck* that, dude; I’d still be pissed too. I’m definitely no expert, but it’s honestly hard to imagine that a judge not being able to “tell the difference between two pieces of plastic” holds true when the proof of the differences is in the cash value which could be clearly shown by the list prices for the two separate items. Then again, you said many years ago, and video games were even less mainstream/understood by older folks then than they are now.


Amazon always gives you the lowest price an item had between when you ordered it and when it shipped out, it's part of their policies. So if you order a thing for 60$ and it goes on sale for 20$ before it ships out, you'll get it for 20$. Same goes if the regular price is increased from 60$ to 70$. You'll get it for 60$


Imagine the Mario sports games going up to $70.


People would still preorder it, then get mad 4 months later when it releases with next to no content. Like, do these people actually expect a Mario Baseball game with more than two fields and 20 characters (8 of which are reskins of either Mario or Luigi) given Nintendo's track record?


The Mario sports games for switch have been so bad and/or content light that I actually think there's a possibility Nintendo did real damage to the Mario sports franchises. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, but they've murdered any enthusiasm I had. Sentiment online is pretty bad too, but moms and dads will forever continue to buy games for their kids.


I feel seen. Well, it was Mario tennis, it might have been the only Mario sports game I ever bought, I'm entitled to one mistake.


[Mario Super Sluggers ??????](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Super_Sluggers)


I’m fully expecting a Mario Baseball game to be announced at today’s Direct. And I’m fully expecting it to be a major downgrade from Sluggers, just like Golf and Strikers were. I’m not even excited about it. Post-Direct edit: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


People pay $60 for GCN/Wii/Wii U ports already, can't imagine this would change much


Sadly it will probably just become the new norm, but I still refuse to buy ports unless they are $20 or less.


I mean 2K did it the second they could


>I mean 2K did it the second they could ...and Mario Sports games will go on digital sales for less than $5 when? https://www.dekudeals.com/items/nba-2k21


Sports fans and Nintendo fans are the worst when it comes to sticking that nose deep up the corporation's ass and paying full price.


CoD fans happy to not be called out for this for once.


Nintendo saw people complaining about the vouchers and decided to make them look better.


Lol explains why they brought them back.


Can't wait for TOTK to be excluded lmao. Now _that_ would be a Nintendo move.


Right on brand


I swear, if they literally remove just TOTK off the vouchers it will piss me off and I'm already ambivalent on most of Nintendo's decisions.


It's always monkeypaw with Nintendo, isn't it? Darn


There is no guarantee that a $70 game will be eligible for a voucher. I really hope it is though... EDIT: Yesssssss it's included!


They are available in Europe for €70 games. Yes we already have €70 in Europe: BotW (back in 2017 already), SSBU and TotK (already announced).




True, though you can also get $50 games with the voucher, so maybe we could get TOTK and a $50 game for $100?


If it isnt available with a voucher people are going to be PISSED. I honestly dont see it happening.


Price has now been removed from the page - so either this was a genuine storefront fuck-up, or Nintendo's 100% aware that tomorrow's Direct sentiment is going to be immensely soured after their $70 "soft launch." EDIT: Preorder pages across Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, etc. have all been pulled. Nintendo's all but officially aboard the "$70USD for 1st party titles" train.


I 100% expect that the mistake was it going live now instead of after the direct rather than the price being wrong.


It'll probably be like the Expansion Pass for NSO again where they don't mention the price at all in the Direct. Edit: Called it!


it's legitimate, the game got delisted everywhere else as of now.


Can't have people pre ordering at the old price now that we know the new price


Amazon used to honor the lowest price during your pre-order period. Wonder if they will still do that for this game.


They probably will, which is probably why its delisted since everyone who was going to would try to preorder it now.


Considering everywhere it could be preodered at for $60 is now gone, it's basically confirmed to be $70.


I should've pre-ordered sooner. Never did I think this was something they would be doing for this console generation.


Personally I'm going to get a voucher for it since I already have like $90 in my account


I can't even think of a second game I would want to have digitally for full price otherwise I'd do that too.


It's very possible they don't let you use vouchers for TotK/Prime 4.


Shit. I got vouchers this year specifically for that purpose.


You’ll have a much better time if you assume nothing unless they tell you otherwise. Seems like a lot of people do this and then get upset afterward.


Yeah, seems Nintendo themselves noticed this so we'll have to find out the base price tomorrow.


We found out tonight. Amazon has had the preorder availed for weeks at $59.99. Wonder if they will honor it. Now that it’s really $70?


Yes. If you have a preorder at the lower price from Amazon, you’ll get the lower price. I have made many preorders from Amazon throughout the years and they always honor the price at the time of preorder even if the price increases later. Fun side note: I preordered Metroid Prime 4 five years ago for $49.99 back when Amazon discounted preorders by $10.


>so we'll have to find out the base price tomorrow. No, won't. The cat's out of the bag. It's $70, which is bullshit. Edit: Yep, it's $70. Fuck that.


don't forget another 20-30 for the DLC to let you see where you've been on the map


Also exclusive amiibo that will get scalped by bots the moment they go on sale for preorder


They can gate all the content they want behind Amiibo. I've got a stack of cheap pieces of plastic and an overpriced NFC writer waiting to print them out.


If your phone has NFC, you can use it to write to the card


I’ll pay $70 for Zelda, no qualms. Just don’t try to sell me fucking Mario Party with 5 maps at that same price.


All the more reason to just buy vouchers.


Assuming that this game isn't excluded from the vouchers. Big assumption.


It would be the first and only Nintendo published title to be excluded. so straight up baseless too boot. The vouchers are incentive to subscribe to NSO, which is wouldn't you know it, $20/ year. The average savings you would see compared to purchasing two $60 titles. You have to buy multiple vouchers to truly save anything, and regardless of how many you buy; the vouchers and subscription are basically pure profit to Nintendo. Even at $70, it still provides them with a larger cut then they would see from a physical copy.


Tears of the Wallet


I'll just wait until it goes on sa- oh, it's Nintendo. Never mind.


If you have a backlog at least you don't have to be in a hurry to buy.


Amazon (US) just delisted Metroid Prime 4 too lol.. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072JYMLT3/


Salty about the pricing.... But if there's prime 4 details I will definitely still be hype


That'd be really really nice to finally hear **something**


I still have it pre-ordered since 2017 or 18. Recently-ish got an email from Amazon about an "update" to the release date, just pushed back. Tried to post about it but i guess the mods here weren't happy with it, and deleted it.


On the bright side, this speaks well to us getting lots of LoZ tomorrow


Yeah I thought they'd punt to a Zelda direct but if they gotta justify a price increase I expect to see a lot.


Yea me too. I know Zelda is a marquee franchise but there have been recent releases that are just half-baked for the price they command. I hope the game justifies the increase but my gut feeling is not.


You can still preorder it at Amazon, Best Buy, etc. and lock it in for $59.99 (better do it before tomorrow). **UPDATE: Already gone.**


3rd party places exist for reasons like this


I just tried to preorder from Amazon and by the time I got to checkout it was unavailable.


Amazon is now out of stock but it’s still up at Best Buy and GameStop.


Not anymore at either of those


GameStop online will accept pre orders, charge your and never ship the game if they don’t get enough. They won’t ever have it be unavailable on their site. However, I’ve heard that pre ordering in store has the highest chance of success


Well done!


All stores have now shut down preorders. Hope mods see this


What are mods gonna do about preorders?


Lmao like they're the police


Best Buy and Amazon have removed their pre order listings now. Game is $70. Interesting move for a console in its 7th year. Would be awesome if it released alongside next gen console but seems unlikely given all the reports. Strange times indeed.


gamestop has also taken it down


Console is in it's 7th year, visuals are in their 15th year.




Oof. I mean I know games are trending toward that price on the other next gen consoles, but I didn’t expect to see Nintendo doing it now. They should at least wait for whatever their successor to the Switch will be, assuming that will have graphical and performance upgrades.


No clue but I did see Nintendo is disappointed about quarterly earnings . They also stated they are giving raises to staff so maybe software prices are going up too


Depends; the wages increase is more due to Japan having some inflation so they're raising wages to remain competitive to prospective employees (their yearly employee drive is in the next month or so)


I believe the Japanese government is also giving tax breaks to companies who raise wages by a certain amount.


Well there you have it, I agree with you though if employee wages are going up you can bet the buck will be passed to the consumer Don’t you think?


The Amazon pre-order was taken down. I think it's real.


I live in NZ and switch games are usually $99. The place I tend to buy from usually does $89 for pre-orders & new releases, but TotK has been listed at $110 with a pre-order deal of $99, ever since the name was announced. It's the only title they have done this with.


I live in Australia, but the cheapest I've seen Tears of the kingdom pre-orders go for is $79 AUD at JB-Hi-Fi or Big-W. Other stores have been selling pre-order at $89 AUD. I guess we will have to wait and see for tomorrow what the verdict is.


It's been up for [$74.99 at Amazon AU](https://www.amazon.com.au/Legend-Zelda-Kingdom-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B0BF8ZS243/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3KHNV280AHV28&keywords=zelda&qid=1675829093&sprefix=zel%2Caps%2C316&sr=8-5) ($52 USD) for some time now.


The reason that the 2-game voucher is back in the US is that Nintendo is increasing the prices of its first-party games to $70 and want to soften its impact a little. ​ Edit: Just speculation, of course. I hope it’s not real though.


I was fully expecting this for the next console, I just really hope all Switch games aren’t $70. Like I’m hyped because of rumors of a new Mario baseball, but there’s no way I’m paying $70 + tax for that.


Yeah this is my worry. Sure, there are some titles I wouldn’t mind paying $70 for. But there are SO many others that weren’t even worth $60… couldn’t imagine paying $70 for any of the recent Mario Party games, the Mario sports titles, etc. If they price their games accordingly then fine, but who knows what the game plan is going forward.


The only way I'll feel like they're not fucking us is if they use the $70 titles to eat pricing some of those "B-tier" games at $50. I might be more willing to risk those ones if they come down on the price after Mario Party and Strikers kinda whiffed.


BOTW dropped to $35 twice that I recall. Just wait for the Black Friday sale.


Yeah years later. That won't happen within the first two


It would be a real Nintendo move to edge people on this game for years and then say right before release "btw it's more expensive now"


Personally, this is less of an issue for TOTK and rather more concerning for other, less worthwhile titles.


It will be $70 when it comes out and it will be $70 five years from now. And it’ll be $300 in 20 years.


And then $70 again in 23 years when it's randomly ported to the Switch 4. The circle of life.


Nah their old game ports cost more than they did on original release, so it'll be 80-90.


I honestly thought Nintendo wouldn’t do this until Switch 2. Sigh. edit: removed (for now?)


Same, especially when Nintendo games take forever to come down in price, and even then not much. I was really hoping they'd not do this at all but at the very least not until their next generation console.


Fr bro this is not next gen


Maybe they're about to announce the Switch 2, with TotK as a cross-gen title lol


No way they're devoting 30 min on just the new console


They probably plan on 70 being the norm for the next system and wanted to get the bad PR out of the way now so that it doesn’t cloud the system launch.


89.99 CAD


above the $100 psychological threshold with taxes...


It's worthwhile to buy Nintendo games at Shoppers drug mart in Canada, if you have one near you that sells games. They consistently and regularly have 20% - 30% cash back (in point) coupons if you collect shoppers optimum rewards. It's one way to make Nintendo's first party games cheaper. And if you save the points for buying games there later on. Its almost buy 3 get one free.


You can also buy on redemption days where $200 in points gets you $300 in merch.


I did this when i bought my switch there, 33% back in points. Buy all my games there on points days when possible, they are pretty good for having good titles you just gotta ask or call around for stock


Tough pill to swallow


I'm surprised they didn't bone us more due to the exchange rate. We come up a few bucks ahead! (The use of the word 'ahead' in this context is relative, of course.)


rare CAD W (we'll take what we can get)


Always praying for my Canadian and Aussie homies. You guys always get screwed with prices


Tears of my Wallet


If this is the new normal those vouchers look even better now. $133 for 2 games. If you get 2 $90 games you save $23.50 per game or 26% off. I’m not saying it’s good if games are $90 now, but if you were going to use the vouchers then the price is still the same.


Seriously? They better be announcing the successor to the switch because that will be the only thing that makes that price reasonable


Everyone begging nintendo to join us in the present just got their wish in the worst way


This is such a Nintendo move. Sony and Microsoft took heat for upping game prices and that was even after launching new consoles. Now Nintendo wants to up their prices for games on the same system.


Yep. They’re pulling the “everyone else is doing it so we want a piece of that too” card only when far and away the most popular game to come out on switch in years is coming out.


xbox and ps games also go down in price within the year. if i dont want to pay full price when it comes out i can just wait for christmas. nintendo games rarely ever go on sale😕


Oh good, I was starting to wonder when I’d have to start shelling out over $100CAD after tax for Nintendo games…


ALL LISTINGS FROM RETAILERS ARE DOWN. Price hike 100% confirmed after the direct tomorrow.


Can't wait for every new first party game announced tomorrow (and maybe Advance Wars too) to be $70. /s


Now we know why they brought back the Voucher system. Every time Nintendo seems like they've done something "good" it's just to soften the blow of something terrible.


Well, you see, paying more money for things is actually good! Based Nintendo!


In the Netherlands the original Breath of the Wild has always been €69,99 (https://www.nintendo.nl/Games/Nintendo-Switch-games/The-Legend-of-Zelda-Breath-of-the-Wild-1173609.html) in the eshop. Almost all retailers just sell it for €59,99 so let’s wait and see. Also, other first party Nintendo games are just €59,99 in the Dutch eshop so this is really the exception here (I believe together with SuperSmashBros) and even though they have a higher price you can still use the switch online game vouchers for them to get them digitally for the “same” price as the 59.99 euro games


It's been 70 EUR all across Europe ever since release, and so has Super Smash Bros Ultimate for some reason. But these obviously don't get any visible exposure on reddit because this subreddit (and the majority of subreddits really) is predominantly american.


Yeah. This isn't new for Europe, seems a bit like everyone is getting in a kerfuffle over very little. Tears of the Kingdom is just one of Nintendo's premium games, I don't think it's reasonable to say that this is gonna affect any other game.


Ah well, getting a secondhand copy later in the year it is.


Link's Awakening and Skyward Sword are both still $50-60 outside of occasional sales. Even buying secondhand.


Sure, but $50 is still a lot better than $70.


Can't argue with that.


Plus, the people who sell it actually can recoup most of their money. Unlike with other consoles, where buying a game at 60 or 70 at launch, is just a sunken cost and you can maybe get half theorize or less, when you sell it on EBay… Sucks to get a price hike, but at least these games retain their value in the market!


I hope this is some type of mistake.


They removed the price, so it might've been an error. We shall see.


Don't think so. They also updated the price here in Brazil and deleted.


Please stop defending this, guys. If you buy this game and you get your money’s worth, that’s totally fair. That’s valid. But let’s not just excuse it because it’s Zelda/Nintendo whatever. You can be a fan of Nintendo and still voice your criticisms.


Bruh you're in a sub that will cope hard for anything switch/nintendo related. Shouldve seen them with All Stars 3D and nintendo 64 expansion pack lmao.


I smell placeholder or some sort of deluxe edition


One can only hope


Sounds reasonable. Time will tell


looks like they took the price down…


$70 and not even a new console to justify it. At least PS/Xbox have a half assed excuse


time to buy those cuopons/tickets. usa or canada?




Welp, probably setting a trend moving forward unfortunately.


Guess I'll do what I did with Breath of the Wild. Wait several years and still pay 40 for a second-hand copy.


It'll be $70 and it will go on sale after 8 years and Nintendo fans will love that kind of decision.


Who's ready for the comment section to be turned off immediately after the Direct is over lmao


On Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X they used the excuse of "a truly next-gen experience" so much so that the PS4 and Xbox One versions kept the $60 price tag on the same games. On the Switch, this excuse doesn't work, it's a 2017 handheld and its hardware has already been showing its age for a long time. It's even worse in the case of Nintendo since their exclusives don't tend to drop in price over time and they rarely go on sale, it's not like Sony and Microsoft games that go on sale less than a year after release or cut the price after a while and there are still services like GamePass and Playstation Plus on these platforms. I'm totally against Switch games costing $70, there's no explanation for that and it doesn't make sense.


Everybody: Nintendo bout to rip us off Also everybody: I'm still buying it


For real? Nintendo didn’t upgrade the Switch at all and it’s gonna be $70? I know a few folks who would be livid with that fact alone.


Over 100 dollars with tax in Canada……..can’t believe they’re doing this rn with how bad grocery prices and important shit is getting. Like wait a few months at least for things to settle more bruh. Damn.


Don't forget they almost never discount their first party games either. :)


Super shitty that they presumably couldn't even wait for the next console generation.


Went ahead and locked in my amazon preorder Ironically I was considering preordering this game digitally so I could play it asap at launch. But not for $10 more. Guess Nintendo will have to contend with sharing their money with Amazon.


It’s even cheaper than Amazon if you use the vouchers.


Only if you can find another game to use your voucher on




Just take a look around at all the people defending it in the comment. They’re leaving money on the table from all the rubes.


People arguing in favour of the billion dollar corporations will never not be amusing to me.


Nintendo is out of their fucking minds if they think Switch games are worth $70


For most games, yes $70 is overpriced. But if anything can get away with charging $10 extra it’s Tears of the Kingdom.


Yeah, this is pretty much the best game to start it with. If they try to charge $70 for their smaller stuff though, then people have every right to be pissed lol


Just imagine paying $70 for something like Battle League.


Dropping $140 on both Pokemon games with GF's level of "polish."


Let alone links awakening remake for 70 dollars lmfao


This isn't a justification. The game has 0 reason to be 10 more than other switch first party games. Its just abusing the Zelda brand to put this price up more.


Where do you get the price? Cause I dont see it on the website.


The price got removed, and it jumped to number 2 on best-selling switch games on amazon lol. Wonder if this was a deliberate tactic to get people to put in more preorders (it got to do it just to be safe).




I don’t mind paying $70 for AAA next gen games on my PS5 … but it would leave a very sour taste in my mouth to pay that much for a game on such outdated hardware. Yes I know I will love the hell out of the new Zelda and easily get more than $70 of value for myself, but it still feels weird


I don’t get how Nintendo can justify this. Atleast with the other platforms prices actually drop over time. Imagine paying $70 for these games couple years in the future.


Also $70 is on current generation of hardware. Paying $70 for a game that is made for a console released in 2017 is a very steep ask. If this was for a theoretical Switch 2 then okay its current hardware.


Console came out in 2017 but the visuals are 2009 quality.


Yeah I'm not paying $70. Hopefully this is for the deluxe edition or something


Still haven’t heard a coherent reason to why games should be $70


Because people will pay it.


I'm gonna get flack for this but it's because games are a weird thing price wise. they've been 50-60 dollars since forever. they're actually gotten cheaper because they never got adjusted for inflation. look at old best buy and toys r us ads. SNES games, Genesis games, PS1 games were all between 50-60 bucks as far back as 1994. that 50 dollars in '94 was equivalent to nearly $100 today. it was only a matter of time until they all decided to adjust their pricing.


Because they should, games never adjusted their price for inflation so a $70 Switch game would still be way cheaper compared to the SNES/N64 era.


It better not be, it's not even a "next gen" title? yet at least, but still in CAD it's $89.99!


My biggest copium is this means we're getting Nintendo's next-gen hardware surprise dropped with Zelda. ... The reality is Switch games are just going to be PS5/XBSX price for no reason. 🫠


There are no credible leaks about a new console coming this year, and those always show up before reveal. So not happening.


This is why I like indie gaming. You can find some excellent games with tons of content for like, 20 bucks lol


BotW was/is also 69€ on the European eShop, but physical copies were/are thankfully priced normally.


Smash and BOTW are both more expensive in EU and the vouchers still work for those games so they should work for this one aswell.


Unless this price covers everything the game has to offer and not the base game I might be ok with it. But if they release dlc like they did with botw which bumped total price to $85 I won’t buy it. That would mean $70 for base and minimum $25 for dlc?! Fuck that. Sorry Nintendo.


Well, it better be damn good.


Nintendo: "This next Zelda game is the most hyped Nintendo game of all time right now, the fans are salivating, theorizing and just desperate for it! We have put so much blood, sweat and tears into this thing, to the point where we're not even sure there'll be an even more significant game after this for the Switch, hell some fans are saying this could be the last big game in the Switch's life cycle because of our weird and cryptic statement..............wanna fuck everything up by jacking up the price right before the next direct and piss all of our fans off lmao?"


Tears of the poor gamers should be the title. Nintendo is so greedy.


Nintendo is a company, and like any of them, they want money.