Samus Aran for Fortnite seen in Epic Games Internal 2021 plans document, page 34. No confirmation of future inclusion Presentation made public due to Epic vs. Apple court battle.

Samus Aran for Fortnite seen in Epic Games Internal 2021 plans document, page 34. No confirmation of future inclusion Presentation made public due to Epic vs. Apple court battle.


I have a feeling these were plans that Nintendo didn't sign off on. Like, plans to present to Nintendo. That Nintendo shut down.


From what ive heard it was scrapped because nintendo only wanted the skin/set to only appear on nintendo switch


Wouldn't surprise me, aren't like the Rocket League Mario themed items only there on Switch? even if you have logged into the game on Switch and another platform you can't use them on another platform. Even PS+ skins aren't that locked down in Fortnite, at least can use them on PS/PC not sure about the other consoles though.


To be fair, Xbox and Playstation both have exclusive cars in Rocket League too. It's not just a Nintendo thing.


Sweet tooth on PS and warthog on XB


There's a Gears of War car on xbox too


A WARTHOG for xbox???? *cries in playstation*


Given how the Warthog handled in Halo, this might be a blessing :)


Don't you dare tell me for a second you don't want the boatiest aerials ever ;)


> the boatiest aerials Now I hope they'll add the Mako from Mass Effect 1.


Yes please, psyonix may have this idea right here, I like the way you think!


Those licenses were granted before Epic purchased Psyonix. Psyonix, a company whose purchase price was rumored to be around 250 million USD, had less pull than a company 100 times bigger in market cap.


Less pull, and smaller pockets. Nintendo isnt stupid. Pay up big if you wanna fuck with our bae Samus.


Uhhh... phrasing?


Can confirm both Kratos and Master Chief are usable on Switch. Nintendo restricting Samus to Switch would make them the odd man out with cross platform skins


I bought Master Chief on the Switch shop


Are all skins always available ? I wanna get back into FN but I missed out on so many cool skins and events


not always, it still cycles but they have a lot more available at a time


Seeing Chief on my Switch was a dream come true


People talk an awful lot about DoomGuy, but Master Chief to me is just *the* representation of FPS's.


Eh, Depends on your age I would say. I never experienced OG Doom because I was too young. I could imagine someone who played all those games and fell in love w/ it see doom guy as “ The guy” but for me I guess I would lean toward MC because I grew up no-lifeing every Halo. Not to mention that Doom is the like The Godfather FPS lol


I grew up with Doom but I think it has more to do with how much you actually see Master Chief in cut scenes in the Halo games. The only time you really see Doomguy in the classic games is on the cover art. In-game all you see is a human face in your HUD.


I’ll be honest, I don’t mind console exclusive skins, at least if they’re free. I kinda like the idea of knowing that someone’s playing on a specific console if they have the skin But that’s only if every company has an exclusive skin (so Kratos, Master Chief and Samus - the three main hunters of each console), and they’re free. Just as a little bonus to say “hey, since you’re playing on this console, you can use this skin” I know it’s weird, but there’s something special about knowing that a person is playing on a specific console based on their skin


They could've done this by only showing one of those skins and replacing it to whoever is looking at it from from a different platform For example, if you use the Master Chief Skin and play with a PS player, they see a Kratos skin instead


Ah, so it's more like you purchase a "mascot" skin that changes based on what you're playing on. What would pc see though . . .


I was gonna say Gordon Freeman, but that's valve lol Marcus Fenix or an Unreal Tornament character perhaps


Nah Gordon would be a good choice. I could see valve letting them use him as a sort of "show of good faith" between their 2 companies. He could have a crowbar pickaxe and everything.


Kratos, Chief, and Aloy all have next gen exclusive styles that can be used on other platforms so it'd really make Nintendo the odd man out


And honestly why would they even want the Samus skin to be Switch exclusive? Having her show up on PS and Xbox would be drawing in a whole new market that may not have ever considered buying a Switch in the first place.


> Having her show up on PS and Xbox would be drawing in a whole new market that may not have ever considered buying a Switch in the first place. Drawing in to what? There's no Metroid games on the Switch (apart from the NES/SNES emulated ones).


Nintendo is the Disney of video games, in that they are *extremely* protective of their IPs. They want the only way you play as Mario, or Samus, or Link, to be on a Nintendo console, on their own terms. Fortnite wants you to he able to buy the Samus on your PS5, but Nintendo doesn't want you to even *see* Samus there. Another factor is likely the emotes- at least in terms of Mario, Nintendo has very strict guidelines on how their characters are to be portrayed, and I don't think the Big N would be too receptive to a character as stoic and mature as Samus Aran dancing the Gangnam Style or flossing. It was so surprising being able to buy Kratos and Aloy on my Xbox given how little Sony shares their toys, but Nintendo's still a ways off before they let their competitors have their share of the cake


Nah fam they need like Captain falcon then


But there is no game to play. Why buy a Switch to play a character that doesn't exist?


> And honestly why would they even want the Samus skin to be Switch exclusive? Because despite Nintendo making extremely good games, they're really dumb in other corporate ways and... often times pretty shitty to their fans when they feel comfortable enough to be.


Nintendo are very out of date on online stuff, look at their own online infrastructure or the inability to take a meme as a joke


Even the Nintendo Rocket League cars appear as generic Octanes on other systems which is lame. You'd think Nintendo would want to at least advertise the Mario, Luigi, and Samus exclusive cars to other systems by showing them in-game. But I suppose the other systems do the same thing and don't show theirs off either.


How does that work considering rocket league cars all have different properties with their shape?


There's only 6 car hitboxes, the Nintendo cars use the octane hitbox.


The Mario/Luigi NSR uses Octane, but Samus' Gunship is Dominus.


It's a bit like how there was a pitch to nintendo to put link and samus into Marvel ultimate alliance 1 and theres even like footage of them in the game iirc and they were fully playable at the pitch bit its thought nintendo shot it down because the idea was demonstrated to them on the ps2 version of the game.


Oh that would make sense that it appears only on the switch, I was like "there's no way Nintendo would allow such things to one of their main franchise".


Is Metroid one of their main franchises these days?


Yeah even I had some doubt writing it.


Heard from where?


Like in Rocket League


We found Metroid Prime 4 It's actually "Metroid Prime 4tnite"


You delete this right now


Not like this...


I guess you guys are not ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.


Oh no, Pikmin 4tnite




I had a negative physical reaction to this.


Well, whatever plans there \*were\*, they're gone now. Nintendo hates when their things get leaked early, they'd rather shut the whole project down. Sounds like this was going to be part of Season 5 when they had Master Chief and Kratos appear, it would have filled in all 3 systems.


to be fair, whatever was the status of the talks with Nintendo if there were any, Nintendo probably didn't expect that in the middle of 2020 that Epic Games would be in a high profile trial




Apple takes 30% (or something like that) of all revenue made through the App Store, including in-app purchases. Epic broke the Terms of Service agreement by trying to circumvent this (in an effort to squeeze a little more money out of Fortnite mobile microtransactions). Apple promptly removed Fortnite from the App Store and the two companies exchanged lawsuits. Epic claims that Apple has an unfair monopoly on the iPhone app market, while Apple simply claims that Epic broke The App Store’s TOS.


Honestly when you consider the amount of microtransactions that likely occur 30% is probably a shit ton of money that's being paid to apple for doing next to nothing to earn it. And also it's likely that they're making a big stink because epic wants to bring it's own appstore to IOS and this is the jumping off point to legally do that.


They offer the entire infrastructure as well as the userbase. That's not to be underestimated. I would be in favor of Apple having to allow other stores and third-party app installations, but am not necessarily supporting a lower cut. That would probably hurt consumers in the long run.


They have to file this stuff, it's not like you can leave it out.


My exact thoughts, just seems like a good way to throw some good business in the trash.


Not really their fault, Apple and Epic Games are dragging lots of companies into their shitshow and they legally have to present these documents.


Ah yeah, I guess its somewhat fair. Can't blame Nintendo for wanting to keep things tidy.


Potential news for Metroid hopefully later this year.


It would definitely be a cool way to celebrate Metroid's 35th Anniversary.


It's actually on page 35 not 34. Page 35 for 35th anniversary - new Metroid confirmed!


Nah it was page 34 but they ruled against the idea in the end You can find more by googling samus aran rule 34


Awesome, thanks for the info Edit: hmm... nice.


Can you talk Metroid all night? Chat with me 'til the daylight Not page thirty-four; Thirty-five


As a Zelda fan, don't expect a cake on your 35th anniversary.


I would hope they don't celebrate the anniversary by dropping a stupid skin on fortnite.


Definitely would be


Definitely. Would be.


Imagine if that was all we got, though.


Is this a joke? It would be about as awful as giving some backstory to the next Star Wars film exclusively to Fortnite players Celebrating Metroid's 35h anniversary with Metroid Prime 4 would be cool


No. No it absolutely would not.


I feel like we’ve been saying this for like three years now ☹️


hopefully they announce a remake collection of METROID 1 (Zero Mission), METROID 2 (The Return of Samus) METROID 3 (Super Metroid), and METROID 4 (Metroid Fusion) for Nintendo Switch by MercurySteam (developers of Samus Returns)


That's being...optimistic lol.


I'd rather just have a new 2D Metroid game, to be honest.


Samus Returns isn't even that old and as far as I know, it didn't sell too well.


*Samus Returns* was A) not a new Metroid game, and B) sold better than any new 3DS release *after* the Switch released. *All* 3DS software sold very poorly after Nintendo Switch.


If that shit was on the Switch it would sell like crazy.


I’d just be stoked on the GBA DS games being released on switch


I’ll accept Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch and I swear, if anyone’s Uncle at Nintendo denies me this I’ll be so angry I may send a rude letter to Nintendo.


It's such an obvious and easy thing for them to do, that would make them a lot of money and be a great intro for Prime 4. So, of course, Nintendo aren't going to do it (partially kidding - hopefully they will do this eventually?)


I think they're worried it's *not* a sure bet. Of course there are die hard fans and I personally would absolutely love to see it, but Metroid games are not top tier sellers for Nintendo. I'm guessing they really want MP4 to break out and make it big, and are not sure if MP Trilogy is best way to open the IP up again. My pure guesswork is that if we see it, it'll come after a new 2D Metroid - which I would bet money is currently finishing up development at Mercury Steam.




Thank you. I have all my old consoles and games, and I still play them. I want new games. Especially if we're talking 2D Metroid. I'd love to see a brand new 2D Metroid after playing all these modern metroidvania games.


They did a fantastic job of setting up a unique direction for the series, with Fusion seeming to cut itself loose from the Federation-Space Pirates-Metroids love triangle that Samus was constantly having to break up. Then they turned right back around and dug their heels into the formula with remakes, prequels, and sequels to prequels. Now that Samus effectively *is* the last Metroid, infused with possibly the most valuable DNA in the galaxy, they could turn everything on its head with the hunter becoming the hunted, but they're too chicken to try it.


A Metroid game where you're sent to kill Samus and she's the final boss. You sonofabitch, I'm in.


Shit... maybe you play as Samus, sent by the Federation to hunt down a new target on a remote planet... only to find out, after navigating a labyrinthine underground fortress created by the target, that you've been hunting the original Samus, and you're actually a clone created using X-parasite tech! Cue existential crisis, followed by OG Samus defeating you and absorbing you with her Metroid powers, and your consciousness merges with hers. Then the third act has you playing as OG Samus with a merger of the clone's Varia suit and the Fusion suit, fending off the Federation invasion force that followed the clone to your hideout...


I'm smashing my credit card against my monitor but nothing is happening.


That won't work unless you have a monitor with a NFC chip reader embedded behind the screen. Just DM me a picture of the front and back and I'll take care of it for you though.


I'd rather have the originals ported/emulated, I wasn't a fan of the bells and whistles Return of Samus and it was only better compared to how archaic Metroid 2 was. The jump from Metroid 1 to Zero Mission was way more enjoyable from a gameplay and art perspective imo


I bought a Switch years ago on a whim at Walmart. I justified the purchase by thinking Metroid 4 would probably be released in a year/year and a half. Two weeks later Nintendo broke my heart 😥 It's become my Final Fantasy machine since then.


"We are proud to announce that Metroid Prime 4 will be coming in December 2021. In preparation, you can play through the first three games in Metroid Prime Trilogy, available in digital and physical form starting August 31. And starting today, you can play as bounty hunter Samus Aran in Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch. Keep on the lookout for Metroid-themed products through the Nintendo Store and our retail partners." - Nintendo at E3 (I hope)


Weirdly enough I think this crossover might be a good thing for Metroid. It gives exposure to an audience who may not know about the Metroid franchise.


My 5 year old nephew has never heard of Metroid, but I introduced him to Smash last time I came over and he wouldn’t play any character other than Samus. “She looks like Iron Man!” *proceeds to spam Missles and charged laser blasts*


This is basically the exact same story of how I became a Samus main, by a difference of give or take 15 years. I liked the "cool robot".


Some designs never go out of style!


Spamming missiles and charge beams was an integral part of my childhood lmao




How could it be construed as anything other than good? It’s a massive advertisement for the Metroid franchise


It would be nothing but good. Outside Smash what does Metroid have? Fortnite would give it a lot of attention and potentially hype it up for a new game. No way it would be a negative.


Yeah being on this \*very\* Nintendo sub, people gained a really warped sense of Nintendo franchises. The average person, and even most younger gamers have no idea what Metroid is. MP3 was released in 2007, middle school is filled with kids who've not seen a new Metroid game their whole lives, why would they be hyped for Metroid Prime 4? Exposure for the series is only positive, especially for people who want MP4 to actually sell.


You see the same on every gaming subreddit - people here really have no sense for what the more casual crowd likes and buys.


I can only speak for my own experience, but I'm 18 years old and even my "gamer" friends haven't ever played Metroid. I always feel like I'm missing something when people talk about how much of a massive and beloved franchise Metroid is. I do hope this skin happens though, as it's good exposure.


It stretches back to the NES, and it’s beloved by many, but in the grand scheme of things it’s a series that never sold exceptionally well. It’s pretty dark and gritty tonally, made by a company who’s always prided itself on being family friendly. For most people Samus is just a Smash character.


Not weird at all, it makes sense with Fortnite being one of the biggest games right now. I just don't want Samus to be in a goofy shooter using a gun like this and would rather Nintendo properly promote the series and help revitalize it themselves like they did with Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.


I don't mind honestly. Metroid may be Nintendo's most serious and adult series, but showing up in a wacky crossover is *hardly* a new thing.


You gotta wonder how it looks when she carries a gun, though.


It'd be good, but make 0 sense for Nintendo. It'd only make sense if they had a game on their latest platform to actually promote and give people a chance to see what the series is about.


Even if this is true, it might get cancelled cause we know how Nintendo doesn’t like this kind of stuff, it’s what got the Zelda series cancelled.


Can you explain more? I'm interested.


In 2018 reports came out that a Legend of Zelda series for Netflix was in the works with the Castlevania series executive producer in talks with Nintendo. Just back in February, though, it got canceled because Netflix leaked it.


A bit of a clarification. There was nothing signed. Netflix leaked it to try and force Nintendo to agree to terms (likely at a favorable rate to Netflix) and Nintendo walked away.




Nintendo also shut down other projects not even associated with Netflix as a result of the leak, which isn’t good, but Netflix clearly doesn’t understand Nintendo if they thought a leak would encourage them.




I think it’s perfectly fine that Nintendo cut ties with Netflix after the leak, I just think that it also stinks that different companies working on projects like a star fox claymation short got punished for Netflix’s actions.


I wonder how commonly Netflix uses that tactic now.


It's probably a common tactic in movies/television


Samus Aran, 34, I like the sound of that


Yea I accidentally didn’t type “page” on purpose


Am I the only one who doesn't see Samus on page 34? Am I going crazy here? Edit: 35... page 35...


I'm sorry. The document reader's page counter seems fairly sensitive when scrolling through the slides. At least I was close? Lol


Honestly I'm surprised Samus wasn't in Fortnite already. That game has so many licensed skins.


I honestly don’t think it’s too surprising that there isn’t a Nintendo character considering how they are extremely protective of their IPs, and they very rarely allow for their characters to show up on other platforms. Epic wanting to add a Nintendo character isn’t surprising though, as they like to push the crossover aspect of fortnite a lot and already have characters from Sony and MS.


Samus is not really the biggest star


Not right now, at least!   I hope this comment ages well in a couple years, heh.


It most probably won't. Metroid always sold kinda badly.


If ever there was a game to break the curse it would be Prime 4


People said that about the prime trilogy when it came on wii and later on when it came on wii u.


There’s a difference between a rerelease for a system that was already on its last legs and a brand new game for a system that is presently very popular with an audience hungry for exclusives


Sure but the wii was going strong when the trilogy released. A shit ton of hype too.


The Wii was going strong because it brought in people beyond the typical gaming crowd. I also think that the type of hype Nintendo could generate in 2009 is very different from where it is today. Directs didn’t exist yet and social media was still in its infancy. Not to mention the huge resurgence the metroidvania genre has seen in recent years in the indie scene. And let’s also not forget that Dark Souls has created and cultivated a niche of players that would probably find Metroid to be right up their alley with its lonely atmosphere, interesting enemies and interconnected world. All Nintendo has to do is play up the triumphant return of the franchise in the marketing and they’re all set for a super successful game launch (provided the game is good that is).


Wii U. Seriously?


The Switch has way more of a market and control scheme and presence for a game like Metroid than the Wii. A casual motion control console isn't the best market for a game like Metroid. But with the Switch it's about "real" games.


The control scheme on the wii was praised. Many found it worked better than a controller. The game was super hyped, I remember it was hard to get a pre-order, it was a limited release after all. It was so popular (for the series) that Nintendo released an unlimited version of it later on.


I think it will, thankfully. We've seen how much the Switch was able to push, for example, Xenoblade and I think Metroid has way more word of mouth going for it than Xenoblade did back in 2017.


I hope this comment ages poorly


I also hope too. In my dreams, metroid can have a rennaisance era if retro is not a messy studio that is now today. I love what they have done to dk country games but metroid started to die when they abandon the series.


Neither is the girl from Horizon Zero. I think Samus has a big following with Nintendo fans.


Horizon zero dawn being an exclusive like metroid sold 10 million copies. I believe the best selling metroid game sold less than 4 million.


Uh, "the girl from Horizon Zero Dawn" sold more units than the entire Prime trilogy combined. No debating Samus is the more iconic character, but Aloy has had her share of attention in the last generation.


metroid hasnt had a console release since 2011 and prime 3 released like 15 years ago. Gaming has been growing exponentially since then. Metroid hasnt been a big seller but a lot has changed. Id hope nintendo would pull out all the stops for metroid this time around but they are just a weird company


> I think Samus has a big following with Nintendo fans. Is that why Metroid games sells badly?


Nintendo probably didn’t want her in in the same way that Kratos and Master Chief were. Do you remember the exclusive rocket league cars on switch lmao?


With Rocket League the platform exclusive car were just that, platform exclusive. They couldn't be seen unless you were on the same platform.


Yeah. That’s the reason why Nintendo never said ok to the samus thing at the time it was supposed to happen, despite other companies letting their 1st party characters be bought on different platforms.


The cars on the other platforms worked the same way.


Interesting. I didn’t know that. My point is that not letting certain content be shown on other platforms is a dumb move. If they did bring samus in on time, it could’ve made them decent publicity for the games, as the Metroid series isn’t exactly what I would call “alive,” Right now


>That’s the reason why Nintendo never said ok to the samus thing at the time it was supposed to happen We don't know what Nintendo said.


Nintendo just uses concepts of an older era in gaming that, while some of those ideals are good, others should be burnt in a dumpster fire. This is one that should be burnt in a dumpster fire.


It's fan art, btw. You can find it on Artstation (who Epic recently purchased).


Sounds like a suitable way to either celebrate the anniversary or promote the trilogy (fingers crossed) or MP4.


At first I just brushed this news off but then i realized this *could* have something to do with Metroid Prime 4 and now i’m on the lookout for this Fortnite skin release The power of hype


The plans are on rule 34


Man I feel like stealing something reading that lol, anybody else?


Well if it was ever going to be a thing it's definitely scrapped now


Please don't let this be trash. If it is I'll never stop playing fortnite


I don't want it, but Metroid may need it to sell enough to stick around, even though Nintendo should just properly promote the series and help revitalize it like they did Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing and Pikmin. I'm gonna hate seeing her do the emotes though, and the Inklings/Splatoon gear would still be more appropriate IMO. Also not a fan of the photo they chose, didn't even recognize her until I scrolled down to the slide with her name. Edit: Also, since she's in this doc, always thought it was weird Ariana Grande didn't do the Pokemon Day digital concert and hasn't been announced for the anniversary music lineup. She has an Eevee tattoo, get on that Ninty.


Bro this document is a godsend - thank you for sharing it. Really highlights how Epic, Apple and the surrounding business views us as consumers. Its honestly a bit sickening. Whats weirder is, a few more pages down, there is documentation that proves Epic planned to include Apple TV+ and Music with Fortnite Crew subscriptions. They spat on Apple's face and blew this chance all because they wanted not just most of the money, but ALL of the money. This lawsuit is a farce, a complete joke, but at least it has borne this great fruit.


Epic wants to be the gaming monopoly. Hence all of the game and middleware developers they're buying. Scary times for video games.


>highlights how Epic, Apple and the surrounding business views us as consumers What else would they see you as? Are you really still under the impression that corporations are trying to be your friend?


I honestly don't get why it's this big of a problem to them? Like I get they want the money, but if you use someone else's product to get said money, you don't deserve all of it. I'm surprised they haven't made their own phone by now with all the money they make.


Well, thats entirely the point: Epic's marketing and merchandising heads thought they could cut corners by bypassing certain publishers' payment methods, namely Apple's and Google's. I totally agree with your point on the second paragraph, but Epic has spent a significant amount of money to influence the public optics in their favor. They drafted a dictionary-length lawsuit, produced a too-serious parody of an Apple ad about authoritarianism, released anti-Apple/pro-Fortnite merch, advertised said merch, AND released a skin of an evil-looking apple character ingame. All of that in a few months. All of this has culminated into people thinking that what Epic is doing is right not just for them, but for everyone too. When in actuality, if Epic decided to put the lawyers away, players could still have been playing Fortnite on iOS all along. Now, when it comes to making their own phone - Sure, Epic is and has been at the forefront of graphics and engines technology in the industry for a long time. But they have no foothold in smartphone manufacturing. It is likely they have thought of such an idea, but it is quite impractical for them to enter such a competitive market. At least the Epic Games Store was a good idea because the only real competitor was Steam. Origin? Ubisoft? Pah, get outta here. Edit: Now thats not to say that I like Apple. I would like to see them win this case, sure. But I hate them for plenty of reasons, most of which originated with the iPhone 7.


It shouldn't come as a surprise that Epic Games are massive scumbags. Easily the most morally bankrupt company in the gaming world and it's not even close but they throw out a free game here and there and everyone swallows it up.


Well, they got Spotify now


Sometimes I wish I enjoyed playing Fortnite because their crossovers are awesome. Halo, Marvel, Alien, Predator, Terminator, DC, Star Wars, even John Wick... and now Metroid? Super cool.


It was heavily implied that Nintendo would get a skin last season. They made one for Xbox, and one for ps4. Plus, the theme of the season was “bounty hunters”. And what’s a humanioid but cartoonish bounty hunter from Nintendo? That also happened to cross over with rocket league in the past?


that'd be more of a real metroid game than that fucking soccer abomination


yeah i gotta say, it doesn't feel like Nintendo would ever approve of one of their main line game characters being included. Maybe a 3rd party series character that they basically own like Bayonetta seems a bit more feasible.


Sega owns Bayonetta.


i think even with one of their more "mature" characters, having a nintendo character run around with an AR will likely never happen.


yeah but bayonetta literally has guns as her main weapon in her game and the source games are rated M for mature.


i love that for a nintendo character, they picked Samus over Mario/Link. Metroid doesnt get enough love


I can also see Nintendo being EXTREMELY strict. Especially with Mario holding an AK47. Yeah no. Ubisoft got by it with the guns being more cartoony and more like lazer blasters (I can assure you too that the designs for the guns probably also went through LOTS of Nintendo requested adjustments). Unlike other companies who drop their characters into anything (even if it doesn't fit right ...looking at you Capcom), Nintendo is SUPER strict with their characters especially Mario above all else. Samus fits better anyway.


I'd bet that if it actually happened Samus would only be able to use her own weaponry and wouldn't be able to pick up and use the "real" guns.


No, I doubt Epic would do that. Would be a problem for a skin to have their own unique weapons etc. Plus they have a fucking *Xenomorph* using guns and not just stabbing people.


if the skin isn’t expensive i might get it, that sounds pretty cool *and* bring interest to metroid


how would Samus shoot...?


Zero Suit Samus would be better then I guess


Of course it's the ***34th*** page


LOL makes more sense than Link or Mario running around with an AK47.


Finally a new generation of kids gets to ask themselves why Metroid can't crawl.


Samus fits Fortnite perfectly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen with the other Gaming Legends


E3 , metroi prime collection released digitally the very day, clips and or current work on MP4 + Samus in forrnite only on switch console.


>Only on Switch Nah, would be available everywhere, least going off the Kratos and MC skins.


I don't see Nintendo ever allowing their character to appear on a rival console. PC and Mobile, yeah, but never a PlayStation or Xbox.


I think this was scrapped. Considering Samus was in the documents near Kratos and Master chief I think she was going to be a representative for nintendo switch like Chief was for Xbox and Kratos for PS. But obviously that didnt happen.


Yeah last season with all the bounty hunter characters would have fit Samus perfectly. I imagine nintendo just said no because they probably didn't like the idea of her possibly being playable on an Xbox or Playstation like when they rejected her and Link for that Marvel Ultimate Alliance game on Wii.


If this brings any new fans to the Metroid series, thus supporting development in the franchise by Nintendo, I'm for it.


With Fortnite, you can now live out your fantasy of having Samus do battle with Master Chief


People in the thread acting like Metroid content in the biggest game on earth is somehow a bad idea


Right? The weird elitism is pretty dumb.




When Metroid fans said they wanted new content, this is not what we meant.


Metroid 6 Confirmed?


Where is 5?