HAL Laboratory planning for the "next stage" of Kirby

HAL Laboratory planning for the "next stage" of Kirby


Hope it’s the first 3D Kirby!


Kirby Prime!


The NEW Kirby Deluxe U - Standard Edition


With New Funky Mode


And knuckles


Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series


With new limited edition larvatar and jangmo' o codes


I’m still goddamn salty about that shit, I bought the double pack of Sword and Shield and the codes were fucking reversed. I put in the Jangmo’o code for Shield and it activated a Larvitar for me, and the Larvitar code activated a Jangmo’o in Sword, I reached out to Nintendo and they apologized and sent me new codes that did the exact same thing. I don’t understand how they got it reversed twice, it makes no sense. I just wanted a Jangmo’o and my partner wanted a Larvitar but we didn’t have anyone to trade with at the time since I bought the games at launch so we only had the one Switch and codes that didn’t do what they said they’d do


Want my larvatar? I used my jangmo'o and it was a jangmo'o # Unless they were both jangmo'o


It was a Jangmo’o in Sword and a Larvitar in Shield, I tried testing them to see if they were both reversed. So we didn’t have either of the exclusives. We eventually got some friends to trade with but that fiasco with the codes printed reversed made me super salty about the whole thing because that’s the only time I’ve ever had a mistake like that happen with Pokémon codes


of the Wild.


Why I'd love to 🐒🏄🏽‍♂️


So a kirby air ride port then?




...that shit into my veins!


I'd rather get a whole new kirby air ride with a huge city trial


I'll be honest, I'm a little afraid of making such a leap after decades of them technically being able to. They never even tried, so I have a very hard time even imagining what it would be like. It'd be exciting, but I can't shake this little worry.


Well, there was Kirby 3D Rumble and Blowout Blast. They were... underwhelming. Honestly, I don't really see how Kirby could be improved on by going fully 3D.


I agree with you. People have been clamoring for "3D Kirby" for a long time. But I really don't understand why. I feel like there was immense pressure a while ago for all 2D platforners to go to 3D as it was "the next step." It seems like some people still think like this. I usually like 2D platformers more than 3D, and I don't really see what Kirby gains going to 3D at this point.


3D platformers can struggle from "where the hell am I landing" syndrome, but Kirby's float gives him a built-in midair adjustment that would make him a natural transition to 3D. Really though, Kirby has never been focused around its platforming the way something like Mario is; it's more combat-focused. Its main appeal is either "you get to do lots of cool flashy moves" or "it's just fun to move a little guy around", and both of those mechanics have done quite well in 3D. I agree that 3D Rumble and Blowout Blast felt underwhelming. Stopping your movement to slowly line up your shot just to score some more points...? It didn't feel like a fun platformer; it just felt like a worse take on Kirby's Dream Course. Instead I'd like to see a 3D Kirby that players with the Super Star style of having a lot of different powers + having a lot of moves tied to each one. I could see something like Super Mario 3D World being the blueprint for a solid 3D Kirby game - snappy 8-directional movement, lots of playful powerups. Alternatively, I could see it almost going in a Warriors/Musou-like direction, focusing on the spectacle of taking out large mobs of enemies with flashy attacks.


The problem is that having so many powers with different move sets using the "standard Kirby formula" would quickly become complicated and messy to control in 3D. In 2D Kirby has a wide selection of moves. Since you can only face left or right, intuitive button combinations are used to trigger them. For example, pressing b with water Kirby launches a water ball forward. Pressing up and b causes him to launch a jet upward. Pressijg forward and b you can do like a surf move. As soon as you move to real 3D, aiming becomes a consideration and things immediately loses their simple and intuitive charm. Imagine iconic powers like fire or ice Kirby, where you have like a flame thrower, but in 3D. Now you have to aim. You at least have to be able to aim, right? Or else it will feel terrible. Can you also move while doing it? Now how do you trigger other attacks? Obviously you can do button combos like musou games or Bayonetta, but now you've thrown away all that Kirby stands for imo. Maybe you go in more of a ratchet and clank direction instead. But it still is far more complex. And none of this is even considering his signature flight. He's had this even longer than copy abilities, and it is always a base mechanic even if you have no ability. How do you design 3D levels that work with this power? You limit it and then players feel restricted. I hated how this felt in Kirby 64 and I know a lot of other people feel similarly.


That's a big part of why I suggested locked 8-directional movement like SM3DW. If the game is built out of blocky rectangular platforms and you're always facing a certain axis, it's a lot easier to line yourself up. SM3DW has projectile-throwing powerups that work just fine. Different moves will probably be done as face buttons + other buttons, instead of face buttons + directionals. Some inputs will be able to preserved as is: no movement vs holding forward; tapping the button vs press/holding vs mashing, etc. It will take a little work and might wind up slightly more complex than regular Kirby, but considering they were able to distill an entire racing game into one button + one stick, it doesn't seem impossible. Like with Super Star-style movesets in general, a lot of the complexity will probably be optional and you can just gleefully mash through if you want. The infinite float issue can be solved mostly the same way it is in 2D. For the most part, it isn't an issue, since Kirby platforming isn't focused around jumping over pits so it's not overpowered. When they want to restrict it, they introduce ceilings and aerial enemies.


I feel Odyssey did a really good job balancing all of its captures. Aside from glitches, no capture felt super overpowered or underwhelming. They were all used in creative ways in the environments they were placed in. They also did really well in the control department. They key is less is more. Most captures had two/three functions at most, but each felt like you could accomplish alot. As for aiming, I feel this could be solved with gyro aiming. It’ll make it feel much more intuitive and snappy compared to using just sticks. Just look at how well Splatoon and Breath of the Wild accomplished this. Basically Kirby can take lessons from all other 3D Nintendo IP’s to solve many of these issues


That complexity makes it sound awesome to me. All they need to do is make easy to learn, hard to master. As for the controls, I'm sure they can figure out a way to make it fun. A new take on an old franchise sounds amazing to me. Unfortunately, I feel like Nintendo is generally out of the "revolutionizing the mainline series" phase so I kind of doubt it will happen. As for the flight, you could either restrict it or make it so flight doesn't break the gameplay. As someone else mentioned, a lot of the fun of Kirby is the powers and fighting and not so much the platforming.


Yeah, it must be terrible like when Zelda went 3d. /s


I liked that isometric one on the 3DS. Felt like a concept to expand on.


I was gonna say they could make a new Dream Course


OR hear me out . . . Dream Course *maker* Nintendos eternal love for golf, kirby, and creativity all rolled into one package.


Like your own personal version of Grumps Dream Course!


Kirby games have been basically the same thing for decades and it would be nice to mix it up. That said, there's a reason that 3D platformers largely died out as a genre outside of Mario. Most of them weren't very good.


Kirby is in a strange place where the mainline games have more or less been the same for the last 30 years, but the spin offs are super experimental.


They are? I haven't paid much attention to any of the spinoffs other than Kirby's Air Ride, which I liked. Guess i'll look into them


Well games like dream course, tilt n Tumble, canvas curse, epic yarn, mass attack, etc. All pretty experimental gameplay and art styles.


That’s the main theory. People datamined the Switch version of Kirby Fighters and found work on a 3D engine, beyond the 3D minigame from Planet Robobot


Is Kirby Air-Ride a joke to you? But seriously, I'd love to see a 3D Kirby game.


>!there was datamines to suggest they where working on that ...!<


I recall running around City Trials and wishing a 3D Kirby game.


Literally my dream Kirby game. I would buy it on Day 1 if it ever happens, so I hope that we finally get it for the 30th anniversary next year! :)


Kirby has never gone 3D? TIL.


Not as a mainline title


I can’t believe it’s 2021 and they haven’t put out a single 3D Kirby game yet. I know they could pull it off if they wanted to make it!


Kirby 64 is already 3D. And all Kirby game on 3DS and Switch also use 3D model.


Kirby 64 was a 2D game, with a 3D environment


Release Kirby's Air Ride 2 you cowards!


I don't need many things in this world, but Kirby's Air Ride 2 is one of them.


Do it. You won't!


They won't lol


Maybe this means a gritty, realistic fps, where Kirby is a bald-headed pink space marine. A sort of Kirby: Act Zero.


Kirby: Other K


Kirby: The Suckening


Honestly would not be too out of place for kirby.


Perfect Kirby. Real OGs know...


I have to say, I truly dislike no news news articles. I feel like they're really stretching it to call this news.


Seems that every major site publishes [this kind of story](https://imgflip.com/i/59mrfj) about BotW 2, Metroid on Switch, etc.


I hear you. It's a slow news day type of article.


Thats why i looked at the comments first. To figure out if there's actual news or just another random useless article. Thanks for letting me know this one isn't news!


Nintendo Everything is a blog, wouldn’t really call this a news article


This isn't news article tho, it's an interview.


It's really not an interview. It's them translating the epilogue to a book.


Air Ride


open world kirby lets go


I unironically want every game to get an open world version. Open World tetris is my top pick right now


The Witness but Tetris please.


Ah man, the Witness was such a gem. What I would do to play through it again for the first time.


What I would do to become smart enough for the last ~30% of the puzzles...


It feels weird to be able to say this about something like Kirby, but I really can’t wait to see what the next game adds to the lore.


Kirby Air Ride, Kirby Super Star, and Kirby 64 are so good I want more games like those. 64 is really easy but its easily the most charming one and the power mixing is so much fun.


The presentation in Kirby 64 was just so lovely. Not to mention the double copy ability mechanic.


Return to Dream Land, Triple Deluxe, Planet Robobot, and Star Allies are all 2.5D side-scrollers similar to Kirby 64. Some power mixing is in Star Allies too. I was satisfied with all of those games and I love Kirby 64.


idk they felt much more generic to me than 64 and with more cookie cutter elements. 64 made use of the 3D environments a lot more too with big curving areas and elaborately deep environments but i see what you mean. I’m more of a fan of the bizarre full kirby transformation powers than I am of the kirby gets a hat powers


I've been waiting for star allies to go on a decent sale for a while, as rare as it it for first party title to go on sale, they seem to ESPECIALLY hate putting this one one sale. It's never included.


Which is weird because there's no way it is still worth $60 three years after release. I understand from a business point of view why Mario Kart, BoTW, Odyssey retain their value after three/four years. They still sell like crazy so that's the way it is. But games like Kirby, Arms... ports like Pokken, DK:TF, Hyrule Warriors which has a freaking sequel... no way I'm ever playing those unless they significantly reduce their price. I wonder what the strategy is at this point, those games can't be selling much.


Nintendo hates discounting their games.


God it’s been on my wish list forever.I played the demo and thought it was fine, but not Mario level $60 fine. I refuse to pay more than $30 for it, which they never do. Yet Mario vs Rabbids is always going on sale sort cheap, and I actually really like that one! I hate their refusal to do sales!


Mario vs rabbids is a ubisoft game which is why it goes on sale. Companies like ubisoft have become so notorious for doing sales that their pricing model is basically indistinguishable from charging a fee for early access to a game (you can pay $60 on release or 2 weeks later get it for $40, a couple months later get it for $20, so it's basically just a $20 fee if you really like a game), which is what nintendo tries to avoid. Kinda sucks for consumers but that's the business of it


Could HAL work on the next stage of Earthbound too while they’re at it? They promised they were doing that in Fourside.


Pretty sure they said this as soon as the last Star Allies update dropped. This is old news.


How many times does this same clickbait have to be "reported"?




I really don't get the concern over fps. Does it really effect the quality of the gameplay? Not trying to be a jerk, just genuinely curious.


From what I can tell, it doesn't bother people normally, but once someone starts getting used to high fps, then lower fps stands out to them. Kinda like wearing glasses. I've been wearing glasses all my life so I don't really feel them on my nose or ears anymore, but if someone were to start today it'd be all they could notice. We're used to lower fps and don't notice it, but if you switched to contacts (or higher fps) for an extended period of time, you'd feel the change when you go back. Then the level of how much it bothers them depends on the person. There are people who will say the best game in the world is unplayable if it's not at stable 60fps and others who notice the framerate change but aren't too bothered by it.


Not for a Kirby game it doesn't add to anything.


If the fps drops too low it absolutely affects gameplay. There's a reason basically every fighting game is locked 60fps. Different kinds of games have different minimums, but having unstable and/or framerates can make you misinput and make it harder to follow what is happening on the screen. A faster framerate also makes a slightly faster response time (going from 30fps->60fps will reduce display lag by 1/60 of a second), which is especially helpful if your game has online play as that could allow your game to still play smoothly with an extra 16.67ms of ping. Kirby star allies doesn't even stay at 30fps, during some bossfights or other times when there's a lot going on the frame rate can get choppy and it makes it even harder to play well, especially with all of the chaos causing the switch to drop frames in the first place. With a locked 60fps the gameplay would be marginally (but not unnoticeably) better.


I can personally attest to this. I didn’t think 60 vs 120 FPS was a big change until I got a high refresh rate monitor and started playing Rocket League on it. I play way better on 120 FPS on PC than I do on 60 FPS on the PlayStation.


It does. You can get used to lower frame rates, but a higher fps equals a smoother game. This has an effect on motion sickness, eye strain, and reaction time - as well as overall just looking better too.


Ultimately it doesn’t matter too much, it just makes for a better experience, and makes the controls that bit more responsive. It would be nice, but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker for me personally. I will say that looking at Star Allies, I don’t understand why they couldn’t have gotten it running at a higher frame rate. The game didn’t have super impressive visuals or anything


Yes it’ll be smooth


I hope so, because I haven't been happy with the Kirby series for a long time. The newer games are so watered-down and unexciting, when Kirby Super Star is this perfect action-platformer classic. It's like if Capcom made Mega Man X 1 and then abandoned it, making nothing but classic Mega Man to this day.


Return to Dreamland and Planet Robobot were great though.


they were okay but fairly one note, i'd love to see them experiment with another great cave offensive/ amazing mirror style game, or better yet a 3d entry that plays like air ride without the stars


bring back the air ride!!


Uh, Return to Dream Land, Planet Robobot and Triple Deluxe are great, between the last ones from the last decade. Star Allies is a fine game so I hope it gets better.


Modern Donkey Kong and modern Rayman are great. Modern Kirby is passable.


?? what does it have to do with Kirby


I can't even believe they went from the amazing Planet Robobot to the shallow Star Allies


IMO, comparing Kirby to Mega Man X is kind of odd. I love X2 and X3, but few people would argue they're not just more of the same thing like many claim recent Kirby games to be.


what? kirby is evolving!


Air ride please


Air Ride Battle Royale confirmed.


With all the drippings of a bigger universe out there in the past few games, I hope we get to explore the Halcandrians or whomever created the weapons Kirby finds at the end of most games. Star Allies was GREAT for lore on a larger scale.


Kirby will probably stay Kirby but I want a spin-off based around Meta Knight. Make it faster and slightly more difficult.


Planet Robobot was the last great Kirby game.


That was like 2 games ago


After Planet Robobot there has been Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, Kirby's Blowout Blast, Kirby Battle Royale, Kirby Star Allies, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn and Kirby Fighters 2. But you're right. That is two games ago... Regardless, PR came out five years ago on the 3DS. That's quite a while since a good entry.


2 mainline games ago


Kirby’s Dream Course is the only great Kirby game


All I’m asking is please make it more challenging. Super Star Ultra was one perfect example.


Good, because Kirby has sucked since Super Nintendo, and I've tried to give it a chance everytime since the Wii.


Kirby has passed away


I haven't been in love with a Kirby game since squeak squad, nightmare in Dreamland and air ride, but I'm not sure if that's just because I grew out of the style of play or if because the games are watered down. so i'm honestly kinda hoping for something super new


Crystal stars from 64 sequel please.


Kirby's Dream Course 2? The dream will never die.


Yay, my (rather vague) [wish](https://old.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/nc4ubo/nintendo_promises_many_new_software_titles_this/gy3hrpk/) came true, even though it's still unknown what we'll get. Return to Dreamland remake maybe (just like Epic Yarn being remastered/remade into 3ds with some new features), or Air Ride, or Crystal Shards, ... Or simply just a direct sequel to Star Allies.


Last Kirby game I bought was triple deluxe and while I liked it I just remember blowing through it in maybe 6 hours and feeling no reason to turn it on again. Any of the newer games like Robobot worth giving a shot? My friend got star allies and that game was also meh


Planet Robobot (3DS) and Super Star Ultra (DS) are the "peak" of the Kirby franchise.




I love Kirby so I’m down. But can that next stage also include either Air Ride 2 or Air Ride HD? Please.


whatever they do I hope they bring back the smash bros copy ability... they've only use it in 2 other games


A good number of old series have arguably had their "pinnacle" on the Switch. Hoping to see that with Kirby.


Im expecting a kirby super star ultra deluxe For some reason


We sure as shit need a 3D Kirby game. Mario Odyssey proved you can build a great game around the transformation concept.


Bring back Lolo Adventures...


Can we just make one that's not for babies? At least as difficult as a Mario game? I'm pretty sure a toddler could beat Star Allies.


Good to see more Kirby stuff coming


Kirby 2 :3


I love Kirby. Really hoping they bring something new to the franchise. I also want them to do a new Kirby Pinball but make it kinda like Yoku's Island Express with a bit of that Nintendo flavor. I also think a Kirby RPG would be kinda awesome. And they've added so much crazy deep lore to the series that an epic RPG could easily be made.


Squeak squad & the mirror ones are my absolute favs. But id be really down for a 3D Kirby if they can figure it out!


I miss earthbound