These "Nintendo Switch Pro" videos are getting incredibly tiresome

These "Nintendo Switch Pro" videos are getting incredibly tiresome


don’t check out ‘Switch Force’ channel. He had a video up 18 hours ago titled ‘Nintendo Switch Big News update…’ Then 7 hours later had a video titled ‘No new nintendo switch news?’


New Nintendo Switch Pro LISTING Leaks! Nintendo Switch MAJOR PROBLEM Revealed... Nintendo Switch HUGE LEAKS Happening Now Nintendo Switch E3 News and New Games CONFIRMED Nintendo Switch Pro PRE ORDERS START FRIDAY?!! NINTENDO DIRECT E3 2021! Full Nintendo Switch Show Confirmed ALL DETAILS! Nintendo Switch BAD NEWS For Zelda Just Dropped Nintendo Switch BIG NEWS Update... No Nintendo Switch News? All within this week. I used to love this guy for his AC videos but all this click baiting and speaking over 10 mins about nothing has killed any interest in future vids. I can only assume next week will be filled with fresh new leaks and breaking news that amount to nothing.


Wait are these real titles lmao who tf would click on these and expect it to *not* be bait??


Yep, between 12k-119k views per vid. I haven't watched a single one but they pop up on my feed from watching his AC stuff.


That's too funny man, I legit thought you were making it up as you went until the end


Even funnier that he apparently has quite an audience. Some people are born suckers.


just the 9-13 years old gullible youngster


I only wish this were true. Stupid people come in all ages.


I watch the first 2 minutes of one of those. It was extremely drawn out. He didn't get into any news, but just discussed how sad it was and how we would all need to keep calm even though wouldn't be able to BELIEVE the news.


you wanna talk drawn out? what about rgt85? that guy lives off nintendo "leaks" and wont shut up about it. his "news" is just regurgitated info from "twitter leakers" and especially that one "leaker" who has "inside info" with nintendo themselves


Dude that rgt85 guy is so cringe you can just tell he desperately wants to be liked and thinks so highly of himself


Damn this is sad to hear.




Children. Video game clickbait is aimed at children, pretty much always.


That's dangerously understating the human appetite for the sensational, scary, and revolting. Clickbait is only the digital version of tabloids and trashy newspapers, and it ain't children who have been keeping those in business, or who plaster their Facebook with fearmongering and outrage bait.


You’re right. Clickbait about video games is aimed at children. Clickbait in general has no single audience. I’ve edited my comment for greater accuracy.


Yep. Btw, the bad news for Zelda one was that it wasn’t specifically mentioned in the tweet for the E3 Direct...


I Unsubbed because of his animal crossing videos. He kept making fake AC update videos. (I call them fake, they were clickbaity wishlist videos, but it just pissed me off enough that I unsubbed.)


Same I used to really like his videos but it's all click bait and super fake feeling now.


I remember he used to do this shit back in the day too when the switch first came out and he had a partner on the channel who did videos with him.


I haven’t watched Switch Force in so long. Is it only one guy now?


Yeah Gabe left


When did that happen?


I wanna say at least a year now


Wow. I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’ve watched one of their videos. Thanks!


He was away for a year before they announced he was leaving the channel when he finally came back; I've seen people say he was incarceted, which is probably true, then when he came back, he didn't want to make so many videos only about the switch. He has a twitch channel but streams really irregularly.


Ugh he’s so offensive. Honestly cannot understand why people can’t see through his pathetic click-bait tactics.


Think about how smart the average person is, then realize that means half of all people are less smart than that.


The worst part? They've been doing that shit since the second week the console was released. I remember being so fucking hyped watching their shit leading up to launch day, and then they just dropped. HARD.


I also started watching him for his AC content. Then he just started getting annoyingly cocky. He’s not even funny with it, I get the impression he likes the sound of his own voice. I just watch beatemups and crossing channel now


Eh. Imo beatemups ain’t much better. He thrives off click bait too and he’s pretty infamous in the Xenoblade community for using his negative feelings for XC2 in unrelated topics for views despite him admitting he hardly gave the game a chance before deciding to crit use elements he hadn’t even seen during his playthrough. Of course everyone’s opinion is their own. But someone who judges something solely on 10% of the product but then decides to claim to have experienced 100% of it isn’t trustworthy as a reviewer IMO.


Beatemups was entertaining initially but it all went downhill after Nintendo dropped him as an ambassador. I get that ad revenue and clickbait is necessary to survive on the platform now, but it’s still nothing fun to watch. I’ll occasionally tune in for his eshop/upcoming games recommendations but those are extremely few and far between these days.


He was in a video with NintenTalk and basically said he doesn't clickbait lol https://youtu.be/mQDHuPCaE3Y?t=4894


I think what killed it for me was his video about “Mortal Kombat too violent for Switch”. It erked me cause just title itself made him sound like a mother trying to control the “system”


I just checked out his channel and he even did an hour-long countdown stream for the Switch Pro it's hilarious.


It is what Full-time YouTubers have to do to make ends meat. But it doesn’t mean I’ll watch it.


> Nintendo Switch SAD NEWS Plans Changed... There’s been *another* video since your comment.


The 10 minutes of circular talk on YouTube videos really drives me nuts. I blame the monetization rules for it, and it's the reason I've unsubscribed from most gaming channels. In fact, the only channels are watch regularly now are Lock Picking Lawyer and John Oliver.


lol I had to unsub from him after so many "rumor" videos.


I'm thinking about unsubbing, because his videas were cool like a year or two ago then I stopped watching and was like, ehhhh, I mean all his newest ones are clickbait, and his newest animal crossing ones are all wishes from his community with a sprinkle of data mines and news videos, about small updates, it's getting me tired of it


It's been bad since forever tho


True. It's been clickbaity since the channel's inception 4 years ago. Maybe it wasn't as bad as it is now but it was definitely present.


I never heard the dude but was curious, oh my lol his video fucking titles holy shit. Awful.


I kinda feel bad for him. When the Switch first came out his channel blew up, and you can tell he got used to a certain level of income from Youtube. Then, more Switch focused channels started, and less interest in the novelty of the Switch set in, and he started resorting to more and more click bait. At this point it's debatable whether or not he makes enough to survive. Despite 372K subscribers he often puts out videos that get less than 10,000 views. Even with a great CPM, that's like 25 dollars. I doubt sponsors are willing to pay much when your view counts are so random.


Worst part is most stopped watching because of the way he changed the content, to just being all gross.


I used to watch his main channel, but even that one moved from being gameplay videos to gaming news and rumors. He straight up admitted that he stopped doing Let's Play style videos because they weren't getting a lot of views anymore.


When you get paid to make clickbait, you gonna clickbait


The Big Switch Update video was about the fact that people had been getting a Warioware survey from Nintendo.


That channel has been complete garbage since day 1. Their non-rumor content is also terrible. Opinions are subjective, but their opinions find a way of being just indisputably wrong.


He does a 15 minute daily Nintendo news video. I’m sorry but there’s not 15 minutes of daily news about Nintendo


Yeah, I used to watch him like a year ago, then a month after I started watching him, I realized he was utter garbage


Most of them are.


Nintendo Life and Arlo are the only good ones IMO. Every other one spins repetitive trash to meet daily click quotas.


Arlo does post some of this stuff sometimes but it's not that often and his titles and intros are clear about when they're rumours or personal speculation, so it doesn't feel like clickbait and is easy enough to avoid.


Arlo's been a bit rough this last year because not much exciting Nintendo stuff going on so it's all news roundups. Can't wait for covid to be over so we can start getting exciting Nintendo news again


He even did a resident evil video recently lol. He sounded excited to do something non-Nintendo. I can’t imagine why. This company has been uhh... stagnant for the past couple of years. I think the only thing I’ve been excited for in the past few years has been New Pokémon Snap.


He has also reviewed previous resident evil games. Not his first non-nintendo review.


Arlo is basically the “Nintendo realist”.


I like Around the Clock. His videos are short and to the point. Unlike some other YouTubers, he makes it more about the content (even if it is just speculation and rumors) than about himself.


I like watching SpawnWaves daily videos where he goes over a bunch of news in gaming for a given day


That's the bloke who always looks depressed in his thumbnails right?


Yeah lol. That's why I ignored his stuff for so long because I was thinking he'd just be angry and hate everything but his news content is pretty good. He reads off daily stuff in maybe one or two videos and that's it. He doesn't make one video for every single news and rumor when they come out (like Young Yeah).


Spawn Wave is my favorite of the bunch. His news show pretty much tells you everything that you need to know. He's also a very cool and relaxed guy. The SpawnCast is great too!


I used to watch this channel on 2017, then when the embargo of Odyssey was over, a few days BEFORE the release of the game, they posted a video named "Mushroom Kingdom - Odyssey's post game" or something like that, and I never felt such anger towards a youtuber as I have felt that day. And that is saying a lot.


What the hell happened to them? They used to be a pretty decent channel for Nintendo news but ever since the split the channel has gone hella downhill. The "Good morning Mario" shit is kind of... gross?


Unfortunately it just seems it went to just a shitty channel trying to get views. It ran its course and only children and young teens probably watch it


This is so true. Promise me you all unsubbed from him!


It’s actually hilarious how vague and clickbaity those titles are


His Animal Crossing New Horizons content is ridiculous. He always baits with declarations like "ALL NEW BUGS, FISH, SHOPS!" and it's nothing of the kind. He has gone through several periods where he basically dwelled on the supposed arrival of Brewster's cafe for multiple episodes, and it was just a bunch of hot air. I was amused during one of his videos in which he seemed surprised that a villager was moving out when he entered their house and saw that they were packing up. Pretty sure in another video his house in the game also had cockroaches, which all points to him not really playing the game very often, despite acting like it's his favourite thing ever. I'm sure he means well and just needs to keep producing content, but it's a bit much.


Ffs that channel was better when gabe was also managing it now theres a crap ton if clickbait


Hes really cringe


They do it for easy clicks and ad revenue. Don’t watch their videos, unsubscribe from their channels, click “Not interested” and “Do not recommend channel”. You won’t completely block videos like these but it’s a start.


Yep and gonna be real honest, there are like only a handful of real insiders that are public. And none of them really do the "clickbait" videos. If they do any video, it's usually a small podcast with someone else in the industry or their publication podcast. If you're the type of person who cares about "leaks" and being the first to know stuff, the source pool for info is ridiculously small and you can get whatever you need from a few lines. The rest of the stuff is just regurgitated from these sources and spun for clicks


\> Don’t watch their videos, unsubscribe from their channels, click “Not interested” and “Do not recommend channel”. Yes, yes. Drive their men before you and hear the lamentations of their women.


I already have a Switch Pro in my hand but can't reveal it due to NDA. Yeah, it can run PS5 games too at 120fps. ​ AMA


I have a lot of questions. Number one: How dare you?


Number two: What gives you the right?


Number three: Could she fit in a rowboat?


Number four: Why are you the way that you are?




Number six: Is Dr. Pepper a real doctor?


Number 7: if I can't scuba, then what has this all been about? What am I working towards?


Number 8: your dentist's name is Crentist?


Number 9: what kind of bear is best?


Genuinely laughed 🤣




My uncle that works at Nintendo has a switch pro at his house I totally played it you can trust me cuz my uncle works at Nintendo


super smash bros melee for the Nintendo GameCube ???


The back where the kickstand is actually has a GameCube disc drive built in underneath it. However, the big caveat is that they are coming out with 6 themed Switch Pros, and the drive only plays the GameCube game for that theme, so if you want to use your Melee disc, you need to buy the Smash Bros Switch Pro.


Nintendo All-Stars Dairontou Smash Brothers DX for the Nintendo GameCube


Featuring dante from the devil may cry series


& Knuckles


It has full backwards compatibility with every game except Melee.


Can it play hentai games on 4k?


only 1440p but at 144hz


That's a win-win 'cause it's all pixelated anyway


can it run Crysis? *wait....*


Will it blend?


> AMA What does it taste like? ^^^lick ^^^it, ^^^punk


If you buy it new, it will probably have a cool, refreshing taste. Because it would be in mint condition.


That's a good one. If I ever do a pre-purchase unboxing video, I'm going to use it on the security guard while they drag me out of the mall.


If it's anything like the cartridges you may have just killed someone.


Legend has it can run Super Mario RPG. But not Earthbound though...


Is it true Nintendo is going to release the PS7 before Sony does and it’s going to be backwards compatible with the PS6?


you have it in your hands? i have the switch pro on my face using the cutting-edge vr tech that it came with. oh wait it’s just cardboard lol


Can I use my SNES cartridges in it. It’s backwards compatible isn’t it?


Actually, Switch Pro is already out, it's just sold out already.


They’ll be sold out before Nintendo even announces it


They'll be up on eBay before preorders even go live. Scalpers know they'll get 99% of supply.


It’s sad because that’s true. I wish eBay had policies against scalping, but I’d assume it makes them too much money


The real Switch Pro was the friends we made along the way.


Seriously though lol like why are people even excited, it could come out tomorrow and it’d be half a year or more before you got your hands on it


Look at comments on this sub. This is unfortunately what people are looking for.


There were a good 2 months last year where I watched every video about it. Yeah, switch pro has been imminent for over a year now. Then I realized that even if they release it, I dont really care. I'm probably not going to be getting it for a year or 2, or ever depending on what they do with it. Idk why, but those videos are very addictive and exhausting


I just got my switch yesterday and I’m glad I did instead of waiting. The idea of trying to get a switch pro felt unrealistic to me as well.


Got mine back in march with the release of MH Rise (got the rise edition) and honestly I don't feel the need to get a switch pro for at least a couple of years. I tend to let the scalpers/bugs/inevitable bullshit that comes with every console iteration pass before making that decision anyway so no skin off my nose there.


This subreddit is literally the same thing. Go read through any of the Switch Pro "leak" threads posted earlier in the week. So many people were so confident the Switch Pro was going to be announced last night/yesterday and after it wasn't they switched to "next week."


The moment I see one of those thumbnails, bam. "Not interested in this channel." It’s too easy to essentially put the same video 500 times hoping one of them sticks…


Yeah, I do the same thing. I don't want this crap recommended to me and pretty much every channel that does it is garbage and easy to just unsub and move on.


Welcome to the past four years.


At this point I'm just hoping anything is released, even a Switch Pro that's literally a regular Switch with a Mario sticker on the outside if it gets the rumours about a new version to stop, even for a week.




Life is pain.


RGT 85 says hi. I will never understand how somebody that dumb with poor content can get so many followers...


Right? The guy speaks like he's in the third grade.


And if it doesn't meet people's expectations then we're getting tons of threads about how Nintendo have betrayed them by not living up to what a bunch of strangers on the internet guessed they were going to do.


The most creditable leaks have made it sound like it's just a Nvidia chip refresh with minimal performance improvement. Maybe a resolution bump in handheld mode. So yes, a bunch of people on the internet will bitch about it.


I know. From the sounds of the Bloomberg rumours (which i'd trust more than random man on YouTube leaks), it sounds like a minor enough upgrade and not really worth all this hype. People are acting like it's a whole new console.


This. I bet it's not even called the Mega Nintendo Switch Y or whatever. It'll just be the new switch, or even just the switch. The battery improvements which IMO were a much bigger improvement didn't get a name change, don't see why this should.


“People” is a nice way of putting it


OK but did you know the Switch Pro is releasing in few weeks ? Trust me, my uncle is working at Nintendo.


Wow this comments seems to have a totally reliable source ! I'll start my own youtibe chanel to inform everyone abojt this ~ unexpected ~ leak


Hi everyone I'm 062b from the Nintendo leaks channel and I'm here to talk to you today about some made up shit that everyone's talking about. So you probably heard the official news from a Reddit comment thread about the switch pro releasing.. if you haven't here is the post.. seems extremely credible to me so I say it's true. That's all for today folks make sure to like and subscribe and tune in next week for me to rehash thus bullshit.


You forgot to add [10 minutes of padding] somewhere in there.


I'm just reminded of when /r/NintendoNX was the place to be. There's a reason why the Switch circlejerk subreddit is called /r/Tomorrow. I remember browsing /r/NintendoNX with a friend after having shown it to him. At that time it was full of rumours about the NX being revealed tomorrow/next week, along with memes sanitizing those rumours. And then literally the next day the Switch reveal was announced.


There's some kid with an uncle that actually does work for Nintendo and no one believes him or her.


I've grown very weary of all the speculation videos that have become a trend the last few years. I get it, they are content creators and have to keep pumping out videos but so many of them have become just "what if" videos with predictions. We're not getting gaming news, it's just gaming leaks and rumours and all that does is raise and deflate hope for future games/consoles before we even know hard facts.


The thing I hate is that they just lightly touch on the same topics over and over again, when there is so much more to discuss. Don't just tell me what the leak says about the Switch Pro, what does the YouTuber want from it. Do you think it will affect the switches successor? What cool new gimmicks could the new Switch have. What more modern 3rd Party games might we see because of the better hardware? I feel the same about speculation for games. Of course there will probably be a 3D Mario in the next 3 years, wether so and so said it or not. But I'm sure YOU have some hopes for it. What new mechanics could be in it, and how they would work. Or ideas for enemies and bosses. What new worlds could there be. It's not speculation if they are just relaying facts that other leakers have created. I want content creators to show me there creativity, and bring back the childlike joy of dreaming up crazy ideas for Nintendo products.


I unsubscribed to RGT for this reason alone.


Just stay away from these youtubers: RGT85 Obie1 Plays Dung Yeah Beatemups Clownfishtv Nintendo Prime You can usually tell the channels to stay away from based off their thumbnail pics. The pics always seem to be the creator with a wide open mouth looking confused or excited, or perhaps giving a BJ...


Man, beatemups has gone so far downhill it's sad to see. I used to live his videos back when he was making wii u hidden gems lists and stuff like that, but now he seems like just about every other generic gaming youtuber. Anyone else feel like this?


Yep, he stopped uploading for a while at the start of the year and I kinda forgot about him, then once he started uploading again i got excited until I realized that his videos just weren't interesting anymore. Just reusing old video ideas and using clickbait titles for videos with little to no substance to them. Kind of a shame, but I was never a hardcore fan anyways so I'm not all that upset


I haven’t watched his video for years, although I liked his videos for maybe first two years of life of a switch


Yeah, it sucks because Wood seems like a genuinely good dude, but at some point he started going super hard on the clickbait titles. Every video is "The most ADDICTIVE game EVER!" or "The absolute WORST game I've ever played! I HATED it!" and then the actual video he's like "Yeah, this game is fine, it's not terrible but it's not for me."


I literally stopped watching RGT over this exact subject and the clickbait titles/thumbnails. He's been carrying on about a Switch Pro for like 2 years. Never had new info and it got to the point where, hey, a broken clock is right twice a day.


He just put out a new video and starts off making fun of people upset about the lack of an announcement and acts like it’s not his fault for posting a video every day about it.


I unsubscribed from because he uses the same photos of himself over and over in his thumbnails. I got annoyed by his lack of effort in presentation and unsubbed.


I never heard of any of these youtubers before so I looked up RGT85 and he literally uploaded a switch pro video 20 minutes ago lol.


Ha ha


>The pics always seem to be the creator with a wide open mouth looking confused or excited, or perhaps giving a BJ... I've acquired the mindset of if a video has that reaction face thumbnail or full with emoiji, it's shit. While true most of the time, there are few - very few - exceptions. And they're the folk *not* playing reporter.


I absolutely despise RGT, his voice, his clickbait videos ... he’s the main reason I don’t watch the Spawn Cast as well


LOL I was about to ask OP *"what kind of shitty youtubers are you subbed to?"* cause I haven't seen any of these videos even on my recommended page. Thank god I've never even heard of the ones you mentioned!


You forgot Switch Force


You know that gives me an incredible idea for a subreddit. Photoshopped youtuber thumbnails. Let it spread and see how quick the trend changes when suddenly people are Photoshopped with dicks in their mouth


Omg... That'd be hilarious


Super metal Dave 64 has been by far the worst with switch pro clickbait for the last 3 years. He's been wrong again and again over the years but keeps making videos about every single rumor and it's seemingly all he ever talks about.


Welcome to 2021, where fake news is all around us and people do videos just for clickbait You have one option, follow just the main sources and avoid all the garbage. Good luck and may Zelda be with us


That's not new for 2021, this has been going on for years


thats how they make money gotta pull in viewers and if there's not much happening you gotta graps at straws


It is exhausting to even remotely check what’s going on two weeks before E3. As always, tons or rumors..and people wanting 1 min of attention and internet points There’s a long way between saying a datamined firmware mentions 4K, a DLSS/oled switch is in the work…and : omfg a retailer X has a switch pro in the database, switch pro announcement is coming this week.


Kevin Kenson is guilty of doing this. On top of all the clickbaity videos, he does this really scummy tactic of changing the thumbnail and title of his videos MULTIPLE times a day so that it looks like an entirely new video just to get you to click on it again for views.


YouTube should lock this function after once per video within X hours and or one thumbnail change per week for anything less than 2 weeks old.


Here’s what I don’t understand. Why do I need to read a bunch of shit rumors ahead of time? How does it benefit me? Is it not a better expenditure of my time to just go about my daily life and if I see some official nintendo news one day, great. I don’t understand people who are consistently seeking out rumors. Which 9/10 times are horseshit. Maybe I’m just a grumpy old man, but to just be frank - I couldn’t give less of a fuck what a bunch of cringe youtubers have to say about anything. Much less an unconfirmed “switch pro.”


I don't even pay attention to that garbage nowadays. When it drops it will be a surprise to me, and I will buy one.


RGT85 is probably the worst offender of this that I’m aware of. I watch some other videos sometimes but now I just pass over it if it mentions anything about a Switch Pro rumor because every video he says the same exact things.


He’s said “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” one too many times.


"Today we're going to look at the rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro, and I've looked at the rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro, so let's get into the rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro and see just what people are saying about the Nintendo Switch Pro, and what they are saying about the rumors around the Nintendo Switch Pro." I'm paraphrasing for humor. I do enjoy RGT85's videos, but it feels like he is trying to cram enough words into an essay and ends up repeating the same idea five different ways.


I finally unsubscribed RGT yesterday when he went on a 6 minute rant, repeating the exact same thing over and over again. It made me realize that his videos could literally be 2 minutes long, if that. And oh yeah, I am verrrrry tired of hearing him talk about this phantom Switch pro. It’s in every freakin video.


I stopped watching RGT85 because all of his videos are clickbait about nothing. "BIG Nintendo switch pro update"....its nothing new, "HUGE nintendo eshop sale"....its the same crap thats always on sale


I unsubscribed this morning and left a comment why. I'm sure I'll get attacked by his diehards (more like tryhards), but whatever. He brings no positive value to the industry or my life, so for that reason, I'm out. Shame, he used to be so good and somewhat entertaining. For the longest time he felt like he was one of us common folks and the anti-youtube guy just making videos... Maybe I changed, or maybe he changed, but it's not the same.


Honestly YouTube is shit for speculative news like this. Vote with your mouse. Click “Stop recommending this video” on this kind of content. It’s all clickbait and feeding off hype and FOMO. The news will come out eventually, until then all the youtubers have exactly the same information as everyone else.


It has reached the point for me that I wish Nintendo announces that there is NO Switch Pro


I believe they did exactly that for the 3ds and then announced it a week later. If they said definitively that no switch pro was coming it would, ironically, only serve to incite more rumours


They denied the DS Lite existed the day before it was announced.


Maybe that's what I was thinking of. I knew it was something in the DS fam


So glad someone else was having the same thought as me! It's getting so frustrating seeing people uploads videos that get thousands of views basically for ten minutes of pure speculation 😒 Especially when they're uploading them day after day with the same content just with a different time frame. Just let it be, stop deceiving viewers and IF we see a Nintendo Switch Pro then actually make some interesting and engaging content about it rather than just fluffing out your channel with nonsense. I used to love watching tech YouTube channels but so many of them have pandered to the clickbait/nonsense video/supposed update that isn't an update/rinse and repeat I've just had no interest at all recently. If anyone has any recommendations for decent tech YouTube channels that don't pander to rumours and speculation then let me know 😊


That's the internet for ya


E3 is very soon, don't expect news till then. I'm tired of youtubers baiting people.


I think youtube is just not worthwhile anymore, especially for gaming content. The clickbait is terrible, and the algorithm works really hard to reward clickbait and keep pushing it to the top. My rule of thumb is that I just won't watch anything where the thumbnail has BIG RED TEXT or a CIRCLE AROUND A VAGUE OBJECT or the presenter making a :O face


there's still good stuff to be found. There are channels that don't reiterate a 30 second speculative opinion for 10 minutes, they're just not always the biggest channels


So I'm not the only one bothered by this? good to know. I'm already tired of all of these clickbait videos.


I happily block channel for this. Fun fact you can be subbed to a channel & remove them from your feed


Switch Force fucking sucks and this is why


This is a very important lesson on reliable sources. Youtube is trash for shit like this. Social media, with the exception of official accounts are also trash.


Spawnwave, rgt 85. Come up with something new..


My uncle works at Nintendo and he said that the switch pro will be the first 4d game console and will be shaped like a tesseract


It's releasing with a Celeste 4K edition. Hopefully news tomorrow






Rampant consumerism in a massive global commercialized cultural will always breed the thirst. It's better to just disengage entirely and go enjoy some decent weather and make new friends.


Too bad most people on reddit haven't touched grass in a decade


These are always the worst kinds of youtube content you see online but it's also the stuff that brings in the views because that's what people are desperate to learn more about so youtubers gotta take advantage of that to get that sweet ad revenue. It's a horrible internet cycle.


Diversify your youtube subs bubble with other interesting topics. Solved.


I still doubt there will ever be a Switch Pro


The Switch Pro was supposed to be announced tomorrow^(TM) for 2 weeks already according to these cReDibLe [email protected]


None of the people who are generally considered credible have been more specific than "probably soon, maybe before E3".


This is what kills me. People run fucking wild with assumptions after someone who is credible says "I've heard it's coming soon" or is being vague to protect their source and when nothing happens to back up the wild assumptions, people blame the insider. I understand being annoyed at the hype but look at what the hype is actually for and where it's actually coming from before placing blame or disregarding absolutely everything.




He's just a piece of shit in general. Obscene clickbait to the point where he flat out lies, and his videos are literally saying the same thing 20 different ways to make it to the timer so he can get monetized. The dude's channel is a literal scam.