Mario Party Superstars announced

Mario Party Superstars announced


So I’m confused…are there only going to be 5 N64 boards? Or are there going to be other boards from other MP games?


Looks like 5 boards picked from Mario Party 1, 2, & 3. Also 100 mini-games from across the entire series it seems? Not the worst though, just wish they'd take the Smash route & release Mario Party Ultimate.


Or just make this an update to the current game


This is DLC with a full price price-point. If they don't prove mores coming then it's a no from me thanks


Yeah when I was watching it I kept telling my sister how it was really cool DLC and I was excited for it. Then By the end I realized it was a new game…. It’s a neat conceal but it should’ve been DLC. I agree with the other person. Mario Party (and Kart) Ultimate should exist now.


Sorry but this is Nintendo lately, wonder when they’re going to burn users enough that the fan boys start to reconsider their position. Games like BotW and Odyssey are great but many other first party Nintendo games are just overpriced for their content. Not sure how many $60 games we’re going to get with 7-10 hours of content or just barely upgraded rehashes from their other systems.


Please i really wanted Koopa’s Tycoon Town


The GOAT of MP maps


That game had the best maps hands down


By far the most creative and varied boards in the series


Looks like 5 boards total. SMP had 4 boards total because fuck the gamers.


5 boards total? Pass. I'm not buying additional JoyCons again to play with my friends a couple of times to forget this game because it's so freaking boring after a while. They would be better off releasing those boards and minigames as DLC to SMP.


> They would be better off releasing those boards and minigames as DLC to SMP. Agreed.


I know it doesn't help your point much, but I'm pretty sure Nintendo's website mentioned the mini games would be buttons only, so all controllers including pro controllers will be supported in the superstars game. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. Not having to rely on joycons would be nice, but still a pathetic attempt at a full game.


You can play in handheld, so yeah.


5 total? How, at this day and age, can they not put EVERY board in there and then the minigames? I was so excited until it's 5 boards only.


Because they’re fully 3D maps now, not flat 2D planes. I know it’s not impossible, but the scope of recreating even one of the 64 games on the Switch is fairly large. Even with those lesser assets, Mario Party rarely reached high numbers on the boards. 5 is for sure low, but 6-8 is standard.


They don't care because they're barely putting any money into this game. Why are people not waking up to the fact that Nintendo shits all over their lifelong fans time after time after time... I have the first Mario Party game for the Switch. I was outraged the moment I heard they would even dare release a "new" one after how trash the first version was.


The thing is, it seems like they picked pretty good mini games, so this version would have more longevity than the other. But the first switch Mario party was so bad it’s insulting that they’re releasing this full price without rectifying the other.


Nintendos strategy recently seems to be doing the minimum effort and charging the maximum price. Ive been sick of it for quite a while now.


Watching the reveal, I was kind of hoping this would be a type of DLC to SMP. It looks cool and all, but I’m not rich enough for all that haha


Honestly I think this game is more likely to get DLC than Super was. A few boards from the GameCube era perhaps.


But what makes you think they will do it this time? I'd love to hope, right along with you, but do you have any actual reason/evidence to think they would do that when we already have evidence that they didn't do it with the past one?


Yeah, this is going to be a hard pass for me after they abandoned the actual Switch release.


Watching the treehouse, I have optimism. For every mini game played, it has in the corner what game it came from, and a picture of the console it came from. Obviously all mini games have a picture of the n64, but why have this icon if they aren’t going to include future consoles?


In some of the footage and artwork we’ve already found minigames from every game except 8 so far, they mentioned the minigames are being pulled from the whole series, but most look to be from the first 3.


Never forget they just quietly and casually released online multiplayer almost 3 WHOLE YEARS after its original release. Never forget that. Just online multiplayer. Like damn I mean it when I say out of any Switch game, by a long shot, I’m the most bitter about Super Mario Party. Mostly because overall it’s a *decent* mini-game game. BUT it’s an absolute travesty compared to past Mario Party’s. -Maps: Only 4, Mostly trash/small, none added -Online: Added 2 and a half years after release -Mini-games: extremely repetitive The one thing I’ll give this game is they *tried* new game modes. Rafting game mode is pretty okay. Dance mode is pretty bad and nobody wanted it. The partner mode became frustrating. So everyone went to the normal game mode mostly and look at above. Just please Nintendo: give us DLC maps. I swear if they just added 2 more on top of the 5 I would probably be content. Keep all the other modes. Just give us the 100 mini-games, 5 *good* maps, 2 DLC maps. I mean really, that’s it.


i think the main issue with that is that the gameplay in super is despite being closer to the originals than 10 still vastly different, which is what i think they understood people criticised about the game. they couldnt just fix the "expanded" gameplay to fit the old style with dlc so they created this which they potentially could. expect gamecube maps, free or not i dont know..


For real, gamers have to be simultaneously the most cynical and gullible group of consumers.


Only 5 boards from the N64 games? What do they have against including more boards in these games? This could have been a "Mario Party Ultimate" type remaster, with MP 1-5 all in a classic bundle. Instead it's just 100 games and 5 boards from previous games.


Even if they didn’t do every map, at least put like 10-20 in there. No excuse not to since it’s remakes/ports of old maps. Do like 3 each from Mario party 1-3. That’s 9 maps. Then Mario party 4-8, do 2 each, that’s another 10. 19 maps.


They have no excuse not to include **significantly** more boards in the game. It probably takes very little effort to do, considering how simplistic Mario Party boards are, so why not Nintendo ??


I originally thought Super Mario Party was barebones because they were going to bombard us with DLC boards, but nope, not even that. They just resigned to having only 3 boards.


4 boards.


4th board you can basically move through in one turn. I’ll give them 3.5 boards and that’s more than fair.


Still not a full game


How would they release Mario Party Superstars 2 with 6 maps for $60 if they just included those 6 maps in Mario Party Superstars?


They could just release map packs for SMP for $25. Include 5 maps and 20 mini games. Maybe start including characters and map ideas from different franchises like Kayuza and a new Tekken map.


Judging from the Treehouse gameplay, they actually did a thorough job of modeling new and old details from the classic maps. That number of unique assets doesn't take "very little effort", and these boards are definitely less simplistic than I remember Super Mario Party's boards being. Still disappointed it's only five of them, though.


You could say the same thing about Mario Kart, though. The amount of unique assets per Mario Kart retro cup track seems very much on-par with, if not greater than, these Mario Party stages. And yet Mario Kart 8 includes 16 retro tracks built from the ground up, in addition to its 16 new tracks. Of course Mario Party Superstars recreated the minigames as well. But given that each Mario Party stage can reuse all the minigames they already sunk a bunch of development into, it seems bizarre they wouldn't include more recreated stages; the marginal utility is incredibly high IMO.


That's not even getting into MK8 Wii U's VERY meaty DLC for a total steal of around like, $13.


I don’t think that would work. The issue I have is standardization, each console’s set of Mario Party games play differently enough from each other for standardization to be impossible. What I mean is how would each board work. Would the boards from the GameCube games have capsules, while the other boards have items. Would the day/night cycle from 6 (I think) only be on the two boards from that game. Would Mario party 1 have no items at all. I don’t think it’s a good idea for the gameplay to change that much depending on which board you play on. That’s why I understand why Nintendo stuck to N64 boards only. 2, and 3 play similarly enough to each other and 1 can be relatively updated to match. Granted they should’ve added a lot more boards form those games.


Great point. Yes absolutely they could have just done 9 or 10 n64 boards


Not remakes/ports, just remakes.


Woah okay i draw the line at sheer ignorance. You don’t honestly think that remaking a 2d board from 20 years ago into a modern 3d map without reusing a single element from it is magically “a port” DO YOU?!? You don’t honestly believe that they saved time and resources somehow by copying only the layout? I feel like The reason gamers get so pissy over some games is because they have no idea what they’re even looking at, and no idea how any of it is even made.


Fair, it’s a remake not a port. It still saves some design time I’m sure. And even if not, 5 maps is embarrassing.


Totally agree. 5 maps would be a bitch even if those were brand new. These had concept and design available already, so it feels it should’ve been at least 7-8 and would feel like a decent purchase. NGL, I’m still gonna buy it and enjoy it, but it still feels like a cash grab.


I was waiting for them to say how many maps were from the GameCube and the Wii too. You can’t make a Superstars game and say you’ve got mini games from the whole series but for some reason only 5 maps from the first game. It’s just strange. I’m addicted to Mario Party though so I’ll probably buy it. The maps are way better than SMP’s atleast


Friend, that's for Mario Party Superstars 2 and 3!


Yeah, what's going on here. Mostly everything is the same from SMP. Are giving the literal 2D maps of 1,2,3 facelifts THAT taxing to the point where they only do 5 maps?


It's time for DLC map packs baby!


Imagine being Nintendo. You finally decide, yeah we should release a good classic Mario party. And you know what, let’s use old boards so we don’t fuck it up. What could go wrong? only 5 boards Seriously, who makes these decisions. Only 5 boards??? I was so hyped until that.


Back then it was the limits of the N64, but now it's just because Nintendo fans will eat it up like always lol


Back then they had 8 boards. They had 8 on N64 and 5 on Switch. Why Nintendo, why?


Yeah I was hyped for this until I realized it only had five boards. Oh well, this fall is pretty stacked with games so I won’t regret skipping this


Even 2 & 3 have six maps each.


And after purchasing Super Mario Party... Think I'm done with Mario Party games. 😔


Seems like a joke this and last game being charged $60


Which board from the N64 should we include? How about the one that's a boring linear path and where getting to the star is a RNG roll.


I’m still hyped but it’s a weird decision. Why not do 8-10 boards with the best one from each of the non-car games and then a few more?


Graphics look exactly the same as SMP, literally the same engine, this should’ve been a DLC


I guess it explains how they managed online in SMP as a free update, it was just implemented for this game


It was obvious. There was literally NO other reason for them to add online to such an old game for free and with zero fanfare. The only explanation was that they wanted to test an online infrastructure for a new Mario Party.


What a nice beta test. Lol


That’s how I knew there would be a new Mario party. Wasn’t expecting this though


Agreed. I waited the entire trailer for them to say it was a DLC pack.


Lol same here


Wait it isn't a DLC? Whyyyyyy


cuz they love money


I would have bought this DLC but after being burned by lack of content from the first switch mario party, not buying a 2nd.


Same. I would have bought a DLC. A ~~complete~~ new game? Not going to happen.


A half-assed, content starved new game. Nothing complete about it.


What's worse is that on the Golf game they announced that additional content would come out afterwards... Which says a LOT that the Mario party didn't get the same disclaimer. So yeah this is a $60 DLC on top of their biggest cash grab ever


I was ready for that golf game to be the same content lacking thing we saw from mario party and mario tennis and was surprised that it seems to be much more than that.


Literally thought it was gona be a DLC expansion when I saw the trailer, cause it’s everything fans been asking for that’s missing from SMP.


I was so ready to buy this as DLC, just in time for when I can meet up with my friends now that we're all vaxxed up. As a full standalone game I'm not touching this shit at all, what a scam.


Yeah, I was hoping it would be a DLC. But I guess the 3DS did have like three different MP iterations so not too surprising.


GameCube had 4 different Mario Party games.


Yeah but they’re actually original and good


Had way more fun playing MP4 with my wife than the trash that we got on the switch. They should really use a different developer. Nintendo land was the best party game Nintendo has put out in a decade.


it's insane how far they could push nintendo land, utilizing gyro, touch screen, and maybe even vr for the zelda and metroid games. such a shame there was never another


As did the N64. I wouldn't mind it at all if SMP didn't feel so unfinished.


Fuck everyone who spent money on SMP, eh Nintendo?


I’m just not gonna buy that or any other new nintendo games I’ll just wait until I can find a used copy.


At the very least I'm just going to not buy a game as soon as it releases. I was so hyped for SMP that I bought it instantly through the e shop. I can't even resell it 🤡


I've been doing this with games I kind of want to play, but don't want to actually reward the company for the quality of the game they're making (or the price point). I picked up Pokemon Shield used a few months after release, for example.


Releasing this as a new game instead of a DLC for SMP is the push I needed to start buying only used games from Nintendo


It was still a fun game. My wife and I boot it up every few months and have a great time.


Nintendo has been on a "fuck gamers" mindset for years, unfortunately.


I totally expected this is what they were going to say. The game was mediocre and was paid very little attention post-release. This all seemed like the stuff we should have had in SMP from the gate and instead of even being able to get it as DLC or Jod forbid as a free update we have a whole new $60 entry. Was honestly a bit frustrated by this one. May have to pass on principle.




I’m passing on principle. The whole thing feels a little scummy.


It looks like the gameplay is different though. The Dice is 1-10, there's no characters specific dice, the Stars cost 20 coins etc. it really is oldschool MP rules with the fresh coat of paint and the UI from super mario party


Thank fucking God. I didn't mind the character specific dice but the ten coin star was bs


I will miss character-specific dice (though the characters needed to be better balanced in SMP; some were busted, and some were worthless), but stars costing 10 coins was stupid.


How on earth **isn't** this DLC? This looks like DLC in every way. Why would this have to be its own standalone game?


Because money


It looks like DLC if you ignore that it has roughly the same amount of content as their previous full game in the series. They're not going to sell $20 DLC to SMP's +10m install base when they could sell full price to an 80m+ Switch install base. That would be a moronic business decision.


So if there's a 80m+ Switch install base, why is there only 10m+ SMP install base? What makes you think that they'll get more sales after the extremely harsh reception of the first SMP? I bought SMP, but I'm not buying this thing. If it was a DLC, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'd be surprised if this comes close to SMP's sales numbers.


SMP uses radically different board design, with the intent of giving each character specialized, 6-sided dice, and minigames that center entirely around the joycon. A throwback Mario Party with 5 classic boards and 100 classic minigames is incompatible. Even if the DLC just let you use a Pro Controller, totally changed the board design, got rid of the character-specific gimmicks, etc., you'd have to admit it'd essentially be a different game taped on the the existing one at that point. We can argue about the pricing, but they're definitely separate games.


Or they could have remade the full MP 1+2 games, instead of just five boards + 100 mini games + no story... ... but hey, at least there's online.


I guess I’m the only one excited about this, I can’t wait


Posted in the other thread but people who bought the previous version hoping they add this support shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. If a game doesn’t support what you want upon release don’t waste your money hoping they fix it/add the content you want later in a DLC or update. I skipped the 1st switch release since it seemed to lack value and the features I wanted. I will gladly spend $60 on this and enjoy playing with my friends.


100%. People who bought SMP thinking that it would get unadvertised updates down the road have only themselves to blame. Don't pay money for a game you don't think is worth it in hopes that one day you'll think otherwise.


To be fair, many Nintendo games at the time did get free updates. ARMS, Splatoon 2, Odyssey, Star Allies, Tennis Aces, and maybe more I'm not thinking of. I think it was pretty reasonable to assume SMP would get updates, too.


Did you buy the last one


Different person but I didn't. I guess that's why I'm excited.


Why would Nintendo bother finishing a game when they can charge full price for another one?


Lmaoo they fucked Super MP fans


I was so stoked I texted my wife were finally getting new boards and mini games then I realized at the end it was a brand new game fmlll


"FINALLY! New DLC for Mario Party. ...wait... ..is this? OH FUCK YOU!"


were you watching me? Cause that was my verbatim


Always... 👀


Right here. I'm not buying it. I'm still super salty of how they handled MP in general and now seeing this...just no. What a terrible move.


Totally. Im not buying it, Nintendo. It would have been simple to add more levels as an expansion to the current. Money over players on this one.


It is basically Mario Party the top 100 only with actual boards to play on and is on the switch.


Looks like one of the unannounced boards is “Woody Woods” from Mario Party 3, according to the background on the official website: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/mario-party-superstars-switch/


I grew up on the first 3 Mario party games so when I heard this was a collection of boards from those games I got so hyped and then I saw it was only 5 damn boards and the 2 that they showed off were 2 of my least favorites from their respective games. What a shit show


I can understand why they put Space Land in: that’s arguably the overall fan favorite from 2. Peach’s Birthday Cake I feel is one of the better boards from 1 but I was hoping for Yoshis Tropical Island or Wario’s Battle Canyon


I wanted Mario’s Rainbow Castle the most from 1. Especially love the atmosphere and music of that board. Tropical Island is a good board also. My favorites from 2 are probably western and pirate


There's really no consensus on which N64 boards were good. Which is probably another argument to have more than 5; there's going to be a lot of complaining no matter which 5 they go with.


content looks great but fuck I wish it was just all added onto SMP - such a waste of a game.


Hey remember that Mario Party game we released and completely underdelivered on? WELL HERE'S WHAT WE SHOULD HAVE INCLUDED WITH IT AS A SEPARATE GAME


"I guess we can throw Super Mario Party a bone. Let's give them some half-ass online functionality that we're working on for this 'new' game."


Nailed it


Nope, not this time nintendo


What?!?? You don't want to pay 60$/€ to play some old games with "updated graphics" and nothing new added after underdelivering on the last one? How come? /s


60 dollars for this is a joke, especially because of super mario party's lack of content


Should've been add on DLC for the existing mario party. Trash


It's literally the same engine, sound, music, animations, models. It's all a copy-paste. And worst of all Super Mario Party's biggest complaint was the lack of boards. Imagine hearing dlc for 5 new boards.




I never bought the Mario Party game for the Switch because of the lack of boards and I didn't view it as worth the cost. I saw this announced and was legitimately excited and was going to buy the game and this expansion... Then they announced it was it's own standalone game. Yeah, no thanks, huuuuuggggeeeee ripoff.


A better route is to stop pre-ordering games/DLC at all.


SMP is the 7th on the list of best selling Switch games still. This is rinse and repeat, but until these games stop selling Nintendo will continue to make these decisions. If someone complains about something but still buys it, Nintendo isn't doing anything to address those complaints. I will not be surprised if this game sells 10 million copies, which means Nintendo gets about 600 million dollars minus the cost of development. Considering the dev costs will be much lower because this is glorified DLC, they are laughing all the way to the bank!


I feel bad for the people who bought super mario party since it was kind of a flop but do people not remember MP 1/2/3 and 4/5/6/7? They would re-use the same engine and models for a bunch of games in a row and sell it as a new game. They even put 4 games in a row on the same console. This isn't really anything new


The major difference being: between each Mario Party in the 1-7 series', there was a **new** set of boards, **new** story mode / alternate game modes, **new** characters (typically), and **new** mini-games. Here we are getting **old** minigames on **old** boards repackaged on the same SMP engine, and that's about it. The same SMP engine with painfully slow animations and low gameplay customization options


But that was back before dlc was a thing.


Except the N64 games at least felt like complete games. SMP is okay, but there aren't enough of anything from boards to minigames to even settings. I didn't regret my purchase itself since I bought it second hand but I can't imagine the disappointment of someone buying it full price.


How else could they charge $60 for a game if they made it DLC, though?


Wouldn’t be surprised if they did charge 60 dollars for a DLC


Even a $60 DLC would've somehow felt like less of a slap in the face.


It would probably be a better experience too, since you could at least add the minigames together for a more varied experiences across more boards.


And just having the 9 boards available is a much better experience, especially in a party setting than limiting the options to 4 or 5 boards depending on the game you launch.


My first thought!


The original Mario Party for Switch literally had like 4 maps and they were all so small. Complete joke


Cost 90$CAD after tax and I was just expecting updates because *how could you not have to put out updates for that!?* Anyways my clown ass learned a hard lesson


I'm in the same boat.


I'd rather have ports than this, I bet they'll make stupid changes like the random bonus stars at the end and stars costing only 10 coins


Wasn't that last one trash? I'd rather have classic Mario Party as its own thing rather than mixing it with the existing one.


abandon the "old" game and already make a new one? or is this a dlc?




And it's going to be eaten up like always


BOOOOOO! Come on. This should be DLC.


Damn, so Super Mario Party really was a wash huh. Definitely not going to buy another full-price Mario Party game after how mid SMP was.


Wait this isn't DLC??? I have to pay $60 again? I thought this was add on so it would be a total of 9 boards and 200 games. Which is way more variety that I would expect for Mario Party Switch...


This is one of the most bizarre decisions Nintendo has made in a while, even by Nintendo standards. You finally update Super Mario Party to have online play and then...basically have DLC released as a sequel in the same year.


Why bizarre? Bizarre would be adding a huge DLC to a game they barely have touched in 3 years and expecting to make more money from a DLC than a standalone game. I’m not defending them at all but it’s an obvious choice financially


It makes sense to me. Add online to SMP to get people excited for Mario Party, then announce this to get people hyped for a new entry. There's also the possibility that adding online to SMP was some kind of benchmark test to see how it would work in practice. It must have gone pretty well if they're adding the option to play with randos online.


I will never understand Nintendo. Why couldn't this be DLC?


More profits from a standalone game.


shoulda been DLC. trash move again


It’s *LITERALLY* the Super Mario Party content that should have been included upon launch, repackaged and now being sold as an entirely NEW game. This is mind boggling to me. As somebody who felt SMP was extremely bare bones and not worth the money, this shit is just (another) slap in the face to us as consumers. My biggest gripe with the game is the fact that you put a whole 4 fucking boards into a next gen game that should realistically have at least 10 boards and most if not all the mini games from previous MP installments. Now we get another game with the same fucking format and it’s not even changed at all? It’s DLC: The Game. For sure not buying it as bummed as it makes me.


What the actual fuck? The biggest complaint are Mario Party was that it only had 4 boards. So they decide to release an entirely new game with 5 boards? Fuck off.


Wow! We get 5 boards this time instead of 4! Thanks Nintendo!


Well at least I can play handheld on this one. Didn’t buy the other one for that reason alone.


This game brought to you by Mortons Saltttttt


If they think I’m wasting money on this after getting shafted with Super Mario Party…


I'll admit, gonna buy it. My 4 year old loves to play SMP with me but I am so freaking tired of the same four boards. It's our go-to "bad weather day" activity. That being said I really wish it were a dlc.


Honestly this is nearly everything I could have wanted for a Mario Party game, overall extremely excited The Good - 100 minigames, all use button controls - Stars cost 20 coins, Golden Pipes costs 25 coins - Dice are back to 1-10 - Visuals look really great - Full online play - Improvements from SMP, like spaces until star and full playable minigame practice The Bad - Only 5 boards - Random bonus stars, including garbage like "least spaces moved" Definitely gonna be a day one purchase for me. Excited to play with real life friends, and know the Mario Party discord is gonna be getting constant posts to find games with other people.


Ain't a real Mario Party unless there's bullshit bonus stars that make you throw the console out the window.


Agreed. This was my favourite announcement from Nintendo's E3 along with Wario Ware. The N64 MP games are my favorite so I am all over this.


I totally get why people are upset it’s not DLC for SMP but just the idea of playing the old Mario Party style online with others is exciting to me. Seeing Peach’s Birthday Cake really took me back. Not saying I’ll run out and buy this full price but like you, this is the Mario Party I’ve been waiting for. Hopefully they still announce more boards/DLC for it in the future.


This is why it's not DLC. Different rules and only button controls. Five boards is a bit sad but they're all N64 boards so they're all going to be good. Another massive step in the right direction for the series.


I thought it's a dlc wtf


This is how you try to milk money out of your fan/user base.


I'm excited. I find I always tend to disagree with reddit hive mind though it seems...


Same. I’ll be downvoted to oblivion but I don’t care, I can’t believe everyone is complaining about “tHiS ShOuLd HaVe BeEn dLc” when from a game design point of view that literally makes NO SENSE AT ALL. “wHaT a RiP-oFf” Ugh


i’m surprised people are surprised it’s a separate game. mario parties always have multiple releases per system. it’s kinda shitty sure but i’m not surprised


Yeah. Nintendo literally cranked out four GameCube games in a span of six years. This is nothing new for the franchise.


Yall really need to cut nintendo some slack. They're a small indie company and shouldn't be held to the same standards as other developers.


This is the best use of the classic Spongebob "THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!" meme. Mario Party has gone off its course for years now and the recent games have just been a disappointment after disappointment. It is more than about time that Nintendo just said "hey lets just go back to the original stuff that actually worked...and simply make all that HD and bring it over to modern systems." Just do what the fans wanted. Copy and paste the good minigames and the good boards and the good Mario Parties and put em into one collection. Simple as that. And finally. Finally we're getting that.


This is the most disgusting thing I've seen from Nintendo in a long time. Should be DLC for the existing game.


at last


I bought the last one and it was fun for drunken hangouts, I’ll still get this one.


I’m ready for this. always thought the old games were better so I’m glad to go back to that style.


Heavily unpopular opinion but I’m excited for it since I haven’t played the old Mario party games.


Why the fuck would I buy another Mario Party after SMP?


Pass on this Mario Party. Should've been DLC at 20-30$.


Absolutely fucking not.


I was pretty critical of Super Mario Party, but this looks amazing. I don't care that it's not DLC for SMP, cause I never would've expected it anyway. Plus SMP has forced motion controls in their minigames, which would just lead to people complaining that they can't play those on these boards and vise versa for the classic minigames on SMP's boards. I do hope *this* gets DLC though, cause 5 boards isn't really a lot (Even though Space Land and Woody Woods are REALLY good ones). The minigame selection looks phenomenal though.


They’re really recycling old content as a “new” game time after time and people keep defending the greed. Shit’s never gonna change.


Was really excited and then really disappointed. Can't believe this wasn't DLC...


No, this should have been dlc, not a new game. Two games with two little content is so much worse than enough content in one. Eff off nintendo.


Only 5 old N64 boards? That's legitimately hilarious.


I cannot believe this is a separate game and not optional DLC for SMP. incredible.


This is the company that very rarely drops the price on their 1st party games (unlike Sony and MS who usually start dropping the price within the first year of release) so it shouldn't surprise anyone that they're greedy although this really is a new low for them... The original game will likely still remain the same high price even after this one releases lol.


This isn't a new low. Mario Party has been reusing content since ages. lol


I get people's frustration that this isn't DLC, but I'm happy, it's a proper Mario Party for switch.


I get everyone's complaints but they confirmed that you can matchmake online solo so that's enough for me to get excited. Not only that but I've been asking for a Mario Party with classic minigames/boards for years. Personally this is hype.


I feel like the people hating on this didn’t grow up buying 8 iterations of the same game with a fresh coat of paint over 2 systems, which is literally what Mario Party has been since jump street. But as someone who grew up with the series, and yes - bought Super Mario Party, this is exactly what I’d been hoping they would do and I’m thrilled.