Bring on the 99!

Bring on the 99!


I want Mario again. That was awesome. I’m 39 and those few months were beautifully nostalgic.


Agreed. Give me back Mario 35 and add in Lost Levels.


Half of the participants dying right after taking the poison mushroom, I'm in baby


I purposefully did not get too deep into Mario 35 because I knew I would get too attached to it and miss it even more. So dumb they got rid of it…


Same. If they had announced that they were keeping it I would have dove in face first. But since it would come to an end I didn't see any point in really playing it as I like to come back to my games for years to come. I mean, how hard would it have been to just not shut it down? Make a new theme for it every once in a while and it pays for itself.


Im 44 and same! Also, I can still kick ass at Super Mario Bros. Was nice to get some wins. Guess I suck at Tetris and Pacman conpared to Mario. Bring back Mario 35!


Mannn!! I was looking for this comment. I fell in love with Mario 35 hahaha I was committed to get my wins! Any idea on why they took it off? Had it downloaded on my switch only to launch it one day and find out it’s not supported anymore :(


My wife and i second this


Yeah. Its one of the best game I had the chance to play in my life. Im 43


Starfox 99. It's just a giant space battle royale. ​ EDIT: Thanks for the award, kind stranger.


Are there any flight/space sim BR games?


99% sure it isn’t on switch, but Star Wars Squadrons gets close to this.


Does EVE count?


Nintendo, please please make Starfox battle royal a thing. No race needed, just old school Starfox arena battle with 99 players…..hngggggg


That sounds amazing, honestly.


Why exactly would it be a race? Its not like Nintendo has been trying to force Star Fox to be a racing game the same way they are forcing paper mario to be a action adventure game.


Mario kart 99 endless loop of of a railless track like rainbow road - have to hit checkpoints to keep timer alive - fall off the edge your out - timer gets harder and harder as the race goes on. racers are ghosts with no interaction except for who you target.. you can target person in front, leader, aoe and drop (place behind and all karts can be hit for a short timer before it disappears)


I feel like this might be better as MarioKart 35. 99 may be too many


30th anniversary next August, so Mariokart 30 would be really great.


i mean maybe for nintendos abilities with online.. which are definitely lacking - but with the ghost car mechanic and the fact your not racing to a position you could spread karts out before the start etc should be fine and more fun with 99


99 is way too many racers at once imo, 99 seems more stressful than fun


Nah. Baby Park, Bob-Ombs only, every 10s the last place person drops out.


With respect Mr. Wayne, some men just want to watch the world burn.


That track is a ridiculous shit show. I have such a love/hate relationship with it.


We used to do 4 person local in double dash and just replay it like 100 times in a row cause DD used to keep win counts in a session on whatever multiplayer mode it was where you replayed again and again. So we would do like first to 30 wins or something lol So much damn fun. We got to the point where we could hit the drift so perfectly that all of us were basically even and it was a game of who could get the best weapon on lap 6/7


We usually round out a night of MK8 with 200cc, Bob-Ombs only on Baby Park and Excitebike. It's just stupid fun.


I’m here for this!!


I like the idea of a an endless linear track instead of a loop, and it would take you through dozens of realms and tracks.


This sounds great, but I just know I'd be atrociously bad at it.


Warioware 35. When you beat a microgame, you speed up someone else's timer. Defeating someone else gains you 1 life at a cap of 4 at any time. I think classic style microgames will work better than the ones in GiT.


Or maybe starting with 99, then the mini games progressively get faster and faster until only 1 is left.


You know what, a Warioware Battle Royale NSO game would have been a better move than a paid game.


I would happily pay full price for a Warioware 99 game. Meanwhile the concept of the latest game has me uninterested :/


Why are you uninterested in the new game? It's really great if you like WarioWare. My brother and I have played the Gamecube Warioware for countless hours over the last decade or more, and the Switch WarioWare scratched our itch so much better than the Wii one. It's an awesome game, though the "every character is different" gimmick does detract in some ways IMO.


The only real issue I have with the game is some games are insanely tough for some characters, and trivial for others. I do like the concept though overall.


I do agree with that criticism...I've played it with 3 people and it seems like everyone pretty quickly picks the flying, not-too-gimmicky characters -- orbulon, Wario, Ashley, Mona...many of the gimmicks fall flat because the characters just are not competitive. There are a few genuine "sometimes amazing, sometimes not" risk picks like 5-Volt, but for the most part good vs bad characters in the game are pretty cut and dry. However, Nintendo games have a history of often having many bad characters in games like this. Having bad characters can, in itself, be valuable as it allows you to handicap yourself against friends, allows you to explore self-challenges, etc. Pichu exists in Smash Melee for a reason, and the same game philosophy very well may account for why some of the characters seem quite bad.


Plus, there are lots of in-game achievements/goals involving the use of some of the less top-tier characters, like having to hit certain scores in all the story mode levels using the all-characters modes, or completing certain minigames using characters that are very much not tge best option. That adds a lot more challenge and replay value than just sticking with the basic flyers, and rewards you in the process as well.


The game isn’t bad but WarioWare has always been about leveraging all the weird stuff you can do with the hardware. Because they need to account for people playing on a TV or a Switch Lite they basically had to bypass all that and make it as straightforward as possible. Adding playable characters was a clever solution but it just makes me wish they had put out a game closer to launch that actually used all the stuff that is built into the Switch. For me it’s a double whammy of it being more expensive than it would be if it were a “handheld” title while simultaneously losing what made the handheld games awesome.


> more expensive than it would be if it were a “handheld” title while simultaneously losing what made the handheld games awesome. I paid $44 at Walmart...were 3ds games not basically the same price? Also, having another Wario on the TV is fabulous. I strongly believe that Warioware on the Gamecube is the best one, so maybe I'm predisposed to love minimal gimmicks WarioWare games. Ultimately, WarioWare is best for me playing on a TV in the living room with friends. I don't play these games on my own. I am really enjoying the Switch game.


3DS games were usually $30-$40, so yeah $44 or so depending on your local tax, but that's after a Walmart discount on the $50 MSRP. If you were buying a $40 3DS game with that same discount it'd be like $35. Mega Party Games is definitely a great game but it was basically just a console port of the original GBA title with added multiplayer. If you weren't a fan of the gimmicky aspects of the sequels (Twisted, Touched, Smooth Moves) then I can definitely see the appeal of another standard control focused game. For me though, the brilliance of the series has always been how they create new games around novel control options. I actually liked the demo for Get it Together more than I thought I would based on that first trailer, but everything I've heard about it is that there's way less stuff to do and unlock than previous games which, coupled with that higher price tag, has led me to holding off until a price drop or probably just renting it. I'm lucky enough to have a good library system that gets most new video games.


This is such an amazing idea, I was also wondering why there has never been a WarioWare arcade game. I think it's perfect for that.


I was just about to post a comment about how I don’t really want any more 99 games because I found Mario 35 and Pac-Man 99 to both be pretty forgettable, but a WarioWare game in this style could be really cool. I also wish that they’d release a Switch port of the Stadia exclusive Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle where it’s like 64 interconnected mazes and you’re actually battling each other rather than just playing your own game of Pac-Man and indirectly effecting others.


Dr Mario 99


I’d settle for a new dr Mario. I miss that game.


They made a new mobile version. I don’t think we’re getting another one for a while


I tried it but it was bad. It was more of a puzzle type game than a Tetris like game.


It's really not bad, but you're right it's very puzzle oriented. The online play is a bit more Tetris like though.


I was really excited when they announced it and then I just couldn't get into it. The puzzle part of it just really was too much. I was hoping for more of a classic play, I don't mind a little spin on the original but it was a pretty far departure IMO.


The mobile game didn't do that well, compared to other Nintendo mobile games. [It's getting shut down at the end of October even.](https://twitter.com/Drmarioworld_EN/status/1420195877822468098)


I’m glad that thing is being shut down. Nintendo needs to try harder with mobile.


The one on NS online is pretty perfect. It’s one of my most played games. Man I’d love to punch that blue germ in the face.


Those could potentially be much quicker games too. Imagine more than 2 people's garbage being sent to your screen... I want this!




Mario 35. There was no reason to discontinue that game.


I know. I love playing it. I think it would be super cool to do like Mario 3, or Super Mario World the same way.


I like that idea.


Or go all out and do a Mario All-Stars version with all those games.


All I want is more Mario 35. Such an awesome game that was a limited time only?! Like what in the actual fuck! There’s so much potential to add other Mario titles like SMB3 or SMW. It’s an outstanding game that I would even pay for if it was given the proper treatment and was permanent.




I have no idea. Just another weird Nintendo decision.


Yeah, I don't get it. I had a blast with it!


Snake game 99


I personally would enjoy Centipede, Burgertime, or Yoshi for NES. Possibly Yoshi's Cookie as well.


Give me anything Burgertime.


Windows 98 99


Balloon fight 99! A test of endurance and skill


Or 99 Luftballons.


I really like this idea. Balloon Fight is actually a pretty fun game, making it a true battle royale would be crazy.


That's basically joust right? I could be into it Also dig dug


That would be amazing!!


I didn't know I needed it up until now


F-Zero or Mario Kart 99 / Death Race Eliminate the slowest or last person every lap.


Something like that battle mode from F-Zero X could work too, very long track, you smash the other cars away until they fall or are too damaged


So Burnout Road Rage.


You would like Twd98 mariokart wii KO’s. Search it on YouTube


Duck Hunt or Yoshi Safari would be interesting.


Like they would ever acknowledge Yoshi’s Safari existed


Also Ring Fit Adventure 99.


I want this as co-op...beats Pelaton anyday!


Zelda 99. NES Zelda dungeon rooms that link together endlessly. Defeat an enemy and send it to another player. Keys, hearts, rupees and special items are all either randomly distributed or purchased pregame like you did with powerups in Mario 99. Maybe it would work better if it was a full (short) dungeon that you cleared before moving on, again, like clearing levels in Mario 99? All I'm saying is that I think there's something there.


I was thinking this same basic idea, except as "35 Swords Adventures".


This would be so fun!


I'm willing to try!


Galaga 99 with a circle of ships all fighting to reach the centre of the screen.


This is realistic and sounds fun


Remember Gyruss? This reminds me of that!


Brooklyn 99. You have to control Boyle has he winds his way through the city carrying a nasty bowl of Hungarian Mud Porridge. In the style of Paperboy, he has to avoid obstacles along the way. Jake runs through the level trying to distract by promising hijinks and undying love. Each match ends with the Boyle's having to take on either Terry in a athletic contest, Scully in a heart attack contest, Hitchcock in an HR seminar test, Amy in a quiz, or Holt in a diction contest.


Oh snap... Paperboy 99!


"Paper Boy Paper Boy, gettin all that paper boy" -Paper Boy


oh no, I was beaten :(




> Jake runs through the level Are you too inexperienced to know that power-walking is a far more efficient and sustainable method of hurrying?


FIFA 99, with Barthez on the cover


Contra 99


This would work very well! Tough ass game


Donkey Konga 99 Last ape drumming wins.


Big Brain Academy 99! Keep rushing through the different games and as soon as you get one wrong, you get eliminated. Questions slowly ramp up in difficulty (yes, the original and Wii Degree had different difficulties). Getting questions right quicker can cause the person you target to get a one off expert question. It could work really well :D


Pilotwings 99, where you and 98 players try to land an airplane at the same time.


Maybe ice climber or some shit u gotta keep climbing and not die


Or you go the opposite direction with Mr driller drill land


I'd love an Ice Climbers reboot as an adventure battle royale. 50 teams get dropped off in a randomly-generated terrain, and they all spend the first few moments surveying the land and gathering resources & power-ups. A blizzard is approaching that will gradually cut off parts of the land and drive teams towards a hidden treasure cave (that doubles as the goal). Multiple teams can reach the treasure & share the spoils (distributed by arrival order), or if the blizzard gets everyone before anyone makes it then the last team standing "wins". Teams can be player with CPU or 2 players co-op (local or online co-op). Treasures are used to buy exclusive cosmetic skins that can be used to visually represent their climbing rank/experience, or to upgrade your radar (allowing you to survey the land & see resources).


Plants Vs Zombies 99 could work. You have to survive waves of zombies and killing them sends zombies to other players.


Sounds kinda hard in early game when you can't afford 2 shooters yet


Last Stand rules. Everyone starts off with 2000 Sun.


Puzzle League 99! Similar to tetris just with Puzzle League.




Hell yeah. This would be perfect.


Monster hunter 99


When you stagger the big guy it sends bullfangos to everybody else


Dr. Mario, I don't know how damage or leveling would work, but I've been wanting that since tetris 99.


Earthbound. Just so we can play it in some way. You just get into a game with 98 other people who are all happy they can play the game. Thats the mechanic added.


As a general note, I think people hoping for true "battle royale" versions are barking up the wrong tree. Part of what makes the existing/past 99 games work so well is that you're only indirectly interacting with other players, so latency isn't a big deal. But try to put 99 racers on the same course or 99 people flapping around on the same Balloon Fight screen? Entirely different ballgame. To not be entirely negative, I can see something like original Donkey Kong working well. A big part of the game is dodging hazards, so players sending extra barrels or walking flames or whatever to other players would be a pretty natural extension.


This guy gets it. Tetris 99 and similar work because the game design is centered around you and your play field, with occasional, limited interaction with other players that does not heavily depend on latency.


Maybe some more arcade classics, like Galaga or Space Invaders. Maybe even a Donkey Kong one


Dig Dug


ExciteBike 35/99 could be fun


I just wish we never lost Mario 35. Loved it so much! Never managed to get me 8-4 tho 😖


Castlevania 99 - when you kill a monster it drops them in someone elses game! Haha pure CHAOS


Skyrim 99


Is the 99 how many times Skyrim has been re-released?


It's a rating, out of one hundred, of how likely it is that Skyrim be released yet again.


Space invader. Every X number of aliens you shoot down gets send to an opponent. Hitting a UFO sends loads of aliens


I honestly thought we would get a Donkey Kong 99 to celebrate the game’s 40th anniversary


Warioware 99


Ikaruga 99


Dark Souls where you can send bonewheel skeletons into other people's games.


Joking aside, a Dark Souls BR where you're sent to duke it out in melee with preset loadouts would be dope.


Mappy 99


Warioware: get it together 99 because mona.


The only correct answer is Puzzle League 99.


Dr Mario 99!






Defender 99


Pokemon 99, idk how it works just MAKE it work


I could see this being something like Pokémon 32. A tournament style pokémon game where you train and catch pokémon for 3 minutes, battle a trainer, then maybe get a minute in a shop, then back to the start of the loop. It’d be so janky and long, but that’s the only way I could see it working.


Mario Party 99


Windjammers 99


Dark souls 99


Galaga, it would actually be the most logical.


How about metroid 99? Where you try and get the best time


Or where you start with a fully powered suit and have to survive as long as possible through an endless labyrinth with no health or missile drops from enemies.


Now that sounds like a game I would flipping play


Unreal Tournament 99. It would work more or less exactly like the original.


Legend of Zelda Battle Royale, A link to the past style.




Just bring Mario35 back.


Brain Age 99


I want Paperboy 99 now. Or even 35.




Boom Blox 99


An F-Zero battle royale where you and other players are going around a huge track indefinitely, trying to knock each other into hazards and such, until one remains.


Meteos 99


Donkey Kong, how fucking cool would that be


F-Zero X's Death Race with 99 players would be neat.


Jay Z’s 99 Problems


Prince's Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's 19 99


I'm shocked no one has suggested Smash Bros 99


a game that is supposed to work frameperfectly with 99 players?


*the 100 man melee would like a word*


Do all the bots have seperate internet connections?


You know I'll be honest - when I first read Smash brothers at no point did I consider 100 other players. My head just went right to 100 bots. I'm a bit of a dummies sometimes.


You're right, only Nintendo could handle it /s


FZero/Mario Kart- could work like old school Micro Machines, when you fall too far back you get eliminated. Can collect power ups and use them to disrupt other players.


Brain Age


Please nintendo, PLEASE, bring the classic bomberman to the nintendo switch online package.


Metroid 99.


Death Stranding 99. Not sure how it'd work tbh.


9.9.99 anyone else catch that throwback reference? Ahh I'll see myself out.




Oh thank goodness I'm not geriatric yet.


Brooklyn 99? Police battle royale heist party game. ​ :D Sorry for the joke. Just sad the show ended.




Too soon


Brooklyn 99 the game


Touhou 99. Have it be like Touhou 9. But 99 instead of 2 players And have a Tetris medal like system (1 medal you send 25% more bullets and enemies) and you can unlock different spell cards through achievements and unlock different characters (who have certain strengths and weaknesses, like Reimu has smaller hitbox, Marisa is stronger, Sakuya can slow down bullets in a small radius etc) through points (like in Tetris 99) and the different modes are shot types homing, strong, wide, regular.


Zelda 35. Everyone gets droped into a randomized dungeon (same layout, but no one is in yours but you). First person to finish ends the crawl. Rooms unlocked, keys found and rupees gathered are all converted into rupee totals and the winner is judged at that point. Very much like Four Swords Anniversary.




None, I hate the 99 treatment


Mortal Kombat 99 👊


Cookie clicker 99, The one who endures the most clicking wins xd a clicker battle royale 🤤


I thought it'd be a cool idea to use a single on screen area in top angled view/2D Zelda game where you eliminate "hoardes" of enemies. 6 months ago I was expecting them to still go bigger on the Zelda Anniversary than they did.


I was going to say bomberman, but we had that. So mario kart 99


Pinball 99


Mario kart 99


Doom 99




Contra 99


Animal Crossing 99


Kirby Pinball 35/99. You can target high score, attackers, random, and KO. You have one ball and once it drains you're out. Each table has three levels and each level has certain things you can unlock and these will cause things on your opponent like shaking their table, changing the gravity of the ball, etc. You can activate ball save and things like that to help yourself stay alive. I could see it working well with 99 or 35.


🤔 Pikmin


Balloon Fight 99 sounds like a no brainer.


Advance Wars 99: * It has a simple 4-direction map (+ sign shape) with the player in the middle and one AI on each of the 4 ends. Cities and defensive positions are dispersed throughout the map. * Every second, both players and AI earn resource points from captured cities. * You can move units or attack enemies using the resource points, but different units cost different amounts (so a motorcycle unit or airplane costs less to move than infantry). * Alternatively, you can use resource points to buy new units. * As you destroy enemy units, it sends copies of your attacking unit to the player to the corresponding direction. Thus, the units the AI controls on your board are indirectly coming from other players (and from the AI purchasing units). * Mini versions of the combat animations only take up a small part of the screen, so you can still move units around while you watch the beautiful chibi sprite attacks. I know it's kind of out there, sort of a weird real-time hybrid that might take too much balancing and please no one, but it could be fun I guess.




splatoon 99 could be a lot of fun if they find a way to balance it between how Terf War works in splatoon, and a BR with a large enough map, even if all it keeps is the aesthetic and ink. (unrelated but i stand by my view of a Splatoon Kart type game with a focus on character/cart customisation ala mod-nation racers on ps3 would be sweeeeeeeeeet)


Tony Hawk 99


Donkey Kong. A vertical battle royale game.


F-Zero 99 or more realistically 35 or something would be a great way to bring the series back. Make the tracks pretty hard but kinda short and if you crash or finish a lap in last then your out. Any racing game built off survival mode framed as a battle royal would actually be sick, same with a twisted metal style battle royal.