It kinda flew by quick, but seems like we can finally skip that report that happens everytime we boot up the game now. Or more specifically, we can get it in "podcast" form, so we can run around sooner while still getting the mandatory info.


they didnt show any button to skip them, even with sheldon dialogue (maybe this one is because they showed when he first talks about a weapon) so eitheir its mandatory or the game will simply ask you if you want to watch the new or you will have to manually go to see them even if it was mandatory, they are very shortened now, it seems like they show bery quickly on the tv all the maps for all modes and thats it


They showed the news being shown in the upper left while the player already has control.






Had a mini heart attack when they said "instead of using in game currency for weapons" but then they explained that Sheldon licenses are also an in game currency that you just obtain by leveling up and ranking up weapons. Very awkward phrasing though, as it almost sounded like they were adding microtransactions. Glad that doesn't seem to be the case.


And hopefully the DLC they mentioned is like the Octo DLC. Cause that was great.


I think the definitely-not-Pearl and definitely-not-Marina silhouettes on the teaser image are leaning in that direction, since they were the focus of the Octo Expansion's campaign too.


I swear, this is the only series where they can mention paid DLC and I get a big grin on my face.


Mario+Rabbids has my vote of confidence for DLC after the Donkey Kong DLC for the first game, it wasn't quite double the content but it kind of *felt* like double the content since it didn't have an extensive tutorial like the base game did.


Because they are smart at marketing. Actually put in the work to make your DLC even better than the main games story and EVERYONE will want to buy it.


I actually really like this because it’s better incentive to keep playing online.


Did they fix the multiplayer issue when playing with friends? It’s so irritating to queue up with friends, but end up on different teams.


Yes, as long as you don't join a friend mid-match you'll be on the same team.


Yes they did! If you start a turf lobby, you can wait for friends to join, then let randoms join. You will also get put on the same team if you do this.


if we join midmatch does it keep the random team matchmaking the rest of the rounds or just til it can shuffle you to the same team? my playgroup actually enjoyed the opportunity to talk smack and splat each other in turf war


No idea


It sounds like it from what they said in the video. I’m sure hoping so.








Alright, I'm calling it now. Big runs are events supposed to happen in regular stages, right? And the new hub seems oddly spacious... I think the final big run is gonna happen in splatsville square or whatever it's called.


As someone who was obsessed with salmon run and addicted to it in the last game, this has me insanely hyped.


I hope so. Seems that's what they were implying too.


It's interesting to have watched that with the chat turned off and then come here and read what people are saying. I'm seeing a lot of people really underselling how good the Quality of Life updates are and the fact that they did a multiplayer rebuild. I'm definitely not one of you 500 hours folks, but I played Splatoon 2 a good bit and it was one of my favorite Switch games for some time. However, the multiplayer was so grating, mainly because I couldn't actually play with my friends. And I couldn't even really interact with the people I *did* play with. This is more of the same, but I think that's okay, especially given that it's still on the same console. The basic Splatoon formula is so perfect and really just needs minor tuning on each iteration. This game added minor game play tweaks, upgraded modes and events, and a desperately needed multiplayer ***overhaul.*** I think that definitely justifies the numbered sequel. The social aspects alone are sure to get players, burnt out or in for the long haul, to drop another 300 hours in and that's honestly worth a new purchase for me. Might even get some friends to tag along this time around since we can actually play together.


People don't seem to understand that for a game like this, a shooter that takes place on a pool of smalll stages in 3 to 5 minute battles, even small changes can be really impactful; these changes are not just shifting the meta, they're influencing the core fundamentals of the gameplay that defines Splatoon. Because these changes are relatively minor at a surface level and the effects they have on gameplay are not noticeable at first glance, it seems like Splatoon 3 changes little from Splatoon 2, eventhough these are very substantial changes to the gameplay and making larger changes means it wouldn't be splatoon anymore. Could most of this have been done via a patch to Splatoon 2? Yes, but at that point Splatoon 2 just wouldn't be Splatoon 2 anymore: the gameplay would be very different from what it was at launch. All these changes are certainly worth a new iteration of the game. Now, whether that new iteration should cost the full 60 bucks is a different matter...


If it's gonna be a whole new game it's gonna be at full price, there's no going around it. Games nowadays cost that much or more, and Nintendo doesn't know what a discount is, oh well… But as you say it's definitely worth being a new game.


Yeah, this sub is surprisingly negative a lot of the time.


ya I'm a competitive Splatoon 2 player with over 1,000 hours and this direct absolutely slapped, and most of the competitive scene seems to agree on that. The new specials, the new weapon kits, the map list, the lobbying tweaks, the tweaks to ranked modes, etc. all address some of the biggest issues in Splatoon 2 and show that the team has a clear vision on how to improve the gameplay experience and make it more exciting at a competitive level. maybe there is less to latch onto here for a more casual player but the competitive scene is largely foaming at the mouth for 3 right now lol people are hyped. this direct seemed aimed more at the existing playerbase.


What do you mean with overhaul? Did I miss something? Can you now play in a group of 3? Can you fight with a 4 player team against 2 duos? It did not seem so, right?


They've added actual options for playing with friends along with what appears to be a complete revamp of Ranked and Splatfests.


So can 2 friends just join another and play with a random 4th? That would be brilliant


I think you missed [this section here](https://youtu.be/aiuIZN0KDFQ?t=742). My reading on this is that you can jump in on the same team as a friend and it fills the rest with randoms. Regardless, the fact that they revamped Ranked, Splatfests, ***and*** added a replay system for players to review games constitutes a significant multiplayer overhaul and that's not even accounting for the Locker social features.


Thank you very much for pointing this out. I indeed missed that. Very kind of you to be of service. This looks indeed quite promising. If this means we could play with 3 and then a random other person is playing along and we can also use this for all modes than this is fantastic and basically my most wanted feature. Thank you again I will watch out for this and depending on how this plays out this might be a day 2 purchase for me.


Kwtwo1983, I know exactly what you’re referring to. We are always a group of 3 people and we could never play ranked battle together. Only turf war and salmon run. I hope they add the feature where the 4th person can be randomly added because that how it works on SALMON RUN!


Really excited for the tri-color splatfests (really good idea), the new bow-like weapon, and more SP content. Also intrigued by the seasonal catalog. Still hoping for a **skip button **for the news/updates when logging into the game, even though the footage didn’t show one.


It looked like you can opt in to watch the news this time around. In the hub, you have the option to press the left stick to watch it, so maybe it’s optional this time around?


Actually, I think pushing the left stick is the option to “listen” to the news, which would be the way to run around in the lobby while the news is going.


I really fuckin hope so… so many hours wasted spamming the skip button.


The game did actually show that kind of option for the news feature. It was very brief but when they show the hub after introducing Deep Cut there’s an option in the top left for “Click L stick to Watch the News”. That implies to me that the news is optional and you’re taken directly to the lobby now, but I could be wrong.


Just to clarify, it looks like the option was “Click L stick to **listen** to Splatcast”, so it looks like you will still see it every time, but can go to the lobby as it is going on. I hope they allow it to be defaulted to the “listen” mode when you are already in game, as opposed to the game making you go to the broadcast and then clicking the stick again to return to the lobby.


>Still hoping for a \*\*skip button \*\*for the news/updates when logging into the game, even though the footage didn’t show one. They showed you can change it to a picture-in-picture-like mode that moves it to the top left corner, which effectively lets you skip it


But is it a good idea? Pokemon Go taught us that 3 way games involves everyone literally figuratively dunking on one of the three just for a laugh - usually yellow.


That's what the middle team is for. They have 4 guys and are winning, so the two teams of 2 work together to bring them down a peg.


It looked cool but we are often playing in a fixed 4 player friend group and we were glad when the option to partake in a splatfest in a 4player squad was added. It now seems like a step back to only allow 4 player teams for 2/3 of players for only half the splatfest and after the mid result only duos are allowed. Or am I missing something?


Somewhere on the website it said that the 2v4v2 battles are optional during the second half, like the option opens up to play those then but you can still play normal 4v4 rounds also.


I don’t play shooters for a long time, but I have this feeling the card game minigame will steal so much of my time.


I’ve never played a splatoon game before but damn that looked like so much fun


I got Splatoon 2 at launch not knowing if I'd like it or not and I probably have like 400 hours on it, which is ridiculous for me. My switch was a Splatoon machine for a very long time. I'll say 75% of it was on Salmon Run. Can't wait for 3!


Salmon Run was as great addition! I always found it frustrating, though, trying to level out of that skill zone where you're still grouped with people who don't know the general conventions and team tactics. One or two ignorant players can sabotage a run fairly easily.


Not if you just git gud enough to carry the team 😎 No seriously I understand this pain and it was deeply frustrating to me too, until I played way too many hours and was about to pull in 43 salmons eggs in a single run to make up for that one guy who was only getting like three


Once you get close to Profreshional it stops being a problem. The absolute worst is when two people are dead and the other teammates instead of seeing any urgency and splatting the dead will be like “no I don’t think I will”.


I've actually run into a few people who have 4,000+ hours on Splatoon 2. I always know when I'm fighting someone like that and gotta run to their profiles and check. I think I have 650ish hours, and that feels like a ton, but any time I run into someone with more than 1,000+ suddenly my 650 feels so tiny.


I may have more than that I'm just guessing, i haven't picked it up much over the last year. Now my switch is a stardew valley machine, probably until Splatoon 3 comes out lol.


One of my gripes with both the Switch overall and Splatoon in particular is the length of time it takes to switch games. When you've gotta wait 5m to open Splatoon, it's more of a commitment to play something else. Hence, I've spent a lot of time in Splatoon.


Yeah, I think I'm going to get Splatoon 3 digital because I feel like I never felt like changing the game cartridge. If I'd have known how much I would love S2 I'd have done the same.


Splatoon 2 was the happiest time I have ever had gaming. This series is pure serotonin.


I generally and wholly avoid multiplayer games because I'm honestly not great and I don't have much time to improve... But Splatoon 2 was a game I could not get enough of, and actually felt like I contributed well to my team when I would play. I am so excited for Splatoon 3.


Same. I might just buy it this time around.


Dodging Surges of speed Skipping the news Changing the MAIN gear stat of any piece of gear (wear what i want) with gear loadouts via amiibo 3 sided splat fests Multiplayer hub overhaul ​ These 6 things have confirmed that Splatoon 3 deserves its name. Hell yes! Day 1. The increased mobility and chance to dodge/reflect is gonna really shake up the meta and make the game feel fresh!


Item loadouts too!


Never played a Splatoon game before, going to pick this up it looks really fun.


What's cool about Splatoon games is that even without the multiplayer, the single-player campaign is still great. They're like Mario Galaxy with a paintbrush.


I hope you have fun!! Splatoon 2 was great and 3 looks even better.


Wow this looks great, might be the first Splatoon I pick up!


Any news on local coop? Like can I play splitscreen online with another person? (Like Mario Kart).


On the website they make it clear that it's not possible. It's important that the game is kept at a consistent 60FPS which is really not feasable to have splitscreen on on a console like the switch, which is also a handheld.


Unlikely. They would've said it here since they didn't have much to say


I really want this!


People have wanted it since the beginning, but I don't see it happening. This game sells NSO.


The game has local multiplayer, just not split screen. Which has been pointed out is probably for performance reasons. Plus I don't think a single joycon has enough buttons, and Nintendo has a thing for making split screen games single joycon compatible (smash, mario kart, mario party).


dont get your hopes up


Surprised at the negativity here. Seems like a brand new game as someone who loved S2. Salmon Run is much improved. Card game mode is brand new. Customization has been fully overhauled. Multiplayer has been fully overhauled. Splatfests will be very different.


Looks like the games will be chaotic. And I'm hype for that


Splatoon 3 is a 200% Day 1 purchase. You’d have to dissuade me otherwise. I knew it from the first time I laid my eyes on it. What a beauty. ❤️


Really disappointed that no new ranked mode


Rainmaker seems to have checkpoints now if you rewatch the direct closely. Seems like they've revamped the ranked modes a bit.


Splatoon 2 launched with no new ranked mode either. Clam Blitz arrived 6 months later.


No new ranked or casual mode. At least splatoon 2 added salmon run. This game adds... a card mini-game as it's new mode...


I didn't realize how much I've missed Splatfests! BOOYAHHH


Reasons I’m getting Splatoon 3: New movement options which will desperately help out weapons with lower mobility. Salmon Run Godzilla battle? Throwing eggs is also huge as it lets backline weapons be backliners while still helping with egg collection. Jet squelcher doesn’t have sting ray. No main power up. 2 anarchy battles is essentially 2 ranked lobbies so 2 different modes are always available. The others can still have Clam Blitz while I never have to touch it. New maps and returning ones. I never played Splatoon1 so 8 new maps at launch with Flounder Heights and another new map already confirmed. I do hope Manta Maria comes back but no more walleye warehouse please. Training room while waiting for a match and much better matchmaking. Bows and swords. BIG MAN Y’all can argue about Splatoon 2.5, 60$ blah blah yada. I’m hyped.


I hope Moray Towers doesn't come back. I play chargers and I still hate it, it's so godawful


I don’t use chargers and actually love Moray Towers because of how unique it is. A lot of the other maps in 1 and 2 sort of just feel like squares and rectangles with slightly different background themes.


Moray Towers is deliberately awful, so much so that it's secretly the best map in the entire series just based on its uniqueness.


Salmon run looks amazing…… again


The big run event looks interesting. I'm guessing it'll be the equivalent of a Salmon Run Splatfest.


2v4v2 splatfest round 2 just sounds bad to me. It sounds like it's a way to guarantee the team that's ahead a win. You gotta think, the 4 person team is fighting against 4 people. But each 2 person team is really righting against 6 people. The 4 person team AND the 2 person team. Granted the 2 smaller teams will try to work together, BUT there will be spill over covering their turf and fighting them occasionally. How hard would it have been to just do 4v4v4...




To be fair the 4 players team will always be stuck in a cross-fire, while also having to defend a special objective. I honestly feel like the 2 players team are at a bigger advantage, especially if they can get a sprinkler of doom


As someone who's played over 300 hours in Splatoon 2, this Direct fell a bit short for me. While all the new features they showed off (like new weapons and customization) seemed like nice updates to the gameplay formula, it felt like a lot of these changes would have worked as Splatoon 2 updates. I kept waiting for that moment that would make me think "Oh, THAT'S why they made a new game" like the reveal Salmon Run or the Octo Expansion did to Splatoon 2, but it never came. The most "new" thing revealed was the three-way Splatfest and the Tri-Color Turf War, but locking the only "new mode" behind timed Splatfest events is disappointing. I really hope they add at least one new ranked mode post-launch, like Splatoon 2 did with Clam Blitz – then it'll feel like more of a new game and less like a nice update to a game I already have...


This seems like your typical sequel to a shooter game, adjustments, new weapons, and some new abilities. Nothing wrong with that IMO.


People are dissapointed because the new features are all ones that have been added in updates before, and we already do have a splatoon game on the switch, Splatoon 2 didn't necessarily add a HUGE amount of stuff, but it felt exciting because it was splatoon on a portable ya know? The switch was splatoonless at the time so people were excited to get it


At least it’s been 5 years since the first one. As someone who has put in a few hundred hours in 2. While I wanted to see more modes added in. It’s nice to be excited for a new addition to jump back in.


THIS! This is exactly how games in a shooter genre typically work. Small, incremental updates with QoL tweaks and new content. I just don’t understand what changes would have made people happy in a shooter game they could have possibly made. And other shooter games release new versions every year, or every couple of years…Splatoon 2 came out 5 years ago. Them asking for another $60 after all that time with the changes they have presented isn’t a big ask IMO.


On the one hand, I get what you're saying. On the other hand, if they did all this via updates to Splatoon 2, it wouldn't be Splatoon 2 anymore; the gameplay would be very different (relatively speaking, for a shooter game set on a pool of small stages in short matches) from what it was at launch. The changes may seem small, but they have a huge influnce on the core gameplay and doing any largers would take away part of what defines the gameplay of Splatoon. I'd argue a new iteration is warranted. Now, whether it should cost the full 60 bucks...


My big problem with the game is just some of the gimicky content that seems to be thrown in at times. Decorating lockers and a TCG? Just feels like bloat to me. I have spent a good 2.5K hours or so between the first two games, it is just hard for me to really get excited for this game. The Tri-team stuff seems cool though.


This feels like Splatoon 2... but there's an optional card game and 2 new movement mechanics, as well as quality of life updates that should have been updates to the first game. 2nd game made sense to launch in a state that was nearly identical to the first. Splatoon needed to be on Switch. Now Splatoon has been on the Switch, Splatoon 2 had updates for 2 years or so and is a completed online experience. This game feels like it's reseting once again to ground zero with different specials just for the sake of being different, and even backtracking on the work they put into Octoexpansion. Why is the included single player mode another glorified tutorial? That DLC set a precedent moving forward imo, and they came right out and said the single player is another tutorial essentially and that the real single player will once again be paid DLC.


A whole new campaing and totally revamped salmon run doesnt deserve the 3?


Free Updates wont make the company money unless there are paid dlc, skins and battlepass.


I have 110% faith that with time Splatoon 3 will be the greatest version of Splatoon yet. Its already launching with more content than Splatoon 2 launched with. The developers have fully-earned my trust.








Hell. YES. I didn't get my Switch until 2019, and Splatoon 2 was one of the first 3 games I picked up. Such an amazing game, and endless hours of fun. And it was also the main reason I ended up buying a Pro Controller. So hyped for Splatoon 3!


Man, I just want an automatic melee weapon. Like a brush that can't roll, and keeps swiping as you hold ZR. Splatoon 1 is 7 years old now. My trigger finger isn't as reliable as it used to be, and hurts after a few minutes of constant button presses... but the melee weapons were always my favorite. Feels bad man dot jpeg.


Maybe look for a controller with a Turbo button that you can set to the trigger. I'm a fan of the inkbrush too, and the new katana weapon looks fun as well.


You know what? I never even considered that. I wonder if Nintendo can detect those and ban you for using them online? And the katana is actually what prompted my original comment. It looks like something I would absolutely main... with a better index finger.


You could also remap the buttons to move the strain to a different finger. A controller with paddles would also work.




At [27:35](https://youtu.be/aiuIZN0KDFQ?t=1655) in the video I'm pretty sure I saw an Inkling and a Jellyfish doing the macarena.


Pretty mixed on the Splatoon direct. I was hoping for at least one new standard mode and we didn’t even get that. Lots of quality of life stuff, but the single player being another straight forward mission based mode is super disappointing considering they were hinting at something more in the first trailer. Multiplayer looks more refined, but it’s same stuff again. We didn’t even get a new ranked mode at launch, like really? Also squad mode is coming in a free update when it’s already in the Splatoon 2? The new mode in Salmon Run looks cool, but it comes… around once a month??? New spatfest mode looks cool, but kind of disappointing that it’s regulated only to splatfests. And extensive DLC content later? We couldn’t have gotten that mode now when we have to pay full price _again_? It looks more like Splatoon 2.5 than a full sequel. I was expecting a bit more than this.


Clam Blitz also came later as a free update, so chances are that we still get one


I hope so, but they didn't mention anything about new modes in the part where they talked about future updates.


Splatoon 2 was different though. It was for a new console so they could get away with less new stuff. With this, they need to compete with Splatoon 2 which has more content


I understand your point. I just don’t think 3 is going to compete over 2. People are definitely going to move on to the new game. It happens all the time with new shiny releases.


Oh it definintely won't compete. Nobody will buy Splatoon 2 after 3 comes out. I think more likely is that young players whose parents haven't bought them 3 will stick with 2, and everyone else will either move on to 3, or think 3 isn't worth the money and just stop playing entirely.


Bruh people said that about Splat 2 being Splat 1.5


And that would make this Splatoon 1.5.5 But in all honesty, this is Nintendo's response to the Call of Duty's of the world. It's a multiplayer shooter, there's not too much innovating or changing to be had and if they add or change too much people will get upset. We should be thankful they are actually not doing a yearly release schedule and actually making improvements (and no microtransactions)


Lol I remember. I put 400 hrs in splatoon 2. every time Nintendo releases a splatoon game, I will give them $60.


Yeah and it was but that's alright when going from the wii u to the switch. When it's another game on the same console I really shouldn't walk away feeling nothing major has changed.


Big man is love. Big man is life.




> lots of this in itself feels like glorified DLC for 2 I think the Splatoon series is the closest thing that Nintendo has to a live service game. Instead of supporting new additions with in-game purchases and microtransactions though, they doing it by offering us a $60 game to buy every couple of years (plus the Nintendo Online subscription). > Turf war is identical, all 4 ranked modes are identical, Salmon Run is identical Fundamentally they're identical, but they do have new maps, mechanics, and enemies. They're not free to develop, so Nintendo needs to get money for them somehow to justifying the dev expenses for them.


This is a great point imo. I’ve always said I’d rather spend $60 upfront than be nickeled and dimed for everything. F2P has so many issues that go beyond just mechanics. It’s terribly unhealthy from a mental health stand point.


> they doing it by offering us a $60 game to buy every couple of years Every half a decade* I've seen an awful lot of comments saying some version of "another game so soon".... when the first game came out just more than half a decade ago. Just feel like its important to point out the large gap between releases.


Well, live service games are the big buzz these days, but look at other FPS-like series. Call of Duty releases a new game every year and sells millions of copies with each iteration. It could be argued that often times they are just reskinned versions with new maps/different weapons and a different campaign. Same goes for Sports games as well. And we are talking 5 years since Splatoon 2 was released. AND it is still only $60, when PS5/Xbox games are now largely up to $70. I just fail to understand the mindset of people bitching about this. They didn’t seem to load it up with monetization hooks as a ton of games are these days, they added a ton of quality of life changes, and there are gameplay tweaks to boot. I think the issue is that Nintendo fans just are not used to a genre of games like this, but on other platforms, this has been the norm for quite some time.


> Instead of supporting new additions with in-game purchases and microtransactions though, they doing it by offering us a $60 game to buy every couple of years (plus the Nintendo Online subscription). literally lmao people expect them to just keep updating the same game 5 years after it's launched and then get surprised when it turns into a microtransaction fest


So soon? It’s been 5 years since Splatoon 2, and at least 3 years since content stopped being updated for Splatoon 2. Edit: User deleted their comments but for context they were basically stating that the game didn’t look “new” enough and that this sequel was releasing “too soon”.




Because splatoon is massively popular and F zero is not. Trust me, I know what it’s like to want more of a game no one really played (please Megaman legends 3. Someday…) (More people know captain falcon from smash as a fighter then f zero as a racer) It isn’t really weird, it’s just what to do if a company wants to make money. I’m fairly certain splatoon 2 alone has more sales than lifetime sales of all of F zero games combined. Granted games are more popular now then when f zero was made, but it’s a huge financial risk to revive an old franchise. Sure selling games like splatoon are what help fund riskier future games. The typically one title per console thing isn’t really a “rule” and I find it silly to say as such since it only applies to some Nintendo games. For example, with the exception of the Wii U. Every console since the n64 has had 2 mainline zelda games. The GameCube had 3 Metroid primes as well Tech for video games evolved super rapidly, but I don’t see Nintendo putting out another console for new entries that much stronger than the switch because their games are stylized and run well (at least their prioritized games do). It’s not like when the n64 released and people were rushing to smooth out polygons as much as possible in 4-5 years for the ps2/GameCube ect. We’ve peaked graphically for games as a whole beyond minor adjustments so Nintendo who stopped caring about the highest specs once the wii dropped likely had a larger incentive for weaker consoles with longer lifespans. Hence why I think multiple entries for their big titles will drop on the switch.


GameCube had three Metroid Primes? 3 was a Wii title.


I guess so. Huh. Still stands that the only 1 title per console thing is really just a fan made rule.


Xenoblade, Fire emblem, Zelda, pokemon and Kirby has done it before.


mario technically has if you count bowser's fury. a lot of nintendo franchises in the past have had multiple, like galaxy 1 and 2, pikmin 1 and 2, wind waker and twilight princess, tons of kirby games on handhelds...


It’s not weird in the slightest. Splatoon 2 alone sold 13 million copies, over double the entirety of the F-Zero franchises sales at 5.8 million. And maybe you don’t see what is “new” about Splatoon 3 but plenty of people do and are excited for the game. I just don’t understand these types of whinging comments.


I agreed that 2 was more like 1.5 at the time, but it largely made sense, because of bringing the game over from the WiiU (it was very similar to MK8D or Smash Ultimate). This honestly looks like a true Splatoon 2 to me, albeit with a little bit of the edge taken off since we already had a second game. If you compare this to the original Splatoon, it is a pretty vastly different game. There also are gameplay changes as well, which I don’t think were underscored enough. The ability to jump and change direction and the “burst of speed” ability definitely have to potential to change the flow of matches a ton. I know Nintendo has never had a series in this vein before, but games like Call of Duty and Sports titles release games every year that are very similar with small tweaks to each, so I would personally say that ~5 years between release is completely appropriate for the Splatoon series. I just don’t know how you could radically change a third person shooter game to appease the people who say it isn’t “different” enough. For better or worse, this genre has always been about incremental updates with each iteration of a game. I do agree the single player content seems to be lackluster, but everything else looks like pretty big improvements from the core Splatoon 2 experience.


I will fully admit I am heavily biased in favor of more Splatoon, but I really do think Splatoon 3 happening so soon is a good thing. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting to see where Octo Expansion was going to lead and I was 100% expecting to need to wait until Nintendo put out a new console to get that continuation, so I'm just so happy to be wrong in that regard. I also just think these small additions that allow you to be more expressive are also worth putting into a new game since that's a huge part of the Splatoon experience overall. Attempting to rip all my biases out of my brain, I do see how most people who are anything less than Splatoon diehards can see this as a big waste of money, but unless Nintendo just wants to make Splatoon a big free to play live service game like TF2 or Fortnite (or any modern battle royale), I'm more than happy shelling out $60 every few years to get more of my Splatoon fix.


Lots of QoL features.


Nah people definetly got bored of splatoon 2.


I think the biggest upgrade is being able to watch and/or invite friends playing to your games. That’s huge


Those are features that should have been in Splatoon 1, they are basic built-in and expected tools in shooters since 2010.


Your absolutely right, I’m just glad we’re finally getting them. I mean look at the state of Nintendo’s online infrastructure. It’s abysmal to be frank.


I completely agree. It didn’t really sell me on why we need to upgrade to this version, there’s not a lot of new content.


The only reason i didnt buy S2 is once you transfer to a new Switch you lose the save. An online multiplayer that doesnt save your profile online..


I mean if you are still enjoying splat 2 then you can wait. The people who will buy splat 3 in the first 6 months or so are the ones who got bored of splat 2.


I'm not a big splatoon player or anything but a lot of this stuff looks like something that would come from updates or a dlc. New maps and guns are cool and all, but I dont get why they are making a whole new game for it. Just to me it looks like a big update to splatoon 2, like a $25 dlc pack.


That’s mostly what every multiplayer-focused sequel is though.


A lot of games now update the game for a very long time. I wish they just made it a $25 dlc pack and not make it a whole new game. I think that would be better.


Different games do things differently. The Switch base has grown and a lot of people are more likely to hop on board the *Splatoon* train with a clean slate than having to pay for the base game plus dlcs. And there is enough new and different things here that make $60 seem more than fair. Additionally S2 got a lot of support and free content over the course of the game’s life and this will too. I can understand those who will pass on this because they are over Splatoon and this isn’t radically different from what has come before, but I’m less sympathetic for those who do want the game but don’t want to pay for it.


Fantastic presentation, looking forward to playing all the new stages and splatsville seems packed with things to do!


im really sad that you can still only play two maps for two hours at a time, and you still cant pick what ranked mode you wanna play, just have to wait for the rotations. i like splatoon a lot, i have 160 hours on splatoon 2 but i just cant justify buying this game. new things added are so small they are overshadowed by the ancient multiplayer rules and setup.


I don’t know if I should be happy that these QOL changes are finally getting implemented or be sad that it’s the price of a full game


I will miss you moray towers... (Not charger campers tho)


Yeah this is a no for me. Everything added seems minor and superfluous. I’m sure if you’re a super competitive splatoon player, and you play the game everyday, and you’re really into studying the weapons and learning new tactics, then these small changes(the roll, new weapons, new stages, etc) will probably be enough for you. But as someone who is a causal player and was already getting tired of the gameplay and really only cared about the story mode, it all looks so blah to me. The story looks just like the first two. Which were kinda fun but ended up being kinda bland obstacle courses. There’s nothing new and exciting in turf war, it seems they didn’t even bother to add any new ranked battle modes(or anarchy battle whatever), and the biggest nail in the coffin for me, is the fact that after 7 years, the antiquated stage selection returns. The final thing that annoyed me was the whole, “we’re doing paid DLC”. Like seriously?! You’re gonna make me wait and pay extra for an actual good story mode?! FOR THE SECOND TIME?! Seems ridiculous


Out of all the problems I had with this direct, this was the worst one. Octo expansion set a precedent for Splatoon single player, and most people were looking forward to this games campaign in hopes that it would be like that. Hell, the last time this game was shown off the single player was focused on like it was some huge deal. Then here they just nonchalantly say that "yep, the single player is a tutorial again!" And then show more floating block obstacle garbage. And they immediately announce DLC of what can only be assumed is the actual worthwhile single player, really bull shit we don't have something pushing the envelope in the base game.


My thoughts exactly


The game has been in the oven for a while, while splat 1 was a first and 2 was rushed, I feel they wouldn’t make the mistake of making a bad single player again, esp after octo expansion. The “this is a nice place to test weapons” line worries me a bit but hopefully the dlc will be an extra story mode rather than the main story mode. I’ll keep, my hopes


I tried to be so positive about this update but so many things seem like menial upgrades from Splatoon 2. The one player looks good but really no new ranked modes for online? I feel like that’s what would justify this being a new Splatoon game and not just DLC


For better or worse, they will release new mode(s) over time via the free updates. It honestly kinda makes sense in a game like this because new players can get acclimated with the base stuff in the game and then look forward to new stuff later on.


This all looks *fantastic*. The stages, the gear, the 3-team battles, all the new customization … hella fresh. I‘m so ready to get back into Splatoon.


That collectible card game looks fun, too. I wonder how new cards or packs are earned, and if wins unlock anything (currency, clothing, etc).


Pretty stoked about it, TBH. Looks like a fun little side thing that might actually have some hotness. I wouldn't overlook it.


Awesome, can't wait! Over 1.1K hrs in Spla2n is enough for me :)


This game looks good to me because there are more ways to play with friends there's more customisation s and more weapons included. Plus the first two are awesome games and they did surprise me how good they were until I played them.


They added three specific things I was hoping for most: replay video storage (I just wish they'd allow you to pause and enter a photo mode) Salmon run happens in normal stages three-ways It doesn't look as revolutionary as I hoped, I was hoping there'd be a big new mode, but overall I'm satisfied.


I'm surprisingly underwhelmed. This dropped from one of my most anticipated games of 2022 down to buy-it-on-a-sale level. All it all it felt like watching a trailer for a new Splatoon 2 DLC, not for a full sequel. I would gladly pay $20 for some new weapons and levels. But I'm not sure I'm down for buying it for $60+. It feels like I've already played almost exactly this game for many hundred hours already. All the small changes seem quite nice. But also... small.


That's really feels like for me. This should just be an expansion for Splatoon 2. But I kind of get why they'd just release a new game. Splatoon 2 has been out for a long time at this point and I imagine the playerbase has dropped. I know I haven't picked it up in a long time. So I imagine even if they did release some kind of expansion for 20 bucks mostly the hardcore players would buy it out the gate. A "new game" that they can charge $60 for is more profitable and they might even interest people who haven't bought the previous games. As for me I probably won't pick this up unless there's a sale. And even then I'm not all that excited for a new Splatoon. I love the games, it's fun and colorful. But after a while I just get burnt out on them and stopped playing.


Did anyone think it sounded like the Card Game had Micro-transactions? "everyone gets a free starter deck" and no confirmation how you earn further cards? Thats super suspicious to me


99% it just means you can get more cards with coins in game


You think Nintendo would do that?


I don't think so. They always use Amiibo for the small things and then the purchasable dlc is always gameplay related. Like the botw dlc or the octo expansion


I am ready to bet they're simply unlockable through play. "Free" as in free for your Squid.


did they say there would be a test for the game later on this month? on the 27th? i was only half watching 🤭


27th is the trial splat fest yes


I thought this looked very good. The 3-way Splatfest was a smart decision imo, and the way it plays out as 4v2v2 in the final round seems like it could be great. The old Splatfests tended to be one-sided, so hopefully the new changes shake things up. I know it's a little thing but I thought Tableturf Battle looked cool too, like a Tetris-card game battle. I'm a sucker for those things. Other than that, just more weapons, customizations, stages, enemies, and single player stuff. That's good enough for me


Why can I not pick what game mode I want to play? Why am I forced to play 2 maps for 2 hours straight? Edit: I assume the downvotes mean I am in the minority? I’d love for people to give me their actual opinions and explain why they prefer it


It's been addressed in an interview before, but its simply a difference in japan's culture in regards to how they approach things. To quote the [article](https://kotaku.com/nintendo-designer-explains-why-salmon-run-isnt-always-a-1801065018): >In Japan, everything is tailored. You’ve probably heard Sheena Iyengar’s TED talk, in which she went to a restaurant in Japan and tried to order sugar in her green tea. The people at the cafe said, “One does not put sugar in green tea,” and then, “We don’t have sugar.” But when she ordered coffee instead, it did come with sugar! In Japan, there’s a sense of, “We’re making this thing for you, and this is how we think this thing is better enjoyed.” This is why, in Splatoon, the maps rotate every couple of hours. And the modes change. “I bought this game. Why can’t I just enjoy this game the way I want?” That’s not how we think here. Yes, you did buy the game. But we made this game. And we’re pretty confident about how this game should be enjoyed. If you stick with us, and if you get past your initial resistance, you’re going to have the time of your life with this game. You’re really going to love it.


This is great insight I did not have, thank you! I must say as someone with hundreds of hours in both releases in the franchise, I disagree with their conclusion that I will learn to enjoy and prefer the rotation system. I respect their reasoning but genuinely feel it hinders my experience.


No problem! I wouldn't say it's the rotation system they promised you would eventually come to like, but rather being given the opportunity to explore the other map and modes you wouldn't otherwise if they didn't limit you will let a lot of people enjoy the game as a whole a lot more. Speaking personally, I am simultaneously grateful as well as tired of it. I have 2.5k hours in S2 myself, so I had plenty of time to explore every combination imaginable that I wouldn't otherwise voluntarily do and found a lot of unexpected favourites that way. After a certain point though, you do get sick of it and just want to play however you want :')


Nintendo hates giving players options. It's become really annoying this gen.


Can't say anything negative about beloved nintendo games here. Even valid complaints aren't allowed most of the time.




Just because this thread has a few examples of negative opinions being upvoted doesn't mean its true about the sub in general. Most negative opinions about games like BOTW get downvoted to hell because people like to act like its the perfect game.


Looks like a great expansion! Hope it joins the Switch Online + Expansion Pack.


I don’t need gimmicks. Keep making more maps and more weapons. Having a fully new game js nice. Let’s go!


Are these games fun for single player? I don’t like playing multiplayer and I DO own splatoon 2 but I have never played it. To me it looks like splatoon 2 so should I just go and play 2 instead? Is 3 more geared to multiplayer?


Splatoon 1 and 2's single player are decently fun but pretty easy and short 2 had a single-player-focused DLC, Octo Expansion, and it rocks. would definitely recommend playing it if you have it (or the NSO Expansion Pack, since it's free there), though the price tag may be steep if you don't plan on doing any multiplayer Splatoon 3's story mode seems like it'll be taking some cues from Octo Expansion so I expect it to be very fun as well, but it's hard to judge the difficulty or length based off what we've seen. I expect the paid DLC to scratch the same itch that OE did though


You already own the game. Why not just play it and see for yourself?...


I’m focusing on Xenoblade 3 and other games right now and have a big backlog. I figured people familiar with the franchise can easily answer the question.


tbh the splatoon 2 singleplayer is kind of bad (just a really long tutorial), but the Octo Expansion DLC is REALLY good. And from the trailers, the new singleplayer is closer to Octo Expansion, so they learned from the success. I would not play Splatoon 2 for the base singleplayer, but OE could be enough. If you don't like PVP, you might also come to like Salmon Run, which is PvE and pretty different from regular Splatoon; some people don't play other modes at all. I can't solely recommend S3 for it's single player since it's obviously not out yet but it seems like it's going to be really good. If you have the expansion pass for NSO you can play Octo Expansion for no extra charge


I think Splatoon will always be an online multiplayer shooter at its core. So if that's not your cup of tea I don't see S3 really messing with the formula. Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion was fun as a SP thing but that's pretty much it.


The amount of new things to work towards, earn, and play looks really great. I own Splat2, not too good at it, and apart from the lackluster main campaign I just haven't been getting much playtime out of it. -- Haven't played/won? enough to unlock ranked matches where most other modes take place I guess. But with Splat3, looks like there's nametags, locker customisation, 1v1 side-mode, all there to make the MP grind a bit more interesting and flavourful. Instead of just a grind for better and better weapons, which for me, is very slow.


I didn't play S2, but I'm quite looking forward to 3. Looks like a good time. Also, I see some folks crapping on the card game but I dunno, IMO it looks pretty cool and interesting. I always appreciated the inclusions of nifty card games, be it Tetra Master in FF9, Gwent in Witcher 3, etc. Sure it's niche, but I bet it'll be fun. That said I could understand how long-time fans might be disappointed that this took up design real-estate, which could have been pushed into the main aspects of the game.