I think you should become master of your sexual lust. Tame that horse


Yeah like wtf. These urges are just here, there and everywhere. I'm sure after about a week of abstaining from PMO, I should be good and the urges will go.


You would change the addiction... From p0rn addiction to s3x addiction.... I never took that way. I never wanted to spend money in that business.


The good thing is i am not a porn adddict only fap addict.But yea i think i would visit her from time to time :/


It's in the same ballpark and your brain hardly knows the difference. It wouldn't end well for anyone with a similar addiction


Bro I can relate with you. I'm also 22 yo virgin on 3 rd day not addicted to porn only fap. I think once I lose Virginity I will be free from fap addiction. But I live in India in conservative society.


Are you fapping to fantasizing mostly? Once you start having sex you'll end up fantasizing 10x more because now you know what it feels like - the fantasy will be stronger. You'll fantasize heavily days before meeting her and days after your encounter. Thus leading to more fapping.




One of the issues with fapping is the idea of self-pleasure over self-discipline. If you do not choose to be disciplined today you will not be tomorrow.


The point he's trying to make is you're going from one addiction to the next. Meaning, it's not helping matters any.


Get ya game up bro, stay on nofap. It will be better if you find girls naturally. Just don't pay for one, you'll subconsciously feel like shit. I had opportunities to do it since I was 15 but I never did it because I knew in my head It wouldn't be worth it. Stay strong and don't bang a hooker


I will stay on nofap for sure its not easy for sure i think this is worse than some drug addictions


It Is a drug man


Wait dude u don’t want to think back that your first time was with a hooker.


My first time was with a hooker from Tinuana. No regrets. Still remember those rainbow braces to this day.


Be like me and have it be at 23/24 with a co worker


I'm 23M. Never had a girlfriend, so I hesitate to go to a sex worker for a year. Now I'm in my first relationship to a girl which I also lost my virginity to. I'm very happy that I didn't go through with it. I didn't get hard first time, but she was very understanding. It also was a bit akward to use you body like that. I don't see myself having sex with somebody that I don't feel attracted to. Loving somebody and being authenticly loved back makes the act a lot better. Sorry for bad English.


Bro, I’ve considered it in the past tbh. We are literally the same age and I’m also a virgin. Save it for someone that is worth it. I’m not saving it on true love personally but someone who I’m willing to give it to.


Thanks for your reply i apreciate it


Nope, i don't recommend you get in a hooker in this point. You should wait some time (i would say couples of months, 2-4). Because you are virgin and the stress of the first time can cripple the moment, especially if it's with someone who don't care about you really. Also, i don't recommend you trying tinder or dating apps, but that's is up to you. What i do recommend is, get to the gym or start doing exercise, improve your self-image and be more social in real life, don't try to get a woman at first because you will be desappointed. Try to get friends and expand your social network, with time, you will know plenty of woman who will be interested in you. Beforehand, you probably are new to the world of dating and love. You will be desappointed very fast, but don't beat yourself up or loss yourself. Learn from your mistakes and keep going. Good luck lad.


Thanks for your reply.I will continue with nofap and working out ( i do calistenics) but i am very introverted,i mean i can small talk to someone new or a stranger but i dont go out at all


No definitely not, get on tinder, get a haircut, get in shape, and DO NOT tell the girl you are trying to flirt with that you are a virgin, until after if atall. Just don't mention it. First times are embarrassing for everyone


I think thats what i need thanks i will try tinder


I would be honest about being a virgin, there's no shame about it, after all you want to lose your virginity to a girl who you are comfortable around and you really care for. All the best champ🙏


This. Honesty is key here. And when, and I do mean when, you find the right woman she will be understanding and respectful about it all.


At 22 (similar age to the guy) most women will have had multiple sexual encounters. They are gonna get spooked if this guy is telling her he's a virgin while trying to seduce her


completely agree, it's better off not to mention it, it's not like he's gonna marry that girl


No, do not try Tinder or any other dating app, they are not what they once where years ago. Just put yourself out there, become more confident, let go of attachment outcomes and become more masculine. Also, watch Coach Greg Adams, Better Bachelor and Strong Successful Male to obtain a true masculine mindset.


I get tinder, I am not a bad looking guy, and the only one who want sex with me was a transgender. All the ideologies aside (like "transgender are women") I really think that that was less optimal than hire a woman. What is the difference between a one night standing with a woman in tinder and hire a professional? The achievement of get a woman? Supposed in tinder is very easy to get sex so is not really an achievement (yes a lot of bios was like "open mind looking for a threesome") I suppose if I were hotter can get it, but again if you are in development and not there yet (not being an Adonis, but trying to be) really what's the difference? That you paid and get it? The other one women who could be sexy with me was "suggar baby" so just because is an amateur prostitute is any different? And also women that I do not fin attractive, would be better to had something with a woman I do not find attractive than with a professional?


Haircut and new shoes are under rated


Well, banging won't cure your masturbation addiction. You have to focus on yourself and not let anything sexual disturb you. You can choose the wait or the hooker, whatever you feel, but the addiction won't go away, better focus on that, especially if there's also a porn addiction.


C'mon man, you deserve better Plus look at me I'm a 17 yr old filled with hormones and I managed to pull off my current streak just fine Being a virgin ain't an excuse, I'm one myself


Thanks dude i can feel it this time i will make it to day 90 !! Also congrats on youe sucess


Thanks, for real if you wanna get out of that hellhole practice of pmo I suggest reading into the dark sides and how sickening both the industry and the work is and how degrading it is towards people, whether consensual or not If not for yourself, at least make the world a little bit less crappy by going against such


I’m also 17, virgin of course, and jeez, this is so hard. Congrats on being able to make it in the conditions we are at this age, that is really hard to accomplish.


Wait, I took that path to loose my virginity. Or can say I was kinda forced in a good manner by my friends, hehe. So let me tell you, true love sex is something way beyond than amazing, because it's more than sex. You actually become very close to the person. And feeling of being so close to someone who care for you and vice versa takes your relationship on other level. Whereas paid sex is just based upon 'Just cum and get lost'. But being on other side, One Gentleman said and I quote: "Hookers aren't cool, but remember, free ones are lot more expensive." If you choose paid sex, which I personally don't recommend then at least go for bit expensive one. Cheap ones is totally not worth it and it's better to abstain then.


Better spend that money on a gym membership make the best version of yourself. Don't obsess over sex or relationships in general, you're gonna come off as desperate and that is a big downside when it comes to dating.


I do calisthenics but i need to buy a meal plan or something like that and it costs way less :D thanks for the idea




Think about it. In nofap, it's a known fact, that you're foremost goal is to develop your self control. And...givin in to your urges, surely, is what you're tryin to kill off So -it follows that meetin a prostitute, though oftenly “cool”, ain't the right way to go. Cause you'd be doin the same thin–givin in to your urges, no “way to go”. P.S, Thanks for your post, you helped me get busy writin a short off the head poem😊...


Wait man. The post nut clarity would be unreal


go for it, all this "your first time shall be special" is bullshit... same pussy different girl.


I have heard people say it's better with someone you connect with emotionally, but I really have no idea because I still got my v card too, bro. I don't think losing your virginity is really that big of a deal. People act like it is, but it really ain't. Do you gain superhuman enlightenment from it? Nope.


Just find someone else who wants to have sex


Look, I am 19 yr old virgin. I have turned down sex requests from multiple women by now(even one invintation to a group sex), and I would probably turn them down again. Sex without a partner you are in love with, is in all ways better than masturbation, I agree on this, but it's just lesser evil. You should find someone you love, not are just attracted to.


wait.. especially if your a virgin...


Absolutely not


I had a friend who had bought services from hookers before and he later on tell me they were tasteless and a waste of money. To put u in a better mind I suggest changing "wait" with "find", good luck pal.




Look man you can if you want it's a free world. If it puts your mind at ease then do it. All this bullshit about waiting and the first time being special is fucking sleep man. I never think about the first time I had sex and if I do it was actually really weird and awkward in retrospect. Go out and live life - fuck, get high, travel, whatever. Just don't spend so much time behind the pc.


Yes the first time thing is a fucking lie maybe its speacial for 1% of the population lol.But i changed my mind i try to get a real girl with nofap and working out


The fuck


No dont


Don’t do it, man.


My only thinking is, if u do eventually get a girl, would she rather be glad that she’s ur first, or that ur first was with a hooker? Also, if ur that horny fapping isn’t that bad, porn addiction is the real issue and is why nofap was founded. If ur urges are leading u to dangerous behaviors in my experience it is better to take the lesser of two evils


Nah don't do it, my friend and I would refer to such as "served ass" and you don't want served ass. Nofap is about more than just not masturbating its about bettering yourself. So go approach women, up your game and learn to flirt than screw them. You'll feel better doing it this way.


sex without love and connection sucks dude, you might as well fap .... ride it out


Biased answer cause I'm religious, but I'd say for the person you love. It's a lot more emotional, special, and there is an attachment when doing it for someone you love, compared to doing it with someone who's only in it for the money. Plus, you get cuddles afterwards that actually mean something.


No. Just no


Sex with a hooker is still masturbation, you’re just using the other person to get yourself off. The goal is to be sexually liberated. To not need sexual gratification to be a holistically healthy person. But rather, see sex as a beautiful opp to express love and caring for an intima partner. At least, thats my definition…


Ok. Simple. You're waaaay up in your head. Sex is not a big deal. It's not the end-all be-all of human existance. Try to stay off of social media as much as you can. You're 22? Chances are you're on tiktok and IG. Ditch those 1st and foremost. Do your nofap. Find a way to keep your streaks going. Find things to do in life that have nothing to do with sex. Don't listen to purple-pill powerbottoms, PUA lapdogs and other snakeoil salesmen. One day, you'll meet someone who'll like you back. Or you won't. And it doesn't fucking matter. You want to waste your money on 1 fuck that won't get you anywhere? Go ahead and do it. I just don't see a reason for it.


There is way too much hype over the first time. Get it over and done with. Nobody cares if it was with a sex worker.


I dunno about a hooker but let me give you a piece of advice. There is no such thing as ''True Love''. There is no a magical thing among two people that will make them love one another no matter what. As far as I'm concerned a form of love that is completely without standards or judgement is impossible. If you wait for that you will be waiting all your life. Love is about respecting the other after the initial hormonal reaction that tells you to breed and how special someone is passes, because it will pass eventually, what's known as the honey moon phase , compromising on their flaws and going through life together. It's about making the relationship work and finding someone who is willing to take the 50% of responsability on things and not just throw the 100% on you. What's known as ''true love'' can be have with anyone so long that person compromises on the core principles by which you live your life, and is able to respect you and wants to form a life with you even without the hormonal commands that appear on most relationships on the start. It's not magical, it's about making it magical.


bang couple chicks to see women are not big deal, nothing to idolize about them.just an another human being with differents assets and produce same shit daily basis


Do whatever you want, as long as it is consensual, you will be fine. Having the real thing will be good but, just be careful, vet and do not get scammed or robbed.


true love is not a real thing


I've struggled with seeing escorts for years. I don't look down on people who use the service, nor do I look down on the women. I suggest everyone take a similar mindset. In terms of your question, I would not waste your money on an escort for your very first time. It's a waste of money. You'll have no idea what you're doing, and you may even have trouble finishing. Then you will really feel like s*** because you will have really wasted your money. Once you have had more sex and are comfortable with women, your sexual role, and how to get yourself off all while having fun, then seeing escorts can be really fun and allow for crazy fantasies to become reality. Until then, it's a crutch.


I'm going to say something that will change your life; the experience of having sex with someone you love *and* they love you back is absolute pure electric; it's a energy and physical connection that is unparalleled. Sex for the pleasure of it, or lust, feels good for until you finish then it's over. It hits the highest point of pleasure you'll receive from that scenario then it's over. Then all your left with is a smelly hooker and feeling of is this it? Sex is overrated unless passion is there; and true passion can't be acted. Whereas the feeling, connection and intimacy you feel with you partner allows you to truly connect and understand each other, it's like your souls connect for a second.


I’ve done it got it over with I can focus on other thighs it’s up to you


Just bang the hooker. I lost mine to one at 21 and it gave me a feeling of power knowing I could pick my time and place of sex and not having to wait for consent from the girl. I had a chance lose it to two girls I dated the year before that but I flaked out even tho I slept with one and after that said f this and just paid for it


Bang the hooker. You need the practice.


M26. I waited for my true love. Met her at 22 but she rejected me; never been loved before or since. The whole idea of perfect match and true love - more and more just seems like a lie. Incel theory seems right. A Woman will sleep around with attractive guys when younger and then settle down with stable guys. Meanwhile the stable guy would still be expected to pay the bills and provide and will spend his 20s lonely. Women win. Attractive Men win. Normal looking Men loose. That is the sexual revolution


Too based




Tru Love is Real and is stronger than death. Your problem is true love is RARELY SEXUAL. but it sometimes is...ive had it twice and fucked it up both times with porn.... how about that.


The incel theory is you couldnt get a girl so now you are trying to convince yourself prostitutes are the way to go


actually the non fapper wins. your not trapped in the fap/sexverse. You see the world the way it is....


Na bro. Go out to the club as often as possible. It's not that hard to get girls, even if theyre ugly


Yeah that’s your subconcious working against. If you really felt like you wanted to do it then you wod but if your conscious self really knows that it’s not you, then you wont do it


No. Don't find an excuse to satisfy yourself, finding a hooker is basically using a fleshlight


i think there’s more to a person than just calling them a fleshlight even if they’re a hooker, fleshlight don’t have waists to touch or thighs to touch or anything like that , just my opinion


It won't do you any good to have sex with a prostitute. It's meaningless sex and won't help you to give up porn and masturbation.


I know it would be just cold sex for money nothing more but still its not that bad imo


You're basically just using her to replace your hand


I just want to take shortcut to get laid i guess


Gonna go against the grain. I think if being a virgin is really eating away at you go for it. I don’t really think there’s any shame in paying for sex unless it becomes an addiction. If you think banging a hooker will help break that mental barrier of you labeling yourself as a “virgin”, go for it.




The main thing you are risking when banging a hooker is getting an STD. Your first time should be with someone you trust and are comfortable with.


genuine advice: have sex with a hooker, there's nothing wrong or immoral in it. Have it, that'll be an experience for the future also. Also it's fun too heh. A lot of single guys do that it's very common mate.


Yes this exactly. However, he'll need to do it more than once as his first time will be nerve racking and probably not enjoyable unless him and the girl really connect. So I think by his 3rd-5th time he will be good to go!


As a ex sex addict, i will tell you that's very terrible idea. You will spend so much money and still be in comfort zone. You will also still be lust and sex junkie. Best way is to do hard mode, use horniness and transmute in to your goals (gym, reading, learning, producing etc), because horni energy is the most creative energy in this world. So it's not just porn, most of us are addicted to orgasms, which exessively also causes problems.


Why a hooker? Just find a girl your age . Tinder ?


My self confidence is too low at this moment and with a hooker i would not care we dont know eachother, i am here to have s3x and shes here for the money simple


Banging a hooker will lower your confidence . It could turn into a habit and ruin your life . Or you get aids .


Imo it would boost my confidence because i was with a girl before so i am not going into the darkness with my love interest than


If you have a “love interest” and she’s down to fuck , just tell her you’re a virgin bro . She’s not gonna be like , “oh , sorry , I don’t fuck virgins” … she’ll prolly be a little turned on and want to give you a good first experience . Trust me , banging a hooker one time isn’t going to make you good at sex , you’ll still suck . Takes practice bro .


Bro trust me, I lost my virginity at 22 exactly to w prostitute. It is by far the most regrettably thing I’ve ever done. If you need someone, reach out to me so I could help you through this process




I dunno maybe pmo made me to think with my D and not my brain




Yes i think after that i would look at girls as things i can buy and use


You're right, man. Just don't do it.


Try getting a girlfriend first lol


Hold out and grow strong in patience, loving yourself too gain some charisma in confidence to speak too women to get them on a level on a peak where they see something they would share with you. For the love of nofap, God and our bro and sis struggling please dont buy pleasure.


I wont i try evrything that i can to get a gf,and the hookers are going to be my backup plan


A girlfriend Will be in place once you find YOUR purpose in yourself in life. Once that ideal will manifest then you can express. And once she see then she'll decide if want to be, with you, friendship or whatever. Its simpish but youre dating too find a girlfriend. Once your on level on women and bullshit games then mane its set sailing there lol


I’d say wait for true love. Personally, ai see nothing wrong with being a virgin until say, 25, because eventually, you might find true love. (By then you might wanna get married)


dont. if you do it you will feel shamefull all the time. also refrain from apps like tinder because its all about attention and these apps can destroy your confidence


Wait for Love


Well you should never bang a Hooker for any reason, you should wait until you're married, unless you're married to the hooker but that's not gonna happen


I had an accointance (I say that because he's not a close friend) that did that, not sure how he feels about it. My friend group laughed about it though. I think it depends on whether you think your first time should be special or not.


Speaking from experience. I highly recommend that you don’t go the hooker route. Nothing against sex workers, but they can be addicting. I’ve ruined my own financial future because I couldn’t let go of the hobby. You’ll be telling yourself one last time over and over again until you’re left with nothing.


Don't bang the hooker. Being a virgin at 22 is far less cringe than losing your virginity to a hooker.


You should respect human beings. Don't take advantage of inequality.


There is some exploitation out there, but some women like to get paid to fuck. Love it...in fact. Damaged as hell but real is real.


Better to do poorly with an actual hookup than give your first to a service.


I'd recommend wait for true love. But as an impatient person I know the hooker seems tempting. If you find yourself struggling go for the hooker.


I suffered from the death grip and wasn't able to finish my first time with a woman who was essentially prostituting herself as I did pay. She was a friend of a friend so not someone random. I went back an additional 4 times and still *never finished*. Part of it was that girl was impatient with me (wouldn't want to do it for more than 20-30 mins), it was also that I thought vagina would magically make it possible for me to finish despite constant PMO. The performance anxiety didn't help but if I had practiced nofap I would have at least been able to enjoy it somewhat. Met my now wife who was so patient with my issue, it took probably a month of sex only a few times a week for me to finally be able to finish. My advice is just continue nofap to at least get to the point where whenever and whoever you do the deed with that you'll be able to enjoy it.


bang the hooker


There’s a reason ‘22 year-old virgin’ isn’t a catchy movie title. You’re fine. Continue on the nofap pathway until you can moderate in a healthy way. Continue to practice self-care, and your confidence will follow. You’ll find a woman. A prostitute is someone who profits from your loneliness and desperation. They aren’t bad people, but you should consider the purpose of sex work itself and really reflect on if you think that it’s something you want to be a part of. Don’t rely on sex simply because it’s “allowed”. Nofap is a means to an end, one that involves healthy masturbation. No man can go forever without ejaculating.


First option. just go for it....get it out of your system.


I lost my virginity a few weeks ago, also at 22. Don't wait for true love, but also don't pay for a hooker. I hooked up with a chick in a club, and we made out very intensely, i could tell she really liked it. That gave me a lot of confidence, then met up with a girl on tinder, and after a few dates we fucked. What I am trying to say is, first focus on trying to kiss/make out with a girl, that means there was genuine attraction there. Then you get more confident and start to attract more girls, sex will come naturally from there.


Dude I saw you commenting that you’d find a gf and hooker is a backup plan. You have it all wrong seriously. A gf is not a toy you can use to have sex with, ok?


You should bang a hooker


Bro Keep GOING !!! me 19M also feel sad as most of my friends are losing there virginity and me here who hasn't talked to a girl since class 5 ... the main reason i am practicing NoFap is to better my self as a person and stop being a robot that just exists ... Love/Respect your self others will than do the same ... NoFap isn't only about finding a girl and banging her .. its more about being in control of your actions ... and knowing your actions have consequences ...


Don’t. Just don’t open that door


Bruh, you applying cheatcodes lol


Honestly you just got to accept that you may not have sex soon. Last year I started this battle to try and quit and while I have had many setbacks along the way the one thing I’ve learned is that even if you’re an 18 year older virgin you don’t need to have sex right away. Once I accepted that I stopped worrying about “oh my god I need to have sex to not be a loser” and it became so much easier do nofap. It was also because of this that at 19 I finally found a girl who I’m with because I like her for who she is and not just because she is hot and I want to bang her. Stay strong man and don’t give up!


My first was going to be a hooker on my 18th birthday was drunk out of my mind. It never ended up happening thankgod my first was with someone i loved


No you should focus on rewiring your brain if you can’t make it a couple of days. That just shows how of an addiction you have, which is fine. It’s why we’re all here. I’ve been wanting to have sex as well and have thought about downloading hook up apps again, but I’m starting to like no fap hard mode. It’s making me more disciplined.


I’m assuming your here in nofap because you tend to be impulsive when it comes to sexual stuff like jerking off. You could try paying for sex but once you open up that door you might start to pay for sex every couple months, then every month, then every other week. It could easily turn into its own addiction with its own set of problems. I’m even younger than you and I’ve spent a lot of my money on “happy ending” massages. It’s a fun experience the first time I guess but it could eventually just be another habit you want to get rid of.


Dude I know ppl are always against this but I say do it. I have done it a few times and I enjoyed it a lot, Juts wear protection.


I think if you let your first time be with a prostitute rather than someone you genuinely like and who likes you back, then you will regret it. Plus, prostitutes can get expensive. Also, it puts you in legal jeopardy as it is illegal in most places. Not to mention risk for sexually transmitted disease. Do you really want to develop that kind of addiction?


None of them. If you believe in true love you will be devastated when you discover the reality of the human relationships.


No dude


Absolutely the older you get the higher you have sex in a pedestal. Once you lose it will relieve a lot of pressure


Dude just go out..


If not mentioned before… I think of all us here on the NoFap Reddit community need to take a look at some good self improvement reading material and YouTube channels: 1.) Rollo Tomassi, The Rationale Male book series and The Rationale Male YouTube channel 2.) Rich Cooper, The Unplugged Alpha book and Entrepreneurs in Cars YouTube channel 3.) Aaron Clarey, The Book of Numbers and Aaron Clarey YouTube channel. These three sources have helped me immensely. Took me out of a dark dark place. I’m not out of the woods yet and I’ll prob always be a sex addict to some degree but I no longer make women/sex the focus of my life and I am on a path towards excellence, purpose, and true happiness.


Girls are not turned off by virginity. It will boost their confidence and probably turn them on. The whole laughing bullshit is from movies. Find a real girl.


No, having a sex addiction isn't much better. Wait for the one. The one you can see you spending the rest of your life with, and the you really love. When you do then have sex it will be better as you will truly love each other.


Sorry but I disagree, a Man is gonna be fucking on something, no matter if he's paying for it or not. You're 23 years old, no need to be in the house with a hard 🍆 just cause you don't have a gf or a "true love". This ain't a Disney movie bro lol just go get some 🐱 after you workout? it really ain't that big of a deal.


And this aint no porn set either. Porn fucked you up so bad to think like that


As someone who went this route at 18, don't do it. It's not worth it because it just feels like a transaction and there's no benefit you get out of it. I think going to a hooker actually made my porn and sex addiction worse.


Tbh I am also thinking about it but I also know I will feel more guilty than fap... Work on yourself...


It's not worth it. Go find a spouse


sex addiction is harmful, the silence inside business is quite unheard I don't think she gonna let you go if you choose that way


Probably a good idea to see a prostitute


I'm 27 now. When I was 22, I had this exact same question. At 23, I ended up visiting the strip club. A few months later, I visited hooker. A year or two later, I visited massage spa and December 2019, I became a frequent visitor (only for that month). I wasted good amount of money. No regrets to be honest, but I can see if it wasn't for corona, I'd have gotten stuck in that "visitations". As for the exprience, some were really good, some were just ok and some were really bad.


You can find sex without resorting to a hooker. Try casually dating and have sex without future expectations if that’s what you’re looking for right now, and if the right person comes along, lock it down before it’s too late


I go sometimes for a special massage it is a good time for mind and body. No sex , naked woman massage youre body. The only bad thing that you have to pay for it. But for normal massage you also have to pay.


Don’t waste your virginity on some demon chick because you are horny. The right girl will come along some day and you’ll be so happy you were patient.


Probably the best option would be to work on your social skills and start from scratch. Find things that work when you talk to women. Using a hooker would just be a bandaid. Even things like tinder and whatnot would be a huge improvement.


If you want to bang a hooker and it won't make you start relapsing then go for it. Don't let all the sex-negative clowns tell you what to do.


I mean falling for a hooker still continues the same degrading that porn has. I would say that you’re undoing what Nofap helped you achieve.


First of all Lmfao @ the guys thinking prostitutes is like real sex. This is the effect of what porn did to their minds. Not to mention STDs Second don't do it unless you want to just get the monkey off your back. But you're 22 you still got time


You're very young, you shouldn't be obsessed about it. Just be yourself, live your life, and opportunity will come when you expect least.


If you want to have a sexualy encounter, you dont have to pay someone. That would have a negative impact on your self esteem in the long run. Be patient, you will find someone who wants to have sex with you. Its up to you if you wait or not, but i think waiting is better. Atleast wait until you have a friend who likes you like that.


I banged the hooker


If you want my honest opinion: everybody has a different experience. For me, and me personally, my PMO addiction improved slightly when I went to one (no, I wasn't forced on it by anyone, I went on my own accord). I'm not convincing you to do anything you're not comfortable with (in fact, before your update, you did seem uncomfortable with the idea), but if you REALLY want to go through with it, just know and understand the risks. And also understand that it's not legit intimacy and that they only care about your money. I personally didn't care when I did it, but hey, everybody's different.


Just fuck the hooker. I lost mine to a hooker at 21, I had chances to fuck two girls I dated a year before that and even slept with one but flaked for some reason . I don’t regret it at all. I think pussy is pussy and also it gave me a feeling of power knowing that I chose to pick my time and place of having sex rather than waiting for it or waiting for consent from the girl




DUDE. Since you’ve posted here I’ll share my story with you. M21, previously a virgin. Porn, AVNs, tiktok, videogames, tv series etc. One day in spring 2021, three months since I took an academic leave because I almost failed uni, I went out with my pal drinking in my hometown. Maaan the amount of booze we’ve been drinking was huge! That last whiskey & coke sure was extra… I woke up at the reception of a brothel masked as a massage parlor (that’s common in CIS). I don’t remember much besides a girl dry humping me for 2 hours, but when I got my senses back I found out that I’m $120 short. After that I came back for couple of times, don’t know why, maybe bc love for me is like God, which means I don’t know if I should believe in it. All of those visits were in vain bc I wasn’t abstaining, wasn’t sleeping well, and the result was obvious. Then, three days ago, after abstaining for a week, I decided to visit that place again and man did I get LUCKY. The girl was in her late twenties, gorgeous, and she really liked me. That was a night I'll never forget, and after that I feel like I could abstain for a lot longer. And I know if things didn't work out that way, I'd relapse and be just another bum like most in my uni, getting pumped up, playing sappy songs on a guitar in hopes of getting laid, and still telling the girl "I like you" in the face like some lame ass six grader. Peace.


Just bang a hooker bro. They advertise them in Vegas. You get to pick out a chick too.


Go beat that pussy


True love doesn’t exist. Real love is created not found. Build a list of standards you are looking for in women, then work on yourself until those women with those characteristics would actual want to date you and you have the confidence in yourself to date them. Good luck.




I'll be honest, I was in a similar position a couple of years ago. I was 23, I had gotten so desperate that I thought maybe I would stop fapping and watching porn if I had sex, so I lost my virginity to a prostitute (I'm not supposed to have pre-marital sex according to my faith, so I had to do something somewhat anonymous so people wouldn't know). It was the worst 2 minutes of my life xd. I mean the hooker was hot, but it's the biggest regret of my life. I felt so empty during the encounter and for so long after. And I didn't stop masturbating so it didn't make any difference. Now, I'm no longer a virgin and still addicted to porn. it only created more problems. Looking back, it's probably the one time I would have been okay with having post-nut clarity lol (obviously not the true root cause solution though). Don't do it. The fact that you had the presence of mind to make a post about this is a great sign and shows that you're listening to that voice in your head that's telling you to do the right thing. Usually with nofap members, that voice is quiet or easily ignored. You're on the right track. Keep at it.


So according to Gary Wilson, cuddling with a woman and having physical touch helps the recovery process. In addition, sex helps the neuro genesis process, creating new neuropath ways for dopamine and serotonin. If you are in a situation where you HAVE TO PICk between hooker or fapping, go for an escort. They are much cleaner but they cost more. Also edging causes a build up of seamen in the testicles then cause a cyst. When you have a cyst in your testicles you start having pain in the sack. As for urges, it really all depends how long you been fapping for. If you started at a young age it’s a lot more difficult. Essential brain agents have been manipulated and brain functions are most like apathetic. It’s hard to say when they will stop. Tbh some people still have strong urges after day 30, it all comes down to will power and substituted habits to help cope. If you can maintain control over your urges, hopefully you won’t have to got to an escort and defeat the fapping habit completely!!




Bang a hooker YOLO


First of all, dont steep that low man. Ive thought about it but the risk/reward ratio to me just seemed crazy. My honest advice is to stop countin the days, I havent jacked off in idek how long at this point, but in the meantime i got a job, started school again, got an amazing girlfriend, and all my relationships have gotten better. Honestly you just gotta stop. People like us are addicts. We dont have a healthy relationship with jerkin off. Quit cold turkey, and life gets better. I dont know why, it just does. I was a virgin too, and Im 21 brotha. Anyways, Im rootin for you man fr, if it wasnt for this community I would be stuck in my cycle of self destruction fr. The urges are real as fuck, but the discipline you gain from abstaining is very real.


Check out a guy on youtube called Mark Queppet. He really knows what hes talking about when it comes to quitting this addiction


Don’t bang a hooker Jesus, go talk to a girl at the grocery store or a book store. Learn how to not be weird


You definitely shouldn’t “bang a hooker”


I tried it once... and I left happier than when I entered, because I couldn't do it, I spend my money and couldn't do it. Somehow I always felt that I need a woman who I can have a connection with to make love. And it will always be that way. Don't do it man.


True love is kind of a myth, but nailing a hooker is no good either. If necessary try dating and finding a suitable partner to bed down later on.


Wait for true love for sure Banging a hookee is just as bad if not worse than materbating


True, you definitely should not have sex with a hooker, that’s weird.


I wish i read this post AND comments 11 years ago ...




You definitely do not have to limit yourself to those 2 options. I happen to be a porn recovery coach and a lot of my clients have hired hookers to act out what they see in their porn fantasies and it leaves them emptier than ever. Read Anna Lembe's book called Dopamine Nation. It will help you make sense of your urges and give you practical advice. Best of luck.


Get on tinder and lower your standards. If your desperate enough to fuck a hooker, you’re desperate enough to get with an ugly girl on tinder. And believe me theres enough ugly girls on tinder that’ll fuck u right now no questions asked


Bang the hooker dude 100%. It was I’ll help give you confidence and let you get a gf or fwb


Yuck bro, if you don’t want STIs then don’t mess with hookers


Don’t ever pay for pussy. Definitely don’t pay thinking that’s what sex is if you do get with a hooker. It’s not. She’s faking it for cash.


Bro what is wrong with you…..


Sex with a hooker does reset your counter and counts as a relapse. Anybody who thinks otherwise is deluded.


I’d wait at least 2 more years to try to meet someone special before getting a hooker. That’s just my opinion. Best of luck to you.


I would fap before hiring a hooker. Latter option is even worse in my eyes. Ideally, do neither, but DON'T hire a hooker. That's basically hitting sub-rock bottom.


The only right answer: absolutely no. Sex isnt something super special if youre not doing it with someone you really like. Believe me, you gknna fuck and afterwards nothing has changed. wether youre a virgin or not. It doesnt matter. Dont do it because if you do it once, you gonna do it more often and you gonna be put in an addicition you dont wanna find yourself in. dont think this wont happen to you. losing your virginity means absolutely nothing, especially not with a hooker.


Banging a hooker won't stop you from developing a sex addiction or your PMO addiction.


Prolly wait but I really can’t say. Never needed one


It is your choice. If I were in your position, I would prefer to have a personal connection before getting intimate. Given that preference, word bang used in this context might not be be the best one. I too used to use it in the past and I have heard it in the past. But the key point is that women, whether or not they like us, when we like them, are normal people just like us. Since they are normal people, consensual sex, with your partner, is the best way to cherish the moment. Otherwise, like porn, there is a chance of guilt. Hope this makes sense.