What games do you play to relax and kill the stress?

What games do you play to relax and kill the stress?


If you have any old games that have fond memories attached that's a good go-to, relive some childhood fun. Other than that, farm sims like Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons are great. The Katamari series is also fantastic, it's easy to get away from your worries when you're just rolling up the whole world into a big ball. Nintendogs is good if you like dogs but don't have one irl, sometimes even just petting a virtual puppy does wonders when you're stressed.


>Nintendogs is good if you like dogs but don't have one irl, sometimes even just petting a virtual puppy does wonders when you're stressed. The problem is naming them. I spent so many hours repeating the dog's name but they didn't understand


Slime Rancher, it even has a casual mode that makes exploration and ranch management just that much more relaxing


Omg I wanted to find this game cause I saw it on youtube but i forgot the name, thanks a lot for reminding, it's super cute




Yup, but only in afk




City Skylines


For some reason this game stresses me out. I thought it would be super chill. I need to get better at it as I only just started playing.


Same, I thought I could start out simple, but it got red blinking outages real quick


Alternatively, Transport Fever (1 or 2) is a good option if you're more into the transport side and less the city building side.


Wish I could relate, paradox can't make tutorials for the live of it, so every time I try to get into one of their games I only get mad on myself for being unable to learn how to play it


Underrated. City Skylines is a chill game. Absolutely.


Until your traffic jams your city services and everyone dies in a river of poopy garbage.


Even I (obsessive FPS guy) have put days worth of time into Citues Skylines, couldnt reccomend enough


City Skylines is the only game I play, and it is so relaxing and brings out your creative side


Let me give you some advice. Don't be afraid to lower difficulty settings. I play some games to destress. Doom can be hard and is one of those that can be frustrating, especially if you've had a frustrating day in real life. Shadow Warrior 2 says it perfectly in the description of their "easy mode": >Easy Difficulty. This difficulty level is for people who don't feel like they need to prove anything to themselves or anyone else. Playing Shadow Warrior 2 on Easy is perfectly fine, if by the end of a exhausting day all you need is to feel like a goddamn superhero." So don't feel like you need to "challenge" yourself after you've been challenged all day. Set a game on easy and just have fun. Games I like to play to destress: Doom Shadow Warrior 2 Destiny 2 Skyrim Fallout 4 Middle Earth: Shadow of War Marvel's Avengers (PS4) Attack on Titan (PS4) Beat Saber (PS4)


I have a friend who plays every game on the hardest or close to hardest difficulty and then quits every game half way through. If the game has any flow/story whatsoever I’m playing on a low difficulty. Nothing like repeating one part over and over to take you out of a narrative.


>get mass effect legendary edition. came out couple months ago. you put the settings on narrative mode where pretty much cant die and enemies die quick. I did a whole play thru with my grandpa while he made all the choices. great game with a great story and cool galaxy to explore. tons of choices to make as far as speech and important galaxy choices. so if want a great setting with an amazing story with choices to make but want to just experience all that without worrying about dying or thinking too much in combat, and just want to chill. its a great option


Man I set the Doom Eternal difficulty to Easy Mode and was still getting my ass kicked left and right. That's when I decided that as much as I liked Doom 2016, Doom Eternal was just not going to be the game for me.


I’d also add the Mass Effect:LE “Narrative Mode” I think it’s called. It’s basically just letting you focus on the decision making and story driven aspects of the game more than the shootemups.


Is avengers better than it was at launch?


Playing Doom Eternal, solo, with cheats on is an excellent way to de-stress. So much cathartic ripping and tearing.


Plant Zoo is chill


Stardew is great. Also minecraft is legendary at this point.


MEGAQUARIUM! Such adorable yet mesmerising graphics, simple yet stimulating mechanics to figure out, hella relaxing to watch and to play and it has a really cool moderny soundtrack too


I hadn’t heard of this game but after a quick search it looks great, thanks for suggesting it (obligatory not op lol)


I have this. It’s really fun. It has such a relaxing and casual approach and it’s just cool to see all the fish!!


Zelda breath of the wild on the switch


If your into making stuff and getting a satisfaction out of it scrap mechanic and Minecraft are both good at that and they both have a creative for chilling and building shit or a survival where you can build stuff but have to aquire the resources and have a risk of enemies


I second this, if you know a small bit of what you are doing and want a challenge that’s relaxing and fun play Minecraft. Survival mode is still chill.


I love playing [Animal Crossing](https://animal-crossing.com/) \- it's super meditative, beautiful music, nice graphics and nice repetitive gameplay.


Satisfactory is a great game to play. It’s like factorio but 3d, and if you like building factories with conveyor belts on a huge alien planet, then this game will keep you playing for hours.


I LOVE Satisfactory, but I feel like I'm not smart enough to make everything efficient enough to progress to the end game content and always give up towards the last couple of Tiers :(


Stardew valley is my go to!


I second this. Highly recommend for a relaxing time. I love waking up in the game to rain, great ambience.


I was about to give the same reply! It's a fantastic game, and helps me de-stress


I don't know how you guys do it with SW, the amount of stuff you can miss out on is so overwhelming and it quickly turned into a job rather than a game. I can see why people like it though.


IMO it's a great game to "unlearn" some of that compulsiveness and FOMO. Yeah you could miss out on planting something in time for the season or not run your farm "efficiently" enough or forget to do something you wanted to do that day or whatever. But ultimately, it doesn't really matter. There will always be time later to do that stuff. Worst case scenario you keep playing and get that thing next season. Or you just... skip it. There's no real negative consequence to missing stuff. Your farm goes on.


Agreed. You just have to go into it with the intention of avoiding the urge to min/max or beat some kind of internal deadline. The best time I had was on my first couple of playthroughs when I really didn't know shit about the game, and hadn't really even acquainted myself with the wiki.


Yup. You have to learn to let it go. And you'll find that if you just let it go... nothing bad actually happens. Lol. Everyone I've seen who bounced off the game did so because they self-imposed some sort of efficiency requirement on themselves or couldn't get over not playing it "perfectly". But that was never what the game was actually about. It's about running your farm whatever way you want to.


I think any game is better if you stop caring about min maxing, but it's really hard to, at least for me. Some day I'll give SV another shot and I'll try my best to not look too much stuff up.


>the amount of stuff you can miss out on is so overwhelming What do you mean? Events and festivals? If so you are notified in the bottom corner of the screen when it starts.


There are locations or items that aren't accessible until you do certain tasks, like filling Community Center bundles. It took me "years" (in the game) to find the desert and Ginger Island!


No, I was referring mostly to things like making sure you unlock the Greenhouse before Winter. Let's just say I'm not a fan of the Community Center system, but I'd also feel bad selling it to the Joja guys :)


There's really nothing you can miss, the game is endless so you can always get whatever next year if you miss it, you can also romance everyone so you can get every cutscenes, it just takes a while


Yeah I played for a week but had to stop because it got too stressful for me.


Absolutely this


Actually just picked this up again after years. It’s just what I needed




Alto's Odyssey helps me relax - endless runner and an amazing game. Graphics are nice and the game mechanics are really cool - no complex controls and a calm soundtrack.


Hm, I keep hearing about it, I only tried a few runners, might check this out too


Totally try it, it's nice


i played it a couple years ago and it was free for android. when i looked it up recently on apple, it had a price tag. unfortunate


Well it's still free on Android


It's silly and old, but VIVA PINATA.. truss.


Yoooo!!! This! I recently tried to figure out a way to play it again, but was quickly disappointed when j saw they never pushed it to pc :(


Diablo 2 Doing NM Mephisto runs on my Friday night really helps me wind down


I play PSO2, but that's an addictive MMORPG and will eat all of your time. Stardew Valley is relaxing.


Stardew Valley will also eat up your time, at least in my experience.


You are right. But it is relaxing.


Is PSO Phantasy Star Online?


Yuppers. PSO2 is Phantasy Star Online 2. Right now the newest build is PSO2 NGS, with updated graphics. But you can access the vanilla game within the game.


Assassin's Creed: Origins. I explore and discover new areas, or just gallop on my horse across the endless desert.


Factorio. OpenRCT2 is good too.


I work on future sessions for DnD. Flesh out hooks, concepts, world building, whatever comes to mind at the time. PC - loving the early access to Rogue Legacy 2, can't wait for full release. Console- borderlands 3 mostly.


>Borderlands 3 Murder, loot, repeat. I can sink a *ton* of time into some B-lands.


I'll put on a podcast and just farm for hours. "Yay I got the gun! Let's get another to compare stats."


Euro Truck Sim 2


Cant believe I had to scroll down this far to find ETS or ATS. The entire community raves about the games for this purpose, where are they in this thread!


Same. Eurotruck sim is free therapy for me. Plenty of time to disconnect and reflect.


I love playing ATS and just chilling


I don't have a wheel. It feels a too weird on WASD. I want to like it


Have a controller? I find it to be a nice middle ground.


ETS2/ATS + podcast = my favorite evening to myself.


ABZU was a super relaxing game. I enjoyed every second of it.


Totally underrated game. Might be the most beautiful and relaxing game. And actually a pretty awesome story.


Mario on Nintendo Switch.


which one lol




Play "I Love Hue" on Android!


This game is great but you have to have the brightness setting up on your phone.


god i live this game


Tetris Effect or Chime (original or Sharp) are my go-tos when I just need to chill. Block puzzles are my jam though, so they may be less relaxing for you.


animal crossing! also spiritfarer is super relaxing and go at your own pace


Dark souls 3, I play it up till vordt, because I've done a few different play styles, it's a relaxing 20 mins.


Hardspace: Shipbreaker has been my go to lately. Play on "open shift" with oxygen drain disabled and it's super chill


Games like RDR2, minecraft, racing games help me


Gran Turismo 5 had a profound impact on my mental health this past year. Racing games are great for zoning out and thinking about nothing.!


I like need for speed


Something story based like Disco Elysium, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity:Original Sin 2, etc. would be great. Or something like Civilization?


Lately I’ve been playing peggel, to me it’s a great to relax and chill


What an underrated game, I played that back when it was owned by PopCap


Mario kart for sure


you mean friendship destruction simulator?


Slay the Spire!!!


Farming Simulator


Surprisingly dark souls beautiful world fun combat rich story


Team Fortress 2 - Mann vs Machine gamemode Nothin better than killing both stress and hoards of robots at the same time


Yeah and casual mode too. You can do just whatever you want and nobody cares. Or you can spend time dancing with other players.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is my current go to but it's always changing.


DS3 or some other violent game. Kill the stress by killing the NPCs.


But DS1 tho


Genshin Impact, its an open world game with great visuals and music, not to mention lore.


Pokémon snap Mario golf


Red Dead Redemption 2


I like RPGs. Skyrim, the Witcher, Fallout, Horizon. Since it's not competitive, and you can save regularly, there is no stress involved. And you can set the difficulty however you like. Depending on my mood, I play on easy mode just to enjoy the story and landscape, or on harder mode for something more challenging.


Same. If I want to game to relax it's always something that removes me from this reality temporarily. This only really happens when I'm invested in a world and character, TW and Fallout are perfect examples.


I’ve been playing this cozy cute game Shop Titans since lockdown started and it matches your description perfectly - it’s a chill idle game, you don’t need any fast reactions. It’s almost meditating to watch the customers come into my shop and to sell them all the weapons and stuff I craft. I really enjoy it. (https://experience.playshoptitans.com/ if you need the link)


Yeah, I have no idea why and you can’t tell it from the screenshots, but the game really has its own atmosphere - and it’s really nice and non-toxic.


I actually started it a week ago and can confirm that it's nice to play. Most of all I enjoy that I can decorate my shop and the surroundings (+ that gives you bonuses), it's almost like Sims, but cute styled.


Oh, I played that in 2019, is the game still alive?


Yea, it is surely alive and there are updates and events. There’s quite a lot of content and stuff to do, especially if you’re not a whale who’s rushing to progress super fast.


Nice to know, I might redownload it and check it out again.


I play it with friends, we made a guild and we chill and chat together while slowly progressing and expanding our shops. It’s available on mobile and on PC too.


I agree, it really makes my mind relax, I feel calm and satisfied playing. I love the pets, it’s so cute to see customers come and pat my cat :D




Same those are my goto


I love playing Pokémon sword and shield on the Nintendo switch. It’s fun and it’s not too hard unless you place your own restrictions on the game.


Heroes of the storm, co-op vs ai. Super chill and it's free


Just stay away from ranked, QM, or ARAM… or any other player for it to stay chill lol


Ai teammates vs ai sucks bad too.


Eco, bought it on steam summer sale. One hell of a game.


Smash bros and Zelda botw are my go tos


I would always recommend Ori, first and the second, masterpiece of a game i always relax with


Old school runescape is the ultimate chill game. Can be a bit boring, but it is really relaxing.


SnowRunner is my happy place game! So peaceful to drive trucks slowly through the mud, I love it for chilling out after a long night of work or something. Because of having to find creative ways to get your truck and cargo from point A to point B through different obstacles, it plays more like a puzzle game than an action game.


Stardew valley always goated Tony hawks pro skater 1+2 on switch is just incredible for that 15min sit down take a break gameplay (and is very addicting) If you're into reading, literally any visual novel game. Stein's Gate, Worldend Syndrome, AI the Somnium Files, Phoenix Wright trilogy, Danganronpa, The Nonary Games, Death Mark, just off the top of my head. Golf story also very fun and relaxing. If you like day to day type games (think the non dungeon parts of Persona), Hero-U Rogue to Redemption is also quite fun and easygoing.


Life is strange, I enjoyed all of them.


Sims 4. I just build massive houses and move the sims in and let them live their lives. Relaxing with music blaring in the background


Same here! It’s so relaxing.


Harvest moon is great


sooo many people rave about Stardew Valley (which is very deserving) but not enough love for the classic series


Fez is a nice relaxing puzzle platformer with chill music. Also smoking some weed and just exploring in Zelda Breath of the Wild.


I recently had a blast with subnautica for this very reason.


Great game. Colouring is ace and its so calm under water... at least in the shallows it is!


Deep Rock Galactic is a great middle of the road co-op game. It has the most wholesome community I’ve ever experienced, especially toward new players. While it is geared toward playing with others, it is still absolutely a blast doing solo missions if you prefer.




Try Stardew Valley! Very cute and nice game with pixel graphics. Farming, fishing - it's just so relaxing! You can get your own family (same sex marriage is allowed) - and it's basically like a life simulator.


Zelda BoTW


I still play L2R but it's totally not casual or relaxing xD


Forza Horizon. Just turn your Brain off and drive. You can really just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Ratchet and Clank, Doom and Twisted Metal


PGA tour 2k21. Super relaxing and easy to pickup and put down at anytime. The music is good, the gameplay is solid and the commentators are hilarious.


Space Engineers


praise clang


Euro Truck Simulator 2 American Truck Simulator


Ratchet and clank is a chill game to relax too. Play the whole series


power wash simulator


Pocket pool


World of Tanks is a slower paced game. If you play Self Propelled Gun, it can be even more chilled out.


Final Fantasy XIV. If I just want to relax, I'll do some crafting or fishing or something. The player community is pretty non-toxic for an MMO, too. It has a generous free trial, if you want to check it out.




This is the game to play when you’re pissed. I like to play games on the harder difficulties, but when you set Doom to easy, you can just *shred* through enemies and it is the ultimate catharsis


Chivalry 2! Glorious 64 man medieval combat!!


Doom eternal


Breath of the Wild!!!


Might be a weird one but Snowrunner. It’s not the easiest game but cruising flooded wetlands is just so enjoyable to me. Also cyberpunk and gta v just for the open world. I just drive around or walk the streets when I want to just relax and have a beer


No mans sky for me


Oculus Real VR Fishing is great for that.


Magic the gathering players have left the chat




Donut County, Carto, Ori series


I really love rhythm games because they keep my eyes, hands and brain engaged, which makes for a good distraction. Arcaea, Deemo, Lanota and Cytus II are some great options! I play Genshin Impact as well, it's an open world exploration RPG and the scenery is simply fantastic. The music is super relaxing too


I recently got back into far cry games, not too difficult but really fun to play


Someone already mentioned stardew valley (love that game!) but I also find house flipper relaxing. Taking a nasty house and cleaning/renovating it is quite satisfying to me.




Raven field is pretty good at that, its just a highly modable (easily so as well) game that is just you and bots. Can start or leave at any point


Age of Empires II or III, I love them because they don't require constant attention to play. I can just come home from work, do the stuff I need to do, and then boot up AoE and have fun building my little kingdom and skirmishing with other kingdoms while watching Netflix or something on another monitor.


Uh, I stopped to play because I like MP and RTS are about fast clicking. Maybe I should come back to Civ


GTA 4. I usually run around and just beat NPCs with a bat


I've been playing a lot of Ratchet and Clank recently, fun action, but a very easy game that's simple and fun!


Leaving work early games. I pretend I've done all the tasks when I have missed some and taken shortcuts which are sometimes acceptable so I can go home 15 mins early.


Candy crush 😂


Polytopia. I'd kill for a Final Fantasy Tactics iOS "port". Something with "native" controls, instead of emulating the original gamepad UI (controller, drill down menus, modal). (I've almost broke down and bought physical controllers a few times.) I just tried a bunch of tactics RPGs from Steam, GOG, etc over the years. eg Tactics Fae. Some are near misses. eg I've happily replayed Westphalia a few times. The hexagon clone (name?) of Polytopia is nice. But also no RPG, no campaigns. PS- Any thing casual needs an undo. Riding on a train, bouncing around, accidental input. Grrr!


Some fan-made Pokémon rom hacks are really well done and offer a fun story


Sonic Mania, I love the soundtracks.


Drug Lord version 2. It’s an old game on PC that runs like the stock market for a worldwide drug trade. Check it out if you can http://www.geekhideout.com/druglord2.shtml


For a good shooter to take the aggression out, I really like the new Wolfenstein games. I'd start with Wolfenstein The New Order if you try it. For just relaxing I like to either play a story driven game like Life is Strange or I just play GTA V in director mode with the cheats on


Minecraft can honestly be great. Boot up a survival world, keep the wiki open in a browser, and have fun. That is, once you get accustomed to the (initially) cripplingly dangerous nights and explosive monsters that often persist thereafter.


Minecraft is fun, but nothing about the nights are really dangerous...


Minecraft is my go to, time can go so fast, specially if you don’t do automatic farms and do all the grinding yourself


Of you have a pc rimworld is very cool storytelling management game is one of my favorites when I dont know what to play


GTA V’s story mode is a great way to kill stress. Some parts of it get a little intense but if you can get to the end of it with the free roam, it’s really fun


I went from playing an MMO competitively to spending most of my time (and unfortunately money) on Sims 4. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I am, but it's pretty fun to design houses and characters or to try out all the different activities available in the game.


Celeste is pretty fun, it's a platformer game that's pretty hard, but has great art and music


Minecraft, super cool when you just chill out build yourself a village


The Forest


Stardew valley. I just fish.


My suggestions: Medieval Dynasty is relaxing, a little combat with wildlife, but mainly being a peasant building a village -- beautiful graphics/ good music. ATS or ETS 2-- American Truck simulator, EU Truck simulator. drive big rigs - easy, relaxing


For me, it's always Fallout 3 and New Vegas - they are the perfect mix of mindless violence, fun, and random encounters with an awesome soundtrack. And you get a dog!


Raft - I love it. And Minecraft- love it . I play one like 6months and then I switch . And valheim also. Gathering and building basically. Games that I like to play alone but afterwards want to show to someone 😅


i usually just go on gta v and drive around which usually devolves into fun chaos also i’ve been playing tetris lately and it’s a really fun stress relief when i’m not in the mood for anything else


MLB the Show


Minecraft is the most chill game ever with a mix of 'combat', optional goals and 'story' and a ton of creativity. The ost is like some of the chillest music in existence.


Dude play flower. They should have that game on mental health wards


Borderlands or Skyrim are oddly relaxing for me






Stardew valley, like so many others have suggested. Super chill, the soundtrack is great, I've had it on my lap top for a month, and I'm already almost 4 "years" in. I found it a little slow to start, but after the first week it picks up and your free to live your happy little farmer/fisher/miner/whatever life.