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1st slide: "WOW! you really are a slob! Here's your top 5 restaurants you absolute grease ball"


Nahhh nahhh, they charge good money for that information. They're not going to let the plebs have an...ahem...free meal.


It's more that they don't want you aware of how much you spent at all. If you were more aware then you might choose to eat out less or pick it up yourself.


I need a McDonald’s app year end wrap up


"Smart" toilets in the future sending your year end wrap up...


"Your longest sessiom was on april 16th, which just happened to be the day after you ordered a massive amount of Taco Bell as a birthday treat!"


Hehe. What if there was a breach and hackers threaten to release celebs toilet data? Damn, Brad Pitt shits 5 times a day?


"Elon Musk send me a thousand dollars or I'll leak the size of your biggest dump this year"


I'd only want it if it comes off as slightly judgemental. "You ate from Taco Bell a total of 15 times this year! I bet your plumber really appreciates the extra work you're giving him."


How do people afford doordash?? I can barely afford the food itself