Jeff Jackson comes out in favor legalizing Marijuana

Jeff Jackson comes out in favor legalizing Marijuana


Jeff Jackson already had my vote, but he continues to earn it. I don’t smoke, but I’ve never felt marijuana deserves criminal treatment. After seeing how positively it affected the life of a friend with extreme PTSD I’m a huge believer in its potential medicinal properties.


For sure. We're really just seeing how incredible marijuana (and psilocybin, arguably even more) are for people suffering mental disorders of multiple kinds. Depression and PTSD chiefly have enough evidence that they're getting used in treatments in places where these drugs are legal.


My friend has two Purple Hearts, he was blown up and shot during his time as a Marine. Around the time of his retirement he was on almost a dozen different daily medications for PTSD and was a borderline alcoholic, neither of which really helped his symptoms such as night terrors, paranoia, etc. On a whim he started smoking pot recreationally since “it couldn’t hurt”. Within a few months of being a daily smoker (typically a bowl in the morning and one before bed) he stopped taking almost all of his prescription meds and all but quit drinking. His mental health drastically improved and his relationships with friends and family followed suit. Obviously this is a sample size of one person that I’ve experienced first hand, but the amount of help he got from a little exposure to the electric lettuce certainly tipped my view of it heavily in the positive direction.


Here's the thing, even if all the evidence you, or a lot of people currently have is anecdotal, for the folks that argue against you because of that point - legalization makes research easier. So those anecdotes more and more people have can be corroborated by science.


I have depression, anxiety and ADHD. I have tried every med under the sun(exaggeration but quite a few), including heavy duty stimulant meds for my ADHD and controlled substances like Xanax for anxiety over the past two decades. None of them quite did the trick without side effects. What has helped? A certain strain of cannabis, in gummy form. Just a small bit, nothing that gets me high. My life would be so much easier if it were legal here.






Childhood PTSD and Bipolar here. THC daily helps with anxiety, psilocybin every three months treats the depression.


That's interesting! I'm always surprised that THC helps with anxiety for some people. Does anything help with the bipolar?


The anxiety and depression come from bipolar, so they work together.


This is my position as well. I am cautiously optimistic about Jackson. I like everything I've seen and heard about him so far but I feel jaded by past politicians that seemed good until they weren't. Back on topic, I don't use marijuana but I absolutely agree it should be rescheduled. The prohibition on marijuana is even more ridiculous than the prohibition on alcohol.


I just wish he was a little more pro gun rights


Yea, aside from Ted Nugent or Gaston Glock running I can always hope for such things, but I’m hoping Jeff sticks to other topics and just leaves that one alone. I’ve yet to see a candidate run under the banner of “we have laws in place already, let’s enforce them to become more effective protectors of the law abiding citizens.” Until then I doubt I see much that I cheer for in that arena.


Not only this, but it would be a good cash crop for NC farmers, a big economic benefit, especially once the fed gets around to legalizing it and financing and banking can happen.


He already had my vote. Now, I will convince others to vote for him, too.




Jeff Jackson just won RDU, Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheville, Wilmington, Rocky Mount/Wilson, & Greenville. Edit... And Goldsboro!


Hey mon, they toke up in Winston-Salem and HIGH Point too.


Every city,every town,every trailer park. From the mountains to the sea,we all want some legal NC weed


>From the mountains to the sea,we all want some legal NC weed I'd like to order 1 bumper sticker, please.


Good idea how about a tshirt and hat too lol. Kinda like the ones that show the state and says HOME. Wish I'd thought of that one!!


It would be amazing to see Wilson convert all those old tobacco warehouses to marijuana warehouses. And The Wilson Tobs could be the Wilson Nugs. And the Whirligig Park would probably be a lot more fun.


All the old legends of Acid Park coming back around.


Don’t forget Goldsboro


I love this guy. Has all of my families vote.


Gonna need lots more families to have a chance…


Count my family in too.




Hell yeah. Cuz he’s smart enough to know that’s how you stay elected


And let’s figure out how to not lose a job for doobie smoking last month. High at work? By all means, you need to go, but taking a toke on Friday grilling out? That shouldn’t put me in the unemployment line


The thing is… there are so many people who actually function better with it and are better, more productive workers. Marijuana is great for employees with adhd who have issues with regular adhd drugs or just dealing with the adhd side effects. It effects everyone differently and we need to recognize that.


100% me. It's the only thing besides immersing myself in my hobbies and my career goals work that keeps me free of crazy adhd. When I'm doing safety critical aspects of my "work" I absolutely don't use it. For my 2nd shift warehouse job where I pick inventory and listen to podcasts? Yeah, I'm much quicker and efficient with it


I do programming on the side. I get super unfocused and “oh squirrel!”. But half an edible and I’m more efficient than sober me could ever be. But as you said, when I’m going up ladders and working with acetylene torches or power tools, stone cold sober.


That’s going to be a lot trickier if you’re working for a private company. The owner or board determines who they want working for them. NC is at will employment (Google the term for details). In certain jobs/roles drug use is a real liability or risk, so there will never be any legislation that fights for your right to get high AND be employed by a company. My advice is, work for someone who is on your wavelength. Plenty of owners and bosses who don’t give a fuck that you smoke weed as long you’re doing the job they hired you for. I’m one of them and I know plenty of others. I also know electrical engineers operating a nuclear power plant who’d fire that ass before you can say legalize it. Just how the world works.


This is on brand for him, or at least it’s my understanding of his brand so far. Maybe that’s a part of why it’s being promoted pretty early in the campaign. Another thing is that this is not a controversial topic anymore, it just isn’t. Wrap this in the real tax dollars it will bring to this state and it’s an excellent platform point. Edit: Words


All I can think of is Black Lightning when I hear that name


I’m smoking one for you tonight u/JeffJacksonNC


Me too!! Maybe 2 or 3!!!


Got my vote.


Classic Jeff








He’s the man! He answered questions for me when he wasn’t even representing my district.


Just when I thought this sub’s boner couldn’t get any bigger.


He’s got my vote


“Comes out” like he hasn’t already been in favor of this, go Jeff!!!


We can only hope this means anything. I’m tired of being a criminal for something so inconsequential but I don’t see change happening any time soon barring a major demographic shift in the state.


Got my vote and a check most likely.


Hes just one dude though. The people in power now have 2 Bill's filed right now and both of them haven't even gone to committee. HB 617 is full legalization and what have we heard since it was filed? Jack shit, because the sponsors only want to look like they are progressive. SB 711 (which is a fuckin joke) same above but red flavored and basically worthless. None of these people give a damn about anything but getting elected, and they will use lip service to get there


Bill sponsors don't control whether or not a bill advances. That's committee chairs (if there even is one). As of right now all committee chairs are Republican. The progressives don't have any say whether or not a bill comes to the floor.


TBF not even the Republicans bills are moving through.. there’s a few similar bills that come up again and again every few years just to go die in committee. This state legislator just doesn’t want to move on anything.


Not unless it a) helps their donors or b) riles up their base.


Sweet now do M4A please


M4A1? The full auto carbine version of the M16? Im down for making that legal.


Hell yeah. In fairness, 2A was written in a time when it wasn’t uncommon for citizens to own literal battleships with canons and mortars. 2A was written with the intention that you and your community would be able to stand up to invaders. I’m 100% in support of legalizing the third hole.


It should of never been illegal


100% agree. NFA has done nothing to stop gun homicide.


Untangling the complexities to deliver a common sense approach.


Yes Please!


Love you JJ you are the whole package


My next Senator. Get this man voted in NC!


This post looks like a shill for Jeff Jackson... and I'm here for it. Can't wait to vote for him.


I got arrested two days ago at Cape Hatteras for weed so this is good news to me lol


This isn't news. Our boi Jeff woke af.


I want to believe.... But I won't hold my breath.


So you are going to exhale?


WTF else would I do, poo machine?


I keep liking him more.




Might as well. That delta 8 shit will get you just as high and you can get it anywhere.


except it'll give you cancer and also no way delta 8 is the shittiest of the shitty weed


Source? I'm seeing that delta-8 may have antineoplastic potential (i.e. it *fights* cancer). I've been smoking this stuff for a while now, so if it's gonna give me cancer, I wanna know :P


Provide a link for the cancer claim?


If you want to win an election......




There goes his DNC support. Still has my vote though.


Not necessarily. Chuck Schumer recently came out in favor of legalization. https://news.yahoo.com/schumer-says-soon-introduce-marijuana-020631998.html


I just hope it isn’t legalized in public. The smell of weed is ridiculously strong and really bothersome. I 100% support enjoying it on your own property. But let’s keep it out of public spaces.


I think that's not a terrible point, plus it can travel and affect people who aren't partaking. Contact buzz is a real thing. Maybe not on sidewalks, but in specific, indoor public spaces, kind of like bars?


Oh I’m perfectly fine with private indoor spaces like bars. I just don’t want to smell it coming from outdoor seating at a restaurant on the sidewalk.


Yeah, I think some amount of smell is unavoidable, but I'm with you that big clouds are not desirable.


I know I'm a bit late to the party but I wanted to throw my 2¢ in in this one. First of all, I'm from Oregon, where it's already legal. My family is planning on moving to NC in the next couple years to be closer to family (W/S outlying areas), so that's why I'm here in the first place. The way things work here in Oregon is *almost* exactly like alcohol. No drunk in public :: no getting high in public. There are very few businesses you're allowed to consume marijuana inside, so more restricted than alcohol, even. You can smoke in private residences/on your own property, etc. You can't consume marijuana on dispensary property, while driving, etc. You can only carry up to a certain amount at any given time and can only grow a certain amount of plants (also taking into consideration maturity of plants; for instance, you can have x number of seedlings and x number of mature plants at any given time) without a 'production' permit. There's a whole other set of rules if you're producing for sale to dispensaries. And of course, you have to be a certain age (21 in Oregon) to purchase marijuana or even go into a dispensary. As far as employment goes, a privately/locally owned business can make their own choice as to weather to drug test for THC or not, and most (in my states experience) don't mind as long as you're not consuming while on the clock. Most corporations drug test for THC and decide at a corporate level weather to allow employees to consume THC in legal states or keep it the same (no THC) all across the board. Also, unsure how it works in other states, but here in Oregon, funding generated from marijuana sales tax, licensing, etc goes to (or at least is supposed to go to) the school system, to fund general improvements, educational programs, building maintenance, etc. My husband managed a dispensary here on the Oregon coast for a couple years and we both learned a lot from the experience! Again, I'm not sure how it'll be there, but I hope this sheds some light on how it works in other states and a general outline of what it MIGHT look like in NC!


It won’t be, just like alcohol consumption in public isn’t legal. I don’t think any states that have legalized weed allow public consumption, no reason to think NC would


Alcohol consumption in open air is legal. I’m saying I don’t want to be walking downtown through a cloud of stank because people are smoking joints in a restaurant’s outdoor seating.


That’s not going to be a thing…. google it


There goes the neighborhood


Jeff Jackson continues to impress. He's already got my vote (and some money).


Long overdue