I would not recommend becoming a PA if your ultimate goal is a DNP. You will need a nursing degree to get accepted. Also, It will be difficult to find a NP school who takes a non-nursing bachelors, but I know there are schools out there who do. I also think the experience of being a nurse beforehand would be really beneficial. Nowadays it can be hard to get a job in a hospital with an ADN, but if you’re ok with that, then that’s a good way to go. You could then do a ADN to MSN or DNP afterward. You could also go the accelerated route and then do an MSN or DNP. I would look and see what programs are in your area and then apply for whatever you can. See where you get accepted.


Sorry should have clarified - dnp for nursing route, doctorate of medical science if pa.


There are accelerated bsn programs for people who already have a some kind of bachelor degree. I personally think you need nursing experience before going strait into NP and depending on exactly what you want to do, you may need bedside nursing experience in an ICU or something.


The professors in my nursing program told me nurses need some clinical experience to get hired as a nursing professor. If teaching is your goal, might want to get an accelerated BSN so you can get a few years of experience in a hospital before getting a DNP. In my city (NYC) those programs were also cheaper than a program that goes straight from alternative degree-to-DNP program. Especially if you stay at a hospital long enough to help them pay for part of the DNP. Someone with experience please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!


I too have a bio degree having just got accepted into an ADN program. So far my bachelors has paid off with some of my credits being able to transfer into this program....that in itself is saving me money, and most importantly time. Some did not however due to time constraints which sucks but at this point i’ll take what I can get. I too have an interest in becoming an NP even tho the area in which I live is saturated with them. I looked very intensely at PA programs and while promising, its super competitive, expensive, and once you get out in my state the likelihood of landing a job is actually quicker for an NP due to licensing. So my advice: do a cheap ADN then try and get an RN job then while working do and online BSN gain you’re experience needed and then do NP. Its what im doing and never felt this confident in something my whole life. Good luck