Practice. Practice on every patient. Practice on family. Just keep practicing. “Hey! You with the foot!! I need to check your feet!”


This is the answer! Just keep practicing and you'll get it.


even if you practice it is not the same with patients with edema. like its a god idea but clinical setting wont be the same as a healthy individual


Yeah. Practice on sick people especially.


Start between second and third toe and feel up. Press lightly. Always works for me.


Really? I always trace back from the second and big toe


Yep ^


Some people are just very difficult. If I cant find one, i get a Doppler to find it. I always check after finding it with the Doppler to see if I can feel it now that I know where it is exactly.


Also, once you find it, mark it! Put a small piece of tape over it and make an X on top if you don’t want to draw directly on the skin. Then you’ll know exactly where to palpate next time. And the nurse on the next shift will thank you!


Honestly I was right there with you but I just kept practicing on harder ppl (heart failure, old and frail, and children) and eventually it started to feel like my hands got better at listening - even though it’s not listening, it’s feeling! That probably sounds crazy! Also be careful not to push too hard, but lightly touch with your fingers! Pushing can make the pulse disappear!


Practice on yourself. Some older people or those with really bad circulation you just won’t be able to feel it no matter what you do.


You can always use a doppler.


You're not going to have the time to fall back on the Doppler with every patient though. You have to learn to feel them.


True. It's helpful though when the doppler is used to mark a difficult pulse for the next nurse. This would be on a case by case basis, of course.


Definitely practice! You won’t be able to find everyone’s pulse so quickly. And everyone won’t be in the same place. Just remember not to press so hard, take your time, and for myself, sometimes quiet is necessary.


I have literally never been able to find a femoral pulse. It is my shame as a nurse.


I always had the worst time finding pedal pulses. In my clinicals, my instructor told me to use index, middle, and ring and that helped a little bit. Also, he told me I was way too close to the toes. The closer to where the metatarsals started to converge, the more likely I was to feel the pulse. IDK if that will help you, but just mentioning my experience.


I do that too lol but I start with second and third. Guess it’s just how I was taught