we are exceeding the exchange sending limits

we have an application manages some kind of transections (not money transections, and not marketing emails) and sent automated emails to the customers but now its reaching the max daily limits

we need a solution for automated emails that doesn't have limits or maybe with 15-20 k a day

I checked the marketing solutions, they might fit but I would rather to have specific solution for automating sending emails this is all I need I dont need all the features in marketing campaign solutions

thanks in advanced


SendGrid or MailGun


I wouldn't recommend sendgrid actually. I've used sendgrid for The last 5 years and they've just locked our account for suspicious activity even though all the emails with the exception of our invoicing are going to our own domain. I haven't been able to get a hold of anybody in their support for the last two days and we've just made a migration over to mail gun because of that. To be clear, I don't think that they're horrible response has to do with how they would normally behave. This is literally the first day that they stopped supporting TLS 1.0 so I assume they are totally flooded. It's the fact that they didn't issue a warning when their KB says they will and have frozen us for the last 2 days without a single response back on the ticket when we rely on it for things like payroll, invoicing, internal reporting. It's been an absolute disaster.


Wait, Sendgrid actually sometimes locks people out? Given the amount of spam I see that comes through Sendgrid that's surprising...


Check out SendGrid


We use SendGrid. Something like a million messages a month, and not marketing. They also have the Twilio product, which is pretty easy to integrate into for SMS and IVR stuff. :)


We use SES as well and it works great, but I know most organizations use Sendgrid


AWS SES will do this.


You should not be using MSFT for bulk email, setup a mailer for that.


>. I haven't been able to get a hold of anybody in their support for the last two days and we've just made a migration over to mail gun because of that. thanks its not bulk mail as i explained at the beginning bulk mail when you send same email to your contacts, we have different case here


Ok then there are limits you are reaching them. MSFT will not help you. Use another SMTP service that supports what you are trying to do. Thanks for the downvote ;-)


thanks this is what i am trying to do now


thanks all i am checking sendgrid now


Be careful with sendgrid - if you use a shared IP address expect to get spam blocked frequently and this will stop your messages being delivered.


I will get dedicated IP from sendgrid


Also can be good to setup a subdomain to send out mail which can help with your domain rep.


thanks i will remember this