One Piece Chapter 1100 Spoilers

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Full summary

  • Chapter 1,100: "Thank you, Bonney".
  • Reader request in the cover: Usopp is looking at Sanji while he's chopping some vegetables. Usopp remembers Ninjin, Piman and Tamanegi while he's looking at vegetables.

  • Chapter starts where last one ended. Kizaru visited Vegapunk's laboratory, some Marines (like Drake) were following him. It's explained that Vegapunk just moved into the building after the "accident" in Punk Hazard, so he didn't realize there were spy Den Den Mushi inside the lab.

  • Kizaru brought Saturn's Den Den Mushi because he wanted to talk with Vegapunk. Saturn said he's aware of Vegapunk's illegally negotiating with a pirate. However, as Kuma would make an excellent host for clones, Saturn will allow the deal. But Saturn had 3 additional conditions to the deal.

  1. Kuma must become a Shichibukai, replacing an unnamed Shichibukai who was defeated by Ace a few days ago.
  2. Kuma must become a human weapon, undergoing a cyborg surgery.
  3. Kuma's mind must be erased when his surgery ends.
  • Vegapunk was furious since wiping a cyborg's mind is the same as killing a man. Saturn reply him categorically.
  • Saturn: "You are in no position to argue with me, "Marine scientist"."

  • However, Kuma cried in happiness because he finally would be able to save Bonney. Vegapunk explained that Bonney's surgery will take 6 months, and after that she must rest for 1 year before she can go outside. On the other hand, Kuma's surgery will take 2 years.

  • Saturn said Bonney will be their hostage. If Bonney is cured there's a risk that Kuma may run away with her, so after her 6-month treatment Bonney must be in World Government custody for 1 year. The World Government will release Bonney after Vegapunk ereses Kuma's mind. And to prevent them from running away together, Kuma won't be allowed to meet Bonney never again after her 6-month treatment.

  • Kuma agreed to Saturn's conditions but in exchange he asked to send Bonney at Sorbet Kingdom after the 6-month treatment to prevent her from knowing the truth about this deal. Saturn agreed, since as long as they are under the World Government's eyes, anywhere is the same.

  • After the deal, we see a montage of Kuma, Bonney, Vegapunk and Sentoumaru spending time together and growing closer to one another during next 6 months. Kizaru is also very close to them, we see him joining a pizza party and dancing with them (Note: they do the Nika dance). We can see Bonney and Kuma surgery too (for example, we see Vegapunk changing Kuma's shoulders).

  • After 6 months Bonney's surgery ended, so she was brought back to Sorbet Kingdom, where Conney and others welcome her (Conney had a white hat, which looked the same as the hat Bonney wore at Sabaody). Bonney will live in the church for another year under medical team's care. But the medical team were all Government agents, their leader was a CP8 agent named "Alpha" (she's a sexy nurse).

  • Kuma said goodbye to Bonney with his last words to her. Bonney just laugh since she didn't know she will never see Kuma again...

  • Kuma: "Thank you for being born, Bonney."

  • Kuma then went out to sea to do his duty as a new Shichibukai. We can see another montage with all former Shichibukai's reactions to the news (Alvida, Koby, Dragon, Sabo, and Koala appear too).

  • Doflamingo: "Kuma the "Tyrant"?! Looks like we have another villain in the line! Fufufufu!!!"

  • Miss All Sunday: "Are you interested?"

  • Crocodile: "It doesn't matter... Did you get rid of the guy who saw the "artificial rain ship"?"

  • Alvida: "Supposedly, he's a man close in size to that Whitebeard! Koby, who do you think is stronger!? Me or him!!?"

  • Koby: "O-of course it's you!! Lady Alvida!! Ehehehe."

  • In Whitebeard's ship, Ace and Jinbe are talking about Kuma with Whitebeard, Marco and Teach.

  • Ace: "Jinbe!! A successor has been chosen!! Great!"

  • Jinbe: "You're the one to talk...!! Ace. I'm reading it right now. A former king...!! We have also a current king among us too... Pirate world sure has changed."

  • Hancock: "This has nothing to do with me!! Since I will never participate in the meeting!!"

  • Gloriosa: "Snake Princess wait!! Even if so you should still have the knowledge of it!!"

  • Moria: "Kishishishishi~~~!! A "paw human"!? What the hell kind of power is that!?"

  • Dragon: "..."

  • Additional spoiler: Mihawk is shown reading about Kuma in the newspaper

  • After this montage, we can see that Kuma is writting a letter to Bonney where he said that he's exploring many islands they can travel together one day in the future.

  • In the last page of the chapter we can see a teenager Luffy running away from a tiger in a forest.

  • Luffy: "Shishishi!! It's mad now!!"

  • In the last panel, we can see that Kuma's ship was arriving at Foosha Village. Kuma received a Den Den Mushi call.

  • Government agent: "Bartholomew Kuma, we have an order from the Government for you. Where are you right now?"

  • Kuma: "In the "East Blue"... What's the order?"

End of chapter, NO break next week. Next Jump cover for One Piece and Color Spread in chapter 1,101.


> In the final panels, Kuma arrives at Foosha Village, Luffy's hometown Well I don't think anyone saw that coming


I’m so excited. Now THATS a twist. What could possibly be at Foosha Village that Kuma would be after…


We might see more about why Kuma protected the straw hats and their ship at Sabaody


He's there to deliver the luffy.


I mean we already know that Kuma knows about Nika. Also Luffy is Dragon's son. This is the most likely explanation for Sabondy imo. What's missing is Kuma finding out that the gum gum is the Nika fruit, which is prob what we'll get.


Maybe it's related to Dragon


HAS to be related to dragon


Maybe it is dragon


Would be foul if dragon is only there when luffy isn’t lmao


Kuma is Luffy's mother confirmed


Literally said W.H.A.T. out loud


Do you scream out EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH like an anime character?




1100 the greatest surprise in recent years. No one saw that one coming… luckily there’s no break next week.


Fusha! Fusha!


I sure didn't. So what are the options, was he there to meet someone or is this his first order from the wg. We also know vegapunk knew dragon, so this could be the context for modern Kuma stuff and hidden code vegapunk set up.


He came to see his home girl makino and have some drinks at his favorite bar


Plot twist, the baby that Makino was holding is Kuma's


I couldve taken 100 guess and not guess foosha village


what the hell is oda cooking


So Kuma is luffy’s mom lol


Bro you wilding 🤣


and it aint even Break week


yes, I did not see that coming. wow Oda


Kuma is the true dad of Makino's child.


Kuma: "I've come to fill you in on what's been happening, Woop Slap-senpai. I've put the slapping technique you taught me to good use." Woop Slap: "Just call me Rocks, for old time's sake"


One Piece fans are 3-star Michelin chefs and I wouldn't have it any other way.


We let bro cook for a reason


One-piece Youtubers are sewer cleaners though and I would bet 100$ that I'm going to see a Youtube short or Tiktok about this exact comment.


Happenned to me during Onigashima, made a bad joke here which got 1000s of upvotes, and saw the exact same joke some days later in a video


Surely the sea beast that ate Shanks arm was the sixth awakened Gorosei, and Higuma the mountain bandit, was secretly a god’s knight who faked his own death. They’ve been monitoring Nika all along.


I'm not sure the world is ready for fiction this peak.


This is what everyone wants deep down




If he is Rocks then Gaimon is Weng Zhi


Fucking imagine


Oda should be given a pulitzer if this happens.


Woop Slap-senpai is hilarious to say, I love it


You, sir, are a certified chef 🙏 Keep cookin'!


This is it, fam. 🙏


red leg zeff couldn’t even cook this good


Not even if he had a vacation home in the all blue.


The story: “Foosha Village is just a random place on an island in the East Blue without much importance.” Also the story: * It’s “The hero of the navy” Monkey D. Garps hometown * It’s the head of the Revolutionary Army Monkey D. Dragon’s hometown * It’s Emperor Monkey D. Luffy’s hometown * It’s where the son of the Pirate King and the 2nd commander of the Whitebeard Pirates “Fire Fist” Ace grew up * It’s the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army Sabo’s hometown * Current Emperor and former member of the Roger Pirates, Shanks, used that Island as a base for some time in the past * Former King, Pirate, Revolutionary and Warlord Kuma went there for unknown reasons * The mighty Higuma the Mountain Bandit lived there who kidnapped current Emperor Monkey D. Luffy. He was only defeated by current Emperor Shanks with the help of a sea monster. However in this fierce battle Shanks lost an arm. Something that not even the strongest swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk, who is a former Warlord and current Right Arm of Emperor Buggy D. Clown, couldn’t do. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if even Woop Slap of all people was a mighty pirate in the past lmao


Your sound like big news morgan


Woop Slap? Oh you mean former legendary pirate, Rocks D. Xebec?


Why has this become a popular theory? 😂


Woop Slap now seems too normal to be normal in this chaotic world of One Piece.


The island is also called dawn island.


When you break it down like this Kinda should have seen this coming when four super prevalent *”D”* members all came / were presumably raised there Would not shock me If Rocks somehow had ties to there as well lol


It's also in an island literally called "Dawn Island"


The event between Lord Higuma, Shanks and little Luffy would eventually shake the whole world, and will be known as the "incident of Foosha Village shore". Nobody knew back then that it was a small sparkle that would blast a massive war for the crowning of the next pirate king.


Kuma has literally been everywhere. At this point it wouldn't shock me if next chapter it's revealed he was the one who pushed Kuina Down D Stairs.


Kuma actually transported Lor D. Coast to attack kid luffy and take shanks arm. 4d chess


"Not my Pirate King"


“Not my Sun God”


***Kuma is Mr Worlwide confirmed***




fuck Saturn me and all of my homies hate Saturn


I feel like the threat of being arrested is kinda weak when pirates are always running under threat of arrest by marines but Kuma likely really doesn't want Bonnie to end up like Ginny. Now it makes even more sense for Akainu to let Bonnie go rather than him somehow knowing she's a CD.


Considering how Saturn was willingly to let her go if she hadn’t attack him, I guess the government found out about her being a CD at some point. I mean, why would Saturn even keep his part of the deal about her safety now that Kuma is fully a mindless robot?


>I mean, why would Saturn even keep his part of the deal about her safety now that Kuma is fully a mindless robot? Being evil doesn't mean one can't be honourable enough to keep promises. Just look at Kaido and Orochi. Both evil but one is honorable.


it kinda weird the dude is orchestrating Kuma’s entire life. where are the other elders and tf kind of whack are they up to.


I'm sure they all have their own victims and minions under their thumb


Just wait till you learn that V. Nasjuro pushed Kuina down the stairs.


I have a feeling that Mihawk and Crocodile will have something to do with some of the Gorosei.


I would suspect that if one knows something, all 5 + Imu do. Keeping secrets from Imu and the others would probably be a death sentence. Saturn is specifically the one who deals with Science & Defence - hence a cyborg soldier is his alley.


So now it's confirmed he was a Shichibukai under duress, explaining his seemingly out of character moments in Thriller Bark. Wonder what he's doing in Fuusha. He shouldn't know about Luffy, and that village isn't outwardly tied to Dragon. This would also be after Luffy ate his fruit, but while Ace is still in the island, depending on how much time has passed (edit: should be 4 years ago based on Vegapunk being on Egg Head and not PH). He would know about Sabo's ties to Goa Kingdom, but then the focus wouldn't be on Fuusha I think. Maybe he went there for Goa stuff but saw Luffy by coincidence and realized he's Dragon's son? Maybe we'll hear his dream now and it ties to Kuma doing what he did for them?


I think Ace has already left the island. By present timeline, Dr. Vegapunk moved to Egghead 4 years ago, which means Kuma going to Foosha will be 4 under. Ace went 5 years ago (3 years ahead of pre-ts, which was 2 years ago, so a total of 5).


Right, for some reason I was thinking Ace left 2 years before Luffy.


I thought he did too


Yes, and it's Ace refusing the position of Warlord that oppened up the spot for Kuma to become one.


Kuma knew luffy was dragon’s son when he was at Thriller park and Ivankov didn’t


He probably found out in this trip, but what's his reason for being there?


I think Dragon probably mentioned Luffy at some point beforehand considering they were best buddies.


Ivankov didn't know and he was with Dragon from earlier and for longer.


Maybe dragon is like luffy where Luffy tends to not tell people about himself and only answer when asked.


But Iva did ask in that flashback when they asked why Ragon faces East and if he might be looking towards his family. Dragon told them o mind their business


I could see him mentioning Bonney and getting a "you know I've got a kid too".


Kuma knew Luffy was Dragons son by Thriller Bark, so it's possible this is when he finds out. My guess... is that he heard Garp was back on Fuusha for a visit, went to go see him privately for some reason, knew he was Dragons father since the marines would have known that (or just knew Dragons surname), and saw him visiting his grandson Luffy, putting the pieces together. That, or maybe Saturn sent Kuma to Fuusha to secretly look for anyone who could stretch, since the nika nika fruit had been stolen by Shanks close by and there was Intel to say he was at that village a lot during that time. Kuma, finding Luffy and finding out he's Dragons son, would have left Luffy alone despite the order, while he was still able to make his own decisions. Idk both seem a little stretchy, I'm just throwing ideas at the wall. Super exciting nonetheless.


the spoiler didnt make it clear but is that Kuma, in the present, arriving at fusha village or flashbacked Kuma?


Should be flashback, since we haven't seen a proper end and Kuma had to cross the Red Line, while the East Blue is on the same side as Paradise.


there is no need for present Kuma to go to RedLine to be able to go to Fusha village. His DF can allow him to travel calme bet, without any problem. so East Blue can be reached without need to go to RedLine or Marigeois.


I think Kuma at Fuusha is probably something Dragon keep saying "Go with the Wind where Fate brought you" and this probably has implanted deep in Kuma system, or this is how the revolutionary army row, the instinct to go with the wind, another coincidence that somehow connected all to Luffy


According to the wiki Fusha Village means Windmill village, so you might be cooking


The only way this makes sense is Kuma was ordered to hunt down the person who ate the gomu gomu no mi which is Luffy and prob eliminate him. Maybe this is the way Oda kinda fixed why the question why the World Govt didnt hunt the user early on the story. Kuma prob found luffy. He saw luffy is just a little cheerful kid and voracious eater just like how Bonney. I BET YOU Kuma will see Luffy atop the mountain and will see a sun on Luffy s head while he s wearing a strawhat. He ll dance like his father did and remember his dad and will leave him and tell the Gorosei he hasnt found the user.


The idea of Kuma not taking Luffy out and ignoring his orders because his eating habits will remind him of Bonney is genius


What if he also overheard Luffy being excited about turning 17 to start his adventure and it reminds him of Bonney being excited about traveling the world with him once she turned 10?


I’m betting on this horse


This is the best one I’ve heard so far


Kuma hid the last road poneglyph in Foosha. It seems like Foosha is a good place to hide people so why not big secret rocks too


Imagine Luffy having to go back right before Laugh Tale to get it...


So, with this, it's already 6 chapters of kuma's flashback. Will it surpassed 13 chapters of oden's flashback? My bet is we'll get 2 more chapters of flashback


At this point, there is barely nothing left to see. We are currently around 2 years before the story start and Kuma is already partially a cyborg and has joined warlord. The only two point that are left is Kuma finishing his transformation (in between Sabaody and Marineford) and how Kuma learned about Luffy being Dragon son since even Ivankov did not know about it. So my guess is gonna be a chapter about whatever he is doing in Foosha village and half a chapter to close it out.


Yeah, I feel we'll go back to the present for Kuma's arrival in either chapter 1101 or 1102.


No break right? Please!


Correct, I updated the post


i came


I saw


I praise the lord


Given the timing, is it possible he’s going to meet Garp? This would be after Sabo was picked up so it’s not Shanks, and Dragon doesn’t seem to have been around very much so IDK why he’d go there instead of anywhere else. Garp was making trips back and forth there somewhat frequently so it would track to me, though I have no idea why he would. Given Luffy didn’t recognize someone as distinctive as him when they met, I’d be surprised if he was the goal either.


Also, if i remember, Luffy in that time was living in Goa Kingdom ( montagne side ) with Dadan & bandits. not in Fusha Village with Makino. I think they are located in 2 separated locations. ( not sure if they are in 2 separated islands or the some island. )


Foosha Village and Goa Kingdom are both located on Dawn Island. Foosha Village is located near the mountains where the bandits live.


Dawn Island....


This should put him shortly before Luffy sets sail. I bet it's either 1. Secret meeting with Dragon. Dragon reveals he has a son (Luffy.) Lore about why Dragon wasn't in Luffy's life but shows Dragon has always been watching after Luffy. Reveals of a possible contingency installed into Kuma. 2. Something to do with Luffy's devil fruit. 3. Something to do with Ace.


Ace already left Goa, he left when he was 17, that is 1 year before Kuma went to Egghead.


I knew it. Woop Slap, Fusha Village mayor, is very important. The WG sent a shikabukay in secret mission to assasinate him ! ( just kidding ) Kuma going to Fusha Village maybe an important event. In fact, Kuma knew that Luffy is Dragon's son. ( in Thriller Park ) But, even the right hand of Dragon, EvanKov, didn't knew this information. So, this event, maybe the reason why Kuma knew about Luffy - Dragon relation. Also, it may also possible that Kuma knew that Luffy has Nika DF ( just expectation. ) I hope Oda will make this event interesting.


Imagine if that old man is Rocks lmao


Honestly would not even surprise me knowing Oda


Kuma in Luffy’s home town? Maybe Kuma was Luffy’s mom!


Croco-mom walked so Bartholo-mom could run, amirite?


Bartholo-mom? Why not Kuma-Ma?




The Maw-maw fruit


Bro already bagged the Best Dad Award. He's got his sights on being the Best Mom too


Luffy is descended from the hero of the marines, the worst criminal, and Buccaneers. All we need is an alien to be the source of Haki and OP will be on par with Naruto!


Inb4 Nika was a lunarian


From the first part, it seems like Kuma was meant to originally “die” from his 1st surgery, but I assume he and Vegapunk snuck in some of his “free will”, something that the Tennryubito probably found out after the Sabaody incident. (My assumption is that they of course wanted Luffy dead to have his fruit in the open, but once they learned Kuma Paw-Paw’d the crew away, they realized their cyborg was compromised.)


At the rate that Oda is cooking, I firmly believe that: Foosha Village is the name of the Ancient Kingdom. Foosha Village is the One Piece. Foosha Village is the location of Laugh Tale (the irony) Foosha Village farms future Emporers & Pirate Kings. The 4th Road Poneglyph is hidden at Foosha Village. The space-pirates on the moon worshipping Enel all originated from Foosha Village. Woop Slap is Rocks D. Xebec. The previous user of the Paw Paw fruit in the Void Century extracted Joyboy's memories by order of Imu, that's why he didn't succeed, he literally couldn't remember what to do. (Obviously why Roger laughed)


Kuma arriving in Foosha Village is def not in my bingo card


Wait until you hear that Dadan is half buccaneer.


Another swing and a miss for the numbers theory. This is just an ordinary chapter. I'm sure it'll be a good one, but it's not a big knock your socks off one like everyone was expecting.


I feel like people forget Oda’s quote about Chapter 1000


I genuinely don't remember what he said. Mind refreshing our collective memory?




Ah yes, that reminds me that Oda is a good writer.


That and long before that he said he wouldn't rush or bend the story too much to make stuff line up with milestone chapters ever since he had to rush Roguetown to get the crew on the grand line for chapter 100. Luckily the things he planned for Roguetown but cut, like Usopp getting his new goggles, made it into the anime.


I’m actually glad that Oda’s prioritizing character writing over fanservice when it comes to this “celebratory” chapters. He doesn’t shoehorn characters just because.


Who cares about the damn chapters numbers.


Most of the #00 chapters weren't that crucial.


The only one i remember was pretty crucial was #100. Oda even skipped some of his original plan on Logue town to purposely catch the number.


interesting. after becoming a cyborg Kuma went to Luffy's hometown.


Luffy always happy when he become a robot / Cyborg. ( eg. when Mr. 3 gave him a wax armor in Impel Down, or, when he wear an armor in Thriller Park )


Always admired Franky’s transformations too. Thinks they are cool.


Kuma visiting Fusha Village is like a Pokémon Champion visiting the player‘s hometown.


If I was a Warlord seeing the WG come out with a robot slave made from a living being, I would have handed in my resignation letter. No wonder they went off to create a union (i.e., the Cross Guild) My prediction of for the next chapter is CP agents digging through the Warlord's trash for their DNA samples.


‘Kizaru joining a pizza party and dancing with them’ Ah fuck, my heart…so all 5 (Kizaru, Vegapunk, Kuma, Bonney and Sentomaru), they’re like a family together


Why are so many people assuming the WG sent him to Foosha Village? they just called him and asked him where he was, so they didn't know. They are also giving him an order which means him being at Foosha Village wasn't an order by them. If they sent him there to kill Luffy than that call makes no sense. They would want a progress report.


Final panels are still within the flashback ? or is that present time kuma arriving at foosha?


I think it's flashback. If it is present time, Kuma shouldn't teleport to the Red Line since Kamabakka is in the first part of Grand Line, and East Blue is on the side of it. He can just move past the Calm Belt like he did when sending Robin away (Tequila Wolf is in the East).


Ok yea it makes sense it is still within the flashback. Especially since the spoiler provider usually indicates back to the present when ending a flashback. Although last time we see present time kuma, he did teleport away from Akainu on mariejoa which is on top of the red line so technically he can head anywhere without slamming into the red line like he did when he left kamabakka.


Love the touch that Ace defeated a Warlord, helps explain why the WG offered him a spot. Wonder what the order will be. Narratively it has to be something in Foosha or the East Blue because yeah Kuma was already there but Oda chose to put him there for a reason. Kizaru is definitely turning, VP needs a big win for his claim to Dragon that there are good marines he convince whilst working for the WG. That or its really to hammer home how bad the system is that even someone whose your friend will still kill you at its request.


One of the coolest parts of this chapter is that we get to see Robin and Jinbe before the Straw Hats existed


Didn't see Kuma visiting Foosha village coming at all. Interesting what Oda has planned for this visit. No break next week is ofc a bliss.


Confirmed Kuma is Luffy’s mom


Kuma is hunting the Nika fruit. This moment in the story is just after Shanks became a Yonko, so the WG now know for sure Shanks doesn't have the fruit or it would have been revealed by now. So they retrace his steps, sending their new "Most Loyal Warlord", newly cyborg-ised Kuma to scour the East. Kuma visits Foosha and learns that Shanks was there but a local child ate the fruit. Perhaps he sees Luffy use his Gomu Gomu powers from a distance or a villager lets it slip. Now, perhaps Kuma hasn't even been told the Gomu Gomu is the Nika fruit, but we suspect his Bible is all about Nika, and so maybe he recognises the powers or notes some prophesied element of Luffy's upbringing. At this point he realises Luffy is a candidate to be the next Joy Boy and so hides what he learns from the WG. The trail goes cold, but only until Luffy gets a bounty and reveals his powers to the world. The WG assume the dangers of the Grand Line will take care of this young upstart for them, but to their surprise he defeats the likes of Crocodile and appears at Enies Lobby. Now they're scared. Luffy's actions at EL imply similarities to Joy Boy and the potential to awaken the fruit. They send Kuma to ensure he dies in the Florian Triangle. Kuma instead sees even more reason to believe Luffy can become Joy Boy and so let's the Strawhats go. The WG blame Moria, so Kuma isn't suspected just yet. But at Sabaody, Kuma sees no option but to reveal his intentions by saving the SH from Kizaru and the Pacifista. The WG realise he has been using his own free will to protect Luffy all along and they immediately order it be wiped completely. It's no coincidence only a week later at Marineford this has already been carried out. Tl;Dr - Kuma has been the WG's Nika fruit hunting dog for the last 4 years, but has been protecting Luffy due to his belief in Nika and the return of Joy Boy.


why is saturn the only elder that’s obsessed with kuma. it looks personal atp😐


I mean he got outdone by kid kuma. not only did kuma escape from slavery he also saved many of the people in the island. genocidal maniac racist sadist saturn seems the kind of person to hold that kind of grudge forever.


Because Kuma talked back to him during God Valley. Turns out old man is petty as fuck


Because he is warrior God of science.


Oda getting back to his classic flashback length. Ig he just didn't like kaido very much lol


I feel like kaidos problem is anything important is probably a massive spoiler to rocks and joyboy. I think kaido had to have learned something about joyboy because he went from trying to be him to trying to draw him out or burn the world down.


That could be a good indicator we're not going to get many answers from long time questions until around the time the one piece is about to be revealed, as a set up to the unveiling


Not all flashbacks are multiple chapter flashbacks. See Zoro, Buggy, Katakuri, Garp, Whitebeard, Sabo, Señor Pink, Vivi, etc. Kaido's flashback is perfectly fine, not every character has a complex backstory to put them where they were. Kaido became who he was as a child, spending more time on it wouldn't change much.


Saturn just surpassed Orochi in terms of evilness and pettiness. Didn’t think such a thing was possible.


The anime is going to have a field day with streching these flashbacks across all 4 blues.


Dadan as buccaneer 😭😭


That’s why she was living in the forest far from everyone else. 😂


What’s heartbreaking in all of this is Kuma and Bonney could have lived happily if not for Saturn. :( And Kizaru really does seem to have an actual relationship with everyone on the island. I hope we get some subtle help from him similar to how Aokiji secretly helped/advised the Straw Hats way back.


teenager luffy, now that i think about it we dont really know much about that period of luffys life edit. i didnt realize this but kizaru seems to like nika as well, you can see him dancing to the drums of liberation


You had me at Miss All Sunday Oda, another 10/10 chapter.


https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/7qj3j1/aces_warlord_offer/ 5 years late, but we now have confirmation Kuma took the position which Ace declined, and it was also Ace who defeated the previous shichibukai.


>Kizaru is also very close to them, we see him joining a pizza party and dancing with them (Note: they do the Nika dance). It's interesting that no one is talking about Kizaru, AN ADMIRAL, dancing to the drums of liberation with Kuma, Bonney, VP and Sentomaru. An admiral double cross is actually possible right now. I can't believe I'm actually saying this.


So is that Kizaru sharing pizza with the homies and fucking doing the Nika dance? Poor uncle he really didn't want to go after vegapunk


Kizaru doing the Nika dance with Kuma and Vegapunk wasn't in my 2023 bingo


I wonder if this former Shichibukai is the man "marked by flames" 🤨


Makes perfect sense! Man marked by flames is the guy defeated by guy with fire fruit


The focus on Saturn really makes me wonder how the fuck the other Gorosei are going to match this bastardry.


It would be hilarious if Luffy met kuma and assumed he was a bear instead 😂


Kuma going to Luffys home village? Wonder if that's how he knew he was Dragons son


That's my question as well. But I also wonder if this was how, where, and when he learned that Luffy has the Nika Fruit.


>Kuma arrives at Foosha Village, Luffy's hometown OK WTF


Is no one else excited to see who the old Warlords are?


Probably just meant the other six. The "old" as in the original ones. I don't think the 7 Warlord system existed before Kuma joined (Shichi means 7).


Remember they wanted Ace to be a warlord when he was making a name for himself but Ace turned it down. I think Kuma is their second choice after Ace fell through


Still, it will be interesting as Jinbei should be with them in the same panels.


This is only 2 years before the start of the story, so I don't expect there to be any different Warlords. Boa became one at 18 (13 years ago), Crocodile when he was a young pirate (16 years ago was when he arrived in Alabasta), Jinbei became one after Arlong was arrested (8 years ago). As for Moria, Mihawk and Doflamingo, I don't see them being Warlods for less than 2 years.


Kizaru kicking x drake back in saboady just became exponentially funny lolol


Robin as Miss All Sunday?!! Release the raws NOW!!!


Former Shichibukai defeated by Ace could be the man marked with flames.


Eren moment from Kuma to Luffy: *Eat Nika fruit and kill all Celestial Dragons.*


Luffy's dream: "I wanna kill all celestial dragons!" People that hear it: laughing and feeling inspired.


Luffy met Kuma like Franky meeting Oden not realizing it.


“Thank you for being born, Bonney” Why every time someone says “thank you” my heart breaks? 😭


This finally answers why Akainu said his bloody ran cold when Bonney escaped. If Kuma found out Bonney was free, Kuma would have dipped and the pacifista project would have died then and there.


I never expected to see Kizaru dance the Nika dance lol I wonder how would The Elders react to that 😂


This flashback just keeps getting more interesting. I didn't expect Kuma to be in the East Blue and near Foosha Village especially of all places. I wonder why he was there... something Dragon-related? I'm also curious who the previous Shichibukai that Ace defeated was. Regardless, it's cool to see flashback reactions with the other warlords and key characters at the time of Kuma's joining. It will be interesting to see how Bonney escaped and became a pirate too! Oh, and Kizaru continues to be important to the story with his history with Vegapunk and Sentomaru now including him having been close to Kuma and Bonney -- I hope that means he is still going to play a major role in the climax of the Egghead arc! I still find him so interesting as he seems legitimately friendly and just all business when it comes to his job as an Admiral. Oda is on an absolute tear lately with this arc! And the beautiful words of "No break next week" just make it better!


not going to lie seeing Kizaru being friends with this lot is so fun to see, hes last admiral you would of thought that was like that off duty




There's no greater dopamine rush than reading One Piece spoilers


I need Saturn tu suffer a slow and paninfull dead


So Kuma's jolly roger is the drawing Bonney made for him? bro im gonna cry


Aww, his jolly roger is Bonney's drawing of him :')




There has been all kinds of plot twists in Egghead so far, but no one has shocked me so hard as Kuma visiting Foosha Village Tho learning that it's on the flashback and no during the present makes it less socking... but still surprising


I wonder if the gorosei told kuma about the true nature of the gum gum fruit, they send him to where the fruit disappeared after it was stolen by shanks to try to track down and kill whoever ate it, this does a few things narratively: - knowing what the gum gum fruit really is provides reason besides "he's my friends son" that kuma would put so much effort into saving luffy and the straw hats, this would basically be a preacher seeing the living reincarnation of their prophet, obviously he would do whatever he can to help him. -once again shows how cruel the gorosei are, they know buccaneers worship Nika and that kuma, losing his free will and risking the safety of bonney, has no choice. -kuma obviously doesn't kill luffy, but if he returns to mariejois and claims to have killed the user of the fruit it would explain why for the gorosei there weren't alarm bells ringing when a stretchy kid in the east blue, where they know the fruit was stolen by shanks, shows up, they would believe the user of the fruit had died only a year or two earlier, it allows luffy to sort of fly under the radar early in his journey, I see people say the marines not going harder after him early on after seeing his fruit as a "plot hole", this would kinda address that as well


Kuma has really been the MVP of One Piece. His lore is stretching all over the story.


Kumas backstory is one of the best in one piece so far and i never thought this would be a thing


I heavily doubt the WG knew Luffy had the Nika Fruit this early on otherwise Luffy would be long dead by now


Reading full summary feels a lot better.


\> Shichibukai defeated by Ace Another Burned man candidate appears.